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THE NEXT GENERAL MEETING WILL BE SUNDAY 25th DECEMBER 2011 MERRY CHRISTMAS 6:30 AM (Just Kidding. There is no General Meeting in December )

Bo[r^ of Dir_]tors PRESIDENT Elisa Trillanes Ph: 505 269 2503 President@Hotairballooning.org

VICE PRESIDENT Peter Cuneo Ph: 505 265 2865 PeterCuneo@msn.com

SECRETARY Diana Rutz Ph: 505 490 2412 Secretary@Hotairballooning.org

TREASURER Dick Rice Ph: 505 239 0200 rwrcpa@flash.net

FLYING EVENTS John Hofer Ph: 505 506 6594 jhhballoon@gmail.com

COMMUNITY RELATIONS Jennifer Greenwood Ph: 505 362 3167 communityrelations@hotairballooning.org

EDUCATION Garry Haruska Ph: 505 830 2225 education@hotairballooning.org

SPECIAL EVENTS Colleen Johnson Ph: 505 417 5605 Johnson_ec@aps.edu

CREW DEVELOPMENT Mike Garcia Ph: 505 659 2473 mike1dwn@msn.com

WAYS & MEANS Mike Gonzales Ph: 505 563 0029 Steampwr6@live.com

Website www.hotairballooning.org Cloudbouncer Editor ~ Pat Chando Editor@hotairballooning.org

Photographs By: Patrick Please submit your photographs for possible addition to the Coudbouncer at Editor@hotairballooning.org Remember to say w hen and w here it w as taken. Thanks, Pat

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November 11, 2011 Meeting was called to order by Vice-President Peter Cuneo at 6:00pm

Treasurer’s report –As of November 5, 2011 the AAAA Education Foundation has a balance of $42581.44. As of November 5, 2011 the AAAA General Fund has a balance of $13094.99. Dick has been working on the financial statement. He has presented the board with a Balance Sheet previous year comparison, Balance sheet Current period, a Profit & Loss Statement YTD comparison. He is still keying all the previous data into the system once that is completed the reports will represent accurate data.

Membe rs in Attendance – Peter Cuneo, Diana Rutz, Dick Rice Jennifer Greenwood, Garry Haruska, Colleen Johnson, Mike Garcia, Mike Gonzales, John Hofer Absent: Elisa Trillanes Secretary report – We have one new membership application for Debbie Young Commercial pilot. Board Voted –Membership Approved. We also have our first renewal for 2012 from Jim Hoidahl

Guests- Dan Mitchell: Has presented the board with his presentation for expanding the association’s online resources. He is working on this project as part of his course work at the University of New Mexico. Each group in the course was tasked with finding a local non-profit organization to assist. Dan’s group has chosen AAAA to assisting the organization with furthering the online present. He will speak more with the education committee at their meeting following the Board Meeting this evening.

Paul Smith -AMAFCA and Fiesta have been working on ideas for launch /landing sites in the metro area. Jerod Lavato with the AMAFCA has given suggested sites that could be utilized by the local pilots. Aerial photos were shown of the four top areas Black Arroyo Dam, Swineburne Dam, Grandma’s Pond and Kinney Dam. Peter and John will drive to the locations to see if they are good area’s for pilots to utilize.

Vice President’s report –Peter received two questionnaires back for suggestion for next years meeting. We have a speaker for the November general meeting, Jen Sachs independent film maker she will speak about the movie she is working on “The Fantastic Flights of Sophie Blanchard”

Education – We had 350 attendees for the 2011 Fiesta Safety seminar and received stellar reviews. 2012 Private Pilot Ground School will be February 24, 25 and 26 and the 2012 Commercial Pilot Ground School will be held on April 27, 28 and 29. Online registration is open on the AAAA website.

Crew Development – CPR class will be on November 19, 2011 from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm at Aerco 523 Rankin Ne Albuquerque NM Registration is limited to the first 35 participants. Lunch and Certification is included. Registration deadline is November 14, 2011 or when the max number of participants has been reached. Registration fee for members is $35.00 and $40.00 for non- members. December 12, 2011 we will have a mini-seminar on Drop Line Safety at the monthly flying event. . Ways and Means – Mike had nothing to report at this time.

Community Relations – Jennifer has not received any additional request in November. November 2011 11/19/11 Balloon Glow City of Rio Rancho 30th birthday celebration

Please contact Jennifer for information if you would like to participate in the above requests

Flying Events –November’s flying event had Twenty three pilots registered. Eight Pilots scored. Kurt Wilson took third place with a distance of 27.8 ft. Second place went to Ray Bair with a distance of 25.6 ft. First place went to Tom Fisher with a distance of 10.1 ft. Thanks go out to all those who helped with the event. The next flying event will be December 10th and 11th at Balloon fiesta field. Next Committee meeting will be at Applebee’s on Menaul on December 5th at 6:00 pm.

