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They will be discussing recent trips to France and Taiwan. September will be the presentation of the Fiesta Safety Video.

AAAA Board Meeting Minutes Albuquerque Aerostat Ascension Association August 19, 2013 Meeting was called to order by President Mike Garcia at 6:00pm Members in Attendance - Mike Garcia, Diana Rutz, Peter Cuneo, Tom Fischer, Dick Rice, Keith Lutz, Craig Pendleton, Colleen Johnson, Amanda Molina, Absent: Michelle Lutz

Secretary report – Diana had no report for August. Treasurer’s report – Dick has emailed the financial statements and pie charts. Please keep in mind there is limited data as we are only two month into the current fiscal year. The club usually receives the majority of the revenue’s in October from the safety seminar as well as from the other special events. If anyone has any questions please feel free to contact Dick directly. Vice President’s report- The speakers for the August general meeting will be Mark Trillianes, Steve Coffing, and Lori Pittman.

Education: The education committee is hard at work on this year’s Fiesta Safety Seminar. The safety seminar will be held at the Calvary Church in Rio Rancho. The Payload calculator is ready and will be available to purchase at Fiesta Pilots tent as well as future meetings and flying events. We will be selling them for $10.00 but there are deals for those who wish to purchase more than one at a time. Please see an education committee member for more details. Crew Development- The committee is working on the joint Fiesta Crew Seminar. We are planning to have the CPR class this November as soon as the date has been finalized it will be announced to the membership. The Crew Development monthly meeting is being moved to the Tuesday prior to the monthly, the meeting will still be at the Balloon Fiesta Office. Craig and Keith are working together for a miniseminar on Drop Line safety for the September flying event (this is subject to change) or having short 5-10 minute monthly safety topic briefing at the flying events and general meetings. Ways and Means – Michelle was absent, Keith went over the highlights of the Ways and Means committee report. August Happy hour had a small attendance; the next happy hour will be at the Albuquerque Press Club on September 3, 2013. The Carnival that was held at the Press club we had around sixty attendee’s to this event did not raise money but we cut even on expenses

and revenue for the event. There are items that were purchased for prizes that will be used for upcoming events. We will be holding another carnival next year preferably in the spring when the weather is not so hot. Community Relations – Amanda has received four requests for balloons at various events in Albuquerque and Rio Rancho. Amanda has had no response from recent email blast for these types of request. She inquired if there was more that she needs to do to get responses to the request. The Board gave her suggestion to help assist in this matter. September Amanda has requested to have media attend out flying event to familiarize them on ballooning and what AAAA does for the community. Flying Events –We had a great turn out for our August flying event in Rio Rancho; however we had to cancel the flights under the waiver due to storms in the area. Keith again stressed how important it is when making the decision to cancel our events. Safety of our membership is extremely important to us when we cancel our flying events we base it off the information we have from various weather sources. Special Events- Saturday August 24, 2013 is the annual AAAA Picnic at Coronado State Park. Colleen recently discovered that the prior camp manager did not charge our attendee’s the eight dollar fee per car to attend. The new camp manager has informed Colleen that he will only charge AAAA $150.00 for all cars that attend Saturday’s event.

Motion was presented to have the Club pay the $150.00 parking fee for our attendee’s. Motion was discussed and passed by board vote. Old Business - Peter has not been able to acquire materials to make curtains for the Balloon Museum windows. Keith presented a motion to disregard the previous motion to have Peter acquire the materials. Board discussed the matter and the motion has been dropped. Cid Cutter award is coming up; nomination will be accepted by the board. Rules and guidelines for this award can be found on our website. New Business – Due to the recent accident at the St. Jean –Sur-Richelieu Balloon festival we are working on a drop line miniseminar, or having various safety topics at monthly flying events and general meetings. The board discussed the Rolling Pilot Documentary “Life without Limits” that is currently fundraising on Kickstarter.com Michael Glen is a Roswell native who lost his ability to walk in a car accident. Michael’s family has been involved in ballooning since 1973. In 2006 Michael was announced as the world’s only paraplegic hot air balloon pilot. This feature length documentary will explore Michael’s life from time accident to his life today and how he is inspiring others to follow their dreams. Dick motioned that we donate $500.00 to the project. The motion was seconded the board voted. Motion was passed to contribute $500.00 to project. If you would like more information on the Rolling Pilot documentary http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/47843 6358/the-rolling-pilot-documentary

