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Editor ~ Patrick Chando Editor@hotairballooning.org

Please submit your photographs for possible addition to the Coudbouncer at Editor@hotairballooning.org Remember to say w hen and w here it w as taken. Thanks, Pat

The Cloudbouncer is a monthly publication of the AAAA Education Foundation. PO Box 90160, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87199-0160 Subscription rate: $17 annually; Electronic Copy FREE to AAAA Members in good standing. The AAAA Education Foundation strives to provide the most valuable forum possible for the free exchange of information w ithin the AAAA. Acceptance of advertising cannot imply endorsement of products or services by AAAA nor the Cloudbouncer Editor, Publisher or Staff. Opinions presented in Cloudbouncer in information, contributions, articles, letters and editorials are solely the opinions of the authors and do not express the official view of AAAA. We authorize the reprinting of any original w ork in this new sletter with credit to the author and AAAA Cloudbouncer as the source. Please send articles and photos to our dedicated email address: Editor@hotairballooning.org Persons w hose articles are published are eligible to receive a special Cloudbouncer appreciation lapel pin. Deadline for all submissions is the Friday after the General Meeting. Articles, photographs and advertisements received after the deadline w ill be published in a future issue, if they are still relevant.

● First month of fiscal year. Pie Charts are prepared and will be distributed. ● Ed Found - $713 negative (loss) for the month -~$54,296 in the bank. ● Social Club - $96 positive -- ~$15,400 in the bank. Flying Events ● Reported results of July Flying Events (details to the CB) ● Still trying to nail down a weekend on to have an informal AAAA goes to Gallup weekend

AAAA Board Meeting Minutes Albuquerque Aerostat Ascension Association Meeting started: 5:38pm Present: Michelle, Keith, Craig, Charity, Tom, Dick, Ursula, Dave, Blair (5:55) Absent: Sue (out of town) President ● Reminder, we have until before the General Meeting to have CB reports in. VP ● Guest Speakers: ● July - Dean Donnelly will talk about a Cloud Hopper he and Keith Takach built ● August - Architect for the Sid Cutter Memorial Pavilion (The Landing") ● September - Pre-Fiesta video ● October - Tri Report: Balloon Camp report from attendees ● November - Trip Report from Annonay Reenactment ● January - Zoey Kelleher from FAA about balloon accidents and data Secretary ● Absent Treasurer

Crew Development ● Reported on July Crew D Cook-Off results. See the Cloud Bouncer for details. ● Needs notes for putting up the online registration page for the AAAA Safety Seminar ● Still looking for those interested in November CPR class ● Plan to collect Toys For Tots starting at the November Flying Event & General Meeting since Jingle Bell may be too late Community Relations ● A local church group would like a "mini-fiesta" sometime. Ursula will continue to refine the request. ● If any club member does community involved good deeds Ursula needs to know so we can promote them. Request does not have to come through AAAA/Community Relations Education ● Final planning of the AAAA Safety Seminar (during Fiesta). ● Registration will be online within the next two weeks. Ways & Means ● Happy Hour will be Aug 4th, 6pm - watch Facebook for details! ● Should have rosters for this month's General Meeting ● 5 new corporate members; new 4-pages of color ads ● Vara Wines (Platinum)

● Kelly's Brew Pub (Silver - was an advertiser, no corporate member) ● Otero & Sons Roofing (Silver) ● Savoy / Seasons / Zinc (Silver) ● Adams Balloons (Silver) ● Includes a Congratulations to Tray Bradley from AAAA on the Two Eagles flight ● AAAA logo shirts will be available for order soon (after the General Meeting) Special Events ● Picnic Saturday August 15th 3:30 @ Coronado Campground ● Cake Walk; Relay Races ● Bring a Side Dish to go with provided grill entrees ● Vintage Ice Cream Social

us, and to show to other users to clarify our use of the field. AAAA will police ourselves to the expectations of the use of the park. ● Craig shared recent traffic / usage for hotairballooning.org (AAAA website). The page is active, but not as much engagement as the Facebook page which is not unexpected. ● Dave has spoken with Mike Schrum and there is initial positive interest in having a BFA Balloon Camp each year in Albuquerque. He will continue to explore the idea. Adjourn ● 7:11pm

