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Bo[r^ of Dir_]tors PRESIDENT Mike Garcia Ph: 505 659 2473 mike1dwn@msn.com

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TREASURER Dick Rice Ph: 505 239 0200 rwrcpa@flash.net

FLYING EVENTS Keith Lutz Ph: 973 945 2819

COMMUNITY RELATIONS Jennifer Greenwood Ph: 505 362 3167 communityrelations@hotairballooning.org


EDUCATION Garry Haruska Ph: 505 830 2225 education@hotairballooning.org

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APRIL 2012

BOARD MEETING MINUTES Meeting was called to order by President Elisa Trillanes at 6:00pm Membe rs in Attendance - Elisa Trillanes, Peter Cuneo, Diana Rutz, Dick Rice, John Hofer, Jennifer Greenwood, Colleen Johnson, Mike Garcia, Mike Gonzales, Keith Lutz, Craig Pendleton Garry Haruska Guest: Pat Chando


Secretary report –Diana had no report she is still working on the database with Rick from Intel. Treasurer’s report – Dick has reconciled the bank accounts. He has created the new pie charts for the Cloudbouncer and is working on his treasures report. Vice President’s report – Peter has been working on getting quotes from several Hotels and other meeting locations around town. Top two choices will be presented to the membership to vote. Beth Wright-Smith will be speaking for the April General Meeting. We will have a speaker from NOAA for the May meeting. Flying Events – Aprils event cancelled due to weather. Community Relations – Jennifer wanted to extend her appreciation to Al and Craig for volunteering. Crew Development- The committee is preparing a questionnaire for topic the membership would like to see covered in the August Crew Safety Seminar. Mike has not received any applications for the BFA summer Balloon camp.

Education – Garry was absent Ways and Means –Mike would like to solicit the membership for ideas on items that the ways and means committee can sell. They are looking to find out what the members actually would like the committee to sell. The committee is also looking into a AAAA event at a Isotopes Games. The new pins will be arriving soon. Happy hours have been a huge success. The next happy hour is May 1, 2012 at the Albuquerque Press Club. Special Events –The club picnic will be on July 7, 2012 more information will be given at a later date. This is the only available date in July due to out of town rallies. Colleen has been trying to meet with the folks from the City Recreations department in regards to the week summer camps they approached colleen about. More information will be provided once Colleen has met with the cities representative. Old Business – John Hofer and the Flying events committee are on the final editing stage of the Revised Waiver. IMC Application: Elisa needs some clarification about questions that do not pertain to our club. She will be calling Beth at IMC to see if they have another application that better fits the needs of AAAA. New Business – The wind talker is up and running again, however it is about 5 to 6 degree off from the actual winds. Roster Delay: Mike Garcia would like to push the printing date to July. This will ensure time to verify that the information is accurate. Colleen motioned, Peter seconded her motion. Board Voted motion was passed to print the Roster in July. Computer for Secretary: Diana has had a lot of issues with the Laptop and the Access Database. Mike Garcia is going to have Pat Chando look into the cost of replacing the laptop. As well as software that may be easier to use than Access. Budget Meeting: May 14, 2012 at the Fiesta office. Please have your preliminary budgets to Dick by May 11, 2012. Room Rental: Peter and the board discussed the quotes that he has received. After lengthy discussion the board has chosen the two best options. Peter motioned that we take these choices to the membership for a verbal vote at the April Meeting. Dick seconded his motion. Board voted motion was passed. The top to quotes that will be

present to membership to vote are: the Balloon Museum and Crowne Plaza. Jingle Bell Non-Rally: Discussion was had in regards to is this event a Flying Event or should it be classed under Special Events. After discussion both teams will work together to make this event memorable. Adjourned : 7:25 pm

Plaque was presented to Elisa Trillanes for her dedicated service the as the president of the Board.

AAAA General Meeting Minutes

New Balloon: Sharon Hartshorn: Seeking Nirvana Kubicek 90K

April 24, 2012 The Bob Rupenthal Education Award was presented to Linda Bonney.

*** Guest Speaker: Beth Wright-Smith PZ in the Albuquerque area ***

Eastside: Sandia Pueblo cross the freeway. You can land at Sandia however it is a bit more complicated. If you land you will need to have your crew chief prepared to call the pueblo police for assistance. You must remember that the Pilot and Crew Chief will need to a valid ID card to show the escorts from the pueblo. Try not to land near the casino however as the security guards will get upset.

our contract with the Elegante is over and they are raising the rates. We have chosen Balloon Museum and Crown Plaza. Peter put this to the membership for a vote and it was an unanimous vote by the membership to move meetings to the balloon museum. Top Gun – You can contact Shelly Cannaday or Mark Trillanes for registration information.