Special Events – Colleen will be having committee meeting for Friends and Lovers. There will be a meeting on November 22nd after the AAAA General Meeting. Colleen would like to pair up with flying events for the Jingle Bell Non-Rally. She would like to have a potluck similar to the summer picnic on Saturday after flying. Club will purchase the meat to BBQ for the potluck. Motion was made and Vote was passed by the board. Colleen will announce this at the General Meeting. Colleen also has had pilots volunteer to Glow Saturday night weather permitting for the Jingle Bell non-rally. Nominations Committee: Please contact Jennifer Garcia if you wish to run for an open board position. Board Positions that will be open next year are: President, Flying Events, Treasure and Crew Development

Old Business – Diana inquired if patches and pins have been ordered for new members packs. Elisa has contacted the vendor however have not heard back from him yet.

November 22, 2011 Meeting was called to order by President Elisa Trillanes at 6:30pm

Guests: Frankie Martinez of Los Lunas New Mexico, Jen Sachs of Los Angeles California. Rod Baca of Los Lunas New Mexico, Erin Bair of Colorado Springs Colorado.

Guest Speaker: Jen Sachs and Ruby Lopez. “The Fantastic Flights of Sophie Blanchard” http://www.fantasticflightsmovie.com

New Pilots/Ratings: None New/New to you Balloons: Keith Lutz – Sky Pirate

Michelle Lutz- High Maintence

and Colleen Johnson-Vic Du Songe Picture next month !

The Fantastic Flights of Sophie Blanchard The Fantastic Flights of Sophie Blanchard is an animated documentary that explores the life of the first professional female pilot at the turn of the nineteenth century. Voiced by a central narrator and supporting experts, the film combines live-action interviews, drawn animation, and archival illustrations to portray the exciting story of Sophie

Blanchard, Napoleon’s Official Aeronaut of the French Empire. France, 1804: Sophie Blanchard, a phobic young woman from the provinces, embarks on her first public balloon ascension with her husband, the pioneer aeronaut Jean-Pierre Blanchard. When Jean-Pierre takes a fall, Sophie must quickly learn to fend for herself. After a dramatic emergency landing, she creates a sensation with her desire to become the first professional female pilot. Jean-Pierre trains Sophie in the art of flight, but he suffers a fatal stroke and leaves her in dire straights. Saved only by her skill and passion, Sophie embarks on a solo career as an aerial performer. In these early years of flight, she quickly becomes an international celebrity for her daring hydrogen balloon ascensions. Napoleon Bonaparte names her the Official Aeronaut of the Empire, to the chagrin of her competitors. Even as the Empire crumbles, she rises to become the Official Aeronaut of the Restoration. After a dazzling career of fifteen years and 67 flights, Sophie will make the greatest sacrifice of all to stay in the air. Voiced by a central narrator and supporting experts, the film combines live-action interviews and animation to portray the extraordinary story of Sophie Blanchard, the Official Aeronaut of the French Empire. History has all but forgotten Sophie Blanchard and her groundbreaking role as the first professional female pilot. Director Jen Sachs has traveled throughout France, Italy, and the United States to reconstruct Sophie Blanchard’s little-known story, conducting extensive independent research at various public and private archives, libraries, and museums including the Le Musêe de l’Air et l’Espace and La Bibliothèque Nacionale in Paris, the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum and the Library of Congress in Washington D.C., and the Archiginnasio library in Bologna. The style of the film is scholarly and whimsical, a balance of empirical fact and visual allusion. Interviews with historians and experts in Europe and the U.S. act as storytelling portals, each offering a window onto Sophie Blanchard’s world. Key moments in Blanchard’s career are animated in a visual style inspired by early 19th Century “Caricatures Parisiennes,” reframing her within the context of her era. Motion graphics sequences featuring archival imagery build a framework for her story and provide insight into the politics, science, and culture of the period. The Fantastic

Flights of Sophie Blanchard brings to light the story of an unknown aviation pioneer through the innovative form of the animated documentary Sachs is an award-winning director and motion graphics artist who lives and works in Los Angeles. Her films utilize numerous styles and techniques to explore the complexity of non- fiction narratives and to reexamine stories misrepresented by traditional media sources. Jen’s films, including The Velvet Tigress, Communications Factory, and Translations, have won several prizes for “Best Animation,” including a Student Academy Award. They have screened in the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, and U.S. festivals including Sundance, Telluride, and Ann Arbor and have been programmed in over fifty international festivals in more than a dozen countries and as well as broadcast domestically on public television and cable. In 2002, she was named one of Filmmaker Magazine’s “New Faces of Independent Film.” A graduate of CalArts program of Experimental Animation, Jen balances her independent projects with work in theatrical, broadcast, and internet motion graphics. Her commercial work for numerous Los Angeles design firms has broadcast on networks including MTV and CMT and screened in multiple theatrical releases. She is represented by Six Point Media. For more on the director visit www.jensachs.com

Secretary report – Diana had nothing to report.

