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coming in. Dick had questions about the awards banquet expense and revenue. Education foundation doing okay we do not have the numbers for friends and lovers in the report as report is through January. Any questions please contact Dick.

AAAA Board Meeting Minutes Board Meeting 02-18-13 Meeting called to order by Mike Garcia -President at 6:00pm Board Members in attendance: Mike Garcia, Peter Cuneo, Diana Rutz, Dick Rice, Colleen Johnson, Jennifer Greenwood, Tom Fisher, Craig Pendleton, Keith Lutz, Mike Gonzales Guest: Michelle Lutz-Ways and Means Secretary: Diana has been working non-stop on the database now that the secretary’s computer is fully functioning. Diana has created an archive of the database through 02-11-13 Sam has been given extract files so that he may also create an archive. All records of past non-active members from 2011 and prior have been removed from the new database. Current status of the database-445 Active members 2013 17-Active Trade Memberships 13Records under investigation 266-Deactivated members 2012 renewals not received as of 02-18-13 2- Deceased Members Deactivated 1- Junior member removed per application 4-2012 Corporate members awaiting 2013 Corporate applications from Ways and Means. 430 member’s cards have been given to Jennifer Garcia to send with elections ballots. Treasurer: Things are looking up significantly treasures report has been emailed to everyone today. We are ahead compared to budget as the membership renewal monies have been steadily

Vice-President: in an effort to make my successor’s job easier I have lined up speakers through June. Details will be in the cloud bouncer. Peter’s neighbor Marlee is going to Luxembourg and would like to take ballooning items from Albuquerque balloonist to take to the balloonist in Europe. If you have any extra pins or items that you would like to send to Luxembourg with Marlee please contact Peter. Peter has started digitizing the cloud bouncers he has digitalized 1995 so far. Special Events: Friends and Lovers turned out well; Colleen believes that we have actually made a profit on the rally. We will not know until we get final numbers from Dick. Education: Private pilot ground school ready to go and is full. Commercial Ground school is in April registration is on the website registration deadline is April 17th Tom has prepared a report of likes/dislikes for the joint BFA Seminar. Will be included in the Tom’s board report in the Cloud bouncer. Crew Development: Two members from the committee have plans on retiring Craig is looking for individuals to volunteer for Crew D. We are looking to start up our post flying event mini safety seminar in March. April 6 land owner relations class spots are still available please contact Craig to register. Community Relations: Landowner hotline is currently disconnected Jennifer is going to contact Verizon to find out more. Website meeting needs to schedule with the subcommittee meeting is scheduled on Wednesday the February 20 at 5 pm balloon fiesta office. Flying events: March flying event march 10th partnered with New Mexico search and rescue. As our charitable program. This is also part of their training of the horses to be around balloons, this particular search and rescue is all volunteers. July 15th save the date for the Ice cream Social.

Ways and Means: Happy hours are a huge success. Next happy hour is March 5th at Stone face. This is a 21 and over event. Stone face will give the club 10% of sales. We will be having a membership drive at the happy as well. The first ever AAAA pool tournament was a huge success. We received the 2013 AAAA Pins they are available for purchase at upcoming events and meetings. During friends and lovers we sold 100 pins and have eliminated the excess of prior year pins that were sold as gab bags. We are requesting donations for the Silent Auction and Raffles for March Meeting. We have a lot of non-ballooning items in need of more balloon related items. Doors for the March meeting will open at 5:30

as the hope is to have real time data on the new website. New Business: Keith had participants question him about the behavior of more than one person at the Friends and lovers tailgate that were not acting appropriately at the end of the event when children were still present. All Members need to remember that there are children at our events and we need to keep this awareness during events an act appropriately. Keith has also brought up enforcing or policing the Flying altitude restrictions during our events. Keith will be taking this issue to the Flying events committee to create a policy or a practice to enforce issues of this nature.

