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Sid Cutter Award

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education committee is in the process of ground school planning, for both private and commercial. Crew Development: Crew training demos, hands-on learning at the Balloon Fiesta field prior to the event, went well. Dale Pattyn was a strong asset to the team, was able to go through and see what people wanted to learn about. It was free, which was helpful to those signing up to crew. Don’t forget about the CPR Class on November 23rd, at AIBF offices. VERY LIMITED SPACE can pay online with Paypal.

AAAA Board Meeting Minutes Albuquerque Aerostat Ascension Association AAAA Board Meeting – October 14, 2013 Present: Mike, Peter, Tom, Dick, Amanda, Keith, Michelle, Craig Absent: Diana, Colleen Guests: Jennifer (Diana’s stand-in) Time Started: 6:05pm Reports Secretary: No Report Treasurer: Pie Charts are done; report will be done and emailed to everyone for review. Budget is showing a loss, compared to last year, please keep in mind the difference in the payments and processing from this year to last. Paid the $2500 to AIBF for the tent donation earlier than last year. Have been working on fixing the credit card machine and the processing, now after many hours on the phone it is fixed. Vice President: This month’s topic and speaker is Don Edwards, about Balloon Fiesta, the wrap up. Next month’s speaker is still in the works. Would like to bring in Paul De Berjeois, from Colorado, there would be a minimal cost involved. Special Events: See Cloudbouncer Education: Excellent Safety seminar. The reviews rated the Weather section the highest, most enjoyed. The do have reviews available for the board to look at. The

Ways & Means: Had a table at the pilot registration. Received 20 new or returning members. Total merchandise and other items came to $600.00 in sales. Next happy hour is at Il Vicino on 10/29 at 6pm Westside location. Oak Tree café loved the happy hour, rave reviews. Next one in the works. Community Relations: Rio Rancho Elementary School is looking for someone to talk to her second grade class. Reaching out for additional questions from the teacher. Flying Events: No flying event for October. November’s is on 9th, 6am registration, 6:30am pilots briefing, in RIO RANCHO. Discussion about the upcoming Awards banquet and date to have it on, the flying events committee recommended some dates and the board discussed the options, and decided to go with the committee’s recommendation. More details to come. Unfinished Business: Computer Training for the new website. Discussion on a date and time for the Board to meet to learn how to process updates. New Business: Rulers for Sale ! Adjourned at 6:31pm, Dick motioned and Craig seconded.

AAAA General Meeting Minutes General Meeting:

October 22, 2013 AAAA General Meeting Called to Order at 6:30 pm by Mike Garcia –President Guests: Charles Garcia, Taylor, Drew Perdun, Kurtis Boxberger, Rebecca Hall New Balloon: Airgasm-Don Boyer

Americas Challenge Winners: First place to Barbra Fricke and Peter Cuneo, Second Place to Philip Bryant and Cayton, Third Place to Mark Sullivan and Cheri White. New for the 2013 Fiesta: Repositioning of the scoring area on the field with an adjacent landing area. Wally Balls as they will be now known as were placed around scoring area to indicate visually 75 AGL. The Garmin Dakota 10 was this year’s pilot gift. The Carhart Pilots jackets were very well received as we had both men’s and women’s styles. We moved the pilot’s picnic to the State fairgrounds as well as had the pilot and crew games during the picnic. We hosted the fly swapper on two days this year Monday and Friday. The addition of Music Fiesta was a huge success. Darius Rucker greeted fans and signed autographs after the show. We had over 200,000 visitors at Balloon Discovery, 4089 guest at the gondola club, 5949 guests in the chasers club. The RV totals are amazing we had several large RV groups come this year one of the largest was the Airstream with 200 and Prevost Proud’s with 52.We had approximately 10,000 RV’s pass through this year. Group tour numbers were great as well this year with approximately 13392 guest. 75,000 gallons of propane was used by the 3802 balloons that refueled during the week. 2472 Dozen Crispy Crèmes donuts were served during the week.

New Members: Bill Butler, Melinda Vollmer, Laura LiAnn Adams, Craig Kennedy, Marc Kilgore, Denis Suller, Eric Hiben, Allen Hahn, Entice Edmiston, Kay Moore, George Thomas ,David Strickland, Cardle Strickland, Edward Matthews, Naomi Payne, Roxanne Richards ,Kayla Matthews, ,Nolan Schuler, William Hein, Brenda Hungerford, Richard Ret, Ellen Cline ,Joel Harris, Tyress Boyd, Gary Boyd, Colbie Boyd ,Bree Boyd, Eric Hodges, Gil Davis, Charles j Garcia

Announce ments: It is with great pleasure that the president of the board Mike Garcia announced this year’s Sid Cutter award recipient Carol Bair! Balloon Fiesta Wrap Up Don Edwards – Speaker The 2013 Balloon Fiesta was a huge success. We had a total of 539 primary pilots and 99 additional pilots. There were 93 special shapes this year, 69 international balloons from over 18 countries. We had 179 balloons participate in the twilight glows. 266 Balloons participated in the first Saturday glow also 148 balloons participated in the glow after the concert on the last Saturday. We also had 137 Balloons for Albuquerque Aloft. Secretary: Diana had nothing to report tonight.

