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July 16, 2011 M eeting was called to order by President Elisa Trillanes at 6:00pm Members in Attendance - Elisa Trillanes, Peter Cuneo, Diana Rutz, Dick Rice Jennifer Greenwood, Garry Haruska, Colleen Johnson, M ike Garcia, M ike Gonzales Abse nt: John Hofe r

Guests: Shelly and Alan Cannaday Secretary report – We received 12 new memberships Rhonda Zaire-Crew, Paul M eniscal &Holly M uniz –Crew, Kristin Elliott-Crew, Jerry & Pam Langham -Crew, Janet & Joe Pilot- Crew, Bobby H. Wang, Dan & Beth Talbert- Crew, M att UnderwoodCrew, Jim Roberts-Crew, Jenifer & Daniel SaboCrew, Cerise Wells & M ike Cantrell-Crew, Andrea L. O’Connor- Student Pilot & Crew, Ryan O’Connor- Crew All M emberships were voted on and approved Treasurer’s report –Dick Rice is the new treasurer who assumed the position as Lyn Kirkwood resigned to pursue other opportunities. Brief introduction then Dick presented the board with a new treasures report that is easier to understand. Discussion was made as to what the board would like to see added to the report. Vice President’s report – We have Bobby and Troy Bradley as speakers for the July general meeting. We do have speakers planned through September. Flying Events – John Hofer was absent from the Board M eeting. Community Relations – Crew Development- Julys Crew Development Field Activity was a HUGE Success! Our FIRST ever AAAA tailgate cook-off was a great turn out and hope we can carry this on for years! We had over 20 items turned in!

Yes it may not seem like a lot but in that was 20 was drinks, desserts, snacks, & appetizers as well as breakfast and entrée’s. Our judges had a hard task to decide the first place st decisions for each category: 1 place for dessert st went to Kristy Hunnum, 1 Place for drinks went to st Keith Lutz for the M onkey M ojito, 1 place for st appetizer/snack went to Karen Anthony, 1 place for the breakfast/entrée went to Paul Cress, Our overall top recipe was for the “Breakfast Soufflé” by Colleen Johnson who won the Grand Prize! Special thanks go out to our guest judges: Eric Green from KOAT, M arlon Long Photographer and Fiesta Volunteer, Owner of M and Company and Gary Dewey from Balloon Fiesta – M erchandise M anager. Thanks Again!!!! We will be taking all the receipts that were turned in and be making a cookbook! Our very own AAAA Tailgate cookbook! So if you didn’t make it but have a great recipe that makes your crew smile, please turn it into a crew development member at the next meeting or event. Education – Planning for the Fiesta Safety Seminar are going good. Gordon Schwontski will be the speaker for the Fiesta Safety Seminar "Flying your Environment" Pilot refresher course is November Ways and Means – The roster is getting ready, still waiting on the pins. S pecial Events –We have $110.00 in ticket sales for the picnic. We will be sending out an email blast as to get a better head count before we go out and purchase the meat. Colleen has some crew members who have volunteered to be food runners if we are running low as there is a Wal-M art and Albertson close to the Park. We will need a generator Colleen asked if anyone could bring one. Items will be needed for a cooling area Diana will be bringing a mist line for the east wall of the pavilion. We will be supplying a lot of water to help keep members hydrated. The club picnic will be at Coronado State Park in Bernalillo.

Old Business – The question in regards to a written policy for member vs. nonmember fees was asked to the Education Committee. At this time we feel no written policy is going to be required as we feel that the Education Committee has the support from the board members to ensure smooth transition into this change. New Business – No new business

AAAA General Meeting Minutes July 26, 2011 M eeting was called to order by President Elisa Trillanes at 6:30pm ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Guest Speaker: “You Are Never too little to Have Big Dreams” Bobby Bradley and Troy Bradley. June 4, 2011 Bobby Bradley became the youngest person to solo a Hot Air Balloon. His story entailed the journey for Bobby to reach the sky.

The Saturday flight near Tome, was nearly perfect, KRQE-TV, Albuquerque, said and Bobby said the whole experience compared to the name of his airship which his father and grandmother built together, the "Heavenly Dream." "I knew I was ready," Bobby said. "I had all my equipment. I just wanted to go up." "I definitely felt my heart catch in my throat a little bit right at takeoff. That is always a really dramatic time with ballooning," Bobby's mother, Tami Bradley said. After a perfect touchdown 26 minutes later the Bradley’s celebrated by reciting the balloonist's prayer, a tradition for first-time flights, and toasted with sparkling cider substituting for champagne, KRQE-TV said.