Unfinished Business ● AAAA storage shed was cleaned out. Donating some toys to Toys for Tots. Also, found a lot of historical documents and publications. New Business ● "The Ultimate Hot Air Balloon Bucket List" Includes a page for AAAA ● Look for book signing events throughout Fiesta ● Offering discount to members and money back to AAAA in turn for presenting it at AAAA General Meeting. ● MOTION: (Keith): Encourage the publisher to contact the Balloon Museum to sell the book during our General Meeting, and encourage them to buy an ad in the prior month's Cloud Bouncer. We will promote that AAAA is included in a book that will be for sale. SECOND: Charity. DISCUSSION: Craig will communicate back to them if approved. VOTE: 8 in favor; 1 Abstain (Dave) ● From the flying event… Glider users were trying to get balloons to clear the field. Retrieval crews were asked to get off the grass while waiting for a returning flight. What to do to clarify & reinforce to expectations with us and other users. Keith will re-affirm rules with Susan Rice, have a handout available for AAAA to educate

President: Comments in General Meeting Section. Vice President: None.

Treasurer: In the main CB. Secretary: None. Special Events: The annual AAAA picnic is right around the corner -- August 15th at the Coronado Campground. All the fun starts at 3PM! Special Events will provide hamburgers, hot-dogs and the fixin's for these -- please bring a side dish to share.

This year we will once again have the cake walk, so please bring a cake for a free entry! We will also be having relay races for FABULOUS prizes -- come prepared to compete with other members and have a great time!

Crew Development: Our AAAA Pre-Fiesta Safety Seminar is scheduled for Saturday, August 29th on Fiesta Field just North of the Sid Cutter Pavilion on D1. Registration 3:30 to 4pm with class 4 to 8 pm followed by hands on training and a glow – weather permitting. Fee will again be $20 to pay for instructors and pizza. To register call 344-5844. 2015 AAAA 5th Annual Tail Gate Cook Off 6 participants Sandia Sunrise Twilight Zone Spirit in the Sky High Maintenance Good Grief Itsa Touchie Subject 3 Judges Eric Green, Weatherman on KOAT Robert Carson, Owner Operator Oak Tree Café Carol Bondarenko, Certified BBQ Judge and FAA Repairman Appetizer #3 Spirit in the Sky, CC Tonya Perdun, Pilot Craig Pendleton #2 Twilight Zone, CC Barbara Simmons, Pilot Ryan Davie #1 Sandia Sunrise, Bobbi Tuley, Pilot Peter Cuneo Main Course #3 Itsa Touchie Subject, Michael Mustus, Pilot Ken Ferguson #2 Spirit in the Sky, CC Tonya Perdun, Pilot Craig Pendleton #1 Sandia Sunrise, Bobbi Tuley, Pilot Peter Cuneo

Dessert #3 Spirit in the Sky, CC Tonya Perdun, Pilot Craig Pendleton #2 Good Grief, Pilot Greg Garcia #1 Sandia Sunrise, Bobbi Tuley, Pilot Peter Cuneo Hospitailty #3 Twilight Zone, CC Barbara Simmons, Pilot Ryan Davie #2 Spirit in the Sky, CC Tonya Perdun, Pilot Craig Pendleton #1 Sandia Sunrise, Bobbi Tuley, Pilot Peter Cuneo Many very nice prices, including the coveted Crew Flag plus 4 custom made, mighty fine, BalloonChef's Hats August 29th, at Fiesta Field, just North of The Sid, at 4pm until 8:30 The Crew Pre-Fiesta Safety Seminar $20/ea -- snacks, handouts and pizza! 1. Crowd control 2. Crew communications 3. Fan/propane Safety 4. Using a map 5. knots 6. Land owner relations 7. Hands on balloon stand up and glow (Wx permitting) Signup on line or call 344-5844