Treasurer’s report– Financial statements and pie charts will be in the Cloudbouncer if any member has questions please contact Dick.

Hank Humiston Tom Fisher

Vice President’s report – As of this moment we do not have a speaker yet for the November general meeting. We do not have a meeting in December. Peter has received confirmation from Paul DeBerjeois that he will speak at the January meeting.

Fred Lete

It was enjoyable to tell the class about the history of ballooning, Fiesta and then answer their questions. I had 80 people in my class. Not sure of the counts on the others. We were paid for these classes and it will be submitted to Dick for processing.

Special Events – Jingle Bell Rally is scheduled for December 14-15 and registration is open, there will again be a Chili Con Carne (Texas Style Chili) Cook Off. Indoor Tailgate at the old Gardunos on the Green. We will be collecting toy for Toys for Tots the marines and Santa will come on Saturday to pick up the toys.

Ballooning in the community: The pilots of Breezy Rider (Tom & Sam) and our crew presented a class at the East San Jose Elementary School on Friday September 27, 2013. Their school ground is too small to allow a balloon to launch as part of Albuquerque Aloft so we borrowed a Remote Control balloon from the Balloon Museum and did an inflation in their gym. The kids went crazy and where so excited. We talked about the history of ballooning and what is required to become a pilot. EG Ross Elementary has a fundraiser Mini-Glow called the Ballooninaria, where the kids in every class design a luminaria bag with balloons or pictures about the season; they are lit, and displayed. Each year they ask a couple of balloons to come and set up for a mini-glow for the kids. This year the participating pilots were: Julie Jackson, Flying Circus; John Paul Mares, Enchanted Diamonds, Mike Garcia, The Cat’s Meow. This fundraiser helps the school raise important dollars for field trips and snacks during testing.

Education: Balloon Fiesta Safety Seminar 2013 The Fiesta Safety seminar had 223 people signed up. Of that number 159 submitted evaluations. Ground Schools We are beginning to plan for PPGS and CPGS Additional Items for the Education Committee: The following participated in the Road Scholar class presentations: Don Boyer

Crew Development- CPR Registration is still open it will be held on November 23, 12013 from 8:30 to 2:30 at the AIBF offices. We will go over CPR, Ballooning First Aid as well as AED training. Crew Development Addition The demos for Fiesta volunteer crew went well. Dale Pattyn was awesome is presenting further beyond the crew video and then he and I both took questions with each group.CPR class is on November 23. Registration is open.

Ways and Means – The October happy hour at the Oak Tree Café was the best yet. We completely filled the entire restaurant and we received $230.00 back to the club. Our next happy hour is going to be at the Il Vicino on the west side. The ways and means committee had a booth set up during the 2013 fiesta pilot’s registration. We made $600.00 in merchandise and it was all mostly bumper stickers. We are pleased to announce that we will be hosting an AAAA Bazaar Wednesday November 13th at Mario’s Pizzeria. Ways and Means Addition Lasts month’s happy hour was the most successful since we began. About 120 people attended the Happy Hour at Oak Tree Café. Everyone had a great time. We will be planning another gathering at that location. Oak Tree Café owners and employees were very happy to have us there. We filled the entire restaurant with balloonists! The owners of Oak Tress Café donated prizes and 20% of our checks which totaled $230! This month’s Happy Hour is a repeat performance at Il Vicino Westwide. It Vicino will be giving us a donation back on our checks and donating prizes for our prize drawing. They also gave us a gift certificate for our AAAA general meeting door prizes. Join us at 6pm. 10701 Coors Blvd Nw, Albuquerque · (505) 8997500 At the Balloon Fiesta pilot registration we processed 20 membership applications which totaled $455. Welcome and welcome back new members. Thanks to the education committee for being such good neighbors during the 3 days. Ways and Means has had a successful 2 months selling merchandise. Merchandise totals are $600 from happy hours and pilot registration. Thanks, Michelle Lutz

Flying Events– The next flying event will be at the Rio Rancho field on November 9th . Save the date January 4, 2014 for this year’s awards dinner.

