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discussed a question about the dues and the treasurer report. Vice President:

AAAA Board Meeting Minutes

Vice President Report from Peter is that Ray and Troy Bradley will be presenting this month the Flight over Pike’s Peak. Peter discussed April and the next meetings and speakers. Discussion about who is going to be presenting in the next few months and he welcomes any suggestions.

Meeting called to order at 6:02pm by Mike Garcia.

Special Events:

Absent Board Members: Diana, Amanda, Colleen.

Special Events Report was read by Mike. A detailed report will be in the cloudbouncer.

Guests: Gil Davis, and Jennifer Garcia


Secretary: Mike read Diana’s report, Keith Lutz advised of the meeting with Rick from intel about the additions to the database for the Roster extraction. Keith advised that he had Rick add some additional fields to pull a different query. Jennifer advised that she has been helping Diana with the database and that currently those fields are not needed and may affect other areas of the database. Jennifer also advised that there is a time constraint with the corrections to the database since nominations and membership cards need to be finalized. . Treasurer: Treasurer report from Dick, he said that memberships are coming in, which means money in the bank. Peter and Dick

Education report was presented by Tom, they had 24 students registered for the upcoming Private Pilot Ground school. Commercial Ground school is still open. Crew D: Crew Development report was presented by Craig, he discussed that the upcoming seminar and possible location issues for the field in August, since Balloon Fiesta doesn’t have the property until the end of August. Multiple different classes are in the works. Keith Lutz mentioned to Craig that if they were having issues with a location for a meeting or seminar to contact the Rio Rancho CVB since the Rio Grande Classic is working with them quite a bit. Ways and Means:

Ways & Means was presented by Michelle Lutz. Michelle discussed the next happy hour at Boston’s on Tuesday, March 4th at 6pm. The most recent happy hour had a few hiccups such as the weather. They opted to order pizza and have people donate; they made $5.00 after the donations for pizza. They are working on the roster cover and have decided to keep in house. Mike mentioned discussing the cover with Lynda Crispino at Balloon Fiesta, since she is a graphic designer. Discussion around the cover occurred and moved onto the next area. Community Relations:

None. Flying Events: Flying Events was presented by Keith Lutz. He thanked the volunteer crew from Al, the Civil Air Patrol for helping score the targets. Next flying event will be March 9th, Sunday at Balloon Fiesta Park. Nominations was reviewed by Mike, he discussed the current nominee’s and the mailing of the ballots. Unfinished business: Gil Davis was returning to discuss the website and the database changes that he could offer the club. He said that he had a few questions about the direction the club wanted to take the website and how the membership interacts with the website. Gil was going to present on the projector, however due to technical difficulties it was not available for use. The board listened to Gil and the options and suggestions he had to offer the club. He was requesting information from the club and the current seats of the board felt that is was best left as

unfinished business until the next board came in. The majority of the board voted to not pursue the current direction with Gil by a 4 to 2 vote. Two members of the board obtained. The board thanked Gil for his time and great ideas and advised to bring it up with the new board once they are seated. New Business: Biographies and Awards that are coming up in the March Board meeting. The awards are approaching their deadline for submissions. February 28th, is the deadline for the awards. Mike reminded everyone that they do not have to be awarded. Peter motioned for adjournment of meeting and Michelle seconded the motion. Meeting adjourned at 7:01pm.

get your renewal in to be eligible to receive a ballot for the upcoming elections. Dick will be checking the PO Box daily to ensure that all applications have been received.

AAAA General Meeting Minutes General Meeting:

02-25-14 General meeting

March General Meeting – Elections!!!! Don’t forget to vote and/or volunteer for a rewarding position on the board Vice-President Peter is looking for speakers for upcoming meetings if you have any suggestions please contact Peter.

