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cause and what, if any, regulatory changes they will recommend. Treasurer – Income & Expense Reports are completed as of December 31, 2016. Information will be in the Cloudbouncer. Secretary – New members presented for approval were Anthony Bartra, Anthony Lard, and Douglas & Cynthia Wise, all of Albuquerque, and Larry Wolfe of Sedona, AZ. Motion to approve made by Charity, seconded by Ursula, all approved.

AAAA Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Committee reports were presented and approved. They will be in the Cloudbouncer.

AAAA Board Meeting January 16, 2017

Unfinished Business:

President called to order at 5:30 PM

Nominations – Updated list of nominees for positions opening in April: Vice-President-None; Secretary-Susan Oldenburg (confirmed); Special Events-Charity (confirmed); Ways & Means-Caryn Welz (unconfirmed); Community Relations-Ursula Richards (unconfirmed). To consider running for a Board position contact Diana Gilson, Nominations Committee Chairperson, or Elisa Trillianes, AAAA Board President.

Board Members present: President (Elisa); Vice President (Neal); Secretary (Sue); Special Events (Charity); Community Relations (Ursula); Ways & Means (Michelle); Flying Events (Tim). Board Members Absent: Treasurer (Dick); Education (Don); Crew Development (Larry). December Board Meeting Minutes approved as written. A special circumstance motion was made by Ursula to allow reimbursement of up to $60.00 for ingredients for meals being prepared by a Board member, for a Board member, seconded by Michelle. Motion passed.

Vice President – Dr. David Bowling will be presenting the work and current status of the NTSB investigation into the July 30, 2016 Lockhart Texas balloon accident. The investigation is not complete and will take several more months to determine a

New Pilot Education – A map board will be available at flying events as well as a copy of the current waiver. Other concerns will be addressed in Committee. Drones – As of August, 2016 regulations require those persons flying drones to have a piloting certification. There are restrictions to drone flying: To be flown in Class G airspace only, maximum altitude of 400 feet, and not near other aircraft. For a person to fly a drone around or near a AAAA event, they must notify AAAA prior to, and with enough advance notice so that AAAA pilots can be notified, and provide a valid Pilot Certification.

New Business: Allen Jones Memorial AAAA Volunteer of the Year Award - Nominations to be made by Board members. Nominations and discussion to continue in February. 6:21 PM Motion to adjourn made by Charity, seconded by Tim. Meeting adjourned. Flying Events Our January flying event took place on Sunday the 8th. We had 54 pilots sign in for the event. A task was called but later canceled due to a shift in the weather. Despite canceling the competitive task the field remained open for launch and a number of pilots flew. Our next flying event is scheduled to take place with special events during the Friends & Lovers Rally the weekend of February 11 & 12. We held our 2016 AAAA Flying Events Awards Banquet at the Crowne Plaza on Saturday the 7th. Thank you to the 115 balloonists who attended the Banquet. We had a successful banquet with prizes for top 19 pilots, scorers, committee and perfect attendance. Flying Events would like to thanks our 2016 scorers: Dave Bagley, Pam Micker, Dan Talbert, Beth Talbert, Sue Oldenburg, Sam Bradshaw, Ken Tuley, Ray Bair, Mark Trillanes, Elisa Trillanes, Marisa Trillanes, Anthony Trillanes and Debbie Cox We could not organize the monthly flying events and the Banquet without the help of the awesome committee members: Sue Oldenburg, Sam Bradshaw, Dave Bagley, Pam Micker, Keith Lutz, Noelle Packard, Michelle Lutz, John Brown, Terry Illiff, Spike Beleau Marilyn Chimes and Jeannie Baldwin We would like to recognize our Perfect Attendance Award winners: Barbara Fricke, Ian Whitling, Keith Lutz, Craig Pendleton, Jerry Garcia, Keith Takach, David Tennis, Sam Bradshaw, Charity Blanchard, and Neal Smith

We are excited to announce the top 19 pilots for 2016:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19

Barbara Ian Keith Neil Craig David Bill John Jerry Keith Ray Phred Tom Timothy David Blair Rodney Paul Mike

Fricke, 9902.28 Whitling, 9812.58 Lutz, 9438.39 Jackson, 9181.45 Pendleton, 9127.97 Eichhorn, 8166.58 Dimmitt, 7754.1 Green, 7647.13 Garcia, 7262.33 Takach, 7254.95 Bair, 7227.71 McAllaster,7154.68 Fisher, 7059.69 Martin, 6352.16 Tennis, 6250.97 Kaufman, 6126.72 Griego, 5823.68 Smith, 5531.28 Heffron, 5310.38