Community Relations – The friends and Family of Danny Lavato will be holding a benefit car show at Balloon Fiesta Park on November 16, 2013 from 12pm to 6pm. All proceeds will benefit Danny Lavato. They would also like to have an evening glow. If anyone is interested in participating please contact Richard at 505220-5150. Community Relations Addition Debbie Crespin with Rio Rancho Elementary School is interested in having a pilot speak to her 2nd grade class about whether or not a person should become a balloonist or not. Please contact Amanda Molina if interested alansfor@comcast.net.


Members Balloon Fiesta has come and gone, and now we all try to rest, which almost seems impossible with the holiday season rapidly approaching. We hope everyone had a great Fiesta and wonderful flights. The Education Committee out did themselves at the 2013 Safety Seminar. I attended and found all of the information very useful and a great refresher. For those of you, who did not attend, please think about attending either the seminar next year, or even participating in the ground schools that will be coming up this spring. If you did attend and thought an area was more that you would like to know about, or see again, please reach out to the education committee and let them know. Every year it seems like the time of year in which we are the busiest that we have to start thinking of NOMINATIONS. I am in search of a Nomination Chair, and committee for the upcoming elections. The open seats for the 2014-2016 terms are as follows: President, Treasurer, Education, Flying Events, and Crew Development. If you are the slightest bit interested in volunteering for the board, please take a look at the job duties on the AAAA website. Remember, you can make a difference. Also, if you really want to find out about the job duties, ask the current seat what they do! CPR Class offered to our members and non-members too! Are you certified? What would you do if someone on your crew was hurt or ill? Don’t wait to sign up; you can do it online or by mail. The important date is November 23rd, 2013 a Saturday, at 8am located at AIBF offices. Space is limited to 30, so don’t wait. Also for those of you who took the class 2 years ago, time to get re-certified. We will be doing AED certification as well. Our thoughts go out to Danny Lovato and we hope for a speedy recovery for him and his family. Mike Garcia

TOP GUN November top gun is a 2 day event... November 16th and 17th. Registration at 6:15am and briefing at 6:45am. December is Sunday, 22nd. Registration at 6:30am and briefing at 7am. October's flying event was a challenge to our pilots. Not only with fiesta ending the weekend before, but our pilots had some interesting winds.

CONGRATULATIONS TO JONATHAN WRIGHT October Top Gun Champion! Thank you Alan Cannaday for being our Event Director. Good Job! Thank you to our scorers, Alan Cannaday, Shelly Cannaday, Dave Bagley, Brian Speicher and Cyndie Patrick. You are all appreciated! MARK YOUR CALENDARS November Top Gun flying event will be our 2 day event. November 16th and 17th. Registration will be at 6:15am with briefing at 6:45am. Meeting at AIBF offices.

Safety Topic presented by Ray Bair. Focus vs. Fixation This topic is motivated by a couple of accidents during Fiesta this year. Two particular accidents caught my attention: 1. The landing accident just south of the park, west of the old field.

So how can we benefit from these accidents? I suggest keeping in mind three things 1. The landing phase of our flights has the most unknowns 2. The landing phase generally requires our most attention. 3. Therefore:Minimize distractions, Maximize FOCUS but don’t become FIXATED 4. Have alternatives in mind in the event of aborting the landing Summary:

2. The power line accident in Rio Rancho, Sara and Meadowlark. Both of these accidents have NTSB implications so details will not be addressed instead we will use them to highlight some common safety issues. Distinguishing the two accidents as the “Landing accident” and the “power line accident”

In Albuquerque, the high altitude has detrimental effects. The landing phase of our flights requires our undivided attention. Think about aborting the landing BEFORE you have to do it. Make sure your PRIORITIES are aligned First, assume safety of the souls Second, Minimize damage to the equipment Third, Consider convenience for the crew recovery

They have common circumstances 1. Both occurred during or near the landing phase of the flight 2. Winds were light to moderate; not high winds situations 3. Both had landing spots nearby, or in a down wind direction 4. Both pilots were experienced with over 100 hours of flight time 5. Both struck obstacles Three safety issues that are reinforced by observing these accidents. THESE ARE NOT NECESSARILY CAUSES, OR EVEN FACTORS, IN THESE ACCIDENTS. But are useful to consider none-the-less. 1. Reaction time of your balloon is degraded when flying at high altitudes This could be exacerbated by cool temperatures and low fuel temperature 2. The wind conditions a few feet above the ground may be substantially different than what you have been flying in. FOCUS but do not FIXATE on the intended landing spot. FOCUS represents an increase in awareness FIXATION represents a narrowing of awareness

CAMERON BALLOON SALES Need consultation, information or quotes on a new balloon. Call Beth WrightSmith at 604-2865. pilotschool@lobo.net. Website: www.airborneheat.com and on Facebook