Los Pablanos Field: Alfalfa fields this is Open Space. This area is also has very abrasive neighbors. Only use this area in an emergency. Inte rnational Airport: You can land at the airport but avoid the runways. You can contact air traffic control they are usually very friendly and chatty. You will need to be aware of the altitude minimums in this area. There is a lot of area to land once you pass the airport and are closer to the Mesa Del Sol site. UNM South Golf Course: No landing in this area, do not fly low over the course to avoid disturbing the golfers. Alban Hills: If you need to land in this area try to land in the north end near the two white houses. There is also a lone house where the land owner will also let you land in her area. Petroglyph Park: You cannot take vehicles into this area it is a National Park. It is best to not attempt to land or fly low over this area. Park rangers are known to be brash. It’s best to keep in mind your land owner relations when dealing with rangers. Ranger Matt is the toughest. N. Adalucia/Bosque School/LaLuz: LaLuz you can land in the street but this area is another where you should just try to maintain land owner relations. Secretary report – If you have not received your 2012 membership card please contact me via email so that I can reprint and mail them out to you. You can email me at secretary@hotairballoon.org

BFA – No reports FAA – No report Fiesta - 160 Days till Fiesta, the special shapes category has already been completely filled. 450 completed apps and 470 pilots. Please get all your original documents ready. If you have any issues or need any assistance please contact the fiesta offices.

As I take the time to write my first president’s corner, I want to thank our outgoing board; Elisa Trillanes as your former president and John Hofer as your former flying events. We all appreciated your time and dedication to the club, you were great role models. We all wish you the best. In that I welcome our new board members and committee members. I hope I can be just as successful as those that have lead this great group of pilots, crew, and most importantly members. Welcome Spring! With Spring we know comes wind! My first job as your new president was to address the issue of the Wind talker. Since about December 2011, it has been out of commission. I have had a few club members address the situation with me while out ballooning in the community. I assured that we would get it taken care of as soon as I was able to get the right people together. With patience from the City of Rio Rancho, Al Lowenstein, and Jason Buckner (Hopper) we were able to get it adjusted and fixed.

Treasurer’s report – Please contact dick if you have any questions or concerns about the new format for the treasures report in the cloud bouncer.

I look forward to the upcoming years as your AAAA president. I am always around, if you have something you would like to discuss, please don’t hesitate to email or call me.

Vice President’s report –We have decided on two locations for the general meeting starting in July as



The location for the AAAA Monthly Meeting is CHANGING Starting with the Tuesday, July 24 meeting, the new location will be the Pugash Room of the Albuquerque Anderson Albuquerque International Balloon Museum. The meeting will still start at 6:30 pm and there will still be a full bar, catered by the Cooperage. Food and drink will not be allowed outside the meeting room. The Board is very excited with the Museum's kind offer to host our meetings and enhance the cooperation of these two Albuquerque ballooning organizations. Please make a special effort to come and help inaugurate this partnership at the July meeting. The May and June meetings will remain at the MCM Elegante.

The weather forecast was not favorable for safe flying and so the April flying event was cancelled. Next Flying Event is May 13 o Location: Balloon Fiesta Park o Registration: 05:30 AM o Briefing: 06:00 AM o Sunrise: 6:04am Flying Committee… o Needs more members to help with the planning, registration, scoring o Next Flying Committee Meeting… May 7, 6pm at the Applebee’s on Menaul, a couple blocks east of MCM Elegante.


Working with Special Events on ideas for the Jingle Bell event. If you have ideas on how to make this a great event please contact Colleen Johnson (Special Events) or Keith Lutz (Flying Events).

the end of our fiscal year and The AAAA Club cash $21,398, $2,631 more than it was May 31, 2012. INCOME STATEMENT: At the end of March we were showing an excess of revenues over expenses of $2,632 in the Education Foundation an approximate increase over the year ended May 31, 2011 of 49%. Excess revenues over expenses in the AAAA club were $1,592, an approximate increase of 320% over the same period. Closing Comments: You will find in this issue of the CloudBouncer a one page summary of both the Education Foundation and the AAAA Club Statement of Receipts and Disbursements with Budget Comparison along with illustrative Pie Charts, which I hope you will take the time to review. I welcome any questions, comments, or thoughts for improvement. Dick Rice Treasurer Treasurer@hotairballooning.org

Treasurers Report Albuquerque Aerostat Ascension Association AAAA Education Foundation Treasurer’s Report March 31, 2012

RE: 2012 Top Gun State Championships COMMENTS: Well, we have had elections, and the budget process has started for next year. Thanks to the outgoing officers who have kept us out of a ditch, and welcome to the new officers who hope to make this the most exciting fun year AAAA has ever seen. The long promised Pie Charts were published in last month’s CloudBouncer and will continue this month. I welcome any comments for improvement.