Guest Speaker – Elisa Trillianes, Mark Trillianes, Steve Coffing and Joan Coffing “Trips to Balloon Events in Annonay France as well as Taiwan” The topic of tonight’s meeting was the trip taken to Annonay France in 2012 as part of the Pilot Exchange program. Elisa, Mark and Lori Pittman were able to go as representative of AAAA and Albuquerque. Slide show of sites visited and flying were presented by the Trillianes. The second half of the presentation was presented by Steve, Joan Mark and Elisa on their trip to the 2013 Hualien Hot Air balloon Festival in Taiwan. Slide show of the sites visited and flights were presented by Joan and Steve Coffing. Secretary report – Diana has been printing new membership cards for those who have misplaced or lost. If you are in need of a replacement please email Diana as soon as possible so that she can have them printed and ready to go in advance of 2013 Fiesta.

AAAA General Meeting Minutes General Meeting: August 27, 2013 Meeting was called to order by President Mike Garcia at 6:30pm Guest: Drew Perdun, Trish Thurston, Nancy Dalton, Jim Dalton all from Albuquerque. Mr. Bowling of the Southwest NTSB

Treasurer’s report –Financial statements and pie charts will be in the Cloudbouncer if any member has questions please contact Dick. Vice President’s report –Peter updated the members on speakers for the remainder of 2013. Also reported that as of August 29, 2013 there will be TAFT Service at Double Eagle Airport, also there is a number to call for AWAS 24hr a day at 505-842-2009. Special Events –The picnic was a success there is still food left over that Colleen has frozen to preserve for the September 8th flying at Balloon Fiesta Park.

Education: Payload calculators are ready and available for purchase. AAAA Fiesta Seminar registration is open you can apply online or at the Education table. Crew Development- The 2013 CPR class has been scheduled for November 23, 2013 at the Balloon Fiesta Office. Registration will begin soon and an email blast will be sent to the members with all the logistics. Ways and Means – The next happy hour will be at the Albuquerque Press Club on September 3, 2013. Michelle updated the membership on all the exciting things the ways and means committee has done and is working on for the future. The Carnival was a success and we broke even on the expense and revenue. Next year the carnival will be in the spring when its cooler. Flying Events – The August flying event was cancelled due to weather. The next event will be the September 8th at Balloon Fiesta Park. Our partners for the event will be the Search and Rescue team to prepare the horses for the 2013 AIBF. Community Relations –Amanda has received several requests for volunteer balloons for various events around Albuquerque. Please contact Amanda for further information.

August Safety Tip Drop Line Landing Sometimes the wind slows so much the balloon cannot effectively get to a safe landing spot. The pilot may deploy a "drop line" which may be a rope or a nylon webbing line to help maneuver the balloon to a place where deflation can be done safely. Some drop lines can be up to 150 feet long, however they are very hard to handle at that length. They should only be used when clear of power lines and trees. The balloon side of the line should be attached to a quick-release harness like the one used for the tie-off at inflation. • • • • • • • •

Always wear gloves Drop lines are NOT for high winds (use under 5 mph) Let the line hit the ground before grabbing Don't let the line wrap around anything (trees, poles, or yourself) Put steady pressure horizontally, but not down Expect the balloon to descend as you apply pressure Keep your feet on the ground. Let go if necessary Have part of the crew on the drop line and the other ready to put weight on the basket

that you think would be a great discussion to bring awareness to all of your fellow pilots and crew, please let Ray or myself know either by email at you can stop one of us me at the next flying event.

Members, This past month we have been busy with club activities like the Baseball game, the carnival and the annual club picnic. We are now showing the club events on the newly designed website. We have been working to share the newest club information on the website under the news on the home page. You may even see your balloon on the slideshow as well. Did you know that your Annual Balloon Fiesta Safety seminar is now accepting your reservations for your seat at this year’s seminar? We have the link on the website; you can also pay from the website through Paypal. We are happy to announce a location that will accommodate the trailers and trucks and the other vehicles that tend to overwhelm the parking lots of the previous locations. This year’s seminar will be held at the Calvary Church in Rio Rancho, NM. The church is located off of 528 and Rockaway on the west side of the street. Parking is around the back. Register today before space runs out, and you can get your lunch! Any questions about this year’s seminar, please contact the education committee. Did you attend the August meeting? We are trying to bring a safety topic to the members each month. A big thank you to Ray Bair, who discussed Drop Line safety at the recent meeting. If you have a topic