Nominations : Jennifer need Bio’s for all members that are rerunning for their positions please email your Bio to Jennifer no later than Monday 25th of February. All ballots will be sent on March 7th , 2012. Unfinished business: Website meeting on Wednesday. Club insurance paper work has been filled out for IMC and Schantz agency, waiting on quotes. Pins and Patches: Diana has received the quote from Pinz – Diana request approval to place order. After discussion on the contents of the new member pack (pin, patches, window decal) it was questioned how many individuals still collect or wear patches. A motion was place for approval – Keith - motioned that we fulfill the new member pack as described to new members this will include the patch. Diana will order 250 patches to fulfill the new member packs that are owed to members. Once we eliminate the supply of 250 we will eliminate the patches from new member’s packs. Motion was passed by board vote. Wind talker: Mike ran into a situation with the announcing Top Gun Event for yesterday. Al has put the information on there. Prior it was used for informational purposes why are we not using in this capacity currently. Currently Al Lowenstein is the only member that has access to change the messages but it could be used a great tool for information’s purposes. Wind talker wind equipment is old and breaks down often the technology is dead. Phone line is the reason the wind talker had gone down. The phone line needs to be replaced completely. Adding this to the subcommittee for Website meeting on Wednesday

AAAA General Meeting Minutes February 26, 2012 Meeting was called to order by President Mike Garcia at 6:30pm Guests: Kelsey Kellner Jason Moon Rory Woodworth

“Springtime Ballooning Weather Factors” Guest Speaker – David Craft David Craft identified keys to predicting windy spring weather conditions in the Rio Grande Valley. He showed photos of several clouds and other weather features associated with high winds aloft. These included cap clouds, lenticular clouds, Fohn walls and mountain and lee waves. He mentioned that the “mixing level” gives an indication of how soon high winds aloft will transfer to the lower altitudes that are significant to balloonists. With lower mixing levels indicating a more rapid arrival of high winds at the surface. His final thought was that a good rule of thumb is: Don’t’ fly if the sum of the forecast winds at 9,000 and 12,000 feet MSL is greater than 50 mph

Secretary report – Diana reported that the new computer is working great and has the 2013 version of Microsoft access. The old database has been archived, she has removed all inactive members from 2011 and prior. She updated the club on the status of the membership of AAAA. Membership cards have been printed and given to the nominations committee to send out with the 2013 Board Election Ballots.

Treasurer’s report –Financial statements and pie charts will be in the Cloudbouncer if any member has questions please contact Dick.

Vice President’s report –Peter announced the lineup for speakers for our upcoming meetings

April Speaker is scheduled to be Don Day on Behind the Scenes in the Command Room of the Red Bull Stratos Project. (We have purchased a plane ticket for Don so I think this is really a go!) May Speaker will be Dewey Reinhard on Reminiscences on Forty Plus Years in Ballooning. June Speaker is likely to be Mark and Elisa Trillanes & Lori Pitman on Ballooning in Annonay, France

Flying Events – The February flying event was cancelled due to weather. March Flying Event: Come out to our March 10 Flying Event at Balloon Fiesta Park to visit with and help raise money for New Mexico Mounted Search & Rescue. This all volunteer unit will be using our event to help train and condition their horses for events like AIBF. http://nmmsar.org/ Save the Date: We will be having an Ice Cream Social at the July Flying Event on Sunday July 14, 2013 at Balloon Fiesta Park. More monthly Flying Event themes and upcoming charitable giving opportunities are in the works… Stay Tuned!

Education: Private Ground School was a huge success we had thirty participants. Commercial Ground school will be held April 26, 27 & 28, 2013 Registration deadline April 17 $155* AAAA member, $175* non-members before April 8th after April 8th - $200* members and non-members Both BFA and Ground Schools are in/on CB and web sites

*Addition* Albuquerque Aerostat Ascension Association

Education Committee Report February 18, 2013 Summary Report AAAA/BFA On-Line Safety Seminar January 26, 2013


Personnel Value* 2.98

Troy Bradley – Long Jumps GPS/MAP technology Passenger Management/physiology Age related issues in ballooning, physical mental, and eye sight. Medical issues Many good comments on the topics presented, organization, lunch, location and adherence to schedule. Private Pilot Ground School