Education: We are beginning to plan for the Annual Fiesta Seminar. Our proposed Title is "From Dreams to Reality (A Safe Flight)" to be held in the afternoon of Tuesday Oct 6, 2015 at Calvery Church – Rio Rancho, NM. ● Weather Apps - Ryan Carlton ● Weather/Flying in ABQ at Fiesta – Beth Wright Smith ● Crew Management – Mike Schrum ● Using Fiesta Radio / Crew Radio Communications – Dale Pattyn ● Basket Management / Landing - TBD ● FAA – JD Huss

Community Relations:

This is something new I have decided to try. I am going to start promoting "good deeds" done by the entire ballooning community. This does not have to be Quad A related. If you or somebody you know does a "good deed" that is balloon related - I would love to know about it. That way I can publish it on the Quad A Facebook page and put it in the Cloud Bouncer. Thanks

I have one request this month: Contact: Nancy Nerderman, Administrative Assistant Children's Ministries and Group Life Sandia Presbyterian Church nancyn@sandiapres.org 505-856-5040 ext 120 I am contacting you on behalf of Rev. Matt Pooley (Pastor of Young Adults and Group Life) and Ms. Jennie Jacobson (Director of Children’s Ministries) here at Sandia Presbyterian Church. Matt and Jennie are interested in hosting an outreach/fellowship event one morning during Balloon Fiesta 2015. SPC is located at Eubank and Paseo del Norte and has a great west-facing patio and Fellowship Hall. The conversation started as hosting a viewing only of a mass ascension one morning, but then we wondered if it was possible to do a tethered inflation or even an ascension from our parking areas – we have a fair amount of black top space to accommodate parking and viewing.

Good Deeds around the Ballooning Community There is a Vet Success Program at CNM spearheaded by Randy and Diana Myklebust. They are using their balloon, "Sky Candy", to work with 6 to 10 Veteran's who have PTSD. They are using team work and hands on training to eventually be trained to be chase crew and/or crew chiefs. There is a total of 7 sessions. The program will commence with the Veteran's going for a hot air balloon ride.

David Eichhorn and several other pilots participated in giving hot air balloon rides to 14 USAF ROTC Cadets on July 18th. The pilots were: David Tennis Dale Pattyn Neida Courtney Bueno Clarke O’Byrne 1Lt Jason Gabriel Thanks to all who have done "good deeds" -looking forward to hearing from all of you. Also - Kim Vesely wanted to thank all who participated in the recent national conference at Rio Rancho High School. Hello, On behalf of Rio Rancho High School and Rio Rancho Public Schools, thank you so much for all your help during the recent national conference at RRHS. The candlestick on Saturday night and appearance by the Beagle on Sunday morning gave our 1,000 visiting students and advisers a real thrill. We appreciate your putting up with the weatherinduced delays and changes of plan on Saturday and the less-than-perfect wind conditions on Friday and Sunday to show our students what ballooning is about. Thank you also to those commercial operators who took several of the state delegations on balloon rides. Many of the students went out of their way to tell me how much fun they had and how awesome the experience was. You all truly were ambassadors for Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, and ballooning in general! Thank you! Best regards, Kim

Flying Events:

July 2015 Flying Event July’s flying event took place at Balloon Fiesta Park on Sunday July 12th. Forty eight (48) pilots signed-in and 10 scored on one or the other of the two Multiple Judge Declared (Hesitation Waltz) targets located across Rt. 528 from the Molina building and at the empty lot at Jefferson & Masthead. Congratulations to our top three finishers: Joe Candalaria in 3rd with a throw of 16.31 meters, Dale Pattyn in 2 nd with a toss of 13.92 meters, and Keith Takach in 1st with a near-the-pin result of only .37 meters!

2016 AAAA annual pin. Please tell Gary you are a AAAA member. Not only is Gary a long time Corporate Member but for every new customer, who is a AAAA member, Gary will also give the club back $25. Let him know your with AAAA. Half price AAAA membership has begun. If you have family and friends thinking about becoming a member, today is the day! .

