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Treasurer (Dick) – The financials through January 31, 2018 are complete. Pie charts and summary’s will be in the Cloudbouncer.

Secretary (Sue) – New members for approval are Steve & Karolea

AAAA Board of Directors Meeting Minutes AAAA Board Meeting Minutes from February 19, 2018 President, Elisa, called the meeting to order at 5:49 PM. Members present: President (Elisa); Vice President (Frank); Treasurer (Dick); Secretary (Sue); Education (Don); Flying Events (Tim); Crew Development (Larry); Special Events (Charity); Ways & Means (Caryn); Community Relations (Jason).

Bird of Los Lunas, NM; Lora Bright of Albuquerque, NM; Orele Fisher of Rio Rancho, NM; Neil Johnson & family of Albuquerque, NM; Karalyn Mumm & family of Reno, NV; Brett Shank of Albuquerque, NM; Christina Weaver of Albuquerque, NM; Randy Whitten & family of Albuquerque, NM; Jonathan Wolfe & Family of Albuquerque, NM. Motion to approve all new member applications was made by Frank, seconded by Caryn. All new members approved. Committee reports were presented. Following discussion, all reports were approved for the Cloudbouncer. Unfinished Business:

Guests: Zerek Welz.

Top Gun – Closed

The Board Minutes from Monday January 15, 2018 were reviewed. Motion to accept as written was made by Charity, seconded by Larry. Minutes approved as written.

Donated Balloon – Finalization of paperwork was completed prior to the Board meeting. The balloon now belongs to AAAA.

VP (Frank) – Jim Ahern will be February’s “Toast & Roast” recipient. The February program will feature Troy Bradley speaking on his latest flying adventures. * March program will be our annual election, awards and prizes April program will be Brad Rice talking about his latest flying adventures in the Orient

Nominations – All positions have at least one nominee. For President-Caryn Welz (must resign Ways & Means Board position prior to March 1, 2018 to be eligible); Treasurer-Dick Rice & Kayle Keating; Education-Don Boyer; Flying Events- Zerek Welz; Crew DevelopmentSue Palmer & Ben Palmer. Bios need to be submitted by February 28th. Nominations will close at the February 27th General meeting. Website – The site is coming along nicely. On line membership renewals were discussed. This will be an ongoing topic. New Business:

Award Nominations – Written nominations for the Bob Ruppenthal Education Award and the “Slim” Rawley Crew Award will be accepted by the Board of Directors through the last day of February. At 7:13 PM Dick made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Charity. Meeting adjourned.

Congratulations to the winner's of February's Crew Development games! Prizes and the Crew D flag will be presented to the winners at the March Flying Event during pilot briefing. (Don't forget to "Spring Forward or you'll be late!) Friday's Trivia Contest winners were1st place-EOS represented by Betsy Schroeder 2nd place-I'm Bananas 2 represented by Brandon (he only put a first name so yay Random Brandon!) Sunday's Knot Tying Contest winners were1st place-Spirit in the Sky represented by Delaney Pendelton 2nd place (tie)-Plum Fired Up! represented by Dave Ostgulen 2nd place (tie)-Twist of Fate represented by Steve Coffing 3rd place-Marauder's Mark represented by Dave Eichorn Overall February winnerSpirit in the Sky with 700 points total Every crew who participated in the games got 200 points per game. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners got an additional 300, 200, and 100 points added to their totals. Points were totaled for the 2 games to decide the overall February winner. **The Friends and Lovers Crew Baggie Toss did not count towards Crew Development points**

Flying Events Flying events had 98 pilots sign in for the two day Friends and Lovers Rally. The event was on February 10th and 11th Balloon Fiesta Park. Saturday the weather was poor and no one flew. The Sunday morning winds did not cooperate and no flying task was called. On Sunday the field was opened for flights at pilot discretion. A few pilots decided to fly from the field. Our next flying event for will be held at Balloon Fiesta Field on Sunday March 11. Please note that this is a Sunday after we change the clocks forward one hour. Set your clocks to come out for sign in at 6:45am and pilot brief at 7:15am.

Crew D

March's Crew game will be...... Skee Ball Baggie Toss! What is Skee Ball Baggie Toss? Well, we've taken the strategy and aim of skee ball and added a ballooning competition twist! Get your crew member with the best aim...and strategy...and be ready for this fun event!

