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Bo[r^ of Dir_]tors PRESIDENT Mike Garcia Ph: 505 274 9301 mike1dwn@msn.com

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EDUCATION Tom Fisher Ph: 505 681-7202 education@hotairballooning.org

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Please submit your photographs for possible addition to the Coudbouncer at Editor@hotairballooning.org Remember to say when and where it was taken. Thanks, Pat

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script that will allow Diana to access and make changes to the database content until the windows issue can be resolved. Treasurer’s report – Dick has emailed the financial statements to the board any questions or concerns just give Dick a call. Currently the Education fund is reflecting a loss of $150.00 the General Fund is currently reflecting a loss of $1000.00 Vice President’s report – Absent Special Events –Absent

AAAA Board Meeting Minutes January, 21,2013 Meeting was called to order by President Mike Garcia at 6:00pm Membe rs in Attendance - Mike Garcia, Diana Rutz, Dick Rice, Keith Lutz, Mike Gonzales, Tom Fisher Absent: Peter Cuneo, Craig Pendleton, Colleen Johnson Guest: Brian w/lobo net, Beth Wright-Smith, Jennifer Garcia, Michelle Lutz. Guest: Brian with lobo net came to discuss what they can offer the club in regards to designing and hosting the AAAA website. Beth updated the board on the EPC meeting that was recently held. Beth as well as others went to support the ballooning community at this meeting. Beth spoke to the committee about AAAA and the various committees we have as well as what we provide to the community. One of the commissioners suggested that AAAA become more proactive in the media. Beth has suggested that AAAA create a Public Relations Committee utilizing AAAA members that are in the field of PR. Secretary report – Renewals were sent out. Rick from Intel has been working on the database; he has programmed the search option which is functioning perfectly. Diana continues to have issues with the new laptop as Microsoft has quit functioning due to the incorrect product key. Diana, Keith and Rick from Intel spent four hours restoring the computer to factory settings. Rick has installed a runtime

Education –Saturday is the BFA/AAAA Online Safety Seminar. There are limited seats available to participate in person. Private ground school will be held in February registration is up on the website. Crew Development- Craig was absent however he emailed Mike to update the board on the seminar being held on April 6, 2013 land own the landowner relations class. Ways and Means – Mike has been contacting previous and potential corporate sponsors. IMC has requested that we update their information in the Cloudbouncer. Eleven sponsors from 2012 will be receiving a framed collection of all the pins from 2012. We have made sponsors aware that they will receive their complete set of pins at the end of each year. We are looking for donations for the silent auction held at the March general meeting. Donation drop times and dates will be in the Cloudbouncer. The committee has requested that the doors be open at 5:30 for the March meeting, this will ensure that members have time to browse the silent auction without disturbing the actual meeting. Our next happy hour is January 29 at Billie’s long bar. Februarys happy hour will be at Stone face Tavern more information will be in the Cloudbouncer and on our Facebook page. Michelle has created a twitter account for AAAA, if you use twitter the user name is @aaaaBQaaaa171 Community Relations – Jennifer has only received inquiries about Friends and Lovers on the hotline.

Flying Events – The Flying event committee is still having issues getting volunteers for scoring at the monthly events. They are working on an incentive for pilots who volunteer to assist in scoring. This incentive will be similar to the points given to the pilot that volunteers to be the hound during the event. Old Business – Website redesign and hosting by Lobonet. Dick motioned to move forward with Lobonet redesigning the website and hosting it for the club. Keith seconded the motion the board voted to approve the motion. The board also created a committee to oversea and assists Lobonet with the redesign Jennifer, Diana Tom and Keith will be on the committee. Mike will be following up with the various insurance agencies that offer Club insurance. ,ew Business – it is time to start soliciting nominations for awards, The Bob Ruppenthal Education Award and the “Slim” Rawley Crew Award. Nominations must be submitted by the last day of February. For more information on the criteria for nominations please visit the AAAA website and read the history and awards section that have details on each individual award. It was announced that Mike Garcia has stepped down from his position on the Top Gun Board. Keith Lutz has agreed to take over the position. Ways and Means committee have the board with a Business Discount Agreement that will be used to formally make agreements with various business in Albuquerque to give discounts to AAAA members. The agreement details all requirements of the Club as well as the Business. Once a business has signed up the Ways and Means committee will send all agreements to the board to vote and approve the agreement. Keith motioned to purchase a new PA Speaker for the Club with a stand that is priced $561.75 from Grandma’s Music. This PA system will be used a monthly flying events and meetings. Diana seconded the motion board voted motion was approved.