Safety Value* 3.05

BFA Ride 3.93 Division Land Owner 4.23 4.63 4.19 Relations Insurance 4.16 4.44 4.39 FARs 4.86 4.74 4.56 Tethers & 4.42 4.00 4.63 More Ready for a 4.65 4.09 4.42 Check Ride Weather 4.21 4.42 4.81 Preventive 3.21 3.35 3.77 Maintenance *Average rating obtained from the 43 submitted evaluation forms. We received 43 survey forms of which 32 marked the Overall Seminar Evaluation. result: average 4.5 Items most liked in seminar rank order: Weather FARs Ready for Check Ride Tether & More Items requiring improvement: Room too crowded Chairs uncomfortable Lunch time too short Handouts would be helpful Less discussion on BFA ride division Moderator needs to check local audience for questions Additional Speakers: More on FARs and weather and decision making process Morgan Braden – specifically about balloon accidents Legal aspects of the sport (not FAA), injury damage and land owner issues

Class is full and all is on schedule for this weekend February 22, 23 & 24, 2013

Commercial Pilot Ground School April 26, 27 & 28, 2013 Registration deadline April 17 $155* AAAA member, $175* non members before April 8th after April 8th - $200* members and non members Both BFA and Ground Schools are in/on CB and web sites.

Community Relations – Jennifer was absent from the meeting.

Crew Development- April 6th we will be having a mini-seminar on different types of balloon systems. Please contact Craig to reserve a spot for this free mini-seminar. *Addition* Do you have ideas for new classes and events to educate and involve crew members of AAAA? Then we would love to have you join our committee. We are seeking a few new members to create, organize, and present classes and events geared toward both experienced and novice crew. No qualifications required. Just a passion for cultivating good crew who are essential members of our balloon community. Email me at crew-dev@hotairballooning.org if you are interested or would like to discuss w hat we do further. Remember to register for our free Landowner Relations class coming up on April 6 from Noon-4:00 p.m. at the Albuquerque Inter national Balloon Fiesta office. While the seminar is free, we need you to register early so we can plan for seating and snacks. We have some great

topics and presenters planned including maps and PZs, approaching landowners, dealing with irate landowners, and legal issues. Any crew member may have interaction with a landow ner on any flight so this is a great educational opportunity for all crew members. Registration forms will be available at AAAA general meetings and flying events. Following the March flying event we will be resuming our balloon system introduction mini-seminar series. We will have demonstrations of both a Cameron and a Lindstrand system with discussion of their similarities and differences. Come get acquainted with a system you've not assembled before and ask questions of the pilots and crew.

Ways and Means – Happy hours are a huge success. Next happy hour is March 5th at Stone face. This is a 21 and over event. If you have any ballooning memorabilia that you would like to donate for the March meeting please talk with anyone at the ways and means table or items can be dropped off at Fiesta office.

Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta Albuquerque Convention & Visitors Bureau Anderson Abruzzo International Balloon Museum Discover Balloons Copperstate Bolt and Nut Company Crowne Plaza El Pinto Restaurant Bueno Foods Aerco Builders Source Cameron Balloons Bradens Beautiful Balloon Company Go Mini - Storage on the Go Clark Truck Equipment Rainbow Ryders Hyatt Regency Tamaya Resort and Spa Red Rock Balloon Rally Hilton of Santa Fe Life Sport Due to inclement weather we were not able to fly sponsors. A few pilots have agreed to fly sponsors on February 23, 2013. Thank you to all Pilots and Crews for participating in our event! Colleen Johnson

Special Events –Colleen thank everyone for their participation in this year’s Friends and Lovers Rally. It would not have been possible without the help of the Special Events Committee a huge thank you to all of them. *Addition* The Friends and Lovers Committee w ould like to thank all of the generous sponsors that helped make our event such a great success:

BFA- Blair Kaufman updated us on the success of the safety seminar and thanked all of the people who participated. FAA- No Report VFRS- We are working on the St. Patrick’s Day Rally that will be held in Belen, Anticipating the

have been sent if you have not received on please contact Don Boyer. Top Gun- will be in the cloudbouncer AAIBM- No Report

and the best fun! We had 19 pilots this month! Congratulations to Keith Takach for being February Top Gun Champion.

Top Gun March Event will be a 2-day event. March 23 & 24, 2013.

Commercial Pilot Ground School April 26, 27 & 28, 2013 Registration deadline April 17 $155* AAAA member, $175* non members before April 8th after April 8th $200* members and non members Both BFA and Ground Schools are in/on CB and web sites.

