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AAAA Competition June Congratulations

1st. David Tennis

Board of Directors PRESIDENT Mike Garcia Ph: 505 274 9301 mike1dwn@msn.com

VICE PRESIDENT Peter Cuneo Ph: 505 265 2865 PeterCuneo@msn.com

SECRETARY Diana Rutz Ph: 505 490 2412 Secretary@Hotairballooning.org

TREASURER Dick Rice Ph: 505 239 0200 rwrcpa@flash.net

FLYING EVENTS Keith Lutz Ph: 973 945 2819 flying-events@hotairballooning.org

COMMUNITY RELATIONS Amanda Molina Ph: 505 610 0753 Community-relations@ Hotairballooning.org

EDUCATION Tom Fisher Ph: 505 681-7202 education@hotairballooning.org

SPECIAL EVENTS Colleen Johnson Ph: 505 417 5605 Johnson_ec@aps.edu

CREW DEVELOPMENT Craig Pendleton Ph: 505 504 4655 pendleton.craig@gmail.com

WAYS & MEANS Michelle Lutz Ph: 973 851 8113 Ways-means@ hotairballooning.org




By: Pat Chando @ Invisibleblack.zenfolio.com

Cloudbouncer Editor ~ Pat Chando

Most Excellent Photographs by Michelle Dim m ett Please submit your photographs for possible addition to the Coudbouncer at Editor@hotairballooning.org

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unable to acquire the material so he is now looking into purchasing material to make the curtains. Barbra has volunteered to sew the curtains once he has the material. Special Events: Colleen was absent from the meeting. Her report will be in the cloud bouncer.

AAAA Board Meeting Minutes Albuquerque Aerostat Ascension Association

Education: Tom and the committee are busy working on the details for this year’s Fiesta safety seminar. Looking for a new venue as the museum is not a large enough venue for the number of participants of the seminar. Pay load calculators are in process we will be meeting to finalize the order on 06-18-13.

AAAA Board Meeting 06-17-2013 Called to Order by President Mike Garcia @ 6:00 pm Secretary: Diana reported to the board that she will miss the July general meeting and she need someone to take notes. One new member application was received for Chris Liberti motion was made to approve the application and vote was made. Membership application has been approved. Treasurer- Dick went over the financials and the pie charts; he has created a PDF version as it was requested by Pat for the cloud bouncer. Vice-President: Troy Bradley will be the speaker for the June meeting. He will be discussing lessons learned while flying from various balloon accidents. David Craft will be the speaker for the July meeting. Peter is working on getting more speakers from out of town if his budget allows. Peter is still on the hunt for material for the curtains. He was

Crew D: Craig reported that the committee is ready and excited for the upcoming TailGate Cook Off at the July meeting. He also thanked Michelle Lutz and Dick Rice for their assistance with the purchase of t-shirts for the guest judges. The committee is beginning the planning of the pre-fiesta crew orientation this will most likely be held during registration. CPR class is being planned for November. Ways and Means: Michelle was very pleased to announce that all sixty spots on the AAAA bumper sticker have been sold and it is production stage. We are still awaiting 15 pictures for ordered spots. They will be available for purchase at the meetings once they are done. Michelle has ordered two other bumper stickers that will also be available at meeting. The roster is done and will be available to pick up meeting. The committee will be mailing rosters to those members who live outside the metro area. The next happy hour will be at the Albuquerque Press Club on July 2nd and on July 30th happy hour will be in Rio Rancho

at ten Pins. The committee is very excited to announce that we will be having an AAAA Carnival at the Albuquerque Press Club there will be games and prizes fun for all ages. Volunteers are needed to run games and assist with planning. Isotopes tickets have been purchased. The committee is still working on the business discount program for member. Looking for idea’s for membership recruitment, tossing around ideas for a contest. There is also a photo contest coming there will be entry fee and votes will be collected during fiesta. Community Relations-Mike and Amanda have met with the web designers at Lobo-net depending on any changes they are hoping it will be ready to go by July. Flying Events: June flying event went well, however there was some issues with a PZ in Northern Meadows. We will now have a board up at future flying events for pilots who are unfamiliar with the PZ in the area. New Business. Paul Smith has asked for input on Grandma’s pond access. AAAA will work with Paul in designating rules and practices for use of the area. Keith and the Flying events committee are going to change part of the registration for events. They will be asking pilots to check in after returning from flying as well as provide a contact phone number so we can ensure that everyone has made it back safe. Board meeting adjourned