AAAA General Meeting Minutes January 22, 2013 Meeting called to order at 6:30 by Mike Garcia Review of AAAA Waiver Presented by Keith Lutz-Flying Events and John DeWitt-FAA Waive r coverage: Why a Waiver? AAAA events listed in the waiver 5nm radius from the event site, Current AAAA members or pre-identified to the FAA, fully registered at the event, US Pilots that are “current”, Balloons that are “current” Non-US pilots or experimental balloons must be approved by the FAA. Requires 5 days notice. • True or False: Instruction or certification flights are allowed under our waiver? • TRUE! Student pilots flying solo may fly under our waiver?

• FALSE! Corporate banners or balloons may be flown under our waiver? • TRUE! Balloons for hire may fly under our waiver? FALSE! Launching: “…in, into, or over a congested area or an open air assembly of persons, shall require the pilot to be in a continuous normal rate of climb until an altitude of 500’ AGL is attained” Altitude minimums: 1. 500’ above the nearest obstacle within a 500’ horizontal radius of the balloon* 2. 75’ AGL within 1000’ of a target 3. SFC within 200’ scoring area * 200’ from people & objects over open water or sparsely populated areas Spectator Areas: “…balloons shall not be Descending while flying Over these spectator areas Ground Contact & Landing: • Pilots allowing their Balloons to make ground contact within 200 ft from the center of the target but not landing within 200 ft. from the center of the target will be penalized 500 points. • Pilots landing their balloons within 200 ft. from the center of the target will be disqualified from the competition and therefore lose all points for that event. • Pilots landing their balloons within 500 ft. from the center of the target must deflate and pack up the balloon as soon as is safely possible. Secretary report – If Membership renewals have been sent, if you did not receive one please contact Diana. Treasurer’s report – Get you dues in Dick will be at the BFA Safety Seminar if you wish to bring your renewal then. Pie Charts will be in the Cloudbouncer any questions or concerns please contact Dick.

Vice President’s report –Peter updated the members on status of upcoming speakers. There will be a lot of great speakers this year. There will be no speaker at the March general meeting due to the board elections. We are currently floating the idea of digitalizing past years Cloudbouncer for use on the website. If you have any comments or suggestions, feel there is a need or not to embark on this project please contact Peter to discuss. Flying Events: Congratulations to the 2012 Flying Event Champion Ray Bair. Forty pilots registered for the January flying event. Please share your photos on our Facebook page. We have made minimal changes to the scoring for flying events for 2013 please see Keith for details. We are still seeking volunteers for scoring at our monthly meetings please contact Keith if you are interested. Education: There are still 10 spots left for the BFA Safety Seminar being held on Saturday at the Balloon Fiesta Office. Plenty of spots left online. Registration is opened for Private Pilot Ground School being held in February and Commercial Ground School being held in March, Registration is on the AAAA website. Crew Development: Land Owner Relations class will be held on April 6, 2013 at the Balloon Fiesta Offices from Noon to 4pm. This seminar is Free and Registration is required. Max of 40 people for this class so register soon. To register email Craig Pendleton at crew-dev@hotairballooning.org or at any of the upcoming AAAA Flying Events or Meetings. Ways and Means: We are currently seeking new Corporate Sponsor is you know of anyone or would like to be a corporate sponsor please contact one of the ways and means committee members for more details. We have a new Sponsor this year Pins Patches and Ect. This vendor has been providing the pins for ways and means and will give the club $25.00 in credit for each new order placed by an AAAA Member. Special Events: Friends and Lovers Rally is going to be a Super Event this year. Crew Competitions have been announces and official rules are available. Friday night will be the Scavenger hunt