Albuquerque Aerostat Ascension Association AAAA Education Foundation Treasurer’s Report September 30, 2013 COMMENTS: WOW, what a great Fiesta. I am so tired, but it was worth it. All the numbers are not in, but, it looks like we had another successful Safety Seminar. Income is fairly comparable to last year at this time in both entities while expenses are up, but that should even out next month. CASH: Cash on hand at the end of September in the Education Foundation was $44,787, an approximate decrease of 1% from August, and The AAAA Club cash was $11,197, an approximate 58% decrease from August. INCOME STATEMENT: At the end of September we were showing an excess of disbursements over revenue of $8,892 in the Education Foundation an approximate decrease of .5% from August. Excess disbursements over revenues in the AAAA Club were $5,680, an approximate increase of 70% over the same period. Closing Comments: You will find in this issue of the CloudBouncer a one page summary of both the Education Foundation and the AAAA Club Statement of Receipts and Disbursements with Budget Comparison along with illustrative Pie Charts, which I hope you will take the time to review. I welcome any questions, comments, or thoughts for improvement. Dick Rice Treasurer Treasurer@hotairballooning.org

November Events 4th- Flying Events, Ways and Means meetings 6pm

ADVERTISING RATES Full Page……$110.00


– Crew Development

Half Page…….$55.00

9th - Flying Event – Rio Rancho.

Quarter Page..$28.00 Eighth Page…$14.00


11 – Education Committee 13th - AAAA Bazaar Wednesday at Mario’s Pizzeria. 18th - Board Meeting @ Balloon Fiesta Office, 6pm 16th – Top Gun. 615am Reg. 45am Brief.

Classified Advertisements $2 per 50-characterline; prepaid only

23rd – CPR CLASS

All prepaid advertisements

26th – General Meeting @ Balloon Museum 6:30


2ND – Flying Events & Ways and Means 6pm 4TH - AAAA Crew Development 6pm 9th – Ed Committee 6pm 14TH & 15TH JINGLE BELL RALLY 22ND – Top Gun. 645am Reg. 715am Brief. 24TH - Mandatory General Meeting @ The Balloon Museum 6:30pm..JUST KIDDING MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

“All advertisements must be prepaid with a Credit Card. The deadline for advertisements is the third Friday of the month. Email advertisements to Beth Wright-Smith pbtsmith@lobo.net An invoice will then be emailed as well as payment instructions.”

CPR/ First Aid Certification Class Sponsored by AAAA Crew Development Committee

Saturday, 23 November 2013 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Sign-in at 8:00 Lunch provided AIBF Offices (Corner of Alameda & Balloon Museum Dr)

Limited to 30 participants Registration deadline - Saturday, 16 November 2013

________$40 AAAA Members

________$45 non - AAAA Members

Name: ___________________________________________________________ Address: _________________________________________________________ City: ____________________________ State: ________ Zip Code:__________ Home #:___________________________Cell #:_________________________ E-Mail Address

Credit Card #____________________________________________ MC_____ Visa_______ Name on Card_______________________________________________ Exp. Date ___/___ 3 Digit Code on back of card _______________ Billing Address: _________________________________________________________ Complete Registration Form and mail payment to: AAAA Crew Development Attn: Katrina Pattyn 7419 Shaheen Ct. NE Albuquerque, NM 87113 Or Sign up on the AAAA Website with a PayPal option.


TO BE ANNOUNCED. 1986 Cameron Basket and Mark IV Single Burner / 1997 Lindstrand S-77 Envelope Model LBL77A with ~ 220 Hours; Feb 2013 Annual; FlyTek Instruments; Four 10-Gal. Tanks w/hand-connect fittings; 5 .5 HP Fan; Envelope Squeezer; Tarps; 1997 Ford Van with ~1 ton suspension, 2 captain’s chairs and bench seat, Eagle Lift, and ~155,000 miles. $11,000 for everything. Call 505-780-8607 with serious inquiries

PILOT TRAINING/DPE From the most experienced instructor in the Southwest! Call

Beth Wright-Smith at

Airborne Heat . 505-604-2865 or email, pilotschool@lobo.net. FAA approved Part 141 school; flexible schedules. Awarded the contract to instruct FAA personnel. Designated Pilot Examiner-call for your checkride! Also see www.airborneheat.com and like us on Facebook

AAAA on the internet www.hotairballooning.org


WINDTALKER 505-891-1733




AAAA P.O. BOX 90160 ALBUQUERQUE, NM 87199-160

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2013 November Cloudbouncer  

Official publication of the Albuquerque Aerostat Ascension Association (AAAA) Hot Air Balloon Club.

2013 November Cloudbouncer  

Official publication of the Albuquerque Aerostat Ascension Association (AAAA) Hot Air Balloon Club.