Community Partner: Unfortunately our Ways and Means:

Thank you all who joined us at the last happy hour at Kelly's Brewpub. We had a nice turn out. Next Happy Hour will be at Stone Face Tavern at 6pm on August 4th. Please join us for our monthly happy hours. Pencil us in on the Tuesday after the general meeting at 6pm. The annual Rosters are here for distribution. Come and pick one up at all the AAAA events over the next few months. They will be mailed out after Balloon Fiesta to whoever has not picked one up. If you have any changes to your membership information, please fill out the form in the back of the book and send it to AAAA.

A very very very very special THANK YOU to Marj Baxter for her continued support and help with the AAAA annual Roster. Marj has been helping AAAA with the production of the Roster for many years. She has been an amazing partner to AAAA for this difficult endeavor and has put much of her personal time into supporting AAAA. If you know or see Marj please tell her how much she is appreciated. We especially thank all of our Corporate Members for their continued support for AAAA. Please visit, buy, dine, join, promote them like crazy. Let them know you are a AAAA member and you thank them for supporting our organization. They are a vital part of our community and need our support in return. If you have your balloon pin made through Pins Patches etc. this year, you will be entered into a drawing for a chance for your balloon to be on the

planned community partner New Mexico Mounted Search and Rescue was called upon to go to the Pecos Wilderness to actually assist the game and fish department and could not make it back in time for our event, but they will join us at our event in September. http://nmmsar.org/

Next Flying Event: Our August Flying Event will be Saturday, August 8th at the Rio Rancho launch field. Registration will be 6:00-6:30am, and volunteer scorers are very much needed. Our community partner will be the backpack food program for Rio Rancho Public Schools. Donations of (reasonably) nutritious, non-perishable, kidfriendly (not cooking) snacks and food are needed. Students in need that depend on their school meals for a majority of their nutrition are sent home on Friday with a backpack of food to get them through the weekend.

Seeking Nominations for the 2015 Sid Cutter Award The Albuquerque Aerostat Ascension Association (AAAA) is currently seeking nominations for the 2015 Sid Cutter award. First awarded in 1975, the Sid Cutter Award is presented annually in Sid Cutter’s name to a person who has made an outstanding contribution to the sport of ballooning. The nominee should be an individual whose extraordinary dedication has benefited the hot air ballooning community as a whole, not just AAAA, and is someone whose actions and efforts are not otherwise widely or publicly recognized. The award is presented during the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta awards banquet. Written nominations should be submitted to AAAA prior to August 31. Nominations may be mailed to AAAA Board of Directors, PO Box 4091, Albuquerque, NM 87196. Nominations or questions may also be emailed to president@hotairballooning.org. For more information and a list of past recipients visit our web site at www.hotairballooning.org.

General Meeting Minutes for July 28, 2015 President (Craig) called the meeting to order at 6:32PM, starting with a welcome to all and especially our guests: Tom Forenz Josh Tobin Continuing with ballooning in the Community: John Green, Ben Noyce, Jessica Makin, and Al Lowenstein flew the International Civil Air Patrol cadets from England and Belgium Peter Cuneo and Barbara Fricke did a nonstatic display for Rio Rancho High School

There were no new Balloons or ratings noted. Meeting was turned over to Vice-President (Blair) to introduce the evening’s program, building a Cloud Hopper, presented by Dean Donley and Keith Takach. Program (Dean and Keith) highlighted some of the construction challenges encountered when building a Cloud Hopper. These challenges and decisions started with the material to be used for the main frame work, and continued with the burner frame, burner, and fuel tank selections. Also included were limitations, weight and balance calculations, and modifications made for easier and safer flying and landing.

Kim Vesely presented a special request for our August Flying Event partnership with the Rio Rancho Schools in preparation for the new school year. This request was for support of their “Back Pack for Food” program which provides back packs filled with easy to prepare foods and snacks, for their under-privileged students, on weekends when no other meals are available. School supplies are still welcome and all are appreciated.

Comments from the board are in the Main Board Section above.