Pilot’s video is the September meeting. Keep in mind that we need to start on time to assure that everyone has a seat, please arrive early and ready to view the safety video. Balloon Fiesta is right around the corner. We are helping the Sherriff’s Posse with the training of the horses and the sounds of balloons. Keeping that in mind, have you prepped your crew? What to do in case of emergency? Are they trained in first aid? Have you gotten your crew all of the contact numbers for everyone on the crew? Balloon Fiesta is a great event and we all look forward to seeing our friends from out of state or country, make this year a great one. November 23rd, Crew D is having a first aid class get your crew trained. We as a club have been doing this every year and those of you who took the class 2 years ago, time to get recertified. See the Craig for details. If you have any suggestions or concerns please come see me or you can email me, whichever is more convenient for you. Safe flights, Mike Garcia

member has questions please contact Dick. None Planning for Balloon Fiesta Safety Seminar 2013 We have selected Calvery Church – Rio Rancho, 138 Frontage Rd NE (off NM 28 north of Rockway Blvd and south of Northern Blvd) Limited parking in front, lots of parking in back of church for the Fiesta Safety Seminar and we are fine tuning the agenda. Payload/Altitude Calculator Final design of the Payload Calculator is complete. They will be available at the Pilot Tent during Fiesta. The order quantity is 1000. We should be signing the paper work today July 15, 2013 Not too much new to report: August General Program Presentation: Reports from Several Recent International Hot Air Balloon Events – The Trillanes, Lori Pitman and Steve Coffing. September General Program Presentation: Fiesta Pilots Video – AIBF Safety Officers October General Program Presentation: Review of Fiesta – Don Edwards

Treasurer’s report –Financial statements and pie charts will be further in the Cloudbouncer if any

The Crew Development committee has a couple more educational opportunities coming up before the end of the year. In October we are planning to offer handson demos to volunteer crew at Balloon Fiesta crew registration. We are looking forward to the opportunity to send new crew volunteers out a little less green and perhaps even recruit a few to become local year round crew and AAAA members. In November we will again be offering CPR certification. This certification is valid for two years so, if you are new to CPR or if your certification is or will soon be expired, look for registration information soon. Moving forward the Crew Development committee will be presenting the CPR course every other year so be sure not to miss this year's opportunity.

Happy Hours Last month, Cazuales brought in a small crowed to the Westside. They are donated $60 to the club Next month's Happy Hour will be at everyone's' favorite, the APC. September 3rd. We will be grilling hamburgers and hotdogs as a fundraiser. The Carnival was a lot of fun! We had about 60 people. We invested in some prizes to keep the Carnival going so we broke even on the fundraiser. A big Thank you to all the volunteers who came early to set up and hung in there through the heat to make sure everyone had a great time. The W&M committee agreed to have the Carnival again but in the spring when the weather is a little cooler. Bumper stickers are selling really well. Please pick up your sticker at the W&M table. We won't be making another ticker for a few years, so buy one today! Get them for your crew! We have other smaller stickers on sale. The Isotopes Game was a blast! 70 people represented AAAA! We had prizes and got to see out name on the big screen several times during the game. A little rain did not scare us away!

EVENT REQUESTS Organization: 7th Annual Legacy Riders Book & Toy Run (Benefitting Ronald McDonald House and Carrie Tingley) Date/Tim: September 7, 2013, 9am Details: Propane will be covered. We expect to have about 600 motorcycles and cars and plan to have about 1000 + people attending. There will be food venders and jumpers, a silent auction, and lots more. Contact: Amanda Molina, alansfor@comast.net, 505.610.0753 Request: Colorfest Balloon Rally Location: Pagosa Springs Date/Time: September 20-22 (fly on 21 and 22) Details: A wine and food tasting event takes place the evening of the 20th. They have a number of spots still open. The registration fee is $100 and gives you a room, 2 tickets to the wine and food tasting event and propane. Additional tickets to the wine tasting event can be purchased at a reduced rate. Last year we arrived to even find our registration packets delivered to our room. They are very accommodating, welcoming and as you know it is a beautiful area to fly. The link to the application is: http://pagosarally.com. You can email Stacy Kirby, the organizer with the chamber, at events@pagosachamber.com Request: Balloon Tether at Day Care Location: Cuidando Los Niño’s, 1500 Walter St Se Date/Time: Friday, October 18, 10am

