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Neil Smith

Secretary – New members presented for approval were Alejandro Bartra & family of Rio Rancho; Mike Ford & family of Albuquerque; Kayla Keating of Albuquerque; Jeffery Knorr of Phoenix, AZ; and Beth Lonis of Northglen, CO. Motion to accept these new members made by Don, seconded by Charity, all approved. Committee reports were presented and approved. They will be in the Cloudbouncer. Unfinished Business:

AAAA Board of Directors Meeting Minutes AAAA Board Meeting December 19, 2016 President called to order at 5:30PM Board Members present: President (Elisa); Vice President (Neal); Secretary (Sue); Crew Development (Larry); Education (Don); Community Relations (Ursula); Flying Events (Tim); Special Events (Charity); Ways & Means (Michelle). Board Members Absent: Treasurer (Dick). Approval of Agenda – Motion to approve made by Ursula, seconded by Larry, agenda approved as written. Review of Board minutes from November 14, 2016 meeting – Motion to approve made by Charity, seconded by Larry, minutes approved as written. Vice President – January’s speakers will consist of Balloon Campers. Future speakers are being approached.

Treasurer – (Presented by Elisa) November 30, 2016 report not yet completed but will be in the Cloudbouncer.

Nominations – Current list of nominees for positions opening in April; Vice PresidentNone; Secretary-Sue Oldenburg (confirmed); Special Events-Charity Blanchard (confirmed); Ways & Means-None; Community Relations-Ursula Richards (not confirmed). To consider running for a position contact either Diana Gilson, Nominations Committee Chairperson, or Elisa Trillanes, AAAA Board President. Board Meeting/ Committee Meeting conflict – August is the only conflict with Special Events. Board Meeting will take precedent over Committee meeting. Lobo Net – Will be asked to attend the Board meeting after elections so as to be able to educate the new Board members also. New pilot education – A map board is being negotiated to be set up during flying events. Surplus baggies will be welcomed to provide to new pilots. A copy of the AAAA Waiver to be made available at Flying Events for new pilot review. Discussion will be in continued in Committee.

New Business: Emails and reports – A reminder to all Board members to answer all member emails, and submit reports in a timely manner.

1st place- Crew from Monkey See, Monkey Flew- Pilot Zerek Wells. 826 points 2nd place- Crew from Plum Fired Up- Pilot Debi Ellis-Ostgulen. 747 points

Drones – Discussion regarding drones flying around balloons with or without permission. FAA drone regulations to be reviewed.

3rd place- Crew from Sandia Sunrise II- Pilot Barbara Fricke. 331 points

Discussion to be continued in January.

All other participating crews points will be added to their totals for the year.

Concerns have been made regarding our January Flying Events Banquet location. We have been assured by the Rio Rancho Golf Center that our event will take place without any interruption on January 7th. 6:19PM Motion to adjourn made by Ursula, seconded by Michelle.

2017 Crew D Chase flag has been ordered. This year's flag is truck only. Next Crew D meeting is 3 January at AIBF office, 630 pm. We will be doing prep for Friends & Lovers Crew Games. Rules and Info will be available on the Crew D page of AAAA website on 15 January and at the January AAAA General meeting.

Meeting Adjourned.

Flying Events In the December Jingle Bell non-rally we had poor weather on Saturday and good weather on Sunday. For both days a total of 74 pilots signed in. There were no flights on Saturday and we flew a Hare and Hound task on Sunday. 15 people scored on the target and our top three scorers were Craig Pendleton, 1.06; Stephen Coffing, 1.58; and Jim Ahern 4.35. Our next flying event will take place on January 8th from Fiesta Field. Pilot brief will begin at 645am. Crew D Jingle Bell Rally Crew Games16 sets of trivia questions taken 9 turned in 2 decoration participants

2016 Crew flag will be presented to 2016 Crew D winners at the AAAA banquet in January. Community Relations I have no new requests at this time Have you participated recently in a balloon event you think the rest of the club would enjoy hearing about. Share your experience and photos with the other members and write an article for the Cloudbouncer. Articles can be sent to communityrelations@hotairballooning.org or president@hotairballooning.org Ballooning Around the Community On Dec. 31, 2016, a group of 9 balloons attempted to create the worlds largest menorah at Balloon Fiesta Park. Unfortunately, due to weather constraints all that was managed was a Candlestick glow. Shai Shelhav organized the event and

the following pilots and their crews were present for the glow.

AAAA pin sets will be given to Corporate Members in January.

Al Lowenstein Michele Macphee Brian Heap Ursula Richards Moe Chando Ian Whitling Don Boyer Dave Eichorn Charity Blanchard Mike Heffron Beth&Paul Smith

Special Events

Education We have 17 students registered for the Private Pilot Ground School scheduled for February 24 to 26, 2017. And we have 3 students registered for the Commercial Ground School scheduled for April. You can register online at www.hotairballooning.org. Ways & Means The club had a fun Happy Hour at Il Vicino on the Westside. Il Vicino gave 20% back on our checks! They have been a Happy Hour supporter for 5 years! Thank you for coming! Our next Happy Hour will be in February! If you have any suggestions for Happy Hour venus please let us know! We are currently accepting donations for the AAAA Banquet and March prize drawing and silent auction. Any items will be appreciated! If you know of anyone interested in becoming a Corporate Member, please let us know. Its a grear way for businesses to connect with the ballooning community.