Following our program the Board was called to order: President – Craig Vice-President – Blair Secretary – Sue Treasurer – Dick-Absent Community Relations – Ursula Education – Tom Flying Events – Keith Crew Development – Dave-Absent, report presented by Anita Special Events – Charity Ways & Means – Michelle-Absent, report presented by Keith

It’s been really exciting to see so many club members participating in our events. Not just flying events, but crew cook offs, happy hours, and all the other events and classes that AAAA hosts. Our volunteers make it happen but our members make it fun. The more the merrier! Thank you to every one of you that makes AAAA the best balloon club around.

Reports will be published in the Cloud Bouncer. J. D. Huss reminds all of us to play by the rules and be neighborly. This has been brought on by an increase of complaints and negative behavior by the owner of the Horse Farm off Coors near the Sagebrush Church. This area is a PZ, listed on the Fiesta map as PZ letter Z, please respect this area and stay away whenever possible.

The fall rally season is kicking into full swing. Everyone travel safe, fly safe, and enjoy all of the hugs and camaraderie. I’ll see you on the launch field. Safe landings! Craig

Top Gun (Keith Lutz) – 8 NM pilots were represented at BFA Nationals. The flying event in August will be a two day event held Aug 15th and 16th . There will be a Friday night get-together at Kelly’s Brew Pub. Fiesta (Paul Petrehen) – 66 days till Fiesta. There is in excess of 550 pilots registered and an increase of 92 participants for the Glows. Dedication for our new pilot building and statue will be in September.


July Top Gun event was cancelled. Many of our pilots were in Texas for the BFA Nationals. Congratulations to our own Jonathan Wright for placing Fifth Place! Mark Your Calendars August Top Gun flying event is a 2 day event. August 15th and August 16th. August 14th will be our Top Gun Happy Hour. 6pm at Kellys Brew Pub. FAA (J. D. Huss) – Refer to his earlier comments. BFA – Don Boyer acknowledged the NM contingent to the BFA Camp consisting of 9 campers and three councilors, Don Boyer, Robin Boyer and Ron Sanchez, and all campers returned with their Student Pilot Certificates. VFRS (Don Boyer) – Planning for the St. Patty’s Rallye in Belen during the city festival is ongoing. The City of Belen will be working with a Film theme this year for their Festival.

Balloon M useum (Jill Lane) – Paul Garver is the new Museum manager. The Museum has had over 112,000 visitors this year and beat all prior records for not only this Museum but all other city Museums. October 1st at 7:30AM there will be an Anniversary Celebration at the Museum, more to follow. During the Chick-I-Boom Ball there will be a “one-day-only” sale of Forever Tiles. Price will be $350.00 down from $500.00. Planning is underway for the New Years Eve Gala. Explorium – No representation

CAMERON BALLOON SALES Need consultation, information or quotes on a new balloon. Call Beth Wright-Smith at 604-2865. pilotschool@lobo.net. Website: www.airborneheat.com and on Facebook

Temecula Valley Balloon & Wine Festival By Barbara Fricke

Every few years, Peter and I decide to attend a new and different balloon rally. This year we decided on the Temecula Valley Balloon & Wine Festival after hearing about it from friends. We emailed the organizers and were able to get in. MapQuest said it was a 13 hour drive, so Thursday morning, May 28 at 6 am we are on the road. Prior to Holbrook, AZ, our GPS and phone navigation apps wanted us to go through Phoenix, not continue on I-40. So, off to Phoenix we go and I-10 towards Palm Springs area where we decide to go to Temecula on back roads instead of the expressways. What a beautiful detour and great scenery, but slow going. The ballooning area was in the green areas (also campground and parking areas) of Lake Skinner Regional Park, 35 minutes from the hotel. Morning pilot briefings were at 5:45 am. This made for very early mornings, unless you were one of many pilots that camped at the park. The green areas of the park were also setup for wine tasting and music concerts. There were more food and concession booths than at Fiesta, and two stages for the concerts. Not a lot of room for balloons, but enough. The Fire Marshall restricted the glow area, only 6 balloons would fit, so the commercial balloons glowed. Friday morning brought fog in the park by the lake, but clear skies a few miles to the east. Balloons put up in the fog, tethered, and waited for it burn off to fly. We left for clear skies and got a flight with some media folks. Not a flight that went far, a box back to the takeoff site and then just over the hill from the take-off site. We were to glow Friday evening and did not learn of the cut in space until we returned to the park in the afternoon. Too bad, just got to try the goodies, listen to some music, and get to bed early for the next morning. Saturday morning was sunny, beautiful, and calm winds. Do not fly over the lake to the other side or you will wait for the ranger to unlock the gates and bring your crew to