Thank You everyone who supports these events all year round. A special Thank you to these people who helped to support the Flying Events Banquet: Crowne Plaza for hosting a nice event on such short notice. T-shirts and Things, who is always a sponsor of the event. They donated the amazing embroidered prizes for the winners and gifts for scorers. This is the 4th year they supported this event. Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta was our biggest contributor, going above and beyond this year with donations for prizes, gifts for the scorers and prizes for the silent auction and raffle. They continue to support our organization year after year!!!! Also, we want to thank: AAAA Education Committee, Aerco, Adams Balloons, Albuquerque Isotopes, Melting Zone, Shelly Cannaday, and Vara Wines for their generous donations. Also, a big thank you to: Peter Cuneo, Ray Bair, John Pata and

Dave Tennis for volunteering to give a student pilot lessons.

Community Relations

Crew D

VFW Group planning a celebration to honor certain military personnel - Honor Flight of Northern NM on the 27th of May.

Congratulations to the 2016 winner of the Crew Development flag, Sandia Sunrise II piloted by Barbara Fricke!

Asking for a balloon to help with their celebration (military related would be great but not required). Contact person is Joe 505-235-5900

Second place went to Monkey See, Monkey flew piloted by Zerek Wells and third place went to Plum Fired Up! piloted by Debi Ellis-Ostgulen. Congratulations teams!

Have you participated recently in a balloon event you think the rest of the club would enjoy hearing about. Share your experience and photos with the other members and write an article for the Cloudbouncer. Articles can be sent to communityrelations@hotairballooning.org or president@hotairballooning.org

The 2017 Crew Development games will start with the Friends and Lovers Rally in February. Tasks will include AAAA Stamp Bingo on Friday night, a crew target task on Saturday, and a surprise task on Sunday. You will need a baggie for Saturday's target, so don't forget to enter your 2 baggies in the Special Events baggie contest! Points will be awarded to all participants with extra points for first, second, and third place winners. Rules for the tasks will be posted on the AAAA Crew Development page. Bring your "A" game-there will be some tough competition out there! Reminder: Special Events have crew games as well. Those will not count towards your yearly points with Crew Development. Good luck to everyone and see you at Friends and Lovers! Larry Kaibetoney Crew Development Board Liaison

Education As of Jan. 12 we have 24 students enrolled in the Private Pilot Ground School and 2 students on the waiting list. The following notice has been placed on the ground school registration page: “The Private Pilot Ground School scheduled for Feb is now full. Additional registrations will be placed on a waiting list. If there are a sufficient number of additional students, a second Private Pilot Ground School will be held in June. Refunds will be available if the June school does not happen or the student cannot reschedule.� We have 3 students signed up for the Commercial Pilot Ground School in April. As of January 1, 2017 several new regulations went into effect from the National Fire Protection Association which effect balloon propane tank labeling and training requirements for all persons who refuel propane tanks. We have posted on the AAAA website some information and the text for the required tank labels that pilots may print on label stock and affix to their tanks. Additionally, any crewperson who refuels a propane tank must have training on propane safety

and proper refueling procedures. Pilots are exempt by virtue of the training received for their pilot certificate. The Education Committee would like to work with the Crew Development Committee to develop and present training to balloon crew members who may perform propane fueling operations for their pilot and provide them with a training certification card. Ways & Means Thank You to the Ways & Means committee for making the Banquet fun for all! AAAA appreciates your help! AAAA Corporate Members will be receiving their 2016 pin set at the end of the month. This is also the time of the year to renew Corporate Membership. Work will begin shortly on the AAAA 2017-2018 Roster. If you are a Corporate Member, please send your advertisements in at this time to ways-means@hotairballooning.org. If you would like to advertise in the Roster please email or see a W&M representative for advertising opportunities.

yearly points. Friends and Lovers contests will NOT factor into your yearly crew points. We are looking for some volunteers to help us with a special project on Saturday the 11th and possibly Sunday the 12th. Please contact Charity if you are interested in helping us out!! New this year will be crew parking passes. Due to the increasing popularity of this event (We had a LOT of spectators last year) we have to implement parking regulations. Each pilot/crew will receive 3 parking passes for their vehicles -- pilots do NOT need a parking pass as they will have a balloon or a trailer attached to their vehicle. These must be displayed in the lower driver’s side of your windshield for admittance to the Sid Cutter Pavilion parking lot. If you do not have it you will be directed to park in spectator parking at the north end of the field. There will be no exceptions to this. Pilot and crew pack pick up will be at the Sid Cutter Pavilion Friday, February 10th from 5:00 - 7:30 PM. If you are unable to attend you will be able to pick up on Saturday morning.