February Top Gun Event was Fantastic. Thank you Mike Garcia for being our Event Director. Thank you to all our scorers! Top Gun Tailgate was the biggest

Mark Your Calendars: May 25 - 27, 2013 Top Gun Competition Ballooon Club presents Rio Grande Classic New Mexico State Championships and SW Regional Championships. Pilots applications going out soon.

2013 AAAA Bio’s Peter Cuneo for Vice President: Peter Cuneo earned his private hot air rating in 1989 and subsequently added commercial and gas endorsements. He is a retired engineer and has been AAAA’s VP for the past two years. His main ongoing objective as VP is to provide the best possible speakers and venue for the monthly general meeting. He welcomes suggestions from AAAA members to achieve these goals.

Diana Rutz for Secretary: My name is Diana Rutz, I have been the AAAA Secretary for the last two years. I have worked hard on updating the database and fixing all the errors. I have finally made some head way in this endeavor with the new computer and updated access program. It has been my goal to ensure that all members are in the database correctly. I have had some hiccup is the last two years with this however I hate to leave a job unfinished, hopefully you as members have appreciated what I have done and will vote for me to continue what I have started so that the next secretary does not step into a mess as I did. Thank you for you vote.

Michelle Lutz for Ways & Means: My name is Michelle Lutz, I fell in love with ballooning 5 years ago when my husband and I moved to Albuquerque. I crewed at the 2009 Balloon Fiesta and started crewing with local pilots in Albuquerque and I love traveling to rallies in the US and Mexico. I'm a student pilot and co-own 2 balloons. My work with AAAA began in February of 2012 when I started helping Ways and Means. I immediately formed a great committee and we began to focus on fundraising and getting members together socially. The first idea I had was to bring our members together off the balloon field. The AAAA Happy Hour has been a huge success, introducing local small business to our group, bringing in new members and raising money while having a great time. The Happy Hour is open to anyone who wants to attend and it gives us an opportunity to talk to non-members about membership opportunities while raising money for

the club. Since the Happy Hours started many new members were introduced to AAAA and joined our family. Recent Happy Hours have seen up to 60 balloonists in attendance. In the summer I organized the Isotopes Baseball Game outing, where 110 people came out to the ballpark and had a great time. For the August Flying Event I worked with new sponsors and we had a great Ice Cream Social at no cost to AAAA. This past January I led the Flying Events Awards Banquet subcommittee to celebrate our 2012 winners. January also included a AAAA Pool Tournament fundraiser where 75 balloonists gathered to mingle and have a friendly pool competition with friends. I would like to continue my work with Ways and Means as your board member. I have proven this last year I am passionate, committed and effective at promoting the sport of hot air ballooning.

Colleen Johnson for Special Events: I am asking for your vote again for the board position Special Events Coordinator. The past two years have been challenging, but very rewarding. For those members who do not know me, the following information should give you an idea about my qualifications for this position. I am a Kindergarten Teacher at Tierra Antigua Elementary School. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management, and a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education. I started attending Balloon Fiesta in the late 70’s, my Grandmother Mary loved ballooning. I remember when she would look out her living room window during Fiesta and exclaim “there go my balloonies.” I share my grandmother’s love and passion for ballooning. I started crewing for a couple of balloons when I moved back to Albuquerque 10 years ago. I then purchased my first balloon, trained for my private license and fell in love with the sport. I have since obtained my commercial license and love flying competitively. My husband and I travel throughout Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico promoting ballooning at local schools and flying for many charity events. I have served on the board for Balloon Explorium, and volunteer my time to the city of Albuquerque teaching their children’s summer balloon camp. If I am elected to the board position, I would like to continue to bring the club exciting events. The

picnic has been a huge success; my wish is to expand the picnic to a two day event for those who would like to bring their campers. The Jingle Bell Rally was very successful this year; the Toys for Tots program couldn’t believe the generosity of our club. Thank you to all who participated in Friends and Lovers Balloon Rally, despite not being able to fly, everyone was very happy and had fun. The Chopped cook-off will be bigger and better next year; I am working on getting a celebrity judge to judge the contest. Thank you for the opportunity to serve as your Special Events Coordinator for the past two years. I look forward to being able to continue on in this position. Any suggestions to make special events better are greatly appreciated and I will try to do my best to implement them.