you because the land outside of the green area is all preserves for the endangered kangaroo mouse. And if over the water, absolutely no water contact. We inflate and float south, went high and came back over the green area, but got a little too far north and were over the lake slowing going back to the green area. After a while the wind change carried us all the way across and now we were looking at the only road the ranger would bring the crew on. Decided to go higher and try for something back to the green area. After 45 minutes and speeds at 0.4-0.7 mph when we had wind, we were back over the green area, dropped and were on solid ground in a camping parking area. Sunday morning was a repeat of the fog, but denser than Friday and extending out to the east. We decided to pack it in since we were short crew and get a head start home. Would I return to this rally? I doubt it; it was a long drive and elevator ride flying. Was it fun? YES, and it was something different to experience. With the growth of wineries in this southern California area, the event might want to change its name to “Wine and Music Festival with balloons on the side.

AAAA General Meeting ~ 25TH ~ .

The program – The Architect for the Sid Cutter

Memorial Pavilion (The Landing")

ADVERTISING RATES Full Page……$110.00 Half Page…….$55.00 Quarter Page..$28.00 Eighth Page…$14.00

Classified Advertisements $2 per 50-characterline; prepaid only All prepaid advertisements

“All advertisements must be prepaid with a Credit Card. The deadline for advertisements is the third Friday of the month. Email advertisements to Beth Wright-Smith pbtsmith@lobo.net An invoice will then be emailed as well as payment instructions.”

BALLOON TEATHER REQUEST!! We are hosting 300 people for a Boys & Girls Clubs of America conference next week for the Southwestern US and having an event at the Balloon Museum next Thursday, August 13 from 6-8:30 pm. We are looking for someone to tether for us for photo op’s. I was wondering if anyone from your club would be interested for a small fee? Tim Sheahan President & CEO Boys & Girls Clubs of Central New Mexico 3333 Truman Street NE Albuquerque, NM 87110 (505)-881-0777 X105 Office (303)-945-6658 Cell

AAAA Participants in BFA Balloon Camp 2015 AAAA is proud to be sending 8 students (Samantha Rice, Christian Shoemaker, Nathan Mezzancello, Breezy Cannaday, Cameron Gates, Annika Scates, Cassie Jansson, and Serena Sumruld) from our club to the BFA Reno Balloon Camp. All campers received a scholarship from AAAA or BFA and your club provided a travel allowance for each camper to cover transportation costs. The campers attended a meet & greet Sunday June 14th hosted by Judi Rice to meet each other prior to arriving at Camp. Ray Bair came by to share what they might expect from the balloon camp. These students represent the future of Ballooning, The next time you are out ballooning and see any of these tell them how proud we are of them. We are hoping to get them together at a AAAA meeting to share their camp experience with us. By Dick Rice

There was a correction for Serena’s name. Sorry Serena.


PILOT TRAINING/DPE From the most experienced instructor in the Southwest! Call

BETH WRIGHT-SMITH at AIRBORNE HEAT 505-604-2865, email piltoschool@lobo.net FAA approved part 141 school. Flexible schedules. Over 15 years providing instruction to FAA personnel. DESIGNATED PILOT EXAMINER - call to schedule your check ride Also see Airborneheat.com & like us on Facebook


WINDTALKER 505-891-1733




editor@hotairballooning.org AAAA on the internet www.hotairballooning.org AAAA P.O. BOX 90160 ALBUQUERQUE, NM 87199-160

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2015 August Cloudbouncer  

Official publication of the Albuquerque Aerostat Ascension Association (AAAA) Hot Air Balloon Club.

2015 August Cloudbouncer  

Official publication of the Albuquerque Aerostat Ascension Association (AAAA) Hot Air Balloon Club.