Called to Order at 6:30 pm by Mike Garcia President Guests: Jill Lane, Rex Smart Guest Speakers: Ray Bair and Troy Bradley Troy and Ray gave a presentation cover the Thanksgiving weekend balloon Flights over Pikes Peak Colorado. They shared how they planned and prepared for the flight. A total of eight balloons flew over Pikes Peak the pilots: Troy Bradley, David Levin, Butch Wever, Shane Robinson, Peter Cuneo, Barbra Fricke, Dean Donely, Jeff Ashworth, Tamie Folley, David Bair, Ray Bair, Ralph Keyser, Mike Johnson and Chris Liberti.

Special Event: Colleen wanted to thank all the sponsors for the Friends and Lovers Rally it was a huge success and we were able to fly on both days. AIBF, Anderson Abruzzo Balloon Museum, Crowne Plaza, El Pinto, Boofys Best for Pets, Dan’s Boot and Saddle, Rainbow Ryders, Aerco, Braden’s Beautiful Balloons, Frank Wechter Cameron Balloons, Angels Nails, Nambe , Element Massage. Colleen announces her decision to resign from her position on the Board. She had hoped to fulfill her term but circumstances have made it impossible for her to complete the term.

Secretary Report: None.

Treasurer’s report: Dues are coming in steadily. Friday 02-28-14 is the deadline to

Last weekend’s ground school was a huge success we had 26 students. Commercial Ground school registration is open you can register online or at the table in the back.

Commercial Pilot Ground School (CPGS)April 25, 26 & 27, 2014 Registration deadline April 17 before April 8th - $155* AAAA member, $175* non members after April 8th - $200* members and non members Instructors are being selected for the CPGS Instructor Refresher Course

Sponsor T-shirts and Things will be helping us with the design and ordering process. A special thanks to the Ways and Means committee for helping to work the Friends and Lovers Balloon Rally! Thanks to Kristin, Tim, Noelle, Spike, Marilyn, and Terry. W&M also sold about 75 annual pins at the rally. Remember if you are looking to have pins made, contact Gary Anderson at Pins Patches and etc. Gary will give AAAA $25 for each new customer who mentions that they are affiliated with AAAA. Don’t forget to tell Gary you heard about him from us. Roster is on it’s way! We are still looking for advertisers and corporate sponsors.

Crew D is continuing to plan this year’s classes. Updated will be in the cloudbouncer, Facebook and the website.

New Membership! Looks like waving the Initiation fee until March 31st has sparked some more interest for new members!

. Happy Hour will take place at Boston’s on March

Our annual March General Meeting Raffle Fundraiser is coming quickly. This is one of the main fundraising events for AAA. Ways and Means is collecting donations of balloon and non-balloon items at all events before the March meeting. Nothing is too big or small. Thank you in advance. Doors will open at 5:30 on action night for early shopping. We will continue with the silent auction and tricky tray forum. Come early!

4th at 6pm. We took over the entire bar area last time at Boston’s. Come and join us for a great time! Last month’s Happy Hour at the Albuquerque Press Club was very nice. Everyone enjoyed the prize drawing. Thanks to everyone who contributed. Due to weather we were unable to grill. After paying for the pizza we were able to donate a total of $5 for the Fundraiser. Thank you to everyone who filled out the merchandise survey at the January meeting. Ways and Means has decided to produce several different items. Looks like people were interested in T-shirts with member’s personal balloons on the front pocket and many club balloons on the back and down arm. There will be a cost to getting your balloon on the shirt and another cost to purchase the shirts. You will be able to customize the front of the shirt. Just like the bumper sticker! We will also be selling hoodies and polo shirts with the annual pin design on the shirt. Just like last year we will be placing orders and you can pick up your purchases at any AAAA event. We are in the process of finalizing details including pricing. Our Platinum Corporate

Amanda has received two request for donated balloon flights. Please contact Amanda if you are interested in more information.

Friends and Lovers Rally was the February flying event. Would like to thank Al Lowenstein and the hare balloon also our volunteers.

17 pilots scored Don Edwards 3rd, Mark Trillianes 2nd, Gerry Graff 1st.

No Letter this month.

TOP GUN February's flying event hosted 7 pilots. CONGRATULATIONS to Jonathan Wright our February Top Gun Champion.