and Decorate your Baggie contest. Saturday Morning GPS target and throw Saturday during tailgate The Chopped Tailgate Champion. Community Relations: No Report Top Gun – Report will be in the Cloudbouncer. BFA – Blair thanked all the people from AAAA education committee for all their efforts with this weekend’s BFA safety seminar. BFA is continuing to research low renewal rated and are actively recruiting new members for BFA. If you are not a current member and wish to join please contact Blair Kaufman. Summer camps will be happening again this year. VFRS- Invitations for the St. Patrick’s Day Rally were sent out today. Please contact Don Boyer for further information. Fiesta- We will be having a planning session on Saturday for the 2013 AIBF. March 4, 2013 Registration will be open. Balloon M useum- We are continuing to do “Stories in the Sky” Friday night movies is huge success. We are getting ready to unveil a new permanent display of Ballooning in Albuquerque.

Happy February! Hope you all have sent in your membership renewal or have renewed at the meetings. We have great things going on in the club, private pilot ground school, mini seminars, and awards. It is that time to start thinking of your friends and fellow pilots or crew members for the following awards:

Bob Ruppenthal Education Award First awarded in 1981, this award is made to an AAAA member who has contributed significantly to the education of others in the area of balloon safety and operation. This person must have contributed significantly in time and effort and must have participated actively in the organization and/or instruction of ground schools and safety seminars for AAAA and the ballooning community at large. Written nominations must be submitted to the AAAA Board of Directors prior to the last day of February.

Allan Jones Volunteer Award This award, formerly known as the AAAA Volunteer of the Year Award, was first awarded in 1991. The award was renamed in honor of respected AAAA member and volunteer Allan Jones who died in a powerline accident during the 1993 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. This award is presented to an AAAA member who has contributed significantly in time and effort to the operation of the club and/or to ballooning in the community. In addition, the recipient must have participated actively on at least one standing committee or had significantly contributed to the bettering of relations between the ballooning community and the public at large. The solicitation for this award is not published. Members of the Board of Directors are solicited at the January and February meetings for nominations. Candidates may also be chosen from the nominees for the Bob Ruppenthal Award

“Slim” Rawley Crew Award The P.B. "Slim" Rawley Crew award, named in honor of AAAA member and volunteer P.B. "Slim" Rawley who died in 1999, was first awarded in 2000. This award is presented to an AAAA member who is a balloon crew member who has contributed significantly in time and effort to the operation of the club and/or to ballooning in the community. In addition, the recipient must have participated actively on at least one standing committee or had significantly contributed to the bettering of relations

between the ballooning community and the public at large. Send nominations to either the emails on the website, president@hotairballooning.org or mail your nomination in to: AAAA Board of Directors P.O. Box 4091 Albuquerque, NM 87196

--Mike Garcia

AAAA Awa rds Banquet… February 26, 2013 - David Craft (NWS) - Spring Flying in the Rio Grande Valley

Congratulations to Ray Bair, our 2012 AAAA Flying Events Champion!

March 26, 2013 – Election – No Speaker April 23, 2013 – Don Day - Behind the Scenes at Felix Baumgartner’s Command Center May 28, 2013 – Dewey Reinhard - Reminiscences from a Distinguished Career in LTA Other Topics – An effort is under way to digitize back issues of the AAAA Newsletter - The Cloudbouncer and to post these on our website. Kathy Smith has donated hard copies (mostly 1990’s) for scanning earlier year’s hard copies are solicited.

Secretary report - None

Treasurer’s report –Financial statements and pie charts will be in the Cloudbouncer if any member has questions please contact Dick.

Ray and the rest of the Top 20 pilots of 2012 received awards and recognition at the Awards Banquet held at the Courtyard Marriott on January 5th. Michelle Lutz and the rest of the volunteers organized a great event with food, drinks, dancing and lots of fun! We sold 107 tickets to the event, and we held a prize raffle that brought in $422 and a silent auction that raised $973 to help cover our costs. Thanks to everyone that attended and to all that helped suppor t the event!