Web address of the You Tube Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q3X3ICmyrOE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Guests: Erin Bair of Colorado Springs New Pilots/Ratings: M urray Conrad-Commercial

News Article of Bobby’s Flight: ALBUQUERQUE, June 5 (UPI) -- After a 26-minute flight a 9-year-old New Mexico boy became the youngest trained pilot to solo in a hot air balloon, his mother said.

M urray Conrad "I just wanted to solo in a hot air balloon and I just happen to be 9," Bobby Bradley said. The boy's father, who designs and charts paths for balloons and holds dozens of ballooning records himself, expressed confidence in his small son, KOAT-TV, Albuquerque, reported. "He's a heck of a balloon pilot, especially for a 9-yearold," Troy Bradley said.

~ Andrea O’Connell- Student Pilot

President- Elisa announced that we have 12 new membership asked all new members to stand and be welcomed into AAAA.

Secretary report – Diana has received several inquiries from members who have not received the Cloudbouncer, She asked all members who have or know someone who has not received the monthly correspondence to contact her to update the email on file.

Jenni fer is contacting them for permission to gi ve out the loca tion. Please be aware of a new PZ east of the Coors and La Oreille Launch site. The homeowner has horses and request that pilots fly high over her property or not at all. She has been known to call the FAA as well as the Land owner’s hotline when pilots fly to close.

Treasurer’s report –Dick Rice introduced himself to the club. Currently the Education Committee th Foundation account as of July 5 , 2011 has a balance of $43230.84, The AAAA General fund account as of July 5th, 2011 has a balance of 17705.77

Vice President’s report –Next months Speaker will be from PNM . September’s meeting will be at Gardunos for the Pilot Video for Fiesta more information will be in the cloud bouncer.

Flying Events –Thirty five pilots registered for the July 10th flying event. Fourteen pilots made it to the target. Third place went to Jerry Garcia, 5ft 9in. Second place went to Gerry Graff, 5ft. 8.15in. First Place went to M ike Johnson, 5ft 2in Lots of can goods were collected as well as $84.00 All will be donated.

Special thanks go out to the following people who helped with this event: Al Lowenstein, July’s Balloon M eister. Weather Sam Bradshaw and Joe Candelaria, Tom Fisher, Evelyn Brickner, Roawn Jara, Kelby Lee, M athew and Gillian M ulder. I would also like to thank AIBF for the pole, hoops and the pin boards that went to first, second and third place winners. Community Relations – We ha ve had no calls thank you everyone for Fl ying ni ce. We had two land owners who want us to land a t thei r pla ce.

Our next event will be Saturday August 13 at the Rio Rancho field. Pilots registration starts at 6:00am Pilots briefing starts at 6:30am


Please note that the flying committee now meets the M onday before the weekend of the flying event. We will be meeting at the Applebee’s located 2600 M enaul Blvd. NE the meetings start at 6:30pm

Crew Development- M ike Gonzales absent from meeting Tail Gate Cook off was a huge success, Our judges had a hard task to decide the first place decisions for each category: 1st place for dessert st went to Kristy Hunnum, 1 Place for drinks went to Keith Lutz for the M onkey M ojito,

1 place for appetizer/snack went to Karen Anthony, 1st place for the breakfast/entrée went to Paul Cress , Our overall top recipe was for the “Breakfast Soufflé” by Colleen Johnson who won the Grand Prize!

July’s Crew Development Field Activity was a huge success! Our FIRST ever AAAA Tailgate cook-off was a great turn out and hope we can carry this on for years! We had over 20 items turned in! Yes, it may not seem like a lot but in that 20 was drinks, desserts, snacks & appetizers, and breakfast item or entrée. Our judges had a hard task to decide the first place decision for each category: 1st place for dessert was Kristy Hannum, 1st place was the M onkey M ojito, Keith Lutz, 1st place for appetizer/snack was Karen Anthony, and 1st place for breakfast/entrée was Paul Kress. Our overall top recipe was for the “Breakfast Soufflé “by Colleen Johnson, she won Grand Prize! Thanks to our judges: Eric Green from KOAT, M arlon Long photographer and fiesta volunteer, Owner of M and Company, and Gary Dewey from Balloon Fiesta the M erchandising M anager. Thanks again! We will be taking the recipes that were turned in and making a cookbook! Our very own AAAA Tailgate cookbook! So if you didn’t make it but have a great recipe that makes your crew smile, please turn it in to a crew d member at the next meeting or event! September is FLAG ETT IQUITE! Look for more info!