Instagram Photo Contest: Beginning with the December Jingle Bell Rally AAAA members, crew and passengers will be encouraged to post their favorite Flying Event pictures via Instagram using the hash tag #AAAAPhotos. Submissions will reviewed and fan favorites will be recognized at the following General Meeting. For info on how to set up and use Instagram go to http://instagram.com/

Jason Buckner came in 2nd place and Ray Bair came in 3rd place.

Thank You Mike Garcia for being our Event Director. Thank You to our scorers, Dave Bagley, Bob Mass, Jerry Shreve, Dan and Beth Talbert, Holly Mickleson and Shelly Cannaday. A special thank you to the Civitan volunteers for helping with our scoring! You are all appreciated. March Top Gun event will be a 2 day event. March 22nd and 23rd. MARK YOUR CALENDARS AND SAVE THE DATE Rio Grande Classic Memorial Weekend May 23 - 26, 2014 Pilot applications will be available Friday, March 7, 2014 www.RioGrandeClassic.org

VFRS VFRS: Seventeen days until the St.Patricks rally.

FIESTA Fiesta: Don updated us on the quest for the World Hot Air Balloon Championship bid. It is the hope to have worlds come back to Albuquerque.

CAMERON BALLOON SALES Need consultation, information or quotes on a new balloon. Call Beth WrightSmith at 604-2865. pilotschool@lobo.net. Website: www.airborneheat.com and on Facebook



ADVERTISING March Events 3rd- Flying Events, Ways and Means meetings 6pm 4th – Crew Development 9th - Flying Event – Balloon Fiesta Park.

RATES Full Page……$110.00 Half Page…….$55.00 Quarter Page..$28.00 Eighth Page…$14.00

10th – Education Committee 17th

- Board Meeting @ Balloon Fiesta Office, 6pm

22nd / 23rd :TOP GUN Two day event. Reg 0630 Brief 0700 25th – General Meeting @ Balloon Museum 6:30

APRIL Events 7TH – Flying Events & Ways and Means 6pm 8TH - AAAA Crew Development 6pm 12TH – Flying Event Rio Rancho 0615 Reg 0645 brief. 14th - – Ed Committee 6pm Top Gun. Refer to the Top Gun Web Site 21nd – Board Meeting 22nd – General Meeting 25/26/27 Commercial Pilots Ground School

Classified Advertisements $2 per 50-characterline; prepaid only All prepaid advertisements

“All advertisements must be prepaid with a Credit Card. The deadline for advertisements is the third Friday of the month. Email advertisements to Beth Wright-Smith pbtsmith@lobo.net An invoice will then be emailed as well as payment instructions.”

Thank you for sponsoring AAAA 2014 Friends and Lovers Balloon Rally

Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta Anderson-Abruzzo International Balloon Museum Crowne Plaza El Pinto Restaurant Boofy’sBest for Pets Dan’s Boots and Saddles Rainbow Ryders Aerco Braden’s Beautiful Balloons Frank Wechter Cameron Balloons Angel’s Nails Nambe Elements Massage Friends and lovers was a huge success, with 96 pilots registered. We flew both days with 21 pilots scoring on Saturday and 20 pilots scoring on Sunday. 46 crew teams participated in the crew games, and 19 teams competed in the chopped competition. Results for the overall competition was; first place Mark Trillanes and his crew, Second place went to Lori Pittman her and crew, and third place went to John Hofer and his crew. Our Chopped Champion was Brian Claywell crew for Bill Dimmit, and second runner up, Alice Garza, crew for Beth Wright/Smith, with a team worth mentioning, third place Sue Gillen from Banana’s! In the baggie contest, first place went to the crew of Lori Pittman, second place went to the crew of Laurie Chavez, and third place went to ­­­­­­­­­­­­­the crew of David Fuston. Everyone had a great time tailgating at Fiesta on the Green. Brunch at the Crowne Plaza was capped off by Anthony Trillanes winning the I-pad Mini on his Birthday!