Education Committee Report Albuquerque Aerostat Ascension Association Educat ion Committee Report January 14, 2013

BFA Online Safety Seminar – January 26, 2012 – 6:45 AM MST to 3 PM MST Register on-line through BFA web-site or this form, space limited for on-site. Cost $45 AAAA members, $50 non AAAA members The BFA is handling all technical issues for this seminar. The Agenda is set. (45 minutes per presentation) (10 minutes between presentations) 12 have signed up. Pr ivate Pilot Ground School February 22, 23 & 24, 2013 Registration deadline Feb. 13 $155* AAAA member, $175* non members before Feb. 4th after Feb 4th - $200* members and non members. The agenda is set. Ten have signed up.

Commercial Pilot Gr ound School April 26, 27 & 28, 2013 Registration deadline April 17 $155* AAAA member, $175* non members before April 8th after April 8th - $200* members and non members Both BFA and Ground Schools are in/on CB and web sites. Video on AAAA web site

A person by the name of Gordon Schwontkowski indicates that Quad A Education has posted a video of his 2010 BFA seminar presentation online. He is asking that we take this video down and notify me to this effect immediately. Mr. Schwontkowski repor ts no one contacted him regarding the posting of this material and he would not have authorized it had he been asked. He created this PPT presentation for the BFA's one-time use in an online seminar format and no other usage. He went on to explain that it contains both copyrighted material as well as images other balloonists have asked be removed from circulation. Posting it exposes both the author and Quad A to all kinds of liability and ill will, and those kinds of messes don't clean up fast or easy. I am following up with Tom G. and Don Edwards and should have an answer by the board meeting...

AAAA Education Committee provides safety seminar from BFA On January 26, 2013, the Education Committee held a safety seminar at Fiesta office that became a webinar for BFA. The seminar was an 8 hour back to basic seminar. AeroTech, with two technicians, and Glen Moyer were present to provide the on line feed for the BFA members attending the seminar. There were 53 on-site participants and speakers attending and there were up to 300 on- line balloonists listening to the seminar. Questions for the speakers came from online attendees. The start time for the seminar seemed early to us here in Albuquerque, but was 9 AM on the east coast and 6 AM on west coast. Attached are a few photos of what the room looked like during the seminar. AAAA members can take great pride in how well the seminar was conducted and in the equipment our club owns to be able to provide the AVs needed for such a seminar.

Community Relations – Jennifer had no request this month.

The crew is usually the first person(s) that a landowner will meet when we land on private proper ty. It is important that this first impression be positive to allow for a happy experience for ever yone involved and to avoid creating new PZs. Please encourage your crews to join us for a *free* Landow ner Relations class on April 6, Noon-4:00 p.m. at the AIBF office. Snacks and drinks will be provided. We will be star ting our System Over view series back up following the March flying event at Balloon Fiesta Par k. This is a great opportunity for crew to discover similarities and differences between systems from different manufacturers, what they look like, how they are assembled, how to handle them, etc. Each balloon will have pilots and/or crew available to entertain questions. Please join us during tailgate time on March 10 for a look at setups from Cameron and Lindstrand.

Corporate Sponsors A big Thank You to our Corporate Sponsors who have been suppor ting AAAA for many years: Platinum Sponsors: AIBF Kirtland Federal Credit Union Air Rocky Top Gold Sponsors: T.H.E. Insurance Agency Airborne Heat Wells Fargo

Silver Sponsors: The Schantz Agency Red Rock Balloon Rally IMC Balloon Agency Discover Balloons Lindstrand Balloons AAAA is looking for new sponsors. If you, or anyone you know, w ould like to become a corporate sponsor with AAAA please email Ways & Means @ waysmeans@hotairballooning.org. We are currently looking to form new par tnerships with additional corporate sponsors. We have one new gold level sponsor for the coming year. Gar y Anderson from Pins Patches Etc. has signed on for a Gold Corporate Membership. Gary Anderson has agreed to again give the club back $25 for ever y new client he retains if they tell him they are a AAAA member. He does outstanding work and has really great prices. Gary is extremely reputable, patient and has come up with some amazing pin designs. He truly enjoys what he does and stands behind his product. You can order pin with Gary by emailing him @ Pinz711@aol.com or calling him directly 1-877-2461705. We will only get credit if you tell him you are a AAAA member. March General Meeting: March is the big General Meeting prize drawing. Please donate items we can include in the drawing/silent auction. We have some fun things already. Nice themed baskets, Isotopes tickets basket, pin sets, and more... The members’ donations make this drawing great! Collection opportunities are: Januar y 26 @ Pool Tournament @ Fox and Hound, Januar y 29th @ Happy Hour Billy's Long Bar, February 9, 10, 11 @ Friends and Lovers Balloon Rally, February 26th @ General Meeting, Last chance March 10th @ flying event. You could also drop of your donations @ AIBF offices with Jennifer Garcia. Deadline for donations is March 10th Happy Hour/Quarterly Happenings: Januar y event at Billy's Long Bar Januar y 29 @ 6pm March Happy Hour will be at Stoneface March 5 @ 6pm. The club will be given 10% back from our checks. Thank you Stoneface! New Pins for 2013 have been ordered! Find us on facebook for updates and information.