Community Relations On April 27th, 2018, 4:30-7pm Friends of Montessori Foundation will be hosting the 7th Annual Art Fest & Silent Auction to benefit Montessori of the Rio Grande Charter School a 501c3, a public elementary charter school in Albuquerque. They are seeking a Donation of a balloon ride to be auctioned in the silent auction. Blackout periods and other restrictions are totally fine. If you are able to help please contact Alison Bamert at 505331-0019 or alisonbamert@gmail.com On Saturday, May 12th, 2018 from 8:00am to 1:00pm The National Alliance on Mental Illness is hosting NAMIWalks New Mexico. This is the 15th year that NAMI New Mexico has hosted this event in Albuquerque. NAMIWalks is a fundraising and

awareness campaign for mental illness and is part of the largest fundraising event for mental illness in the country. NAMI New Mexico is a 501c3 organization. They are seeking 6 balloons to do a static display at the event and if any are able to do tethered rides would be great. If you are able to help please contact David A. Gonzales at 505-260-0154 or naminm@aol.com Again we are finalizing the sponsorship ads for the Roster and we would love the support of commercial pilots to help fulfill some community request for the promotional and for profit requests the business card ad is $35 Please include your name and what you like to do, Rides, staticdisplays, tethers, lessons, etc.

Chicks Fly has donated 2 scholarships. One will be in Becky Petrehn’s memory. Balloon Donation: The paperwork to transfer title for the balloon and trailer has been signed over to the AAAA Education Foundation. We hope to get the process completed with the FAA and NM DMV soon and we can get this balloon in the air. Road Scholar We have received the schedule for 8 Road Scholar presentations during the 2018 Fiesta. We expect that they will add a few more. If you would like to do one of these presentations, please contact Tom Fisher.

Education We had 26 students in the Private Pilot Ground School this weekend. We would like to thank all the instructors who participated. Dick Rice, Lee Little, Ursula Richards, Chris Kenworthy, David Tennis, Peg Billson, Barbara Fricke, Beth Wright-Smith, J.D. Huss and Neal Smith. We would also like to thank AIBF for the use of their facility. We will be offering the Commercial Ground School scheduled for April 27-28 and another Private Pilot Ground School on June 1-3. We are also offering an Instructor Refresher Course on April 21, 2018. We currently have 2 paid students registered. We need a minimum of 6 students for the class to be held. The fee is $35 for AAAA members and $45 for non-members. You can register online or at the Education table at the General Meeting. Youth Committee: The contract has been signed with UNM for the BFA balloon camp housing and evening meals. All staff positions are pretty much filled. Thank you to Loretta Zamora for taking on the challenge of Camp Mom. Online camper registration is scheduled to open March 1st. We expect to fill up quickly so don’t wait if you want to get a camper in. Go to www.bfa.net There will be another BFA camp in Wisconsin if you want to give your camper a different experience.

Ways & Means Sponsor pin sets are ready! If you were a sponsor with us last year, be on the look out for your new pin set. Ways and Means is currently looking for new sponsors for the 2018-2019 year. If you or someone you know would like to become a sponsor please contact the Ways and Means chair. Do you like to work with people? Our committee is looking for new faces to join our group. Contact the Ways and Means chair for more information and date of our next meeting.

Special Events Friends and Lovers 2018 is a wrap!!! The Special Events committee feels, even with the “icky” (that’s a technical term) weather this was a wonderfully successful event! With flying cancelled on Saturday we still held the pilot contest with pilots lining up to throw at a target outside the Sid Cutter Pilots’ Pavilion. We would like to congratulate Jason Burns, 3rd place, John Green, 2nd place, and Trent Caldwell, 1st Place! The Baggie contest was, as always, creative and fun. This year we decided to award a Friends prize (Buzz Biernacki and Zia Later) and a Lovers prize (Chris Kenworthy and On the Rocks) for the best baggies!!!! The cookie decorating contest was equally as creative with Bounce (Judy Nakamura), Plum Fired Up (Debi EllisOstgulen), and Rising Star (Johnny Anthony) placing 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