I am submitting my resignation as the special events coordinator. I was going to try and fulfill my duties until May, when the school year is over, but circumstances have changed and I cannot take care of my responsibilities in the manner in which I would like. I also felt that the General Membership should have a voice in electing a new representative for this position instead of me resigning in May and having one appointed. Please check out the Bio’s of both candidates in this issue of the Cloud Bouncer AND vote! I will work closely with the newly elected board member at length before I leave so that there is a smooth transition moving forward. I have enjoyed the past three years serving on the AAAA board of directors. I have made many good friends here in Albuquerque, I am very sad to leave, see you at Fiesta! Thank You! Colleen Johnson

BFA Approved

AAAA Education Committee and AERCO Present “The Devil in the Details”

BFA Approved

Our safety seminar will cover all aspects of flight preparation and execution: ridge jumping, weather, maintenance, awareness of the FARs and causes of accidents Additionally, we will feature an interactive manufacturer’s panel of Cameron, Lindstrand, FireFly and Flytec (all invited) Why do they build them the way they build them? Who else has seen what I’ve seen? What were they thinking?

The seminar will be held at AERCO on March 22, 2014 from 7:30 till 5:30 The cost is $50 per person and includes all seminar materials and a hot lunch! BFA approval is pending To register, please call David or Carol at 505­344­5844 or email david@aercoballoonport.com

Bio’s Bio s for 20142014-2016 AAAA Elections Please take a look at the nominee’s nominee s for the seats: President Craig PendletonPendleton I grew up in the balloon family attending the earliest Balloon Fiestas in the early 1970s as a babe in arms. I still remember my first crew experience holding the fan and going on chase for Ballooner Sooner. Shortly thereafter I had my first flight with Buzz Wills in Amarillo, TX at age 5. I spent another 20 years crewing for many pilots before becoming a pilot myself in 1996. I have been blessed with the opportunity to crew and pilot both recreationally and professionally, on regular and special shapes, from sea to shining sea. I'm excited at the opportunity to continue to serve the world's premiere balloon club and contribute to our growth and vitality. I think we have opportunities to grow our membership through encouraging crew and new balloonists to join, to meet the needs and desires of our membership while operating efficiently and responsibly, and to provide fun opportunities for all balloonists to continue to enjoy and support each other in our great sport.

Treasurer Dick Rick-RICHARD W. RICE, CPA Sole Proprietor Richard W. Rice, CPA, License # 8395 50 years of accounting & Tax experience EDUCATION B.S. Public Accounting, Indiana State University, 1964 Certified Public Accountant in the State of New Mexico, license #1193 EXPERIENCE 2011-present AAAA Board of Directors & Treasurer 2002-present AIBF Treasurer 2001-present AIBF Board of Directors 2007-2014 IRS VITA Volunteer 1985-2005 Mock Associates, Inc. Vice President, Secretary & CFO 1985-2007 Jaynes Corporation, Board of Directors, Executive Committee 1996-2000 Colorado Jaynes Construction Company, Secretary/Treasurer 1985-2000 Jaynes Corporation, Secretary/Treasurer 1990-1998 Banes General Contractors, Inc., Secretary/Treasurer 1979-1985 Ranchers Exploration and Development Corp., Assistant Treasurer 1975-1985 AIBF Board of Directors 1983 AIBF President 1977-1982 AIBF Treasurer 1962-1979 Ernst &Whinney Tax Department Manager

