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The Visions of the Black (African-American) Communities Newsletter 2012 AAACCC of San Joaquin County

News letter May June July 2012

Lady’s Night Out For A Mother Day Special May 11th @ The Fat-Cats Downtown Modesto Ca. AAA & CCC

News & Events

The African American Art & Culture Community Center is a non-profit Organization 501 C-3. We stand for leadership in our community, events and other program activities since 2007 1.

Mother’s Day Special


Ladies Night Out Live @ Fat-Cats Modesto Ca. (see back cover)


The Soul Food Educational and health forum. (August )


Joining to AAACCC what’s is all about ?

AAA & CCC Since 2007 Top Story AAA&CCC Event/program

Happy Mother’s AAA&CCC Who we are? 1 Board Members African American


Women and what they

We need your support in joining the AAACCC. Become a leaders in your community. Our Mission is to provide a safe environment to create a awareness for all people with special emphasis on African American history through a culturally divers learning center the center will foster and develop self esteem and enhance life learning tool to promote community service in art and culture teaching.

Norman & The Boyz

Our Entertainment Focus Point 1 Live Kool Katz Latin bounce Norman & Boyz


Calendar/Events Miss Black California


President & family Black Expo Rick Warren Producer.

Black (African-American) Mother’s Day to all Mothers Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers on this special day. Our mother’s who stands like beautiful women made of gold that shine so bright.

Women working


Focus Point Live Entertainment

Who took care of me everyday and night. Mom just to say I love U always for ever and ever and ever.

The African American Arts & Culture Community Center of San Joaquin County “Board Members� President: Theresa Saunders Secretary: Zona Thronth Treasure: Lerline Kelley Officers & Directors Grant Director: Sylvia Carter Director of Performance Sounds: Robert Sercie Director Performance Arts Entertainment: Jerry Gage Director: D.J Performance Arts, Electric, Cliff Cannon Director: T-Shirts Krit Holmen Director Drill team: Chrisha Hunt Web page director: Pin Point

The Gift Shop & Party Store Normandy Village Shopping Center

8142 West Lane Suite 130 Stockton Ca. 95212 (209) 688-3893

Gifts, Toy’s, Games, Flowers, Balloons, Cards Baby Stuff, Party Supply, Jewelry, Perfume and Stuffed Animals, Candy bags, Pictures, & Roses

Open The African American Arts Culture Community Center of San Joaquin County

Phone: (209) 688-3893 Fax: (209) 957-8515 Call be for faxing

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The Visions of the

African American women & where do they stand?

AAA&CCC African American Arts & Culture

African American women across the nation where do they stand? If you haven't learned that (Black )African American women has many challenges. Let get started, about our health are we living longer? or do we need to know what’s going on with African American women health. Here’s what you need to no that African

American women has twice as likely to white women to have developed high blood pressure, sugar lupus diabetes heart disease and other major health problems. Health advocates are wrestling with a problem too often overlooked. What about being overweight or obesity skin problems. Are we not pretty enough for our black men? What about the jobs, are

we happy with our income? Is our young beautiful daughter ready for these challenges? Will she stand tall, healthy and strong and works hard, exercise and see her doctor each year for check-ups.

May 2012 Miss Black California On Sunday May 13th is Mother’s day











Happy Mother’s Day

In March 2012 Black Expo at civic center Stockton Ca brings Miss Black California The African American Chamber of Commerce Juneteeth Celebration 2012 Weber Point Event Happy Birthday





























February March April May 2012 Birthday Celebration

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AAACCC of San Joaquin County

