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APRIL 2011




Board of Directors 2010-2011 President Elisa Trillanes Phone: 505-269-2503

Vice - President Peter Cuneo


Secretary Diana Rutz Secretary@hotairballooning.org

Treasurer Lyn Kirkwood Phone: 505-897-1948 lynkirkwood@comcast.net

Flying Events John Hofer Phone: 505-506-6594 jhhballoon@gmail.com Education Garry Haruska Phone: 505-830-2225 ltaglh@aol.com

Crew Development Mike Garcia Phone: 505-659-2473 mike1dwn@msn.com

Website www.hotairballooning.org Cloudbouncer Pat Chando

Community Relations Jennifer Greenwood

Special Events Colleen Johnson

Ways & Means Mike Gonzales

Front cover photo of Keith Takach in Takach A Breeze AAAA 1st place March By: Pat Chando

Editor@hotairballooning.org The Cloudbouncer is a monthly publication of the AAAA Education Foundation. PO Box 90160, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87199-0160 Subscription rate: $17 annually; Electronic Copy FREE to AAAA Members in good standing. The AAAA Education Foundation strives to provide the most valuable forum possible for the free exchange of information within the AAAA. Acceptance of advertising cannot imply endorsement of products or services by AAAA nor the Cloudbouncer Editor, Publisher or Staff. Opinions presented in Cloudbouncer in information, contributions, articles, letters and editorials are solely the opinions of the authors and do not express the official view of AAAA. We authorize the reprinting of any original work in this newsletter with credit to the author and AAAA Cloudbouncer as the source. Please send articles and photos to our dedicated email address: Editor@hotairballooning.org Persons whose articles are published are eligible to receive a special Cloudbouncer appreciation lapel pin. Deadline for all submissions is the Friday after the General Meeting. Articles, photographs and advertisements received after the deadline will be published in a future issue, if they are still relevant.


April Events 9th – Flying Event – Rio Rancho Registration 6:15am Briefing 6:45am 11th – Education Committee Meeting, 6:00pm 14th

– Crew Development Committee Meeting, 5:45pm

RATES Full Page….. ..$110.00 Half Page…….$55.00 Quarter Page..$28.00 Eighth Page…$14.00

16th – Advanced Crew Member Seminar 17th – Top Gun Flying Event 18th – Board Meeting @ Balloon Fiesta Office, 6pm 26th – Ways & Means Committee Meeting, 5:30pm 26th – General Meeting @ MCM Elegante, 6:30pm 29th ~ 1st may – Commercial Ground School

May Events 9th – Education Committee Meeting, 6:00pm 12th – Crew Development Committee Meeting, 6:00pm 15th – Flying Event – Balloon Fiesta Park Registration 5:30am Briefing 6:00am 22nd – Top Gun Flying Event 16th – Board Meeting @ Balloon Fiesta Office, 6pm

Classified Advertisements $2 per 50-characterline; prepaid only All prepaid advertisements “All advertisements must be prepaid with a Credit Card. The deadline for advertisements is the third Friday of the month. Email advertisements to Beth Wright-Smith pbtsmith@lobo.net An invoice will then be emailed as well as payment instructions.”

24th – Ways & Means Committee Meeting, 5:30pm

24th – General Meeting @ MCM Elegante, 6:30pm

Photo’s submitted by Pat Chando AAAA Meet in March


BOARD MEETING MINUTES February 14, 2011 6pm meeting called to order by Elisa Trillanes Members in attendance: Beth, Debbie, Cyndie, Mike, Elisa, Bud, Paul, Garry Absent: John, Lyn Guests: none Reports: Secretary: Two members paid for 2011 twice. Debbie motioned to send email to let them choose if they want to apply the money to next year. Mike seconded. It was passed. Cyndie will email them and ask what they would like to do. Treasurer: Lyn is absent. Vice President: Program is going to be excerpts from video "Challenge the Wind." March is elections so there is no program. Beth will set up the program for April. Flying events: Reminder the dates are on the website and Cloudbouncer. March flying event will be on Fiesta field. Education: Private pilot ground school is almost full. We have 19. Max is 20. Crew Development: April 16th is advanced seminar. It will be held at CNM workforce solutions center. Ham radios short presentation to try to introduce it back into

the club. There has been a sparked interest so they want to set up trainings. Ways and Means: Debbie showed us the rough draft for the 40th year pin. Change font and add year. Any other suggestions let her know. Make the s look like s not z. We sold stuff at rally. We sold some old stuff too. Donations, please ask for donations for March meeting. Three people will not renew roster add, everyone else said they would. Community Relations: Bud said he was grounded for this rally. Tony Ross did not meet AAAA criteria. Cloudbouncer Editor is Pat Chando. Cynthia Lei wants to be the Ad contact for Cloudbouncer. Special Events: Paul said 95 balloons 106 pilots were registered. 6 bags left over. Lyn will split between the volunteers. Sponsors texting Paul had a great time want to sponspor again next year. The band played three hours longer than they should have. Colleen wants to run for Special events. Paul will continue to help out and pass information along to others. Volunteers will get t-shirts and pins. There will be a write-up in the Cloudbouncer. Financial report will be soon coming. Unfinished business: Flying event signs need to be picked up. BFA Convention‌.1st weekend in April What should the booth have? People should be aware that there is a 1/2 year membership. Can we take 40 year banner? Membership forms, brochures, candy, decals, cash bag, credit card machine, receipt book, notebook, website up‌take AAAA computer and Paul's sprint card, sell pins?