AAAA General Meeting Minutes General Meeting Minutes: Board members Present: Mike, Peter, Craig, Keith, Michelle Board Members Absent: Diana, Dick, Colleen, Amanda, Tom Meeting called to order at approximately 6:36pm Welcomed guests, John from India, and Ashley from Albuquerque. No ballooning in the community or new ratings. Peter welcomed the guest speaker Troy Bradley and his presentation about some of the accidents he is called to investigate for the NTSB. This presentation is about Ed Ristaino. Troy opened about how he is asked to speak on the investigations and findings from different accidents that have taken place in

the area of ballooning. This presentation is a portion of a 3-part presentation of three different accidents. Questioning are these accidents weather related or pilot related. Troy gave a brief synopsis of how the NTSB issues a number, which helps the investigators and everyone involved with the emotional aspect of the investigation. Ed’s number is ERA12LA231. Ed Ristaino was 63 years of age. He began ballooning in 1989. He had over 1100 total hours. His last flight took place over Fitzgerald, GA. He was helping with the Skydiving Boogie, which occurs each year during Saint Patrick’s Day weekend. Troy discussed the timeline of events for Ed and that weekend. Ed had driven in to Fitzgerald, GA from his home 6 hours away. He then flew that morning and was successful with two hops, yet the second landing was in a field, where the chase crew got stuck and had to be pulled out. Ed then proceeded to return to his hotel room for a nap, he awoke at 11am and checked the Ryan Carlton’s Ruc forecast. He then proceeded to meet the crew and proceed with inflation for the first hop of skydivers. He then landed in a field near the airport where he originally took off, and proceeded with his second load of skydivers, 5 were loaded and successfully jumped. Troy mentioned that there is a video filmed by the skydivers who were in the balloon on that last flight. Some of Troy’s presentation included photos from the YouTube video. You can watch the final flight video by searching Fitz Balloon Jump 2012. This video was used in the investigation by the NTSB; with the help of the Skydivers they were able to piece the audio together from the flight.

Troy discussed many different weather charts and details that were available to pilots in that area. He discussed how important briefings are, and double checking the surrounding area’s weather. Troy mentioned that the FAA sets standards for a reason. Troy discussed what is causing these accidents. Is it the hazardous attitudes? Is it the operational pitfalls? Such as peerpressure, loss of situational awareness, or is it the neglect of flight planning? This is a brief summary of Troy’s presentation. We are hoping to have Troy write an article discussing this accident and how this could be prevented. In the beginning of the presentation he said that there was a quote from Ed saying, “This is one we’re going to be talking about for a long time.” Board Reports from the General Meeting: Peter discussed the July speaker, David Craft, and his presentation of Summer/Fall Weather. This will be David’s last segment at a AAAA meeting discussing weather patterns. Dick was out for his 50th Wedding Anniversary. Happy Anniversary to Mr. & Mrs. Rice. Craig discussed the upcoming Tailgate Cook-off, after the flying event on July 14th. Orange flyers with the rules are on the chairs. Any questions please contact the Crew Development committee. November they are working on a CPR class for those who took it 2 years ago.

Keith went over the flying event from June and the PZ in the Northern Meadows area. They will now have a board with the map available for viewing. Also scores were available for viewing. Michelle discussed the bumper sticker and the need for everyone to get their photos turned in. The baseball game is coming up and tickets were available for pickup at the meeting and at the next flying event. There will be a carnival in August; they are looking for assistance in carnival games. ROSTERS are in, please see the W&M table for your 2013 Roster! Community Relations is looking for someone to donate a ride for a raffle, please contact Amanda for details. Education report was given by Barbara. Committee is working on finding a roomy location for the Safety seminar. They have been looking at a few places, still finalizing the details. They will have slide pay load calculators for sale with the AAAA logo on them.