Details: For the monthly birthday party, daycare serves homeless children age’s birth to 6 years. Their parents work or go to school but at night they sleep in shelters or in their cars or rotate from relatives homes. Contact: Sheila, 385-0995 Request: APS Conference (Great City Schools Conference) Location: Balloon Museum Date/Time: October 30 (6:30p-8:30p) Details: There may be as many as 300 people at the reception. Robin recommended that we have 2-3 hot air balloons on the lawn just outside the museum. Although we expect 300 people, not everyone will want a tethered ride. Contact: Amanda Molina, alansfor@comast.net, 505.610.0753 MEDIA I will be sending out a news release to local media making them aware of the September flying event. I will extend the offer of balloon familiarization rides to their news crews. I will keep the board/membership posted on any interest I receive

August Flying Event A good turnout in Rio Rancho was hampered by thunderstorm activity and visible lightning in the area. While the decision to cancel was disappointing, the safety of all the pilots and crews is our priority and we’d rather you be on the ground wishing you were in the air than have even a single pilot in the air wishing they were on the ground. Community Partner We did raise $354 in cash plus additional food donations for the Rio Rancho Schools “elementary backpack program” which sends indigent elementary school students home on Fridays with a back pack of food. Many of these children rely heavily on their school breakfasts and lunches during the week and may go hungry over the weekends. Thank you to Kim Vesely for organizing this and a great job as always to our members who opened their hearts and their wallets to our community! Next Flying Event: Are you ready for Fiesta? Our September Flying Event will be a pre-Fiesta practice run at Balloon Fiesta Park for both our members and for the NM Mounted Search & Rescue who will be back with their horses to prepare for the sights and sounds of AIBF! September 8, 2013 (Sunday), 6:15 am registration, 6:45am Pilot Brief

The AAAA Picnic is this weekend the 24th. Coronado State park is asking that we pay $8.00 flat rate or $1.00 per hour for admission for each vehicle. I negotiated a flat rate for the club. I am asking the board for $150.00 flat rate to cover the cost for the member’s vehicles since we have not had to pay this in the past. Camping is still available for Friday and Saturday night.

Fiesta- 38 Days till it all begins. Please contact Don if you are available to participate in a Glow on September 28, 2013 during half time at the home coming game for UNM vs. UNLV. The glow will be between 8-10 pm VFRS- September 28, 2013 is Rio Abajo days Contact Don if you wish to participate. Planning for the 2014 St. Patrick’s Day Rally is under way. Top Gun- August was the resurrection of the 2-day flying event for Top Gun this will be done once a quarter. This was done so that pilots from surrounding states can come and be a part of the event. Please contact Mark if you are interested in going to Nationals in Longview Texas next year, he is interested in training a team to prepare for next year. AAIBM- Volunteers are needed for Fiesta if you or someone you know is interested in volunteering please contact the Balloon Museum. Event Requests Museum Convention at Explora and the Natural History Museum beginning at 7:30 pm on Saturday, October 19th. Would like a one balloon evening glow/tether. They do have a several hundred dollar budget to pay the pilot. Please contact Amanda Molina if interested 505.610.0753 or alansfor@comcast.net

Event Request Organization: 7th Annual Legacy Riders Book & Toy Run (Benifitting Ronald McDonald House and Carrie Tingley) Date: September 7, 2013 Time: 9am Details: Propane will be covered. We expect to have about 600 motorcycles and cars and plan to have about 1000 + people attending. There will be food venders and jumpers, a silent auction, and lots more. Contact: Amanda Molina, alansfor@comast.net, 505.610.0753

Top Gun Top Gun August Top Gun flying event was a success with two flying days! Thank you Mark Trillanes for being our Event Director. Saturday's first place pilots was Jason Buckner.

Sunday's first place pilot was Meg Skelton. August Top Gun Champion is Jason (Hopper) Buckner. Congratulations!! Thank you to our scorers, Dave Bagley, Bill Kennedy, Alan Cannaday, Shelly Cannaday, Breezy Cannaday, Dan and Beth Talbert, Cyndie Patrick and Mary Chando. September's Top Gun flying event will be Sunday, September 22, 2013. ~~*~~

lkonash@imcins.com. _________________________ __

CAMERON BALLOON SALES Need consultation, information or quotes on a new balloon. Call Beth WrightSmith at 604-2865. pilotschool@lobo.net. We want to apologize to one of our Corporate Members Larry Knoash of IMC for the incorrect email address in the 2013/2014 roster. Please note the correction lkonash@imcins.com.