Education - November 12, 2011 is the date for the Instructors Course. Gordon Schwontski will be the speaker for the Fiesta Safety Seminar "Flying your Environment"

Alan Cannaday says Hi!

Ways and Means – The roster is ready and being distributed in the back of the meeting space.

Colleen is looking for volunteers for Friends and Lovers 2012. There will be hot dogs and hamburgers at the August flying event everyone is encouraged to bring side dishes and we can have a mini-picnic.

Top Gun's July Flying Event was a great success. We had 8 pilots participating, with M ike Garcia being our Event Director. We had 4 targets being monitored by our great scorers, Dave Bagley, Bill Kennedy, Pam M icker, Douglas Riddle, Shelly Cannaday and Bryana Cannaday. Thank you so much. S pecial Events –The picnic was a huge success we will be hosting this event annually. Colleen wanted to personally thank Shelly and Allen Cannaday for all their help with both AAAA and Top Gun. Colleen expressed how no matter what Shelly and Allen always help with time and equipment for any AAAA function and it is greatly appreciated by the club.

After flight Top Gun hosted a great bbq tailgate. Thank you for all the donations to the bbq. Thank you Alan Cannaday for doing all the bbq'in! You rock. The next Top Gun Flying Event for August, will be Sunday, August, 21. M eeting at AIBF with Pilot Briefing promptly at 6:15am. An Email will be sent approximately one week before competition.

Top Gun Scores for July's Flying Event. Congrats to Ray Bair for taking 1st place! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Ray Bair - 3002 Eric Greenwood - 2752 Brooke Owen - 2627 Sue Oldenburg - 2377 M ark Trillianes - 2002 Keith Takach - 1502 M ike Johnson - 1314 Colleen Johnson - 439

See you all next M onth!!!! Shelly Cannaday Top Gun Secretary

BFA – Troy Bradley: Ballots just went out to all BFA members for the upcoming elections. Please if you are a member vote one of our own local Albuquerque Pilots M ark Trillianes is on the ballot. We need local representation in the BFA. BFA is also making changes to increase participation in the Convention. Tailgate and free beer at the Landing area. Will update club as further information comes out, Troy will be going to the BFA hall of Fame Inductions Ben Abruzzo, M axi Andreson will be inducted into the hall of fame. .

FAA –None

Fiesta -There is a new committee this year spear headed by Nancy Abruzzo , the Welcome Committee . The mission of this group is to make Pilots feel Welcomed for participating in fiesta. Nancy is looking for volunteers for team leaders, all team leaders will be assigned 5. 10 pilots and will be their liaisons with fiesta. Welcome committed next meetings are Tuesday nd august 2 at 6:00 at the fiesta office contact Nancy to confirm the date.

Ham Radio Classes The high desert amateur radio club gives classes and exams for ham radio. They will be having a class late June or July and would like to see if any members of AAAA would be interested in taking this class. The charge would be $25 dollars which includes the $15 dollars for the FCC test. If you are interested please call Fred Lete at 261-7464 or E-mail at letefred@aol.com.

Balloon Museum


Rules and guidelines keep up safe by preserving the hard-won lessons of prior experience and mistakes. Knowing what they are, what they protect you from, and how to put them to use are each equally important. Crew don’t have the same formally written and quantifiable protocol, guidelines, and instruction as pilots. However, that doesn’t mean that crew don’t have a distinct skill set of their own. You can’t stay safe or protect others if you don’t know what the rules are. What follows are both general and specific guidelines for crew safety. A good place to start for any crew is with the simplest yet most comprehensive guideline:

WELCOME TO CREW CHIEF’S CORNER! (Copyright 2010 by Gordon S chwonthkowski)


Post this in plain view in your vehicle. This alone will keep you focused in real-time yet ahead of and out of most trouble regardless of flight circumstances. When you need more than this, rely on instruction combined with what you know. Listen to your pilot and crew chief for directions, follow them, and ask questions. Know yourself: your knowledge and skill levels, beliefs, physical abilities, limits, etc. Know your equipment: its performance parameters, size and time requirements, response times, limits, quirks, and what “normal” looks and sounds like.