Summer means school is out and fun times to be had for AAAA members. Some of the great events that we have coming up are the Crew Development TAILGATE COOKOFF! We all have mingled amongst the fellow tailgates, looking what everyone brings out, why not put it to the test and participate for great prizes! The 2nd annual AAAA night out to the Isotopes Baseball Game is on July 28th, 2013. Don’t forget to finish off the summer with our Annual AAAA picnic in August, be on the lookout for further details about our “Summer Outings.” We really appreciate Dewey Reinhard for coming to present his view and history of ballooning. There were rave reviews about the May meeting. Fly safe and see you at the summer outings!

The June speaker will be Troy Bradley discussing lessons to be learned from the weather caused, hot air ballooning accident in Georgia in March of 2012 that involved a planned drop of parachutists and, unfortunately, the death a very well respected pilot, Ed Ristaino. The July speaker will be David Craft of the National Weather Service presenting his final session discussing the Four

Seasons of Weather in the Rio Grande Valley. I have received a request from a reporter, Nikki Ibarra (nibarra@kob.com) with KOB for “... any story ideas that we may have.” Seems to be an open ended offer to possibly help us publicize our events. We were unable to obtain donated fabric for curtains for the north wall of windows at the Balloon Museum meeting site. We are now looking into the cost of purchasing the material and perhaps sharing that cost with the AAAA Education folks since they would like to use them for the Fiesta Safety Seminar if it is held at the Museum, though the site for that seminar has not been selected as of now.

Treasurer’s report –Financial statements and pie charts will be further in the Cloudbouncer if any member has questions please contact Dick.

Planning for Balloon Fiesta Safety Seminar 2013: We are in the process of selecting a site for the Fiesta Safety Seminar and seeking speakers. Payload/Altitude Calculator: We are doing a final design of the Payload Calculator. They will be available at the Pilot Tent during Fiesta. The order quantity is 1000.

The Crew Development 3rd Annual Tailgate Cookoff is right around the corner! The contest will follow the July flying event on July 14, 2013. Judges will visit and score participating tailgates in Appetizer, Main Course, Dessert, and Presentation/Hospitality categories with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes awarded in each category. Teams will register during pilot briefing the morning of the event. Judging will begin at 9 a.m. and end at 10 a.m. with no exceptions. If the weather looks like pilots may have long flights then you will need to account for this in your planning. If the flight is canceled then we will begin judging 30 minutes after the completion of pilot briefing (approximately 7 a.m.). The judge’s decisions are final. In the event of a tie, team numbers will be put into a "hat" and the number drawn will be the winner.

the AAAA Happy Hour. They also donated a bottle of wine and a gift card to be used as a door prize for the next general meeting. The next Happy Hour is at the Press Club on July 2. Join us at 10 Pins for the July 30 Happy Hour.

AAAA W&M notes 6/17/2013 All spaces for the AAAA bumper sticker have been sold. We have already begun working on it but needs all balloon photos in ASAP to finish the design. We should have a proof of the sticker by July 1 and the stickers should be available for purchase by the July General Meeting. W&M has created other bumper stickers for our members to purchase. The British style sticker says HAB with our name in a white oval. Also, “NOTICE it is a federal offense to tamper with an aircraft”. These stickers will be on sale at any AAAA gathering. The will be sold for $2.00 The Rosters have been delivered and started being distributed to our Members, Corporate Sponsors and Advertisers. We will include one of the new HAB stickers with the roster for our Corporate Sponsors. The stickers will come in in 6 business days and the roster will be mailed. Our first family dinner night at Sweet Tomatoes was a success. We raised $130 for the club. The next family dinner night will be in the fall, location to be determined. Il Vicino provided some fantastic prizes for

The AAAA Carnival will take place at the Press Club on August 3 @ 4pm. Lots of fun carnival games are planned for the evening for kids of all ages. This is a family friendly event. The committee is going to need extra help that day with games, prizes and tickets. We will have food and ice cream for a small donation. Please contact Michelle to be added to the list if you can help. The tickets for the Isotopes game have been purchased and seats have been assigned. They will be distributed over the next events and meetings. Prizes will be given out like was done last year's event. We still need more businesses to get involved in our Business Discount Program. Please contact Ways & Means if you know of a business would like free publicity when added to our list. W&M has discussed ways of attracting new members. The committee is exploring a really nice gift at the end of the year for all new membership brought in from July until January. This is in conjunction when our ½ price membership begins after June 30th. The committee has been tasked with finding a travel (or not travel) package to give away to the person who has sponsored the most new members during the time period. NEW- AAAA Fundraising Photo Contest: Members will be able to enter any balloon picture they have taken for $5 per entry. The prints need to be matted and to be no larger