El Pinto Copperstate Bolt and ,ut Co. Albuquerque Convention Visitors Bureau Clark Truck Equipment Discover Balloon Friends and Lovers preparation is in full swing, the event is February 8, 9, and 10th. The event kicks off with a Crew, Pilot, and Sponsor reception at the Balloon Museum on Friday, February 8th. AAAA members will be invited to a private showing of the new exhibit "We fill the sky with dreams" at 4:30 p.m. with our reception to follow. Part of the crew competition will take place at the museum. Saturday, crews and pilots will compete in several different events. Competition will be held at Fiesta on the Green. Please see our Crew Competition flyer for details. Keith Lutz will have information regarding the pilot targets/competition. Sunday will wrap up our event with an awards brunch at the Crowne Plaza after flying. We have some great prizes for crew and pilots. Registration is free for AAAA members before January 31, 2013. After that time it is $50.00. Pins have been delivered. T-shirts are being printed as we speak.

Red Rocks Balloon Rally Rainbow Ryders Aerco Builders Source Bueno Foods Go Mini - Storage on the go Cameron Balloons Bradens Life Sport

Sponsors for the Friends and Lovers Rally *

Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta Anderson Abruzzo International Balloon Museum


Thank You Mike Garcia for being the Event Director and calling three challenging tasks. A special Thank You to our scorers, Jerry Shreve, Bill Kennedy, Dan Talbert, Fred Peek, BFA- In General Meeting Minutes FAA- No Report VFRS – In General Meeting Minutes

Alan Cannaday and Shelly Cannaday. Our next flying event will be Sunday, February 17th.

January's Top Gun event was a success with 11 participating pilots resulting with Neil Jackson coming in first place with a score of 2592 and our January Top Gun Champion. Second place went to Jonathan Wright with a score of 2228. Third place went to Steven Adams with a score of 1955, and Forth place going to Jason Buckner with a score of 1864.


Wyoming in Laramie. Bob had never done one of these before, but he ended up designing, writing contracts, and supervising the building of this complicated project, which won several engineering awards, because a) it was a new concept for a university, b) it used an energy source that Wyoming had in abundance, c) it was relatively emissions-clean, d) it would heat the entire campus, e) it replaced an old worn-out system, and f) it worked. This project gained Bob an additional engineering reputation, and led to another outrageous heating project for the Coyote-Gallina School District (north of Cuba, NM) which uses firewood. Which also worked. Robert Lee Ruppenthal, R.I.P. 19 June 1932 – 22 December 2012 Mary and I met Bob and Marge in the spring of 1973. Bob, already an accomplished fixed-wing pilot, was teaching himself to fly a hot-air balloon. Out near Cubero, NM. When he assumed he could handle the balloon, he came to the west mesa to fly with others of us who thought we could fly a balloon. My first encounter with Bob was not terribly cordial. That is, I was screaming at my ground crew, which is what we did in 1973, and Bob was screaming at his ground crew, and that did not seem to portend friendship. But when we were all calm, which was when we were NOT flying balloons notably after flying and after a minimum of two beers - we became friends. We told stories. Real pilots called that post-flying interlude Αdebriefing≅ - balloon pilots called that type of session stories about how we had escaped death or maiming once again, and weren=t we good, and maybe a little lucky. And did we learn anything? Many of you know ballooning stories about Bob, and some of them are true. Like the time he and a British Airways pilot crashed into a Volkswagen at Art Janpol Motors. Or the time he got into his airplane and buzzed around the west mesa looking for our lost balloon-pilot son. Or the time when he was trying to get the morning=s high school band in the school bus into Balloon Fiesta Park and the police aid would not let him. Or the time he signed a contract on the back of a cocktail napkin. But I want to focus on a couple other attributes of Bob that perhaps some of you do not know. Bob was a mechanical engineer. One of his projects was a coal-fired boiler plant for the University of