The crew baggie toss and creative cheating was a huge success!!! We saw some VERY creative ways of getting the baggie to the target and everyone seemed to have a great time watching the contest! 3rd place went to Chris Kenworthy and the On the Rocks crew, 2nd to Skinny Stuff and Elisa Trillanes and 1st to the Plum Fired Up crew led by Debi Ellis-Ostgulen! We also gave out an award for the Cutest Cheaters … Congratulations Madison Kenworthy and her navigator Caitlin!!!!! A HUGE thank you to everyone who entered their crews in the Crew of the Year contest. There were several entries and it was very difficult to make the final decision. Congratulations to the Flying on Faith Balloon Team for winning!!!! Just wait until you see what we have planned for next year ….. Thank you everyone who came out for this event and braved the weather. We had a final total of 132 pilots register (including late registrations) and several pilots flew or staticed on the field on Sunday. We had several hundred spectators (600 is the number estimated by the parking attendants and the City of Albuquerque) over both days and had several people who planned vacations to Albuquerque for this event. Now for a bit of business -- with the flying cancelled we have sponsors who did not get flights. If anyone is willing to fly sponsors over the next few months, please contact Charity. We cannot put this event on without them and I have had several phone calls from sponsors asking when they will get their flights. Also, if you have a banner, please return it to anyone on the Special Events committee. The next events for Special Events are: Ice Cream Social -- June Flying Event AAAA Picnic -- August 4 @ Elena Gallegos Park Jingle Bell Rally -- December 8-9

Safety Corner As you may have noticed, our spring winds are already here. And with the very dry conditions the chance of fire is extremely high. Also with these high winds your chance of having to make a high wind, rip-out, tip over landing is much more likely. Please remember our basic procedure to get your pilot lights out before landing. It’s also really good to turn off your tanks if you can. But at the very least, get the fire out.

GREETINGS! I am the pilot co-chair for the Sonoma County Hot Air Balloon Classic http://www.schabc.org/ and we are looking for a way to reach out to pilots who have not been part of our event in the past. Our 2018 event is scheduled for June 8-10 and we are celebrating our 28th year of operation. As always, our priority is to ensure the festival will be successful, fun and safe event. I've been attempting to reach out to coordinators of other events to see if they might be able to distribute our invitation for us or what type of information they might be able to share with us for our use. It was suggested that we take a look at both the AAAA (Albuquerque balloon club - www.hotairballooning.org) and BFA (Balloon Federation of America www.bfa.net ) to see what might be possible. I'm hoping you might be able to provide me with some guidance for what is possible. We are working to expand our reach this year because our area was hit

hard by the North Bay wildfires (Santa Rosa) in October 2017. As we watch our community go through the rebuilding and recovery process, we want to assist by having a robust crew of pilots and balloons for a spectacular event. We have chosen The Redwood Empire Food Bank as our primary non-profit beneficiary for this year's event, this organization has provided a great deal of assistance to those affected by this disaster. Some of our regular/local pilots have either lost homes and/or balloon equipment and they are not able to attend, which is the reason for this inquiry.

BALLOON FOR SALE-Envelope: Firefly 8B (90) Red, White, Blue w/Nomex skirt & Instruments and travel bag. Basket: 4x5 wicker Galaxy tall, plumbed for 6-10 gal tanks w/ heater covers. Burner: T3 w/fire 2. System comes with inflator has low hours, clean, excellent condition...a great starter system. Call Becky 970-946-1406 Email RCurlingNM@msn.com

I look forward to getting your feedback with suggestions you may have to assist with this request while maintaining the necessary privacy for the pilots. Gentle Breezes and Soft Landings!

S.C.H.A.B.C. Pilot Committee Gladys Stewart 707-235-6490 AND Jennifer Lorne 415-419-7751

FAVIA 225/BFA National Convention Celebrating the 225th anniversary of the First Air Voyage in America in historic Philadelphia March 22nd-25th, 2018 Early Registration price available until October 31, 2017

What’s in it for you? •

• •

2 days of top notch speakers presenting informative and entertaining topics meeting the BFA 3 Tier system requirements Breakfasts and receptions included in convention admission An opportunity to witness a reenactment of Jean Pierre Blanchard’s voyage using the replica basket built by Bert Padelt, a Grand Ball Gala, a trade show, a balloon glow, a Pioneers Dinner, a Montgolfier reception, and a ground school.