Women where do they stand! Women in this 21 century 72 percent of African American women is working and doing pretty good, its just when you want to go out or do something with self, you got to the spend money. Many African American women are continual to go to school and get an education but are having trouble with the grants in paying them back. Also women are looking younger and prettier the hair is the number one thing, we never forget about. Also our face, its got have make up a little foundation and something about them eye lasses just brings out the eyes. We like to smell good and dress nice, just in case you run into someone you know who always looks good. In keeping up our appearance for our man and your family, so that your man continual to respect you as a wife and the your children respects as you mom that’s where we stand. Being a single female parent; we go through many changes, some women have been single for many years and are not planning to have a relationship due to a bad experience. And many are looking to get married and start a new family and just love the one your with. Being a single mom is a lot harder taking care a family with out any support from the father. When children are small and you needs to go to the store, you have to take them with you from the car seat to store buggy that’s a lot of work and don't let one of the children get to crying its on, specially if you don't buy them something. Cooking dinner for the family each and everyday is hard too. Everyone is hungry and you must cook something and your tired and don't feel like it, that what we stand. Having control of our selves looking for happiness, we laugh and have fun getting out to have a good time is what help keep us going. Going to church is another enjoyable place to have a good time parsing the load. Being a woman is hard work when raising a family sending the children to school with decent clothing and money for lunch. Do you really have enough gas for the rest of the week to get to and from work. Are the children having problems at school, are they attending each day, do they have a respect for the teachers. Have you lost your job and not sure which way to turn, stand up be strong and ask for help pray to God he will see you through read the bible it helps, women where do we stand tell them we stand all over the world.

Wanda Charles Mary Kay

Jolean & Co-worker Pacific Gas Electric

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African America Business and images

The Visions of the Black (African-American) Communities AAA&CCC African American Arts & Culture

The President & Family

Schedule of Events On Sunday May 13th AAACCC wish all

Mother’s a Happy Mother’s Day On March 2012 Black Expo at civic center Stockton, Rick Warren April fools Month Happy Birthday to all the fools Vendors @ flea market, AAACCC@ lunch with aurora's café also aurora limo service. Norman & Sylvia business owner 3rd annual festival.

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AAACCC of San Joaquin County

Lady Night Out @ Fat Cat’s Modesto Ca. Mother Day Special f


Item Hot Links Sandwich



Salsa & Chips






Hot links and potatoes salad

Item Chicken & Rice

$4.00 $5.00

The African American Arts & Culture Community Center of San Joaquin County Stockton Ca. Since 2007

The African American Ar ts & Cul ture Com muni ty

Cen ter of Sa n Joaq uin Co unty S tockto n Ca.

Lady’s Night Out (Fat-Cats) Modesto Ca

AAA & CCC The African American Arts Culture Community Center of San Joaquin County P.O. Box 9036 Stockton Ca. 95212

Phone: (209) 688-3893 Fax: (209) 957-8515 Call be for faxing

Soul Food Festival

Mother’s Day Special May 11th 2012 start at 6/7:00 P.M. to 10:00 P.M. ( Lady’s Night Out) In Modesto Ca. @ (Fat Cats). Please come out & support the live music bands, Focus Point, by Jerry Gage Kool-Kats, & Norman and the Boyz. This event is sponsored by The African American Art & Culture Committee. Call Jerry Gage for more information @ (209) 825-8184

AAACCC 4th Annual Soul Food Festival Educational & Health Forum August 4th 2012 Downtown Stockton Ca. Thank God for soul food, the AAACCC has created this special event to bring out the community to an entertaining enjoyable event. The AAACCC has created this event as a fundraiser which turned out to be an annual event. Our very first year we were not sure that it would work, looking for a location, learning the cost of it all and the requirements. Our first year we were surprised that many people attended. We had very little funds and were not sure of the outcome. It was a long day and many vendors did well, with little advertisement and it was successful.

Our second year we tried it again, and it too, was a success and very limited funds. In our 3rd year the festival was well attended, with hundreds of people participating numerous food, and other vendors were on site, as well as entertainment.

We are planning our 4th annual Soul Food Festival, and we are looking at Weber Point event center downtown Stockton on Saturday August 4th 2012. 11:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M. If you would like to become a vendor please call for applications and instructions. Theresa Saunders (209) 6883893, Zona Thornton (209)-4746575 or Lerline Kelley (209)612 -6693

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