The other aspect of Bob=s abilities relates to his curiosity about all things mechanical, and his further ability to find an old rusted machine, take it apart, remove all the rust, re-machine or build what was broken or absent, and then put it back together again. Every one of these projects to my knowledge, when he got done with it, also worked. Many years ago, after a couple bird-hunting trips together, where I was using an old LC Smith double-barrel shotgun, Bob said to me, ΑGive me that gun - I want to learn to checker and to engrave. I will give it back to you either ruined, or beautiful.≅ About a year later, the old beat-up shotgun came back to me. It is an original Ruppenthal engraved and checkered work of art. There is even a pheasant on one side, a duck on the other side, and an inlaid gold crown on the grip. You should see it! Bob was one of those dearest of friends who only got mad at me twice - once when I tried to stop him from punching out a Balloon Fiesta sponsor, and the other time when he was angry about something, about which I never learned. We talked a lot in the last few years, and we stopped in Chama occasionally to see Bob and Marge. Sometimes when Bob was in Albuquerque on business, he would stay overnight with us. In Αhis≅ MUDHOUSE, which he designed and helped Mary and me build - a little apartment out back. Next to the horse and the goats. He loved it, and we loved having him. Mary always made him her special cherry pie. We shall miss Bob, and all the stories we told over and over, some of which are true. Tom McConnell Spoken at the memorial service in Santa Fe, Tuesday, January 22, 2012

Albuquerque Aerostat Ascension Association AAAA Education Foundation Treasurer’s Report December 31, 2012 COMMENTS: Both entities, the Club & the Foundation are doing better than at this time last year. As I told you last month we will see membership activity in January and Friends & Lovers in February, both of which will have a significant positive effect on our financial position. CASH: Cash on hand December 31, 2012 in the Education Foundation was $45,625, an approximate decrease of 1% from November 30, 2012, and The AAAA Club cash was $14,603, an approximate 1% decrease from November 30, 2012. INCOME STATEMENT: At the end of December we were showing an excess of expenses over revenues of $153 in the Education Foundation an approximate decrease of 111% from November 30, 2012. Excess expenses over revenues in the AAAA club were $3,062, an approximate increase of 18% over the same period. Closing Comments: You will find in this issue of the CloudBouncer a one page summary of both the Education Foundation and the AAAA Club Statement of Receipts and Disbursements with Budget Comparison along with illustrative Pie Charts, which I hope you will take the time to review. I welcome any questions, comments, or thoughts for improvement. Dick Rice Treasurer Treasurer@hotairballooning.org

FEBRUARY Events 4TH - Flying Committee Meeting & Ways & Means Meeting 5th -

Crew Development Meeting, 6pm

ADVERTISING RATES Full Page*.. ..$110.00 Half Page**.$55.00

9TH - 10th Friends & Lovers Rally Reg. 6:30am Brief. 7:00am

Quarter Page..$28.00

11TH - Ed Committee Meetings 6pm

Eighth Page*$14.00

17th – Top Gun Flying Event Reg. 6:15 Brief 6:45am 18th – Board Meeting Balloon Fiesta Office, 6pm 22nd/23rd/24th – Private Ground School 26th - General Meeting @ The Balloon Museum 6:30pm 28th – Award Nominations Due

Classified Advertisements $2 per 50-characterline; prepaid only All prepaid advertisements

March Events 4TH - Flying Committee & Ways and Means 6pm 5TH – Happy Hour @ Stoneface 6:00pm

6th – Crew Development Meeting, 6pm 10th - Flying Event – Rio Rancho Field. 11th – Education Meeting, 6:30pm 18th – Board Meeting @ Balloon Fiesta Office, 6pm 23rd – Top Gun Flying Event Reg. 6:30 Brief 7:00am 26th – General Meeting @ Balloon Museum 6:30pm


“All advertisements must be prepaid with a Credit Card. The deadline for advertisements is the third Friday of the month. Email advertisements to Beth Wright-Smith pbtsmith@lobo.net An invoice will then be emailed as well as payment instructions.”