Why go to the Grand Ball Gala? •

• • • • • •

Hear about the amazing experiences and exploits of keynote speaker Sir David Hempleman -Adams Time to have some fun and mingle Live period and contemporary music A chance to dress up - colonial garb, your favorite outfit, or whatever you wish Door prizes, raffles, favors, and giveaways Have your picture taken with Benjamin Franklin and the replica basket Cocktail hour followed by a delicious dinner and dancing

Registration and information-www.favia225.com Follow, like, and share on Facebook@Favia225

General Meeting Minutes from Tuesday February 27, 2018 Frank, our Vice President, started our meeting with a “Toast & Roast” to Jim Ahern, by highlighting some of Jim’s early antics, which included the tale of the ladies stripping in his basket during a flight and the inflatable doll that got hung on his crown line. Paul Smith and JD Huss added their stories to the fray, and the evening was off to a lively start. Elisa, our President, then welcomed our members and guests, Scott Billingsle, Bearta Hennessy, Greg Merrill, and Patty van Dyck, that were in attendance. A congratulation to Lonnie Carreathers for receiving his Private Pilot Certification followed. Frank was back at the mike to introduce our speaker of the evening, Troy Bradley. Troy’s presentation was focused on his recent flight over the highest point in New Mexico, Wheeler Peak, in Taos NM. Troy highlighted his pictorial program with the preparation required, contingency plans if conditions changed, and the flying requirements at high altitudes in mountainous conditions, don’t want the rotors to get you, or your pilots to flame out. Thank you, Tami, for those wonderful shots of Taos Ski Valley and Angel Fire Resort. Incredible! The Board was convened at this time. Members present: President (Elisa); Vice President (Frank); Treasurer (Dick); Secretary (Sue); Crew Development (Larry); Education (Don); Flying Events (Tim). Members absent: Community Relations (Jason); Special Events (Charity). Vacant Board position: Ways & Means.

Vice President (Frank) – The March meeting will be elections. If anyone is interested in joining the Program Committee, please contact Frank at vicepresident@hotairballooning.org. Secretary (Sue) – A welcome and Thank You to our new members: Steve Bird, Los Lunas, NM; Lora Bright, Albuquerque, NM; Orele Fisher, Rio Rancho, NM (and in attendance); Neil Johnson & Family, Albuquerque, NM (and in attendance); Karalyn Mumm & Family, Reno NV; Brett Shank, Albuquerque, NM; Christina Weaver, Albuquerque, NM; Randy Whitten & Family, Albuquerque, NM; and Jonathan Wolfe & Family, Albuquerque, NM. A reminder – With ballots going out shortly, please cast your vote and return your ballots in a timely manner.

As my second term as AAAA President comes to a close I wanted to take a moment to say Thank You to the AAAA membership for allowing me to again serve the club as your President. However, a President is only as good as the Board they have behind them and I have been blessed with a truly fantastic group of Board Members who made my job so easy. I am excited to pass the gavel on and see how the club continues to prosper and change over the next two years.

Treasurer (Dick) – Look for the Pie Charts in the Cloudbouncer and as always if anyone has any questions, please contact Dick at treasurer@hotairballooning.org. Committee reports were presented at this time. The Community Relations report was read by Elisa Trillanes, Ways & Means report was read by Caryn Welz, Special Events report was not presented. Committee reports will be in the Cloudbouncer. Safety Corner – “Fire Safety” presented by Don Boyer. With the drier than usual conditions being experienced by a lot of the country and the March winds starting in February, at least in New Mexico, it’s time to remember our basic fire safety protocols. Hot inflation-The fan hasn’t blown anything into the envelope that might catch fire, right? All that dead grass you laid out in. Landing-If it’s high wind, did you turn off your burners, get your tanks closed? That dead grass is just itching for a spark. Let’s not give it to them.

TOP GUN: February Top Gun Event was cancelled due to winds. Thank You to all the volunteers who came out to help. Special thank you to the top gun members who helped with a little training session while Alan Cannaday was cooking tailgate. March Top Gun flying event is a 2 day event March 24th and 25th. Meeting at balloon fiesta offices.

Mark your Calendars Rio Grande Classic and NM State Championship Memorial Weekend May 26th - 28th Training classes are in the works. Emails will be sent as well as Facebook messages of dates and times.