David Eichhorn for Special Events: David Eichhorn spent over 35 years in the US Air Force and retired a Major General in the Albuquerque area. He is especially suited to manage AAAA special events because he worked two air shows in the Boston area, one air show in Tullahoma, TN and the big 2009 Flight Test Nation Air Show at Edwards Air Force Base. He also orchestrated the 2009 Rosamond Dry Lake Bed Balloon event at Edwards and the 2010 civilian fly-in also on Rosamond Dry Lake Bed. He is a graduate of the University of Illinois with a BS in Electrical Engineering; California State University with an MS in Electrical Engineering and the Industrial College of the Armed Forces with an MS in National Resource Management. He is also a graduate of the Air Force Test Pilot School and an accomplished Test Pilot in fighter, bomber and tanker aircraft.

Amanda Molina for Community Relations: Summary of Training Experience Amanda Molina is a director level professional with experience in developing and implementing public relations strategies and tactics. Amanda has a proven track record of successfully facilitating meaningful engagements among clients and key opinion and community leaders. Amanda’s excellence in journalism and passion for client service combined with her successful marketing background provides clients a strong foundation in

public relations. Amanda has well-established local and regional media contacts, and is an active member of several industry and community organizations. Education New Mexico State University – Las Cruces, New Mexico Bachelor of Arts, Journalism and Mass Communication Training, Certifications, Special Skills Communication strategy and planning Writing Media relations Community relations Creative content development Corporate and special event planning and management Crisis communications/issue management Community Outreach: Board of Directors, Anderson-Abruzzo Albuquerque International Balloon Museum Foundation, Board of Directors Beta Sigma Phi City Council, TGG Different December: Casa Esperanza, Ronald McDonald House Charities. Business Outreach: Board of Directors, New Mexico Public Relations Society of American, New Mexico Chapter Employment History May 2008- Present The Garrity Group Public Relations Director of Public Relations Effectively manages client accounts; building awareness of client’s brand, product, services and vision. Facilitates meaningful engagements among clients and key opinion and community leaders. Organizes and manages community, internal and media events. Develops and executes event, social media and action plans.

Johnny Anthony for Community Relations: As a long time resident in Arizona, we used to attend the balloon rally called “Festival of Color” each fall. We were intrigued by the balloons and longed to be more a part of the activities. A

couple of times we traveled to Albuquerque to see the Balloon Fiesta and we were always in awe of the sights and sounds of the event. On a special trip to Australia in 1998 to celebrate our tenth wedding anniversary, Karen and I took a balloon ride over the Outback. I was hooked. I had to fly. We moved to Albuquerque in 2002. Within a couple of years, I was working at a software company and had the opportunity to begin crewing for a customer who came to Fiesta each year. Crewing for ten days out of the year was not enough, so when the opportunity to crew for friends popped up a few years ago we eagerly began crewing on a regular basis. We crewed locally, and went on trips to away rallies. We were totally hooked on this wonderful sport and had to have more. For more than a year, Karen and I talked about the possibility of owning and flying our own balloon. We discussed who would pursue getting a pilot certification because we would only be a one balloon family and didn’t want to fight over who got to fly the balloon. As it turned out, I was in a better (less volatile) career position to take time off and get a private pilot certification. We shopped around, and with the help of dear ballooning friends found the right system to take our ballooning adventure to the next level. We purchased our beloved Rising Star in Oct 2011. I began lessons with Beth Wright-Smith on Oct 31, 2011, soloed in December 2011, and finally had my check ride in April 2012. We have been flying high since then, but still also continue to crew for friends as often as possible too. In past endeavors I have had similar involvement in Community Relations. While attending college in Arizona, I served as chapter president and other positions of a business organization, Phi Beta Lambda, where I actively developed community programs. I was also a volunteer for an annual bike race in Southeastern Arizona called “La Vuelta de Bisbee� where I helped develop a web presence and advertising in multiple media outlets to promote this event.