than 8x10. All entries will be available for purchase and NOT returned to the photographer. We will not be accepting email submissions. At the end of the submission period, the entries will be narrowed down to10-20 pictures. At the general meetings prior to Fiesta 2014, AAAA members will vote for the top pictures. The top 5 photos will be displayed in the Landing tent in AAAA W&M area during Fiesta 2014. Details and rules will be published soon. You can begin handing in your photos on September 24, 2013. The deadline for submissions is August 1, 2014.

Website Mike Garcia and Amanda Molina met with Lobo Net – June 14 Completion Goal – July 1 Participation Request – Park Fundraiser Need: 2-4 Balloons to tether at park from 10am-Noon or equipment on display, pilots to speak to the public about ballooning, hopefully a few members to donate balloon rides for the raffle

Location: A Park Above in Rio Ranch (across from Rust Medical Center on Westside Blvd) In return for their generosity, participating pilots and crews will be welcome to a spaghetti dinner at noon Contact: Trudy – 301.8391 or Dick Bauer 994.2800 Ride Donation Request Benefitting Organization: Santa Fe Youth Development Event: “Play it Forward Golf Tournament” and Auction Request: One complimentary ride for two (pilot names date) Timeline: Pilot must let contact know by July 5th Contact: Lynn Petrelli 505-3102041, lynn.petrelli@gmail.com Benefitting Organization: Taos Art Museum and Fechin House Event: Gala and Auction Request: One complimentary ride for two during Balloon Fiesta Timeline: Please let contact know by end of July Contact: Jerry Geist 505.301.0444 Event Request Event: 2013 Association of Science and Technology Centers Conference Request: Would like one balloon for a glow at their party with their 1,500+ guests Date of event: October 19th Contact: Shane Montoya, 505.263.7447, smontoya@explora.us

denominational home in a rural family farm setting as an alternative to foster care… An alternative to foster care, it is a safe, loving home where children grow in a supportive, family farm setting. Children ages 0 to 18 are considered for admission to the home. El Ranchito's mission is to keep brothers and sisters together, and to give siblings a stable and loving home in which they can grow into adulthood together.”

June Flying Event We had another really great a great turn out at our June Flying Event in Rio Rancho. Twelve “Hound” pilots caught up with “Hare” pilot Bob Mass and scored on the target. Congratulations to our top three competitors -- 1st. David Tennis, 2nd. Craig Pendleton, and 3rd. Paul Smith. The Flying Event also included our annual Ice Cream Social, sponsored by our friends at Shamrock Food Service Warehouse, and included an Ice Cream & Cookie Eating Contest for all the kids! shamrockfsw.com/ Photos from the event can be found on the AAAA Facebook page. Community Partner Our community partner for the May event was El Ranchito de los Niños. According to their website, “El Ranchito de los Niños is a public charity, not-for-profit organization that provides children (focusing on sibling groups) with a permanent/long-term, non-

Thank you to everyone that gave generously to help us raise nearly $300! PZ Awareness We had questions during the June event about the PZ northwest of the Rio Rancho launch field. This PZ is a 500' minimum clearance in a residential area NW of the launch field, NE of the Rainbow launch area, and almost due west of Paseo Del Volcan. Three map images of this PZ were posted to the AAAA FB page, and will be submitted to the Cloud Bouncer. We will also be posting a copy of the most recent AIBF map at all future Flying Events, and covering PZ awareness during pilot briefings. The 2012 PZ Map is available for online at www.balloonfiesta.com. Flying Events Committee Meeting Location Reminder, the monthly Flying Events Committee meeting has been moved to the Albuquerque Press Club. Meetings are still held the Monday prior to the Flying Event at 6:00 pm. www.qpressclub.com

Volunteers Needed! Anyone interested in joining the Flying Event Committee, or volunteering as scorers, please contact Flying Events Director Keith Lutz (flyingevents@hotairballooning.org), or stop by our monthly committee meeting the Monday prior to the monthly Flying Event at the Albuquerque Press Club at 6pm. Next Flying Event: Sunday, July 14, 2013 at Balloon Fiesta Park. Registration begins at 5:30 am, and pilot brief will be at 6:00 am.

have been pro-actively working with the land owner; have been allowing other balloonists to use their rented launch site; and are making attempts to brief everyone using it on the home owner's location. If you are planning on launching from this site, contact Keith or Dean and make sure you know the exact location of this PZ.