Website: www.airborneheat.com and on Facebook Photographs from Jennifer Garcia and Pat Chando

LOGBOOK ENTRIES Ray Bair August 2013

LOGBOOK ENTRIES There has been a lot of discussion, debate and confusion about logging time in your pilot logbook (This discussion does not address the aircraft logbook). This is especially true for training time either for the private pilot or commercial pilot certificates – for both the student/applicant and the instructor. The information is available in the FARs, Part 61.51 but sometimes it is easier to understand the requirements with a more conversational approach,.while deleting the extraneous parts that don’t apply to the LTA-Balloon ratings. FIRST OF ALL - THE BASICS

The reason for logging your time at all is two-fold: First, to document training and aeronautical experience needed to meet the requirements for a certificate, rating or flight review. Second, to document the aeronautical experience required for meeting the recent flight experience requirement (read as 90-day currency). Your logbook entries should include: Date (format is up to you) Total flight time or lesson time (in decimal hours, or hours and minutes) Location (this can be general or specific, your option. e.g. ‘ABQ local’ or ‘Rainbow launch site’) Type and identification of the aircraft (e.g. Cameron V90, N2222) Type of pilot experience or training (Solo/PIC or Dual) (And type of training if logging a training flight, see 61.107 and 61.127) Conditions of flight (day or night for us) LOGGING PILOT-IN-COMMAND TIME

A pilot (not student pilot) may log PIC time When the pilot is the sole manipulator of the controls of an aircraft for which the pilot is rated. When the pilot is the sole occupant of the aircraft. (For those holding a student pilot certificate, this is the only time that can be logged as PIC time). A certificated flight instructor (in our case, commercial pilot) may log PIC time for all flight time while serving as the authorized instructor. LOGGING TRAINING TIME A person may log training time when that person receives training from an authorized instructor. (Note that the person need not hold a student certificate or a pilot certificate of any kind . . . until it is time to solo). The training time must be logged in a logbook and must be endorsed by the instructor. The logbook entry must include a description of the training (as a minimum this should include the words describing the areas of operation found in 61.107 for private training, or 61.127 for

commercial training), the length of the training lesson, and the authorized instructor’s signature and certificate number. SOME SPECIFIC CASES Sometimes there are unusual cases where the above rules are not explicit enough. Here is some additional guidance. 1) The ‘student’ holds a certificate (private, commercial or ATP) and rating in some other aircraft. Can he/she log PIC time while receiving training from an authorized instructor? The answer is NO, unless they have been signed off to solo and are conducting a solo flight. 2) The ‘student’ holds a certificate (private, commercial or ATP) and rating in some other aircraft. If the instructor signs him off to solo is the student limited to a number of days and specific area? The answer is NO, unless the instructor specifies the number of days the sign off is valid for and the area where the flights must take place. Otherwise, the sign off is valid forever and the flights can be conducted anywhere in the U. S. (Note that this is different than when a student pilot certificate holder is signed off to solo; in this case the

authorization is limited to 90 days from the date of signoff). 3) The ‘student’ holds a Private Pilot, LTA-Balloon certificate and is training for a commercial certificate. Part of the training requires Fundamentals of Instructing and during the training there are three people in the basket: the ‘commercial trainee’, the ‘instructor’, and a ‘student-student’. Can the instructor endorse the student-student’s logbook for the instruction received from the commercial trainee? The answer is YES, as long as the instruction is observed by the ‘instructor’. In this case all three people can log the time. The instructor can log PIC time; the commercial trainee and the studentstudent can log dual time. 4) When conducting a (biennial) flight review both the instructor and the person receiving the flight review can log PIC time. INSTRUCTOR GUIDANCE The requirements for the instructor record keeping and endorsements are found in FAR Section 61.189 and FAR 61.195(d). They are reiterated here for completeness. Recordkeeping. The instructor must:

Sign the logbook of each person they have given flight or ground training. Maintain a record (either in a logbook or separate document) that includes - the name and date of each student endorsed for solo flight. - the name, date, type of test, and the results of the test for each individual recommended for a knowledge or practical test. Maintain these records for at least 3 years after the endorsement was made. Endorsements Solo Flight – You must have conducted and logged the required instruction and determined the student is prepared to conduct the flight safely. The endorsement can include geographical limitations (e.g. within a ten mile radius of some launch area) and/or other restrictions (e.g. in specific weather conditions). Solo Flight in Class B Airspace – You must have conducted and logged the required ground and flight instruction in that Class B airspace and determined the

student is prepared to conduct the flight safely. Although this is correct according to the regulations, this rarely applies to balloon flights. Flight Review – You must have conducted the entire Flight Review or you may only endorse the portion (e.g. Ground or Flight) which you personally conducted.

now sent from “emailblast@hotairballooning.org” and Cloudbouncer is sent from “newsletter@hotairballooning.org.” To ensure continued delivery of AAAA email, members are encouraged to designate these 2 email addresses as “safe” for any junk mail or spam filter that might be employed. Please contact Sam Bradshaw at “scbradshaw@gmail.com” if there are any problems or questions.