David Craft (NWS) Spring Flying in the Rio Grande Valley

AAAA 2013 Friends and Lovers Schedule of Events

Friday, February 8, 2013 4:30 p.m. – Balloon Museum exhibit special preview “We fill the sky with dreams” 5:00 – 8:00 p.m. – Reception for crew, pilots, and sponsors. Heavy appetizers will be served – cash bar. Crew chief/Pilot check in and scavenger hunt. Saturday, February 9, 2013 6:15 – 7:00 a.m. - Pilot Check in – Fiesta on the Green (Please do not park on the sidewalk in front of the pro shop). 7:00 a.m. – Mandatory Pilot brief 7:30 a.m. – Flying competition – weather permitting! 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 – Chopped tailgate competition (competition will begin one hour after pilot brief if we do not fly). 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. – GPS crew competition (competition will begin immediately if we do not fly). Targets will close 4 hours after the pilot target closes (4 hours after pilot brief if we do not fly). Sunday, February 10, 2013 6:15 – 7:00 a.m. - Pilot Check in – Fiesta on the Green (Please do not park on the sidewalk in front of the pro shop). 7:00 a.m. – Mandatory Pilot brief 7:30 a.m. – Flying competition – weather permitting! 10:00 a.m. – Awards brunch at the Crowne Plaza. Please remember that no dogs are allowed on Balloon Fiesta grounds. You must use the South entrance to Fiesta Park (Balloon Museum Drive), follow around to the west. Park in the golf course parking lot, do not park on the sidewalk in front of the Pro shop. The NORTH ENTRANCE will be CLOSED both Saturday and Sunday to balloonists due to a soccer tournament. We will enter the field from the South end to fly. Do not leave your vehicle on the field. You may not tailgate on the field, there is plenty of room at Fiesta on the Green for tailgating. Complimentary coffee and pastries will be available Saturday and Sunday morning. If you have any questions, please email Colleen Johnson at johnson_ec@aps.edu – Look forward to seeing you there!

Friends and Lovers Balloon Rally 2013 Official Crew Games Rules Your scores combined with your pilot target scores win the competition!

The cleverest crew will claim the g rand prize! You DO NOT have to compete in all categories, but doing so will insure you are one of the top 25 winners! The combined total of points from the scavenger hunt, chopped tailgate competition, and GPS targets, along with your pilots score will determine the official winners of the Friends and Lovers 2013 competition. Any questions, please contact Colleen Johnson at (505)417-5605. •Pick up your crew bag at the Balloon Museum on Friday, February 8, 2013, between the hours of 5:00 and 7:00 p.m. You will find the scavenger hunt questions in your bag. Answer the questions (you can use the museum displays to help answer questions) and turn scavenger hunt into the Balloon Mistress, Carol Bair by 8:00 p.m. Friday night. Points will be awarded for every correct answer. •Pick up ingredients for the Chopped Tailgate competition any time on Thursday, February 7, from 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Your ingredients can be picked up at the “Go Mini” that will be parked across the street (dirt parking lot) west of Balloon Fiesta Offices. You will be given 4 ingredients to create a wonderful dish. You must incorporate all 4 ingredients in your dish. You need to make enough for a crowd. If your dish needs to be heated, you can use a hot plate indoors, or use your gas stove/grill to heat your dish outside. Competition will take place at Fiesta on the green and begin one hour after the pilot target closes. If we don’t fly, one hour after pilot brief. Three distinguished judges will taste your dish and determine the top two competitors. The top two will compete in a cook-off. Those ingredients will be provided for you as well. Crowd participation will be encouraged! Points will be awarded to all crews that participate. YOU MUST NOTIFY C OLLEEN JOHNSON BY MONDAY, FEBRUARY 4, IF YOU PLAN ON COMPETING IN THE C HOPPED TAILGATE COMPETITION, (505)417(505)417-5605 so that we can plan on how much food we ne ed for the competition. •In your crew bag, you will find three GPS targets. At the first two targets, you will pick up an item from each target. You will throw a baggie on the third target. The targets can be done in any order and will be within a five mile radius of Balloon Fiesta Park. Turn in your items to our Balloon Mistress, Carol Bair to receive points for the first two targets. Points will be awarded on the third target based on the baggie closest to the center of the X. Targets will close 4 hours after flying (if we don’t fly, 4 hours after pilot brief). Your items must be turned in within the 4 hour time period. A separate “decorate your baggie” contest will take place on Friday night at the Balloon Museum. Decorate two baggies, one for your pilot, and one for you to throw at the third target. Three judges will determine top best decorated baggies. Prizes will be awarded at the Sunday brunch located at the Crowne Plaza. Points will not be awarded for the baggie contest. Good luck and have fun!