AAAA Happy Hour is typically on Tuesday, a week after the General Meeting at 6pm. Please see Facebook or look for our email blast for happy hour locations.

Pilot Briefing will be in the Sid Cutter Pavilion each morning and indoor tailgating will be permitted in the building until noon on Saturday.

Special Events

AAAA pilots wanting show up and competition points for the year will still need to sign in with Flying Events to make sure their points count.

Planning for Friends and Lovers is going strong and we are very excited for this year’s rally. Taking the feedback we received from the survey we sent out last year, this year’s event will be focused on thanking the people who make the pilots look so good -- the crew!!!!!!! The rules and guidelines for the Friends and Lovers Crew Competition are on the website and registration for the cupcake contest will remain open until we reach 25 participants. Special Events will also oversee the baggie decorating and creative cheating/bribing contests. Crew Development will also have crew games which will factor into the

***SPECIAL NOTE *** I should not have to say this, but apparently I do. If the restrooms on Balloon Fiesta Field are locked DO NOT break into them. There was an incident at Jingle Bell where the winterized restrooms were broken into and used. This created quite the unpleasant mess for the City Parks and Recreation staff to clean up. During Jingle Bell and Friends and Lovers the restrooms at the Sid Cutter Pavilion are open and during ALL flying events at Fiesta Field the restrooms at mid field (near the brick walkway) are open. Do NOT break locks and use winterized restrooms.

with a short video narrated by Steve Stucker, channel 4 weather caster, made while he was in a balloon being piloted by Ron Sanchez’s Daughter Serena, who attended the camp. Following this video, five of the campers, Cassie, Andra, Serena, Delaney, and Ryan gave their impressions of the Camp. They were all in agreement that it was the best part of their summer, the best part of the camp was the hands on learning of the various systems, and the people, both fellow campers and all the volunteers they spent time with. The camper presentations concluded with a short video made by the camps international student, Marie from Poland. Don concluded with a thank you to AAAA for providing scholarships allowing seven students to attend last year’s camp, and a request for crew volunteers for this year’s balloon camp. If you would like to volunteer for this summers balloon camp, to be held July 7th to the 13th, please contact Don at education@hotairballooning.org. General Meeting Minutes from January 24, 2017 At this time the Board was called to order. President (Elisa) called to order at 6:30PM with a welcome to all and especially our guests: Eric Nasi from Atlanta, GA, and Bethany Reuter from Duluth, MN. Ballooning in the Community was next in line with a thank you to the nine balloonists who attempted to create the worlds largest Menorah on December 31, 2016. Laurie McGovern, from the Balloon Museum, is looking for volunteers to assist with a program called Ballooning For All, which will take place on March 25, 2017, and be geared toward special needs students, specifically Down Syndrome. At this time the program was turned over to Don Boyer, Robyn Boyer, and Kelli Ballengee, who started the Rio Grande Balloon Camp program off

Present were President (Elisa); Vice President (Neal); Secretary (Sue); Education (Don); Flying Events (Tim); Crew Development (Larry); Special Events (Charity); Way & Means (Michelle). Absent were Treasurer (Dick); and Community Relations (Ursula) report presented by Elisa. President (Elisa) – Nominations update. Updated list of nominees for positions opening in April: Vice-President-None; Secretary-Susan Oldenburg, confirmed; Special Events-Charity Blanchard, confirmed; Ways & Means-Caryn Welz, confirmed; Community Relations-Ursula Richards, not confirmed.

If you wish to consider running for a position, please contact either Diana Gilson, Nominations Committee Chairperson, or Elisa Trillanes, AAAA President.

Hot Air Balloon container maintained in accordance with FAA 14 CFR Parts 31 and 43, and approved for refueling under NFPA 58 code # and

Vice President (Neal) – Still on track for February is David Bowling presenting available information regarding the Lockhart, TX ballooning accident.

This label needs to be affixed to your propane tanks, all of them, in a spot visible to refueling station personnel, if they ever want to see them. The good thing, you have the wording, find some labeling stock and print your own.

