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association, March will be AAAA elections, and April will be Paul Petrehen discussing his recent trip to the World Air Games in Dubai. Secretary – List of new members presented to the Board, motion to approve made by Craig, seconded by Dick, all new members approved.

AAAA Board Meeting Minutes Albuquerque Aerostat Ascension Association AAAA Board Meeting Minutes February 15, 2016 President called to order at 5:39PM Board Members Present – President (Craig); Vice-President (Blair); Secretary (Sue); Treasurer (Dick);Education (Tom); Community Relations (Ursula); Crew Development (Dave); Special Events (Charity) Board Members absent Flying Events (Keith); Ways & Means (Michelle) President – There is at least one person running for each opening Board position, nominations are still being accepted. Vice-President – The program for the AAAA General Membership meeting on February 23rd will be Fly New Mexico, the skydiving

Treasurer – January month end report is not yet completed, will have by February meeting, as well as numbers for Friends & Lovers Rally. Community Relations - I have one new requests this month. Contact: Ray Del Toro, Annex Church Phone: 505-515-5692 The Annex Church is hosting another Egg Drop this year on the morning of March 20th. The last two years have had several balloonists launch from the field at Cibola High School. The greateggdrop.com is their churches way of serving the community around Easter and is a free community event. If interested call Ray Del Toro. Contact: Gary Libman, Festival Director http://www.abqfolkfest.org,/ Libman@Comcast.net He thinks that a tethered balloon demonstration would be awesome for their festival goers. They had 4200 people at the ABQ Folk Festival in the last few years, and they hope to have a new attendance record this year. The festival will take place this

year on the first weekend in June at the Albuquerque Balloon Museum. If interested please contact Gary.

Flying Events - February 2016 Flying Event February’s flying event took place at Balloon Fiesta Park as part of the Friends & Lovers Rally on Saturday and Sunday February 13th & 14th. One Hundred Fifteen (115) pilots registered, and one hundred three (103) signed in. The official AAAA flying event task was held on Saturday with and five pilots scoring on the Judge Declared Goal task located at Vista Del Norte park. Fred Lete took first place with a score of 4.65m, followed by Ian Whitling with a throw of 7.92 meters, and Keith Takach at 17.69 meters. 1. Fred Lete - 4.65m 2. Ian Whitling - 7.92m 3. Keith Takach - 17.69m 4. Don Martindell - 36.61m 5. David Fuston - 97.47m Next Flying Event: Our next flying event will be at Balloon Fiesta Park on Sunday March 13, 2016. Registration will be 6:45-7:15 at the Northeast corner of the park. Ways & Means – Ways and Means committee is getting ready for the Annual AAAA March Raffle. We are extremely thankful to the members who have already donated truly amazing items!!!! Please see

Michelle Lutz or anyone from the Ways and Means committee if you wish to donate. We will graciously receive any balloon and nonballoon related items. The Annual Raffle is a great way to pass along memories and let others find treasures to cherish.

March also welcomes Happy Hour Season! Join us for the first happy hour of the year at Kelly's Brew Pub on 3222 Central Ave. SE. Tuesday March 1st at 6pm. We will have awesome raffle gifts, great food and drink and amazing company of Balloonists! We will be collecting items for the March Raffle.

Special Events - Friends and Lovers was a fantastic weekend! Thank you to everyone who came out and supported the event. We had 103 total pilots and 45 sponsors for the event! If you ordered a denim shirt, they will be in next week. One of the committee members will contact you to make arrangements to get it to you. The committee had our wrap-up meeting last night and was overall very pleased with the responses to the survey we sent to pilots and crew chiefs. If you did not get it, the link is available here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/35LWFF T Please take the survey and let us know what you thought of the event. (Not just for pilots --- we value everyone's opinion!) We

had some great feedback and have some ideas for changing things up next year. Our next event is the Ice Cream Social -- we will let you know more details on that and the summer picnic as they are solidified. Thank you again to everyone who helped make Friends and Lovers a success -- we can’t do it without pilots, crews, sponsors and the special events committee!!!!!! Oh, and thank you everyone for NOT driving on section D1 on Sunday -- it was MUCH appreciated!!!!! Education - The Private Pilot Ground School is scheduled and is a go for February 26, 27 and 28 of February, 2016. We are looking for additional students for the CPGS. Commercial Pilot Ground School April 22, 23 & 24, 2016 Registration deadline April 14 before April 5th - $155* AAAA member, $175* non members after April 5th - $200* members and non members We will have another Private Pilot Ground School Private Pilot Ground School June 3, 4 and 5, 2016

Registration deadline May 28 before May 7rd - $155* AAAA member, $175* non members after May 7rd - $200* members and non members Crew Development – The AAAA Aerco Safety seminar will be held on March 12th . There will be a crew safety class on March 13th after our monthly flying event. Suggestion to V-P to have Pam Sullivan, of the NTSB, to be the guest speaker for the May General meeting. There is one person signed up for the AAAA sponsorship of Balloon Camp, funds are available for more. 6:37PM Motion to adjourn made by Dave, seconded by Tom Meeting adjourned.