Other Ballooning Organizations: BFA (Troy Bradley) – The BFA National Convention will be held in Philadelphia, PA this year. Women’s Nationals are scheduled for this summer in Wisconsin. BFA is working with the FAA to try to standardize the waiver used by ballooning organizations nationwide. VFRS (Kelli Ballengee) – St. Patty’s Rally is upon us and we’re ready. If you haven’t received your emailed acceptance yet, contact Kelli immediately. Top Gun (Steve Mezzancello) – March will be a two day event. Volunteers and Sponors are needed for the Rio Grande Classic, coming up Memorial Day weekend. Registration for the RGC will open on March 16. There is a limit of 40 balloons, so get in early. Fiesta (Paul Smith) – Fiesta registration will open on Monday, March 5th and will close on Monday, April 30th. There is a new Navigator Coordinator, Kim, and Ken Tuley has been hired as Executive Video Producer for AIBF. Congratulations to you both. Balloon Museum/Foundation (Jill Lang) – On March 17th the museum will host NM Shamrock Fest & Zero K run. There will be beer, Celtic dancers, and for the Zero K run, break out your Lazy Boys and join in the fun. NM Food Truck & Craft Beer Festival will take place at the museum on March 31th. Come out and eat, drink, and be merry. Balloon Explorium – No representation.

Dave Eichhorn gave a quick reminder of the upcoming Aerco/AAAA Safety Seminar which will take place at Aerco on March 10th. Also the Crew Safety Seminar that will be held on Fiesta field during the AAAA Flying event on March 11th. To participate in either, please contact Dave or Anita at Aerco. Leslie Schafer presented the current slate of nominee’s in the upcoming elections. For President: Caryn Welz; Treasurer: Dick Rice; Education: Don Boyer; Flying Events: Zerek Welz; Crew Development: Sue Palmer, and Ben Palmer (no relation); Ways & Means: Rachel Zimmer. Motions from the floor were asked for. Nomination of Tom Kious was made for Crew Development, he accepted. Tom Kious will be entered on the ballot. Final note: Please be sure to vote and return your ballots as soon as possible. Thank you.

CAMERON BALLOON SALES Need consultation, information or quotes on a new balloon. Call Beth Wright-Smith at 604-2865. pilotschool@lobo.net. Website: www.airborneheat.com and on Facebook

fields and landing sites. Pilots can teach valuable lessons: be prepared, know what to expect, and act accordingly. Consider the overall health status of your pilot, self, crew, and passengers before every flight. Who’s older or younger? Who’s in or out of shape? Does someone have pre-existing neck or back injuries or heart conditions? Anyone had recent surgery? Is someone pregnant? Has anyone been drinking or on drugs (prescribed, OTC, illegal)? Are allergies an issue? Is anyone tired, sleepdeprived, hungry, or thirsty? Heavy work in cold, heat, or humidity will exaggerate all of these. Crewing demands able bodies and clear minds. A discerning glance or quick “Is everyone feeling strong?” often prompts admissions of physical limits. Ask directly if you have questions, tell your pilot if you have concerns, and act accordingly. Options include assigning less strenuous tasks, working in tandem, or sitting this one out. Monitor everyone’s fitness level constantly as anyone falling short for any reason predisposes themselves to injury.


The most common crew injuries fall into seven main categories. They include:

(Copyright 2010 by Gordon Schwontkowski)

FIRST AID AND INJURY PREVENTION Injuries have been part of ballooning since Day One in 1783 when the Montgolfiers’ demonstration flight ended with a rough landing that broke the rooster’s beak. Nothing darkens a flight’s mood more quickly than an injury and its related cost, time, and inconvenience. They can happen anywhere anytime to anyone - pilots, crew, passengers, or spectators. All crew will encounter minor cuts and burns while many others will face managing more serious accident injuries or pre-existing conditions. Prevention will keep most away, but knowing how to provide first aid is essential for every crew. You don’t need to be a paramedic, but providing care until the pros arrive can keep a bad day from getting much worse. Who gets hurt when is highly predictable. Pilots are least likely to get injured. Passengers are most likely; sprains, breaks, and cuts – especially with the elderly - on landing or shortly afterwards are fairly common. No data exists on crew injuries, but burns and bruises are fairly common from handling equipment as well. These trends offer valuable safety guidance. Passengers need extra briefings on landings. Crew need to exercise caution on launch