Treasurer (Report presented by Elisa) – Charts will be in the Cloudbouncer. Secretary (Sue) – Welcome to our new members: Alejandro & Jessica Bartra of Rio Rancho; Anthony Bartra, Mike & Donnette Ford and their family, Kayla Keating, Anthony Lard and Douglas & Cynthia Wise all of Albuquerque; Jeffery Knorr of Phoenix, AZ; Larry Wolfe of Sedona AZ; and Beth Lonis of Northglen, CO. For those who like to renew their membership later rather than earlier, please don’t wait. Reminders will be going out late February to those who have not yet sent in their renewals, also unless renewals are received by February 20th, there are no guarantees that we will be able to mail a paper ballot. Committee reports were presented and will be in the Cloudbouncer. Education Committee Safety Corner (Barbara Fricke) – This month’ focus is the changes made by the National Fire Protection Agency that went into effect on January 1, 2017. Code NFPA 58 deals with liquid petroleum gas codes, and when first being redesigned, excluded hot air balloon propane tanks. Sam Parks, Andy Baird and Philip Bryant as representatives for the BFA worked with NFPA in getting hot air balloon tanks back in the regulations. There are two main requirements that will need to be addressed by those of us with balloons. The first is: Hot air Balloon propane tanks must be labeled with the following wording:

The second requirement is: Only pilots and trained crew with card are allowed to refuel hot air balloon propane tanks. As a pilot, you don’t have to carry a card, your training to become a pilot establishes that you’ve had proper training, may want to have your pilot cert available, just in case. If you have crew who fuel your system, and you’re comfortable with their training and fueling procedures, you can provide your trained crew (go find some card stock) with a card with the following wording: I certify that _________________ has received proper training in the safe handling and refueling of Hot Air Balloon LP Gas Containers under NFPA58 code # & #4.4. Pilot ______________________________ Certificate _______________________ Date __________________ Card will expire 5 years after date of issue This information should get you ahead of the game when, out of the blue, your refueling station decides to enforce these new regulations.

BFA – No representative. Top Gun (Shelly Cannaday) – Report will be in the Cloudbouncer. Fiesta (Paul Petrehn) – Less than 249 days. Registration will open March 6th. A new rule in effect for this year is you must have a pilot certification by March 1st to be considered for this years Fiesta. VFRS (Kelli Ballengee) – 52 days till the St. Patty’s Day Rally. Preorders for shirts and pins can be made. The Friday party will be at Last Train, which is located by the Rail Runner Station. FAA – No representative. Balloon Museum/Foundation (Michelle Lutz) – The Museum Shoppe will close at 6:30 PM on AAAA meeting nights. The museum will be adding a new program to their Wednesday line up called Music in the Sky. This will start February 8th with two program times, 12:30 PM and 1:30 PM. This program, as well as, the morning Story time program is geared toward preschool children but is open to all and free of charge. Manhattan on the Mesa held New Year’s Eve was a great success and a thank you to the AAAA members who joined in the festivities. The new Arctic Exhibit is now open, and the interactive Weather Lab is being built with expected completion the summer of 2017. Balloon Explorium – No representative. Special notice from Dave Eichhorn. This year’s AAAA/Aerco Safety Seminar will be March 11th, cost is $50.00. Lunch will be provided by Rudy’s. Now’s the time to save your spot. He will also have a limited supply of tank stickers available.

Top Gun January Flying event was cancelled due to weather. Thank You to all our volunteers. Special thank you to Ray Bair for being our Event Director. February Top Gun Flying Event will be Sunday, February 19th. Will be meeting at AIBF offices. 2017 Top Gun Board of Directors President - Mark Trillanes Vice President - Ian Whitling Treasurer - Dave Bagley Secretary - Shelly Cannaday Co-Secretary - Diana Gilson Director - Alan Cannaday Director - Steve Mezzancello Director - Debby Young Director - Jason Babcock Rio Grande Classic preparations are in full swing. Volunteers and Sponsors are needed. If interested please contact a board member.

The Board is currently soliciting nominations for the Bob Ruppenthal Education Award and P.B. "Slim" Rawley Crew Award. Nominations for these awards are due by the end of February and can be sent to myself or the clubs Secretary, Sue Oldenburg.