Know what to do: how to handle routine setup and ground handling tasks, deliver first aid, prevent and manage emergencies, or handle hostile landowners. As a crew member, you actually have very little control over anything but yourself. Managing yourself well makes every crewing challenge easier. Learning gets faster and easier with time, and best of all those lessons are highly portable and transferable. For best results – the most safety and fun with the least risk possible – apply the following every time you crew:

THE 10 COMMANDMENTS OF CREWING 1. PRO TECT YO URSELF FIRST. Your equipment can be replaced – you cannot. If it can burn you, cove r up. Burners, propane, fan exhaust, and drop or crown lines pose burn threats. Wear layered organic clothes and leather gloves when handling these. If it moves, don’t ge t in front of it. Baskets, burners, vehicles, fan props, tie-offs, other launching balloons, and working crew all need space for safety – stay out of their way. Nobody outside the baske t leave s the ground. Keep everyone’s feet on the ground and hands off the basket at launch. Beware of becoming entangled in rope handles, parachute webbing, or crown, vent, and drop lines. Never clip, tie, or wrap yourself with a line. On hard landings, add weight only when the basket will not rebound back into flight. 2. FO LLOW DIRECTIO NS. Do what your pilot and crew chief ask – NOW! T iming and speed are crucial for safety. If you have no directions, think twice first and then act at once. Use your brain before your back; it’s stronger, safer, and easier. A bias for planned action (whether your pilot’s, crew chief’s, or yours) will save time, effort, expense, injury, and regret. 3. KNOW WHEN TO STO P. Learn how to stop your balloon’s fan and pull your balloon’s red line if you don’t know already. Any inflation may be halted at any time BY ANYONE for any safety reason. Ask your pilot to pre-set limits for immediately stopping inflations: signs of rain, lightning, gusts, etc. Know when and how to stop what you’re doing. 4. DON’T REAC T TO EVENTS – DIRECT TH EM. T ake control of yourself, your situation, and your tasks. Don’t wait for events to happen; decide how you want your balloon to behave. T ell it what to do and do whatever is needed to

achieve that. Actively plan how flight safety will unfold at any stage of a flight sequence. 5. MANAGE WHAT YO U CAN’T CHANGE. Don’t be a victim of wind speed, sunrise and sunset times, late passengers, or hostile landowners. T ake control of these by managing how YOU handle them. Focus on making plans to manage these in advance. 6. PLAN FO R THE UNEXP ECTED, TH EN EXP EC T IT. Prepare yourself for emergencies: injuries, fuel fires, line strikes, difficult landings, etc. Develop proactive strategies, rehearse them, and be ready to use them at any moment. Relax but be ready. 7. ES TABLISH FLIGHT RO UTINES AT HO ME. Develop checklists and procedures that standardize your tasks, cut wasted efforts, and prevent forgetting or human error. Learn how your equipment (radios, tie-offs, fans, etc.) work at home on a rainy day with no launch field, pending flight, passenger, crowd, traffic, sponsor, or media pressure. 8. MAKE EVERY DECISIO N CO UNT. Every incident and accident chain begins with one small decision or indecision. Say something if you see something of concern. Your input is vital for flight safety. And when things go wrong, every Small-town, USA is instant global media material via satellite, internet, and camera phone. 9. REVIEW YO UR PERFO RMANCE. Make it a ritual – no excuses, no exceptions. Pros watch the films, and you can learn more from failures than successes. Continuous learning is more important than how well you perform at any single time. 10. YOU ARE IN CO MMAND! Forecasters, pilots, launch directors, the FAA, insurance providers, and first responders have their roles, but operationally your decisions and skills largely determine flight safety. T ake charge and play an active role in every aspect of your flight.