CASH: Cash on hand in the Education Foundation was $43,504, $35 less than it was May 31, 2011,

April’s flying event was a success with 11 pilots participating. Thank you Mike Garcia for being our Event Director. A special thanks to our scorers, they are so appreciated! Dave Bagley, Bill Kennedy, Nathan Strong, Cyndie Patrick, Beth Talbert, Dan Talbert, Alan Cannaday, Shelly Cannaday, Jane Schill and Mary Jo Arell. Congratulations to Mike Johnson for being our First Place Winner for April!

Mike Johnson – First Place

radio and by phone after 6 am. The tower personnel told me the system is incompatible with having them both on, but if balloonists wanted to get weather by phone, they could call the tower at 3525595 and get a real- time weather update from them on current conditions at the airport.

Balloon Museum Steven Adams – Second Place Jeff Ashworth – Third Place Colleen Johnson – Fourth Place MARK YOUR CALENDARS May 25 – 28, 2012 2012 Top Gun State Championships Application deadline is May 11, 2012. Application can be found on our website www.topgunballooning.org or in the AAAA Cloudbouncer.

We are planning our August Crew Safety Seminar and would like club members' input on topics that they are interested in learning about. We will have survey forms at the April general meeting to solicit your feedback. If you are unable to attend the general meeting, please feel free to share your ideas of topics you would like to learn about to crewdev@hotairballooning.org.

Double Eagle AWOS Since the Double Eagle weather isn’t available by phone once the tower opens, I called them to see if it was possible to have it available both by aircraft

Crew Development will host a mini-seminar following the May AAAA flying event. We will be presenting a Balloon Works system. If you normally crew on a four corner system, and would like to learn more about how a Balloon

Works system is assembled and works, please join us back at the field following the flight.

The airmen will take along instruments, oxygen and provisions. Parachutes, cold weather flying gear and hard helmets will also be worn. Although this balloon flight is not one of the officially sanctioned projects of the Society, many members will be observing it with great interest. Contos is to be complimented in working so closely with the C.A.A. [editors note: The Civil Aeronautic Administration was the predecessor to the FAA] in licensing the balloon and personnel. It is to be recalled that man’s first attempts to fly were accomplished in this type of aircraft and now hundreds of years later, the cycle returns and the young men, ever searching for something exciting and different, attempt to outdo their predecessors.

(originally published in the Oct-Nov 1954(Vol.2, #1!) issue of the Wingfoot Lighter than Air Society Bulletin)

CONTOS AND CUMMINS TO MAKE HOT AIR BALLOON ASCENSION A huge hot-air balloon with a built-in heat generator to maintain the temperature is nearing completion at the home-work-shop of Jim Contos. Contos and his two coworkers, Don Cummins and Art Willey, have planned and are building the unique aircraft. Contos and Cummins will be the aircrew on its initial flight which is tentatively scheduled for mid-November. The balloonists are confident that the large balloon will perform well and they plan to stay aloft for 20 hours. Some details of the craft are as follows: Overall height – 80 feet Diameter of the envelope – 30 feet Volume of envelope – 40,000 cubic feet Fuel of Heat Generator – Kerosene and Gasoline Envelope Material – Flame proof non-coated fabric

The Heat Generator will be installed in the oversize appendix of the balloon and used intermittently as necessary. The usual hot-air balloon does nto have this equipment but depends on ground generated heat for its lift and will fly only as long as it takes for this initial heat to cool off. Contos’ balloon, by taking its own heat source along, should be able to stay aloft until all fuel is burned.

(the follow-up tidbit was published in the Nov 1955(Vol.3, #1) issue of the Wingfoot Lighter than Air Society Bulletin) Contos’ hot air balloon rig (pictured on page 11) has been inflated twice. His inflation procedure has been greatly modified to allow the bag to be fully inflated in a matter of minutes. Contos plans to enlarge the envelope by adding vertical panels above the center in order to develop more lift. Information on Contos’ next attempt to fly may be obtained by writing him or calling BL 3-3338

Emergency Numbers AAAA Roster General Emergency


Power Line Contact


ABQ International Airport Control Tower


After 4pm


ABQ International Airport


Kirtland AFB

846-1478 846-7913 846-7926

Sandia National Lab


Isleta Pueblo


Petroglyph Park & Open Space


Flight Service


Double Eagle Tower

352-5595 352-5596 352-5597

Double Eagle Automated Weather


Southwest FSDO

764-1200 1-800-531-1124

Search and Rescue


Albuquerque Fire and Rescue


Albuquerque Police


Bernalillo County Sheriff


Corrales Fire and Rescue


Sandoval County Public Safety


NOTE: These 2 Numbers are for the entire


Sandoval County: ALL Police, Fire, Rescue for Rio Rancho and Admittance to Pueblos, including Santa Ana Pueblo, Sandia Pueblo AAAA Ballooning Information


PRESCOTT VALLEY DAYS BALLOON FESTIVAL JUNE 16-17, 2012 Questions? Call me at 480--‐710--‐8830 or email kim@aeroink.com. Thanks, and see you in Prescott Valley! Kim Rosenlof Balloonmeister

CL@SSIFIED @DS CAMERON BALLOON SALES: Need consultation, information or quotes on a new balloon. Call Beth Wright-Smith at 604-2865 or Troy Bradley at 350-2705.