President (Craig) – Called Diana Gilson, nominations committee chair person, to the podium. Diana recapped the nominees for each opening Board position, after which she asked for final nominations from the floor. None were received. Nominations were closed. Vice-President (Blair) – Reminder the March meeting will consist of the Board elections, Silent Auction, and Raffle. The April Program will be Paul Petrehn. General Meeting Minutes from February 23, 2016 President called to order 6:35PM with a welcome to all attendees. There were no guests, Ballooning in the Community or ratings noted. At this time the meeting was turned over to Blair who introduced the evening’s program speakers, Kim Holland and Brian Heap, from Skydive New Mexico. Kim started with a short introduction on her sky diving experiences, followed by a video consisting of footage when leaving an aircraft to landing in designated sites. Brian continued with the more technical aspects of sky diving relating to achievement level requirements, equipment preparation and inspections, safety aspects immediately prior to a jump, as well as weight limitations. For more information contact Skydive NM in Belen at 505-864-7942. Following the program the Board was called to order:

Treasurer (Dick) – Pie Charts will be in the Cloudbouncer. Secretary (Sue) – A big HELLO and WELCOME to our new members this month: From Choctaw, OK Joe & Zach Hartpence; Frederick, CO Jennifer & Ed Abrams; Aurora, CO Autumn Montoya; Edgewood, NM Deborah Rice; Corrales, NM Scott Kominiak; Rio Rancho, NM Spike Beleau & Marilyn Chimes, Lonnie Carreathers, and Janice Wrhel; Albuquerque, NM Julian, Debbie & James Allison, Mike & Suzie Bertetto, Keriann Delorme, Christina Dewart, Charlene & Christopher Grasty & Family, Brian Heap, Tamlyn Hedemann, Michael & Katie Heffron, Brian & Alicia Irwin, Janie Jordan, Nannette Sandoval & James Carr, and Shai Shelhav. After presenting the club with the number of new members, Ray Bair asked about how many members the club has. Well I didn’t have a very satisfactory answer at the time but I can confidently answer that question now:

Over the last several years the base membership has been about 400 with a 10% plus or minus factor. With this in mind our current membership, consisting of regular members and family members over 16 stands at 433. Hope this helps. Special Events (Charity) – Recap of the Friends & Lovers rally. Report will be in the Cloudbouncer. Community Relations (Ursula) - Report will be in the Cloudbouncer. Education (Tom) – February’s Private Pilot Ground School is full, due to demand a second Ground School will be held June 3, 4, & 5. The Commercial Pilot Ground School to be held April 22, 23, & 24 still has openings available. Ways & Means (Michelle) – Report will be in the Cloudbouncer. Flying Events (Keith) – Report will be in the Cloudbouncer. Crew Development (Dave) – Report will be in the Cloudbouncer. Other Ballooning Organizations called: BFA (Don Boyer) – There will be two Balloon Camps held this summer, one in PA and the other in Albuquerque. The Albuquerque session will be held from July 9 thru July 14, and currently has 17 campers registered. The cap placed by BFA, due to limited

instructors, staffing and resources, available is 20. There was a question from the floor about increasing this number for the Albuquerque Camp only due to the large active ballooning community as a whole, instructor availability, and resource base in this area. Since BFA has the final decision, the possibility will need to be presented to them for consideration. VFRS (Don Boyer) – The St. Patty’s Ralley is in full swing. If you haven’t received your invitation, contact Don as soon as possible. The City of Belen is actively participating in this year’s event and will be hosting the Friday evening welcome party. Several Special Shapes will be present this year, including, but not limited to, Darth Vader and Yoda. Saturday morning’s events will also include Skydivers demonstrating their skills. FAA – No representation Top Gun (Ian Whitling) – February flying event had 13 pilots registered, 11 flew. A thank you to Jonathan Wright for being the event director. March is a two day event starting Saturday March 5 and again on Sunday March 6. Registration both mornings will be at AIBF offices at 6:00AM. Planning for the Rio Grande Classic is underway and they are looking for volunteers. If you can help with planning, please contact Debby Young. Fiesta (Paul Petrehn) – Registration for Albuquerque International Balloon