BOB RUPPENTHAL EDUCATION AWARD The Albuquerque Aerostat Ascension Association (AAAA) Board of Directors is currently taking nominations for the Bob Ruppenthal Education Award. This award is given in honor of Bob Ruppenthal, a charter member of AAAA, an avid balloonist who chaired the first AAAA Education Committee. First awarded in 1981, this award is made to a AAAA member who has contributed significantly to the education of others in the area of balloon safety and operation. This person must have contributed significantly in time and effort and must have participated actively in the organization and/or instruction of ground schools and safety seminars for AAAA and/or the ballooning community at large. P.B. "SLIM" RAWLEY CREW AWARD The Albuquerque Aerostat Ascension Association (AAAA) Board of Directors is currently taking nominations for "Slim" Rawley Crew Award. This award is given in honor of Slim Rawley, a AAAA member since 1976 and an avid, dedicated crew member. The award is given to a AAAA member who has contributed significantly to the sport of hot air ballooning. The recipient should be someone who has distinguished him/herself in support of ballooning through such activities as crew member, observer, scorer, event volunteer, AAAA committee member, or general goodwill ambassador to the community. The award is to go to the "unsung hero" who has gone the extra mile to promote, expand, and support the sport of hot air ballooning.

CAMERON BALLOON SALES Need consultation, information or quotes on a new balloon. Call Beth Wright-Smith at 604-2865. pilotschool@lobo.net. Website: www.airborneheat.com and on Facebook

WELCOME TO CREW CHIEF’S CORNER! (Copyright 2010 by Gordon S chwontkowski)


Continued from January issue… COMMUNICATION • Relax: deep breaths and clear thinking can get you through any situation • Stay close or in touch: stay together, near your vehicle, or within reach at all times • Let it go: focus on the present and not events at home, office, elsewhere • Praise and reward achievement publicly: handle all other matters privately, especially if you must offer criticism • Share credit with your entire crew: pilot and crew chief accept responsibility when results fall short • Ask questions: admitting you don’t know can make you feel silly while not knowing can prove deadly • Listen: even if you are the most experienced, hear everyone out • Focus on what goes right: more will go right, and there’s more of it anyway • Manage issues and behavior, not personalities: “Let’s try this” gets you further than “Man, was THAT stupid or what…” • Watch more, talk less: signals, cues, and events often send messages more quickly and accurately – tune in and create your own codes • Stop, think, then talk: there’s always time to take a moment for reflection – don’t make matters worse with knee-jerk charging in • Nip it in the bud: clear up misunderstandings as they occur and before they escalate • Deal with it: resolve conflicts before the flight’s over or live with differences STRATEGIES • Leave it behind/for later: pets, babies, smoking, and alcohol distract you and expose you to risk • Plan ahead: one minute of planning saves 15 minutes of doing, undoing, or redoing – act promptly but refuse to be rushed

• •

• • •

• • •

Mind details: that dime of gas, last helium balloon, or dead battery can cancel a flight and cost lots of time, money, and headache Set meetings times and places: be crystal clear on when and where Write it down: don’t rely only on memory or electronics. Keep paper and pen nearby for weather conditions, phone numbers, directions, etc. Arrive early or start earlier: lateness forces rushing and mistakes – allow enough time Follow directions and the rules: they’re usually there for good reason Replace chaos with order: develop habits, systems, routines, and checklists for consistency. Adventure and surprise are exciting, but predictability is reassuring Do one thing at a time: it’s the only way to do three things at once. Human multi-tasking was disproven years ago in the corporate world Do it right the first time: a little care now means less problem-fixing later Be efficient: don’t hurry but be quick and do it well Learn from mistakes: stay calm, contain damage, fix it, get help if needed, and go easy on yourself

Results with these will range from drastic now to longterm subtle and can make or break a flight. Many shifts happen at once. Admitting errors and fixing problems (instead of people) replaces blaming and dwelling on mistakes. Gossip, sarcasm and ridicule diminish or disappear. Turnover drops sharply. Yelling softens to calmer tones, and laughter is heard more often. Results, constant improvement, and solution-thinking feed an “up” outlook of focus and fun. Crew participation, initiative, loyalty, and ownership all rise. Predictive thinking quickens action and eliminates constant prompting or waiting for direction. Learning, speaking up, and delivering results becomes the new norm. Always remember that performance climbs or falls to expectations, and behavior moves toward things that are pleasant and non-coercive. The stakes are high. A pilot’s safety often depends on the efforts of unpaid volunteers. Crew who feel unappreciated or slighted won’t give their best effort or race to add weight or grab that drop line. Tongue-lashed