Retired September 30, 2005 from Mock Associates, Inc. – Oversaw the accounting and tax functions as well as the risk management and financial investment strategies of Mock Associates, and served as a member of the Management team. Remained as consultant until 2013 Retired December 31, 2000, from Jaynes Corporation – remained as consultant, Director, and member of Executive Committee until October 31, 2007 As Secretary and Treasurer of Jaynes Corporation, oversaw all accounting and tax functions for the company. Responsibilities included risk management and financial investment strategies. CIVIC ACTIVITIES Awarded Danny Parrish Leadership Award by Construction Fiancial Management Association - 2005 Chairman, Certification Committee, National Construction Financial Management Association Awarded Outstanding CPA in Industry by New Mexico Society of Certified Public Accountants - 2000 Past President, National Director, Past Treasurer, Past Secretary, Past Chairman/Accounting Committee, Past Chairman/ Taxation Committee, Past Member -Strategic Planning Committee, Member - Executive Committee, of the National Construction Financial Management Association. Founding President, Construction Financial Management Association, Albuquerque Chapter Past President, Past Treasurer, member Board of Directors of Financial Executives Institute, Albuquerque Committee member, AGC National Tax & Fiscal Affairs Committee Committee member, New Mexico AGC Employee Benefits Committee Member/Tax Division, American Institute of Certified Public Accountants

Treasurer, and Past President, Albuquerque Chapter New Mexico Society of Certified Public Accountants Past Treasurer, Terre Haute, Indiana Jaycees Past President, YMCA of Albuquerque Past President and Past Treasurer Albuquerque Civic Light Opera Association Past President and Past Treasurer, Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta Past Secretary, Director, and Chairman CPA’s in Industry Committee, New Mexico Society of Certified Public Accountants Distinguished Past President and Past Treasurer Kiwanis Club of Albuquerque Past Chairman/Board of Directors, and Past Chair/Budget & Finance Committee-New Mexico Junior Achievement, Inc., Member of Board of Directors. 2001 -2011 Treasurer, Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta AWARDS AND HONORS Indiana State University, Treasurer - Lambda Chi Alpha Social Fraternity Business Fraternity Treasurer - Delta Sigma Pi Delegate to National Council - Lamda Chi Alpha

Jim DowlingDowling Hi my name is Jim Dowling. I am asking for your vote as Treasurer of AAAA. I got hooked on hot air ballooning during my first flight 22 years ago. I earned my private pilot license in 1992. I love this sport! I have flown in over twenty Albuquerque International Balloon Fiestas and many balloon rallies across New Mexico, Colorado, and Arizona. Oh let’s not forget the many mornings flying out on the beautiful west mesa. I have been a member of AAAA for over twenty years. I love the camaraderie of ballooning and now that I am retired I’d like to be more involved in AAAA. I have a BS in Accounting from Syracuse University and over 35 years of accounting experience. I retired as Controller of Sysco Foods Services in 2009. I feel my accounting experience will be an asset to AAAA as Treasurer. I look forward to working with all of you in the future.

Crew Development David EichhornEichhorn David Eichhorn is an experienced, certified flight instructor. He served as a T-38, B-52, B-1, F-111, B-707 and DeHaviland Twin Otter flight and ground instructor. He also served as an instructor test pilot at the prestigious US Air Force Test Pilot School. He's also an experienced organizer having directed two Air Shows in the Boston area. He is a recognized team builder. He's been involved with ballooning since 1996 as crew and as a pilot since 2010. He is a passionate commercial LTA pilot and has accumulated over 140 hours. He is the owner/operator of AERCO Balloon Port in Albuquerque. Eichhorn intends to work vigorously to attract more to the sport of hot air ballooning as pilots and crew.

Education Tom Fisher­I Fisher am Tom Fisher and I am running for the position of Education Committee Liaison to the AAAA board. I am retired from the Indian Health Service, Public Health Service after a 35 year career. I was the director of the agency's telecommunications division. I have an extensive background and experience with computer systems, local and wide area networking, and communications systems. I was instrumental in building the agency's telecommunications infrastructure and improving the health care services provided by the agency through the introduction of new telecommunications technologies. I am very active working with people who have speech difficulties and was formally President of the Albuquerque Chapter of the National Stuttering Association and formally Board President of the Albuquerque Speech, Language, and Hearing Center; and I have assisted in tutoring program in Mathematics & Science as well and English as a Second Language. I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics with minors in physics and computer science. I have many interests including teaching, ham radio, golf, hiking, remodeling houses, and my passion-- hot air ballooning. Eighteen years ago I was looking for an exciting hobby and came across Hot Air Ballooning. I have my commercial balloon pilot's license and enjoy half ownership of the balloon "Breezy Rider." I am currently a docent at the Anderson Abruzzo Albuquerque International Balloon Museum and a member of the board of trustees at the Balloon Museum. I am currently the President of our local Neighbored Association. I enjoy teaching and have taught in a number of the Private and Commercial AAAA ground schools. I a teaching situation my most rewarding moment is when a student gets a point that I am making. The expression on the students face when they understand is so rewarding. I am currently serving as the AAAA Education Committee Liaison to the AAAA board and as a member of the AAAA Board I will continue to provide guidance and support to our local ballooning community by continuing to provide outstanding safety seminar and ground school agenda. I would appreciate your consideration and vote for me for this position.