We love ballooning and want to share it with as many interested people as possible. The Community Relations board position is a natural place for me to share our love of the sport and to introduce it in a positive light to members of the community. I have been a member of AAAA for about three years. Now that I am past the hectic schedule of training for my private pilot certification, it is time for me to take a more active role in the ballooning community. I love ballooning and want to give back to the community that has made flying possible for us. I would appreciate your vote for me for Community Relations board member, so that I may have the opportunity to share our sport with others.

Albuquerque Aerostat Ascension Association AAAA Education Foundation Treasurer’s Report January 31, 2013 COMMENTS: What an incredibly busy month. The dues checks just kept pouring in. Thank you all for your prompt response. I forgot how busy I get running to the Post Office and then the Bank. But as I have been telling you our, Financials have improved, so I guess it’s been w orth it. AAAA is w ell ahead of this time last year and Education Foundation should catch up in February once I get all the Friends and Lovers transactions recorded. CASH: Cash on hand January 31, 2013 in the Education Foundation w as $45,625, an approximate increase of 4% from December 31, 2012, and The AAAA Club cash w as $19,737, an approximate 35% increase from December 31, 2012. INCOME STATEMENT : At the end of January w e w ere show ing an excess of revenues over expenses of $3,059 in the Education Foundation an approximate decrease of 41% from January 31, 2012. Excess revenues over expenses in the AAAA club w ere $2,245, an approximate increase of 66% over the same period. Closing Com m ents: You w ill find in this issue of the CloudBounc er a one page summary of both the Education Foundation and the AAAA Club Statement of Receipts and Disbursements w ith Budget Comparison along w ith illustrative Pie Charts, w hich I hope you w ill take the time to review . I w elcome any questions, comments, or thoughts for improvement. Dick Rice Treasurer Treasurer@hotairballooning.or g

March Events


4TH - Flying Committee & Ways and Means 6pm

Full Page,.. ..$110.00

5TH – Happy Hour @ Stoneface 6:00pm

Half Page,,.$55.00

6th – Crew Development Meeting, 6pm

Quarter Page..$28.00 Eighth Page,$14.00

10th - Flying Event – Balloon Fiesta Field. 11th – Education Meeting, 6:30pm 18th – Board Meeting @ Balloon Fiesta Office, 6pm 23rd / 24th

– Top Gun Flying Event Reg. 6:30 Brief 7:00am

26th – General Meeting @ Balloon Museum 6:30pm

Classified Advertisements $2 per 50-characterline; prepaid only All prepaid advertisements

APRIL Events 2nd – Happy Hour at Cazuela's 8TH - Flying Committee Meeting & Ways & Means Meeting 8TH - Ed Committee Meetings 6pm 13th – Flying Event ( Rio Rancho ) Reg 615am Brief 645am 15th – Board Meeting Balloon Fiesta Office, 6pm 21st – Top Gun Flying Event Reg. 6am Brief 630am 23rd - General Meeting @ The Balloon Museum 6:30pm 26th/27th/28th – Comm Ground School 5pm AIBF


“All advertisements must be prepaid with a Credit Card. The deadline for advertisements is the third Friday of the month. Email advertisements to Beth Wright-Smith pbtsmith@lobo.net An invoice will then be emailed as well as payment instructions.”

March 26, 2013 Election – No Speaker


Your club is looking for you! The current seats that are open are as follows: Vice President, Secretary, Special Events, Ways & Means, Community Relations! We are a great club and strive to be our best, please join the board and be part of the movement! We will be having elections at the March 26th Meeting! If you are interested, please see Jennifer Garcia. You can email her at jgarcia@balloonfiesta.com with any questions or concerns.

CL@SSIFIED @DS PILOT TRAINING From the most experienced instructor in the Southwest! Call Beth Wright-Smith at Airborne Heat. 505-604-2865 or email, pilotschool@lobo.net. FAA approved Part 141 school; flexible schedules. Now awarded the contract to instruct FAA personnel. Also see www.airborneheat.com.

AAAA on the internet www.hotairballooning.org


WINDTALKER 505-891-1733




AAAA P.O. BOX 90160 ALBUQUERQUE, NM 87199-160

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2013 March Cloudbouncer  

Official publication of the Albuquerque Aerostat Ascension Association (AAAA) Hot Air Balloon Club.

2013 March Cloudbouncer  

Official publication of the Albuquerque Aerostat Ascension Association (AAAA) Hot Air Balloon Club.