( This PZ has been displayed in previous Cloudbouncers ) ~~~~~

AAAA Picnic will be August 24th at Coronado State park campground in Bernalillo. It will start at 11:00 a.m. And last as long as you want to stay. The club will provide the meat, please bring a side dish to share. Don't forget to bring chairs and an easy up for shade if you have one.

FAA: The FSDO has been receiving numerous calls from the home owner on La Orillia and Coors near the Sunrise Church. This area has been deemed a PZ due to the owner having horses. She has reported a colt has been injured due to balloons flying to close to her property. World Balloon rents the launch site and is working with the home owner to remain clear of her property. However, other balloonists are using the launch site and from phone calls JD received the day after the meeting it's clear many Aeronauts are not aware of the home owner's location. World Balloon is not the "Bad Balloonist" in this situation as they

Those who wish to camp either in an R.V. or tent, please contact Colleen (johnson_ec@aps.edu) so that I can reserve your spot. Camping is available for Friday and Saturday nights. Please RSVP to the same email address if you plan on attending so that we have enough meat to feed everyone.

BFA- Blair reported that Elections are coming up for the SW area. Elisa Trillanes and Cheri White are both running. All elections will be done electronically. The BFA Junior Balloonist camps are going on this summer. August 24th the Gordon Bennett starts, will be available for tracking on the BFA website. FAA- JD reported that since his last AAAA discussion, he has not had any calls about balloons in the area. He said, Thank you. Please keep in mind that Keith Fear, World Balloon, is renting the land behind the Village Inn. If you are going to fly from that area, please give Keith Fear a courtesy call. VFRS- They are still looking for members. They are working on the 30th year and planning the event in March. Top Gun- in the Cloudbouncer FIESTA- Don reported that the City of Albuquerque did not want balloons for the 4th of July event. He wanted to recognize the safety officials that were there at the meeting. He also discussed that Melissa Winters, Event Coordinator, is leaving after 13 years for a job with American Quilters Society, in Kentucky. If interested in her position please contact Don at the office. Don discussed that the Zoo party has been relocated to the State Fair Grounds, in the Villa Hispania. It will be renamed,

“Fiesta Party Picnic.� He said the biggest influence for the move is the parking issues at the zoo. He hopes to show the NM flair by having flamenco dancers take the stage at 3:30pm. Don also touched on the announcement of the Music Fiesta, held at the field on Saturday, October 12th. He said the announcement of the headliner will occur on June 26, 2013. Balloon Museum: Beth reported that she wanted everyone to take a look at the Balloon Museum summer activities. That AAAA gets a great deal at the Balloon Museum, so please show support for the museum. Explorium had no report.

CAMERON BALLOON SALES Top Gun June's event was a challenge for our 13 participating pilots. Event Director, Alan Cannaday called 3 tasks that resulted with June's Top Gun Champions going to Keith Takach and Neil Jackson both tied for First Place! Congratulations Keith and Neil! Third place going to Chris Liberti, our newest member of Top Gun. Special thanks to our scorers, Dave Bagley, Dan and Beth Talbert, Melissa Bond, Bill Kennedy, Mary Chando, Alan and Shelly Cannaday. A big Thank You to all our participants for making our tailgate a big success. The next Top Gun flying event will be Sunday, July 21. ~~*~~

Need consultation, information or quotes on a new balloon. Call Beth WrightSmith at 604-2865. pilotschool@lobo.net. Website: www.airborneheat.com and on Facebook