Flying Events Keith LutzLutz I currently serve on the board of AAAA as the Flying Events director, on the Top Gun board as the newly elected President, and as the Event Organizer for the Rio Grande Classic Balloon Rally that takes place here over Memorial Day Weekend. I received my Commercial LTA certificate in 2013, and am continuously learning about different aspects of ballooning. I work closely with the ABQ FSDO on behalf of both AAAA and Top Gun, and also completed the waiver process for the Fight with Flight balloon event in 2013. Our Flying Monkeys balloon crew currently has three hot air balloons: a 69.5K that we use for competition and training, a 90K that is our all-purpose sport flyer, and a 105K that we use for Fiesta, flying sponsors, and displaying the Gildan NM Bowl banner. We travel to rallies throughout the Southwest and are always looking for ways to share our event best practices with out of town rallies and bring home ideas that we find fun, interesting or innovative. If re-elected to the Flying Events board position I will continue to build on both the flying and social aspects of our flying events. I will look for ways to increase participation, safety and the enjoyment of our members. I think there are opportunities to partner with other ballooning organizations, including Top Gun, VFRS, the folks in Gallup, etc. to expand the opportunities for us to get together and fly as a group of ballooning enthusiasts. I see a need and opportunity to work on our crew & pilot development pipeline, and to have a continuous focus on good landowner relations, and our Flying Events should be leveraged as an opportunity for practical experience in these areas. I have begun meeting as part of a new Balloon Fiesta Park day-users group to discuss how best to balance the use of the park by all its users. Since the City of Albuquerque has indicated it wants to increase the multi-use aspects of BFP, and the newly developed Vista Del Norte park, I think it is a critical that we are engaged here to ensure our interests are well represented and protected. I hope you will give me the opportunity to continue this work as the AAAA Flying Events Director.

Special Events Bio’s will be in the ballots, they were nominated at the general meeting.

Robin Boyer Charity Blanchard

AEROSTAR S-55A (77K) For sale: as a package or parted-out 1989 w/300 hrs TT. Top cap replaced. In excellent shape. HP3D double burners. RWS basket w 2-15 gal tanks. Basket cover, drop line, fire extinguisher. Last inspected 2008 but unpacked & inflated several times. Instruments malfunctioning & may need to be replaced. 5hp fan. Also includes trailer with helium tank. $7000 for package. Email Beth at pbtsmith@lobo.net or call 505-604-2865. Photos available.

PILOT TRAINING/DPE From the most experienced instructor in the Southwest! Call

Beth Wright-Smith at

Airborne Heat . 505-604-2865 or email, pilotschool@lobo.net. FAA approved Part 141 school; flexible schedules. Awarded the contract to instruct FAA personnel. Designated Pilot Examiner-call for your checkride! Also see www.airborneheat.com and like us on Facebook

AAAA on the internet www.hotairballooning.org


WINDTALKER 505-891-1733




AAAA P.O. BOX 90160 ALBUQUERQUE, NM 87199-160

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2014 March Cloudbouncer  

Official publication of the Albuquerque Aerostat Ascension Association (AAAA) Hot Air Balloon Club.

2014 March Cloudbouncer  

Official publication of the Albuquerque Aerostat Ascension Association (AAAA) Hot Air Balloon Club.