Jingle Bell wrapped up yesterday and was a success. We had 30 pilots sign in on Saturday (we appreciated the show of support) and 69 on Sunday. We held the cookie contest Saturday; congratulations to our 3 winners First Light Balloon Team, the Zerek Welz family and the Whitling family. Thank you to all who participated!!!!! The Special Events committee still has a few sweatshirts and some pins left. We will be selling them at Friends and Lovers. Next up is Friends and Lovers. Registration will be open through January 15. You can pay via PayPal or send a check to the AAAA post office box. Friends and Lovers will have the baggie decorating contest and a cupcake contest. Rules will be available in the Cloudbouncer. Thank you again to everyone who came out and a HUGE shout out to the committee -without them this would never happen!!!!!

Top Gun - December flying event was cancelled due to weather. Thank You to all that showed up to make this happen. Top Gun Annual Meeting will be Saturday, January 14th. Meeting at 11am at the Shores Clubhouse. #1 Lakeshore Drive NE Albuquerque, NM 87112 Bring a chair and dish to share. Top Gun will have "make your own sandwich" 2017 Top Gun Board will be voted in. January Top Gun flying event will be Sunday, January 22 Rio Grande Classic is in the works. Committee members are needed. Contact any Top Gun Member for info.

General Meeting Minutes : None. Holiday Break

Happy New Year and welcome to the first President’s Corner for 2017. I am excited for the New Year and hope that this will be a great year for our club. Please remember our greatest resource for continuing the activities and work of our club are our volunteers and this is the time of year when we are looking for those next great people to help serve and run the club. Positions open for the election in March are – Vice President, Secretary, Community Relations, Ways & Means, and Special Events. If you have any questions or have interest in one

of the open positions I would love to talk with you over a coffee or cocktail. President@hotairballooning.org or 505-2692503.

the community. The award is to go to the "unsung hero" who has gone the extra mile to promote, expand, and support the sport of hot air ballooning.

This is also the time of year we look to recognize some of the clubs volunteers. As such, the Board is currently soliciting nominations for the Bob Ruppenthal Education Award and P.B. "Slim" Rawley Crew Award. Nominations for these awards are due by the end of February and can be sent to myself or the clubs Secretary, Sue Oldenburg. BOB RUPPENTHAL EDUCATION AWARD The Albuquerque Aerostat Ascension Association (AAAA) Board of Directors is currently taking nominations for the Bob Ruppenthal Education Award. This award is given in honor of Bob Ruppenthal, a charter member of AAAA, an avid balloonist who chaired the first AAAA Education Committee. First awarded in 1981, this award is made to a AAAA member who has contributed significantly to the education of others in the area of balloon safety and operation. This person must have contributed significantly in time and effort and must have participated actively in the organization and/or instruction of ground schools and safety seminars for AAAA and/or the ballooning community at large. P.B. "SLIM" RAWLEY CREW AWARD The Albuquerque Aerostat Ascension Association (AAAA) Board of Directors is currently taking nominations for "Slim" Rawley Crew Award. This award is given in honor of Slim Rawley, a AAAA member since 1976 and an avid, dedicated crew member. The award is given to a AAAA member who has contributed significantly to the sport of hot air ballooning. The recipient should be someone who has distinguished him/herself in support of ballooning through such activities as crew member, observer, scorer, event volunteer, AAAA committee member, or general goodwill ambassador to

WELCOME TO CREW CHIEF’S CORNER! (Copyright 2010 by Gordon S chwontkowski)


Chemistry, teamwork, small group dynamics – whatever you call it, how your crew interacts, cooperates, and achieves can trump a world championship, the latest equipment, and decades of experience when it comes to flight safety and ballooning enjoyment. Whether your crew is open source (new faces every time) or task force (familiar faces) matters less than the culture your crew chief creates. Both peak performances and civil wars are created and nurtured from within. This isn’t feel-good pop psychology; it’s essential every pilot and crew chief understands how this works and how to troubleshoot glitches that come up during a flight or season.