AAAA Email Distributions With the launch of a new AAAA web site and its migration to a new web hosting service, there has also been a slight change to the distribution of email messages and Cloudbouncer newsletters to the AAAA membership. All such messages are now being sent from accounts established on the new web hosting mail service. Email distributions are

Albuquerque Aerostat Ascension Association AAAA Education Foundation Treasurer’s Report July 31, 2013 COMMENTS: Well summers almost over & Fiesta is just around the corner as evidenced by all the folks getting current or Biennials this past weekend at 15th & Rainbow. Financially there still really isn’t much to report as you can tell by looking at the Pie Charts. Be assured that our results are pretty close to last year at this time so there is nothing to worry about now. CASH: Cash on hand at the end of July in the Education Foundation was $51,507, an approximate decrease of 0.6% from June, and The AAAA Club cash was $18,087, an approximate 5.75% decrease from June. INCOME STATEMENT: At the end of July we were showing an excess of disbursements over revenue of $2,557 in the Education Foundation an approximate decrease of 32% from June. Excess disbursements over revenues in the AAAA Club were $1,322, an approximate decrease of 418% over the same period. Closing Comments: You will find in this issue of the CloudBouncer a one page summary of both the Education Foundation and the AAAA Club Statement of Receipts and Disbursements with Budget Comparison along with illustrative Pie Charts, which I hope you will take the time to review. I welcome any questions, comments, or thoughts for improvement. Dick Rice Treasurer Treasurer@hotairballooning.org

September Events


2nd- Flying Events, Ways and Means , Ed Committee meetings 6pm

Full Page……$110.00 Half Page…….$55.00

4th – Crew Development

Quarter Page..$28.00

8th - Flying Event – Balloon Fiesta Park . 615amam Registration

Eighth Page…$14.00

9th – Education Committee 16th - Board Meeting @ Balloon Fiesta Office, 6pm

Classified Advertisements $2 per 50-characterline; prepaid only

22nd – Top Gun. 630am Reg. 7am Brief.

All prepaid advertisements

24th – General Meeting @ Balloon Museum 6:30pm AIBF PILOT VIDEO Don’t be late!

OCTOBER Events 2nd - AAAA CREW DEVELOPMENT at 6pm 5th – 13th – Albuquerque international Balloon Fiesta 7th – FLYING EVENTS & WAYS AND MEANS 6pm 14th – EDUCATION COMMITTEE at 6pm 20th – Top Gun. 645am Reg. 715am Brief. 22nd - General Meeting @ The Balloon Museum 6:30pm

“All advertisements must be prepaid with a Credit Card. The deadline for advertisements is the third Friday of the month. Email advertisements to Beth Wright-Smith pbtsmith@lobo.net An invoice will then be emailed as well as payment instructions.”



Review of Fiesta – Don Edwards.

David Craft of the Nation Weather Service asked that we make our member aware that the” Nation Weather Service in Albuquerque will begin TAF service for Double Eagle II Airport (KAEG) at 12Z on Thursday, August 29th. Like the KABQ TAF, forecasters will try to tell you when the wind speeds will strengthen above 6 KT and when they will weaken back to 6 KT or less. The Double Eagle Airport also has a new AWOS that provides more detailed observations. You can call the new AWOS directly for up-to the minute weather information at any time of the day or night using the following number (505)-842-2009.

CL@SSIFIED @DS PILOT TRAINING/DPE From the most experienced instructor in the Southwest! Call Beth Wright-Smith at Airborne Heat. 505-604-2865 or email, pilotschool@lobo.net. FAA approved Part 141 school; flexible schedules. Awarded the contract to instruct FAA personnel. Designated Pilot Examiner-call for your checkride! Also see www.airborneheat.com and like us on Facebook

AAAA on the internet www.hotairballooning.org


WINDTALKER 505-891-1733




AAAA P.O. BOX 90160 ALBUQUERQUE, NM 87199-160

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2013 September Cloudbouncer  

Official publication of the Albuquerque Aerostat Ascension Association (AAAA) Hot Air Balloon Club.

2013 September Cloudbouncer  

Official publication of the Albuquerque Aerostat Ascension Association (AAAA) Hot Air Balloon Club.