Treasurer’s report – As of November 5, 2011 the AAAA Education Foundation has a balance of $42581.44. As of November 5, 2011 the AAAA General Fund has a balance of $13094.99.

Vice President’s report – Peter would email like to remind the AAAA membership to complete the questionnaire that was emailed out last month requesting suggestions on making the general meeting more attractive to the members. Question on Blast were: Meeting Location, Presentation Topics, Meeting Format and General Suggestions. There were printed copies at the back table for those

who wish to complete the questionnaire during the meeting. Community Relations – Jennifer did not receive any additional request for the month of November.

Education – 2012 Private Pilot Ground School will be February 24, 25 and 26 and the 2012 Commercial Pilot Ground School will be held on April 27, 28 and 29. Online registration is open on the AAAA website.

Flying Events – November’s flying event had Twenty three pilots registered. Eight Pilots scored. Kurt Wilson took third place with a distance of 27.8 ft.

Second place went to Ray Bair with a distance of 25.6 ft.

Crew Development has just had a successful CPR Certification Class. We had 20 people who spent the day with the great ladies from Presbyterian Hospital at Aerco. Where they learned Adult, Child and Infant CPR. Our very own Sam T. presented "First On Scene" First Aid after the CPR class. A special Thank you to Aerco for allowing us to take over their space on a Saturday, and to Balloon Fiesta for the use of the chairs, thank you for all of your continued support. If you are interested in having another CPR class... let us know! December's MINI SEMINAR is DROP LINE! Everyone has at least one in their basket... but do you know how to safely use them? More importantly does your crew know how to use them? On the field post flight. First place went to Tom Fisher with a distance of 10.1 ft.


Ways and Means – No Report at General Meeting.

Thanks go out to the following that helped with the event, Sam Bradshaw, Lisa Mulder, Tom Fisher, Keith Takach, Eric Greenwood and Al Lowenstein. Our next event will be the Jingle Bell non-rally December 10th and 11th at Balloon Fiesta Field. Pilot’s Registration starts at 6:30 am Pilot Briefing starts at 7:00 am Registration fee are a wrapped present for a boy or girl. Please mark the present indicating if it is for a boy or girl and the appropriate age group. Next Committee meeting will be on December 5th at 6:00 pm. At the Applebee’s located at 2600 Menaul Blvd. Ne.

Special Events – Barbeque following flying and the drop line safety seminar. - Meat will be provided by the club - . Please bring a side dish to share. Allen has agreed to bring his grill however he wishes not to be stuck at the grill the entire event. Please bring a side dish of your choosing to add to the feast. There will also be a basket decorating and festive crew contest during the Jingle Bell Rally. Decorate your basket and crew to enter this contest during the rally as well.

Prizes will be awarded for the best decorated crew and the best decorated basket.

SAVE THE DATE FRIENDS AND LOVERS RALLY February 10-12, 2012 Applications Available on the web site www.hotairballooning.org

Top Gun had a good turnout on Sunday, with 8 pilots participating. Thank You to Mike Garcia for being our Event Director calling 3 tasks. A special thank you to Bob Mass for being our Hare. Thank you to our scorers, Alan Cannaday, Shelly Cannaday, Bryana Cannaday, Mary Jo Arell, Dave Bagleu, Cyndia Patrick and Nathan Strong. Top Gun will have the last event of 2011 on December 18, 2011. This will be the last opportunity to reach your goal for tasks for Top Gun and BFA.

November 1, 2011, also in the November Cloudbouncer.

Balloon Museum

Double Eagle AWOS Since the Double Eagle weather isn’t available by phone once the tower opens, I called them to see if it was possible to have it available both by aircraft radio and by phone after 6 am. The tower personnel told me the system is incompatible with having them both on, but if balloonists wanted to get weather by phone, they could call the tower at 3525595 and get a real- time weather update from them on current conditions at the airport.