AAAA Education Committee and AERCO "The Flight, the Good, the Bad, and the Very Ugly“ This will be a single subject matter safety seminar on accident prevention, causes, and aftermath of an accident. The seminar will include a moderated discussion with the attendees, a First Responders presentation, how the FAA conducts enforcement actions with the penalties for failing to follow the regulations, mock television interviews, and a mock trail. Come prepared to answer some tough questions! The seminar will be held at Aerco on March 23, 2013 from 7:30 till 5:30. The cost is $40 per person and includes all seminar materials and a hot lunch! BFA approval is pending. To register, please call George Hahn at 505-344-5844 or email george@aercoballoonport.com.

BRADENS BALLOONS 19th ANNUAL 2013 BACK-TO-BASICS SAFETY SEMINAR SATURDAY MARCH 2nd ALBUQUERQUE NEW MEXICO It’s time to make your reservations for the 2013 Back-To-Basics Safety Seminar. It will be held Saturday March 2nd from 8:00am to 5:00pm. A must for all pilots and crew looking to improve safety as well as enjoy the insurance discounts. The cost is only $45.00 per person and lunch, drinks and snacks will be provided. Space is limited so get your registration in early. Some topics and instructors are: Weather

Clark O’Byrne A look at Mother Nature and how it can effect our flying.


J.D. Huss FAA A look at controlled airspace and the FAR’s that affect our flying everyday.

Pilot Decision Making

Al Lowenstein. Just how do you do a tether safely and still have a great time

Crew Safety

A talk about crew safety as well as land owner relations that we all Deal with from time to time.

A look at Maintenance

Bruce Jeffcoat FAA A refresher on what you can and can not do to your balloon as seen by the FAA.

Accident review Morgan Braden. A look at this past year’s accidents to help us learn how to avoid similar situations. Plus talks on first aid and other great stuff !!

Name__________________________________________ Phone_____________________________ Address______________________________City______________State________Zip____________ Pilot________ Crew_______-BFA#_________Email______________________________________ Seminar will be held March 2nd 2013 at 3321 Princeton NE Albuquerque, New Mexico. Cost will be $45.00 per person. Space will be limited and is on a first come basis. Send application and check to; Bradens P.O. Box 44892 Rio Rancho, New Mexico 87174


Your club is looking for you! The current seats that are open are as follows: Vice President, Secretary, Special Events, Ways & Means, Community Relations! We are a great club and strive to be our best, please join the board and be part of the movement! We will be having elections at the March 26th Meeting! If you are interested, please see Jennifer Garcia. You can email her at jgarcia@balloonfiesta.com with any questions or concerns.

CL@SSIFIED @DS PILOT TRAINING From the most experienced instructor in the Southwest! Call Beth Wright-Smith at Airborne Heat. 505-604-2865 or email, pilotschool@lobo.net. FAA approved Part 141 school; flexible schedules. Now awarded the contract to instruct FAA personnel. Also see www.airborneheat.com.

AAAA on the internet www.hotairballooning.org


WINDTALKER 505-891-1733




AAAA P.O. BOX 90160 ALBUQUERQUE, NM 87199-160

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2013 February Cloudbouncer  

Official publication of the Albuquerque Aerostat Ascension Association (AAAA) Hot Air Balloon Club.

2013 February Cloudbouncer  

Official publication of the Albuquerque Aerostat Ascension Association (AAAA) Hot Air Balloon Club.