We’ve all seen it and been there. The Peak Performance Crew is short on hands, faces high winds, smiles and laughs, acts decisively with minimal direction, and somehow launches their balloon perfectly as if there’s no wind at all. The Civil War Crew is 15 eager faces out of sync, yelling at and over each other, in conflict (pouting and meltdowns), and struggles to hot inflate safely in dead calm conditions. The former bonds and achieves with no apparent effort, the latter implodes after super-human efforts. We’d all like our crews to hum like a Swiss watch, but is this really necessary? And what can you really do when your crew lurches erratically like a cold diesel? Yes, healthy crew dynamics are absolutely essential to safety for every crew. The smallest trigger can begin a spiraling cycle of more stress and less safety and fun. A single bored, frustrated, angry, or disenfranchised crew member can distract or derail an entire crew. Distrust, dislike, misunderstanding, and confusion compromise safety via poor communication, judgment, and decisionmaking. Discord among spouses, family members, friends, and colleagues who crew together can continue long after a flight and may ruin an entire event, season, or even relationship. Good luck putting a replacement cost on that! There’s no magic bullet or formula to turn a Civil War Crew into a Peak Performance Crew, and sometimes the dynamics just don’t work. In many ways, the crew chief has an impossible task: leading a team (whose cast, number, skill level, motive, and commitment change throughout the flight) to precisely perform complex tasks in a highly dynamic yet unstructured environment quickly and safely, often with little or no planning. When clearly visualizing results is difficult, the quality of the experience more largely determines the nature of your results. Thus, your crew’s software becomes as or even more important than its hardware.

Not every Civil War Crew can fully evolve into a Peak Performance Crew, but there are steps which clearly improve your crew’s dynamics. You’ll recognize many of these from your own experience; others will only ring true with time. Some seem trivial, others not even worth mentioning. All, however, can make a drastic impact on the quality of your flight safety and crewing experience. Among the most notable in several categories are:

• •

• • •

EQUIPMENT Simplify: streamline everything you do and carry, keep nonessential gear to a minimum, make checklists so nothing’s left behind Keep it clean: pick up after yourself (maintain order, value, and pride) Assign everything a place: make sure everyone knows where things go, then put them there Fix it: replace what doesn’t work NOW whether it’s an inflation technique, fan cage clip, or shoelace - failure can cost many times more than replacement parts Put it back in its place: the next time you need it, you’ll need it NOW with no time to search Ready it for next time: fill it with gas/helium, coil/bag it correctly, strap it down, etc. CREW Clarify expectations: both what to expect and what is expected Consider motives: volunteer crew show up for very different reasons than paid crew Assign clear roles early: who’s the crew chief, who drives, who fills the cooler, who charges and works the radio, who navigates, etc. Delegate: ballooning is a team sport, not an individual event

Trust: give every crew member a job and let them do it. How well they perform reflects on you and your training Keep your crew fed and watered: they’ll be more productive, loyal, and agreeable

to pay for doubling the size of the office conference room. This expansion has created a lot of empty wall-space and one suggestion is to fill the space with a few balloon pin displays. I’m not sure if they intend to compete with the Balloon Museum’s pin display(s), however, that could depend on YOU. IF you have extra/leftover balloon pins that are taking up space, here is an outlet for them. Contact Jim Malarsie, the Assistant Office Manager, James.L.Malarsie@faa.gov or 505-7641213. He guarantees there will be pictures of the finished product in the Cloudbouncer. Thanks, JD

CAMERON BALLOON SALES Need consultation, information or quotes on a new balloon. Call Beth Wright-Smith at 6042865. pilotschool@lobo.net. Website: www.airborneheat.com and on Facebook

Got Extra Pins? It’s possible my retirement freed up enough FAA dollars for the ABQ FSDO

AAAA General Meeting


1-JanSusan Capaldi 5-JanKathleen Ryan 5-JanAngie Howes 5-JanKristie Shreve 7-JanKeith Sproul 8-JanDebbie Sproul 9-JanElaine Thacher 12-JanTom Goettsche 15-JanKen Ferguson 18-JanRay Bair 18-JanJon Ashworth 19-JanTerry Iliff 20-JanMark Abbott 23-JanCarol Bair 25-Jan Bill Glen 26-JanDavid LaRotonda 26-JanClair Bennett 27-JanBenjamin Conant Madilyn Grace 27-Jan Conant 27-JanKenneth VanWye 29-JanTom Hamilton 31-JanJerry Knorr 31-JanKayla Keating

ADVERTISING RATES Full Page……$110.00 Half Page…….$55.00 Quarter Page..$28.00 Eighth Page…$14.00

Classified Advertisements $2 per 50-characterline; prepaid only All prepaid advertisements

“All advertisements must be prepaid with a Credit Card. The deadline for advertisements is the third Friday of the month. Email advertisements to Beth Wright-Smith pbtsmith@lobo.net An invoice will then be emailed as well as payment instructions.”

PILOT TRAINING/DPE From the most experienced instructor in the Southwest! Call

BETH WRIGHT-SMITH at AIRBORNE HEAT 505-604-2865, email piltoschool@lobo.net FAA approved part 141 school. Flexible schedules. Over 15 years providing instruction to FAA personnel. DESIGNATED PILOT EXAMINER - call to schedule your check ride Also see Airborneheat.com & like us on Facebook


AAAA on the internet www.hotairballooning.org AAAA P.O. BOX 90160 ALBUQUERQUE, NM 87199-160

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2017 January Cloudbouncer  

Official publication of the Albuquerque Aerostat Ascension Association (AAAA) Hot Air Balloon Club.

2017 January Cloudbouncer  

Official publication of the Albuquerque Aerostat Ascension Association (AAAA) Hot Air Balloon Club.