Albuquerque Aerostat Ascension Association AAAA Education Foundation Treasurer’s Report April 30, 2013 COMMENTS:A big thank you to Keith Lutz, for the Intel orporation contribution to the Education Foundation, in the amount of $2,600. The Budget process for next year is in full swing and we are all having a great time (not). It’s really not that bad. Just wanted you to know how hard your committee chairs are working on your behalf for our club. Next time you see one of them say thanks. CASH: Cash on hand at the end of April in the Education Foundation was $52,091, an approximate increase of 8% from March, and The AAAA Club cash was $19,984,an approximate 10% decrease from March. INCOME STATEMENT : At the end of April we were showing an excess of revenues over expenses of $7,875 in the Education Foundation an approximate increase of 98% from March. Excess revenues over expenses in the AAAA club were $-354, an approximate decrease of 136% over the same period. Closing Comments: You will find in this issue of the CloudBouncer a one page summary of both the Education Foundation and the AAAA Club Statement of Receipts and Disbursements with Budget Comparison along with illustrative Pie Charts, which I hope you will take the time to review. I welcome any questions, comments, or thoughts for improvement. Dick Rice

July Events 8th- Flying Committee, Ways and Means , Ed Committee meetings 6pm 14th - Flying Event – Balloon Fiesta Park. 530am Registration 6am Briefing

ADVERTISING RATES Full Page……$110.00 Half Page…….$55.00 Quarter Page..$28.00 Eighth Page…$14.00

15th - Board Meeting @ Balloon Fiesta Office, 6pm 21st – Top Gun. 5:30am Registration 23rd – General Meeting @ Balloon Museum 6:30pm *Teaser* Press Club has offered to host a

Saturday event at the club on August 3. They will open the club for us at 4pm that day for the AAAA carnival and potluck.

AUGUST Events 3rd – AAAA Carnival in the Press Club at 4pm 5th - Flying Committee Meeting & Ways & Means Meeting 10th – Flying Event ( Rio Rancho ) Reg. 6am Brief, 6:30am 12th - Ed Committee Meetings 6pm 17th– Top Gun Flying Event Reg. 6am Brief 6:30am 19th – Board Meeting Balloon Fiesta Office, 6pm 24th – AAAA Picnic ( in Cloudbouncer minutes) 27th - General Meeting @ The Balloon Museum 6:30pm

Classified Advertisements $2 per 50-characterline; prepaid only All prepaid advertisements

“All advertisements must be prepaid with a Credit Card. The deadline for advertisements is the third Friday of the month. Email advertisements to Beth Wright-Smith pbtsmith@lobo.net An invoice will then be emailed as well as payment instructions.”

JULY 23rd GENERAL MEETING . David Craft of the National Weather Service presenting his final session discussing the Four Seasons of Weather in the Rio Grande Valley.


If you are wondering what areas of the Fiesta Park are being used for non ballooning events, Beth has given us a diagram of the sectors. Thanks Beth!


PILOT TRAINING/DPE From the most experienced instructor in the Southwest! Call Beth Wright-Smith at Airborne Heat. 505-604-2865 or email, pilotschool@lobo.net. FAA approved Part 141 school; flexible schedules. Awarded the contract to instruct FAA personnel. Designated Pilot Examiner-call for your checkride! Also see www.airborneheat.com and like us on Facebook

HOT AIR BALLOON FOR SALE: Ready to fly the skies $18,000 with N1783D

$15,000 with new N#

Cameron VIVA 77 envelope Contact Dianna Piles @ 760-617-5750 or 760-249-5945 Or E-Mail address: argonauttoocool@gmail.com Has flown Dawn Patrol at Albuquerque Fiesta and Red Rock Rally in Gallup, NM several times. Hours on 1996 envelope: 223. Mark IV burners. Basket in good condition with new suede bolster (2006). Ball Variometers instruments. Five 10 gallon Worthington tanks 3 masters and 2 slaves. Fully enclosed 1998 trailer painted with unique design including the balloon on both sides. 36" inflator fan (3 blade flex fan) with 8 horse Honda engine (Skeeter built). Plus much more included in trailer. Just hook up the trailer & you are ready to fly.

AAAA on the internet www.hotairballooning.org


WINDTALKER 505-891-1733




AAAA P.O. BOX 90160 ALBUQUERQUE, NM 87199-160

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2013 July Cloudbouncer  

Official publication of the Albuquerque Aerostat Ascension Association (AAAA) Hot Air Balloon Club.

2013 July Cloudbouncer  

Official publication of the Albuquerque Aerostat Ascension Association (AAAA) Hot Air Balloon Club.