PILOT TRAINING from the most experienced instructor in the Southwest! Call Beth Wright-Smith at Airborne Heat. 505-604-2865 or email, pilotschool@lobo.net. FAA approved Part 141 school; flexible schedules. Now awarded the contract to instruct FAA personnel. Also see www.airborneheat.com.

We are pleased to invite you to the 36th annual Colorado Balloon Classic on September 1, 2, 3, 2012! Colorado Balloon Classic Attention: Pilot Registration 328 Bonfoy Avenue, Colorado Springs, CO 80909 Phone: 719-471-4833 Fax: 719-471-7303 Email: balloonclassic@balloonclassic.com or patsy@balloonclassic.com

25th Annual Old Timers Balloon Rally ROSWELL NEW MEXICO

MAY 4, 5, 6TH


May 26 – 28, 2012

Albuquerque, NM

OFFICIAL PILOT APPLICATION REGISTRATION DEADLINE: MAY 11, 2012* PILOT NAME: ________________________________________________________________________________ FIRST



ADDRESS: ___________________________________________________________________________________ CITY: __________________________________ STATE: ________________ ZIP CODE: _________________ TELEPHONE # ‘S: ___________________






E - MAIL ADDRESS: __________________________


PILOT CERTIFICATE #: _______________________

TYPE OF LICENSE: __________________________

BALLOON MAKE: _____________________ SIZE: _________ REGISTRATION # N-_____________________ BALLOON NAME: __________________________ INSURANCE CARRIER: ____________________________ CORPORATE OR BANNERED BALLOONS $300 SPONSORSHIP FEE. CONTACT:

Shelly Cannaday (secretary) – 505-934-0014 – sjc1elvis1966@msn.com or Mark Trillanes (president) – 505-269-2426 – mark@trillanes.com




May 26 – 28, 2012

Albuquerque, NM

ENTRY AGREEMENT AND WAIVER In consideration for being allowed to participate in the NM State Hot Air Balloon Championships, I hereby agree to the terms and conditions set forth in the following paragraphs. It is my understanding that this is a BFA event and that my participation is solely at the discretion of BFA & Top Gun. BFA competition rules, as outlined in 2011 BFA rule book, or if the 2012 rule book is available. The most current BFA rule book will apply. I will not carry any paying passengers and/or sell any rides during the event. Registered pilots, (greater than 100 miles), will be provided one motel room for Friday night 05/25/12 through Sunday 05/27/12 Pilots will be responsible for all room incidentals (such as movies, phone calls, etc.). Propane will be provided for all registered balloons, if sponsorships allow. I hereby agree to have in full force, during the NM State Hot Air Balloon Championships, a balloon insurance policy in the minimum amount of $500,000.00 bodily injury, $100,000.00 minimum property damage and $100,000.00 minimum passenger liability for each and every passenger with a zero dollar deductible. I will also have automobile insurance in place, per NM State law, for all chase vehicles. I will have at least one chase vehicle per registered balloon. I hereby declare that I am participating in the NM State Hot Air Balloon Championships of my own free will. I agree that that the organizers and sponsors of the NM State Hot Air Balloon Championships are providing me with the facilities and means for my participation in this event only and in no way do they supersede the responsibility of the pilot in command, as shown in the FARs or otherwise. Thus, I release the NM State Hot Air Balloon Championships, BFA, Top Gun, the City of Albuquerque, all sponsors, organizers and volunteers of the NM State Hot Air Balloon Championships from liability for their actions and inactions associated with this event. I understand that the non-refundable entry fee is $100. PILOT: _____________________________________

BALLOON OWNER: ________________________ (if different)

WITNESS: __________________________________



WINDTALKER AAAA on the internet www.hotairballooning.org





AAAA P.O. BOX 90160 ALBUQUERQUE, NM 87199-160

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2012 May Cloudbouncer  

Official publication of the Albuquerque Aerostat Ascension Association (AAAA) Hot Air Balloon Club.

2012 May Cloudbouncer  

Official publication of the Albuquerque Aerostat Ascension Association (AAAA) Hot Air Balloon Club.