Knowing exactly what to do, when, and why will take time and experience. At first, your pilot and crew chief will instruct you carefully on every move you make and count on you to perform exactly as told. Follow the rules – they’re probably right. The more you crew, the more insight you’ll gain into why things are done how they are. You’ll also receive less verbal instruction with time. At some point (varies for everyone), reading cues from your pilot and balloon will replace verbal prompting. M istakes along this continuum are permitted and even expected. What’s important is that you keep learning until you’ve mastered every crewing position under any flight conditions and can instruct others to perform as well and safely. Be patient with your pilot, crew chief, other crew, and yourself – this is an ongoing process. Safety is truly a matter of attitude. Trouble will surely follow any signs of authority defiance, impulsiveness, invulnerability, machismo, or resignation – in pilots AND in crew. Before dismissing these as other people’s problems, realize that everyone behaves these ways to some degree from time to time. For a healthier outlook, consider repeating the same mistake over and over as a warning sign to unlearn and relearn some aspect of crewing. Risk is often more a function of knowledge, skill, and clarity than conditions or other factors. Clear thinking, proactive planning, and decisive action will keep you as safe as possible. Should you ever question, challenge, or break rules? As a rule, no. Accidents most often occur after one or more members of your flight team has broken one or more rules. M ost rules, however, have rare exceptions, and these may serve as fertile ground for creating new and better rules that offer more guidance and safety. For most crew, talking your ideas over with your pilot and crew chief is the best place to start. Pushing the boundaries or experimenting with new techniques is often best left to more seasoned balloonists and controlled conditions. Ballooning safety, however, has much

room for improvement, and no one – especially crew – should be discouraged in this pursuit. Not all pilots will agree with these rules or believe crew should take such an active and proactive approach to safety. But forces shaping this sport have moved crewing in this direction, and these trends are accelerating. M ore pilots allow and even expect crew to perform routine tasks once reserved exclusively for them: crew and passenger briefings, equipment layout, cold inflation, hot inflation, and pack-up. M any competition pilots and ride operators have streamlined their operations, improved their techniques/performance, and pushed ballooning forward by moving in this direction. You’ll crew for pilots who expect to do everything themselves and those who expect crew to do nearly everything but fly. While the pilot in command is legally and always responsible for the safe operation of the balloon, crew participate more in safety than ever before in ballooning history. Work within your pilot’s expectations, be ready to accept and master the next level of responsibility for flight safety, and most importantly – follow the rules!

Based on the book “Hot Air Balloon Crewing Essentials” available through the author (see the end of the “Welcome” article for more information).

AUGUST Events 8TH - Flying Committee meeting


8th – Education Committee Meeting, 6pm



11 – Crew Development Committee Meeting, 6pm

Full Page….. ..$110.00

13th – Flying Event – Rio Rancho Balloon Park Registration 5:30am Briefing 6:00am

Half Page…….$55.00


Eighth Page…$14.00

– Top Gun Flying Event , Brief 6:15am

Quarter Page..$28.00

15th – Board Meeting @ Balloon Fiesta Office, 6pm 23th – Ways & Means Committee Meeting, 5:30pm 23th – General Meeting @ MCM Elegante, 6:30pm

Classified Advertisements $2 per 50-characterline; prepaid only All prepaid advertisements

SEPTEMBER Events 5TH – Flying Committee meeting 8th – Crew Development Committee Meeting, 6pm 11th – Flying Event – Balloon Fiesta Park Registration 5:30am Briefing 6:00am 12th – Education Committee Meeting, 6pm 19th – Board Meeting @ Balloon Fiesta Office, 6pm 18th – Top Gun Flying Event, 6:30am 27th – Ways & Means Committee Meeting, 5:30pm 27th – General Meeting @ MCM Elegante, 6:30pm


“All advertisements must be prepaid with a Credit Card. The deadline for advertisements is the third Friday of the month. Email advertisements to Beth Wright-Smith pbtsmith@lobo.net An invoice will then be emailed as well as payment instructions.”

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PILOT TRAINING f rom the most experienced instructor in the Southwest! Call Beth WrightSmith at Airborne Heat. 505-604-2865 or email, pilotschool@lobo.net. FAA approved Part 141 school; f lexible schedules. Now awarded the contract to instruct FAA personnel. Also see www.airborneheat.com.

Pilot School: FAR pt 141 training from the most experienced instructor in the Southwest. Flexible schedules. One-on-one flight or ground school. private, commercial or add-on. Biennial flight reviews. Awarded the contract to instruct nationwide FAA personnel. Cameron Balloon Sales: Buy from a dealer with over 20 years of experience flying and selling Camerons, without www.airborneheat.com overhead costs. In Albuquerque, pilotschool@lobo.net or 505-604-2865

http://www.balloonclassic.com/ 719- 471- 4833 PILOTS ~ http://www.balloonclassic.com/pilotapp









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2011 August Cloudbouncer  

Official publication of the Albuquerque Aerostat Ascension Association (AAAA) Hot Air Balloon Club.

2011 August Cloudbouncer  

Official publication of the Albuquerque Aerostat Ascension Association (AAAA) Hot Air Balloon Club.