crew often quit when pressure is high and fun has disappeared. At worst they’ll just go through the motions of crewing and wait for prompting or verbal instructions which forces a pilot into multi-tasking and micromanaging (both carry high risk/prices and low effectiveness). Crew retention is far easier than recruiting and training new crew. And there’s absolutely no room for doubt, hesitation, or mistrust in flying. All of these clearly translate into safety or anything less. While it’s not always easy and learning curves takes time, energy, and commitment, the results range from incredible to miraculous. Each pilot and crew chief simply must have these strategies in place or ready to go. Set the social stage for safety with these basic steps. Solid performances come from healthy morale; keep your crew’s outlook and dynamics positive, focused, and fun!

Based on the book “Hot Air Balloon Crewing Essentials”

AAAA General Meeting

Focus on the Lockhart, TX accident with David Bowling. .

Alejandro Bartra Mike Maung Thomas Schroeder Greg Hoefler Rebecca Curling Kim Vesely John Conant Ken Beebe Mark Trillanes Carol LaRotonda Leslie Anne Schafer Robert Mass Jerry Garcia Wade Lee Laurie Chavez Dan Schwartz Dick Goss Don Dougherty Anthony Bartra Caryn Welz Brian Heap Denise Despres John Hofer Richard Gruette Ginny Hines-Makowski James Ahern Susie Glen Paul Petrehn Dean Carlton Dave Albin Randy Johnson Dr. Thomas McConnell

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ADVERTISING RATES Full Page……$110.00 Half Page…….$55.00 Quarter Page..$28.00 Eighth Page…$14.00

Classified Advertisements $2 per 50-characterline; prepaid only All prepaid advertisements

“All advertisements must be prepaid with a Credit Card. The deadline for advertisements is the third Friday of the month. Email advertisements to Beth Wright-Smith pbtsmith@lobo.net An invoice will then be emailed as well as payment instructions.”

2017 Friends and Lovers Weekend Schedule Friday, February 10 Pilot Welcome Reception, 5:00 - 7:30 PM Sid Cutter Pavilion ● 5:.00 - 7:15 -- Baggie submissions accepted ● 8:00 -- Pavilion Closes -- Get some sleep everyone! Saturday, February 11 Flying Event -- Sid Cutter Pavilion ● 6:00 - 6:45 -- Pilot Sign In ● 6:00 AM -- Baggies are available for pickup ● 10:00 AM -- Cupcake Contest Judging Begins (will begin at 8:00AM if the event is weathered out) ● Noon (12 PM): Pavillon Closes -- Lots to set up for the next day! Sunday, February 12 Flying Event -- Sid Cutter Pavilion ● 6:00 - 6:45 -- Pilot Sign In ● 10:00 AM: Open Pavilion for Brunch ● 10:30 AM - Brunch is served ● 11:00 AM -- Begin Awards Ceremony Things you need to know: ● There will be a crew target set up for crews to throw baggies at Saturday morning -- details will be announced at pilot briefing that morning ● Brunch Tickets will be $7 and only sold until 8AM on Sunday morning. Kids 5 and under eat free!! Only 400 tickets will be available. ! NO MORE WILL BE SOLD ONCE WE REACH THIS NUMBER ● Pilots will get one brunch ticket with their registration ● Pilots who fly sponsors will receive 2 additional tickets ● The silent auction will open Friday evening and close Sunday morning during brunch ● All contest winners -- Special Events Crew, AAAA Crew and Flying Competition will be announced at Sunday’s brunch

PILOT TRAINING/DPE From the most experienced instructor in the Southwest! Call

BETH WRIGHT-SMITH at AIRBORNE HEAT 505-604-2865, email piltoschool@lobo.net FAA approved part 141 school. Flexible schedules. Over 15 years providing instruction to FAA personnel. DESIGNATED PILOT EXAMINER - call to schedule your check ride Also see Airborneheat.com & like us on Facebook


AAAA on the internet www.hotairballooning.org AAAA P.O. BOX 90160 ALBUQUERQUE, NM 87199-160

Profile for AAAACloudbouncer

2017 February Cloudbouncer  

Official publication of the Albuquerque Aerostat Ascension Association (AAAA) Hot Air Balloon Club.

2017 February Cloudbouncer  

Official publication of the Albuquerque Aerostat Ascension Association (AAAA) Hot Air Balloon Club.