Fiesta will begin at 8:00AM March 7, 2016. There have been some changes to the registration process so be sure to check all the options available. Added to this year’s program will be the US National Women’s Championships. Balloon Museum (Jill Lane) – 10th Anniversary celebrations will continue through September 30, 2016 consisting of new exhibits opening throughout this time. The first opening expected will be the Tim Anderson 4D Theater in mid March. In June a Polar Exhibit is expected to open, and August will see the ribbon cutting on a new interactive weather exhibit. Explorium – No representation

through the efforts of all of our members who volunteer to help. Each year we like to recognize some of our members who stood out for their exceptional contributions with the Bob Ruppenthal Education Award, the Allan Jones Volunteer Award, and the "Slim" Rawley Crew Award. You can find details for the qualifications for each award on our web site at http://www.hotairballooning.org/index.php ?page=history-awards. If you have someone in mind for any of these, please send your nomination to me at president@hotairballooning.org or to any of the members of the board and they will see that I get it. The board will select this year’s honorees and the awards will be presented at the March general meeting during this year’s board elections. I’ll see you on the launch field. Safe landings! Craig

You hear me talk frequently about how our club is the best anywhere and is able to put on all of the events and classes that we do

Anyone interested in helping with scoring our events please contact any Board member. MARK YOUR CALENDARS March Top Gun flying event will be Saturday and Sunday, March 5th and 6th. Will be meeting at AIBF offices. February flying event was a success with 13 participating pilots. Congratulations to our monthly champion Steven Adams

2016 Rio Grande Classic is in full swing of preparations. Volunteers are needed and much appreciated. Contact Debby Young our RGC coordinator or any Top Gun Board Member. Top Gun has a new website. Check it out. It is still in the baby step motion. TopGun.groovygroovy.net

Thank You Jonathan Wright for being our event director. Special Thank You to all our scorers. You are very appreciated.

NOTICE----Student Pilot Certificate changes----NOTICE April 1, 2016 there will be significant changes to obtaining a student pilot certificate. If you plan to get one soon, I would recommend getting it before April. Now they can be obtained from the FAA FSDO near the International Airport, from any Designated Pilot Examiner (DPE) or from a doctor who issues medical certificates & student pilot certificates for the FAA. The latter will cost you some money and you will also have a medical certificate that is unnecessary for a balloon rating but it is an option. The other 2 are at no cost. Your certificate could be ready same-day.

Beginning April 1, you will need to plan ahead. All student certificates will be plastic just as the permanent certificates are now and will be issued out of Oklahoma City, not locally. Medical Examiners will no longer be able to issue them but fixed wing or rotorcraft Certified Flight Instructors (CFIs) will. However, given the backlog now, you can expect to wait 2-3 months for your certificate’s arrival. You will not be able to solo until you receive it so you won’t be able to do spur-of-the-moment flight instruction. Nor will you be able to take advantage of the accelerated programs that a 141 school can offer unless you have your student pilot certificate before you begin. Beth Wright-Smith Airborne Heat, part 141 school 1ABS874K

Thanks, Beth Elizabeth Wright-Smith Airborne Heat Ballooning Albuquerque, NM www.airborneheat.com 505-604-2865

___________ The Balloon looking into Philadelphia feedback in location.

Federation of America is having a convention in in 2018. We need some regards to pricing and

Please take our survey and give us your opinions. It is open to all balloonists.

https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/P7V JLKB

CAMERON BALLOON SALES Need consultation, information or quotes on a new balloon. Call Beth Wright-Smith at 6042865. pilotschool@lobo.net. Website: www.airborneheat.com and on Facebook

AAAA General Meeting


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Classified Advertisements $2 per 50-characterline; prepaid only All prepaid advertisements

“All advertisements must be prepaid with a Credit Card. The deadline for advertisements is the third Friday of the month. Email advertisements to Beth Wright-Smith pbtsmith@lobo.net An invoice will then be emailed as well as payment instructions.”

PILOT TRAINING/DPE From the most experienced instructor in the Southwest! Call

BETH WRIGHT-SMITH at AIRBORNE HEAT 505-604-2865, email piltoschool@lobo.net FAA approved part 141 school. Flexible schedules. Over 15 years providing instruction to FAA personnel. DESIGNATED PILOT EXAMINER - call to schedule your check ride Also see Airborneheat.com & like us on Facebook

Debbie Allison / Carolyn Lilley It’s A Zoo Photograph from Friends & Lovers

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2016 March Cloudbouncer  

Official publication of the Albuquerque Aerostat Ascension Association (AAAA) Hot Air Balloon Club.

2016 March Cloudbouncer  

Official publication of the Albuquerque Aerostat Ascension Association (AAAA) Hot Air Balloon Club.