Bleeding: cuts from vehicles, trailer doors, lift-gates, barbed wire, fencing, gates, etc. Bruising: caught between basket and vehicle, tie-off recoil, run over on landing, hard landings Blisters: mainly from bare-handed line handling or friction against immovable objects Bites: insect bites, stings, dog bites or scratches Breaks: twists; sprains; fractures from falls, curbs, uneven terrain, vehicle loading or unloading Burns: heat from fan engines/exhaust, burners, sunburn, windburn, cold burns from fuel Balances: dehydration, low salt/potassium/blood sugar levels from heavy work in extreme weather or eating too much/too little Some simple precautions will minimize or prevent your encounters with these types of injuries: 1. Protect yourself first. Look out for your own safety; no one does it better than you, and you can’t help anyone else if you’re injured yourself. 2. Be aware of everything around you. When things go bad, they go bad very quickly. Don’t fall prey to the “it-won’t-happen-to-me” syndrome. 3. Learn basic first aid and keep a first aid kit in your truck. Imagine how you’d improvise if





8. 9.


needed: drop line around a flexi pole to splint a leg, tank strap for an arm sling, empty envelope bag with flexi poles through handles for a stretcher, etc. Keep water, pop/juice, salted crackers, and sweets in your truck at all times. Hot days and missed meals zap strength and cloud judgment. Watch everyone for nausea or dizziness. Crew chiefs: brief your crews and ride-alongs on safety before inflation and landing. Be very clear on what they can expect and what is expected. Never leave the ground outside the basket. Such falls have paralyzed and killed crew. Never wrap a rope around any part of your body you plan to keep either. Fan crew: no loose clothing! Fans eat neckties, scarves, and long t-shirts with you inside. If it’s loose or baggy, tuck it in! Wear lightweight hiking boots for ankle support and traction; open-toe footwear is out. Dress for safety first, then comfort. Leather gloves on inflation and refueling prevent rope/burner burns and blisters. Long sleeves and pants protect you from burners and crew-hungry vegetation. Choose organic fabrics over synthetics. Always watch your step – no running if you can’t see your feet and the ground.

AAAA General Meeting

March program will be our annual election, awards and prizes April program will be Brad Rice talking about his latest flying adventures in the Orient .

Mae Bell Pendeleton Sean Rice Thomas E. Gardner Elizabeth Adelman Michael Shrum Nicholas Jansson William Blizzard Armando Sumruld Bruce Pivic Carl Weis Mary Jo Chapman Mike Kelly Lance Capaldi Tim Martin Ailene O'Byrne David Yob Neal C. Smith Mark Hogan Alan J. Wynn Eileen Johnson Deborah Rice Bill Dickey Lisa Thornhill Jason Gabriel Lorie Guthrie Michelle Sanford Thom Wright Colleen Procopio Roger Hoppe Peyton Hoge Neil Freedman Anthony Lard Deborah Ortiz Donna Partington Evelyn L. Brickner Frank Dearmin Katelyn Salazar Dan Talbert

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ADVERTISING RATES Full Page……$110.00 Half Page…….$55.00 Quarter Page..$28.00 Eighth Page…$14.00

Classified Advertisements $2 per 50-characterline; prepaid only All prepaid advertisements

“All advertisements must be prepaid with a Credit Card. The deadline for advertisements is the third Friday of the month. Email advertisements to Beth Wright-Smith pbtsmith@lobo.net An invoice will then be emailed as well as payment instructions.” EDITORS NOTE: I am officially retiring after this edition. Please forward requests or information to the AAAA until further notice. It’s been a lot of fun. Thank you all for the well wishes and amazing support!. PAT

PILOT TRAINING/DPE From the most experienced instructor in the Southwest! Call

BETH WRIGHT-SMITH at AIRBORNE HEAT 505-604-2865, email piltoschool@lobo.net FAA approved part 141 school. Flexible schedules. Over 15 years providing instruction to FAA personnel. DESIGNATED PILOT EXAMINER - call to schedule your check ride Also see Airborneheat.com & like us on Facebook

AAAA on the internet www.hotairballooning.org AAAA P.O. BOX 90160 ALBUQUERQUE, NM 87199-160

Profile for AAAACloudbouncer

2018 March Cloudbouncer  

Official publication of the Albuquerque Aerostat Ascension Association (AAAA) Hot Air Balloon Club.

2018 March Cloudbouncer  

Official publication of the Albuquerque Aerostat Ascension Association (AAAA) Hot Air Balloon Club.