RATES Full Page….. ..$110.00

5th – Flying Committee Meeting 8th – Crew Development Committee Meeting, 6pm 10th ~ 11th -

Flying Event – Fiesta Field 0630 am registration 0700 am briefing. 0703 am Sunrise th 12 – Education Committee Meeting 19th – Board Meeting at the Cooperage at 6:00 pm 18th – TOP GUN flying event 0645am 27th – Ways & Means Committee Meeting, 5:30pm There is no general Meeting in December. Happy Holidays!

JANUARY Events 9TH – Flying Committee meeting

12th – Crew Development Committee Meeting, 6pm 14th – Flying Event – Balloon Fiesta Park Registration 6:45 am Briefing TBD am 9th – Education Committee Meeting, 6pm 16th – Board Meeting @ Balloon Fiesta Office, 6pm 20th – Top Gun Flying Event, 6:30am 24th – Ways & Means Committee Meeting, 5:30pm 24th – General Meeting @ MCM Elegante 6:30pm


Half Page…….$55.00 Quarter Page..$28.00 Eighth Page…$14.00

Classified Advertisements $2 per 50-characterline; prepaid only All prepaid advertisements “All advertisements must be prepaid with a Credit Card. The deadline for advertisements is the third Friday of the month. Email advertisements to Beth Wright-Smith pbtsmith@lobo.net An invoice will then be emailed as well as payment instructions.”

“Making Your Dreams Come True” ● Buyers Representation ● Listing Services ● Investment Properties Lorie Guthrie, Realtor (505) 400-1857 LadybugRealty@comcast.net Visit my Website for All Your Real Estate Needs!

www.LadybugRealtyNM.com Keller Williams Realty (505) 897-1100 6240 Riverside Plaza Ste 100 Albuquerque NM 87120

CL@SSIFIED @DS CAMERON BALLOON SALES: Need consultation, information or quotes on a new balloon. Call Beth Wright-Smith at 604-2865 or Troy Bradley at 350-2705.

PILOT TRAINING from the most experienced instructor in the Southwest! Call Beth WrightSmith at Airborne Heat. 505-604-2865 or email, pilotschool@lobo.net. FAA approved Part 141 school; flexible schedules. Now awarded the contract to instruct FAA personnel. Also see www.airborneheat.com.

Pilot School: FAR pt 141 training from the most experienced instructor in the Southwest. Flexible schedules. One-on-one flight or ground school. private, commercial or add-on. Biennial flight reviews. Awarded the contract to instruct nationwide FAA personnel.

Cameron Balloon Sales: Buy from a dealer with over 20 years of experience flying www.airborneheat.com and selling Camerons, without overhead costs. In Albuquerque, pilotschool@lobo.net or 505-604-2865






AAAA NOMINATIONS! Do you have an interest in where your club is going? Do you have great ideas? Would you like to be a part of your club and make a difference? NOW IS YOUR CHANCE- Your club has the following Board Positions open :

President , Treasurer, Flying Events, Education, Crew Development.

Want to know more about what these seats do? Ask the current seat member or read the bi-laws online thru your very own AAAA club website. Don't be left out... Talk to the Nomination Committee if you are interested... Nomination Committee is : Jennifer Garcia, Debbie Tennis, Keith Tackach and Cyndie Patrick. We would like to know so that you can start working on your BIO for the Cloudbouncer! Elections are in MARCH.

Emergency Numbers AAAA Roster General Emergency


Power Line Contact


ABQ International Airport Control Tower


After 4pm


ABQ International Airport


Kirtland AFB

846-1478 846-7913 846-7926

Sandia National Lab


Isleta Pueblo


Petroglyph Park & Open Space


Flight Service


Double Eagle Tower

352-5595 352-5596 352-5597

Double Eagle Automated Weather


Southwest FSDO

764-1200 1-800-531-1124

Search and Rescue


Albuquerque Fire and Rescue


Albuquerque Police


Bernalillo County Sheriff


Corrales Fire and Rescue


Sandoval County Public Safety


NOTE: These 2 Numbers are for the entire


Sandoval County: ALL Police, Fire, Rescue for Rio Rancho and Admittance to Pueblos, including Santa Ana Pueblo, Sandia Pueblo AAAA Ballooning Information



WINDTALKER 505-891-1733




AAAA P.O. BOX 90160 ALBUQUERQUE, NM 87199-160

AAAA on the internet www.hotairballooning.org

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2011 December Cloudbouncer  

Official publication of the Albuquerque Aerostat Ascension Association (AAAA) Hot Air Balloon Club. Note cover says November 2011, it's actu...

2011 December Cloudbouncer  

Official publication of the Albuquerque Aerostat Ascension Association (AAAA) Hot Air Balloon Club. Note cover says November 2011, it's actu...