New business: MCM Elegante contract through June. Advantages to being there: Jay knows us, what we need, how to help. He is our main asset. MCM was the only one that could accommodate us for our big meetings for a cheap price. Since the Hilton sponsored during Friends and Lovers, they might be interested. Beth got a contact number. Beth will check on quotes. Fiesta keys‌AAAA board members have never gotten free keys from Fiesta. Do we need to have one for AAAA board? No, we will deal with it, if AAAA Flying Events Chair doesn't have one in the future.

Close Election 6:45pm Raffle Drawings per Ways and Means

Board reports Secretary: Cyndie announced names of people with membership cards available at this meeting. Treasurer: See Cloudbouncer Vice President: No program due to elections. Program next month will be by Troy Bradley flying the house

Meeting was adjourned at 6:52pm.

Committee reports

GENERAL MEETING MINUTES Opening by President Elisa Trillanes at 6:35 pm Guests: Kerry Hanson New Balloons/Ratings: Kerry Hanson has a new balloon and new license Ballooning in the community: Al Lowenstein donated a ride to The Rocky Mountain Elks Foundation raffle and Dave Tennis donated two rides to the Wounded Warriors AAAA Award presentation was made by President, Elisa Trillanes Slim Rawley Crew Award was presented to Ann Printz, Bob Ruthenfall Education Award presented to Beth Wright-Smith Allan Jones Volunteer of the year Award presented to Carol Bair

Flying Events: John reported 41 pilots registered. Keith scored. We collected $89 and a lot of canned goods. Education: Tom reported people took exams and did well. They received a 9.5 rating from students going to ground schools. Commercial Ground School is scheduled for April 29th-May 1st. Registration $150, $175 after April 14th. Flight Instructor Refresher course is coming May 14th. It is $35 1-5pm Saturday afternoon and for current instructors. If you have ideas that might benefit folks in this class contact Ray Bair. Crew Development: Mike reported Thanks to Ray for mini-seminar on tie-offs. Advanced Crew Seminar on April 16th space is limited. The location will be at CNM Workforce Training Center. PNM will speak. In May, we will have a tailgate cook-off. Ways and Means: Debbie reported the roster will not be out to print until April after elections. We are working on pins. We had a couple of re-

designs. They could be ready by May, maybe sooner Community Relations: Bud is out of town. Elisa reported that we got a request from Rio Rancho Economic Development Corporation. They are non-profit, bringing in companies to Rio Rancho and Albuquerque area. They are looking for anyone willing to volunteer to fly people who might be interested to bring their business here. There are about 20 people on May 1st and about 10 on the Thursday. They will provide propane. They are also asking for balloon pins or cards. Let Elisa know if you are interested. Special Events: Paul reported people are asking how much Friends and Lovers cost the club.

Answer: about $900 the rest came from sponsors. More Raffle Drawings –Ways and Means

Other Ballooning Organizations Top Gun: 12 pilots came out. 1st Mark Trillanes, 2nd Keith Tackach, 3rd Steve Adams. If you are interested in membership, contact Shelly Cannaday or Hopper (Jason Buckner). Contact Shelly if you want to be a scorer during state championships during Memorial Day weekend. Sponsorships are needed so see Shelly if you are interested. BFA: Troy reported he was there for the earthquake. AAIBM got the right to host the International Hall of Fame. The induction ceremony will be during Fiesta. They signed the contract to host World Championship in Battle Creek, Michigan. Let him know if you are interested in being an observer.

Commercials that NASCAR has done did not betray our sport in the best light. BFA is writing letters to NASCAR and Fox. We can also write letters see Troy for addresses. Balloon Fiesta: Don Edwards said 1st week in October. Also, 340 primary pilot applications have been received for Balloon Fiesta. VFRS: Don Boyer reported that the St. Patrick’s Day Rally had 45 balloons come but the winds did not cooperate. 8 people took off about 8:30.The backup day was on Sunday and 17 balloons came out. St. Patrick’s Day next year is on Saturday. Don Edwards came on short notice and put the shamrock up on Sunday. Balloon Museum: Beth reported that on Thursday the Balloon Museum and the city hosted a run. 150 people and about 10 balloons came out to help the guy run across the country. Balloon Explorium: Neida talked about record attendance at the museum during Spring Break. They made 150+ tissue paper balloons. 300 people were at story time Wednesday morning to start it off. Balloon Explorium will be in Roswell on Friday May 6th if anyone will be in town for the rally and would be willing to help in the schools. Super day is on May 16th. They take students to the community college to take different classes like tissue paper balloons, juggling, etc. We welcome volunteers. Call Neida if you want to volunteer. AND even more raffle drawings – Ways & Means Announcement of Silent Auction winners – Ways & Means

Votes are in! New Board members are: Vice President: Peter Cuneo Secretary: Diana Rutz

Please note that Flying Events Committee now meets the Monday before the weekend of the flying event. We will be meeting at the Applebee’s located at 2600 Menaul Blvd. NE. Our meetings start at 6:00PM. John H Hofer Flying Events Director

Community Relations: Jennifer Greenwood Ways and Means: Mike Gonzales Special Events: Colleen Johnson Drawing: Beth Meeting adjourned at 7:32 pm

March flying event was a wonderful success with 12 pilots in the air. Thanks to Mike Garcia, event director, for calling tasks resulting with Mark Trillanes being our first place winner for March and Keith Takach placing second.

Flying Event March 2011 It was another great day to fly. Forty one pilots registered for the event. One pilot made it to the target. First place goes to Keith Takach with a distance of 145 ft. 1in. Lots of canned goods were collected as well as $89.00. All will be donated to Joy Junction. Thanks go out to the following people who helped with this event: Randy Mykleburst, March’s Balloon Meister, weather Lady Bonnie Northcutt, Sam Bradshaw, Tom Fisher, Evelyn Brickner, Lisa Mulder, Jarvis Lee, Roan Lee, Jaren Lee, Kelby Lee, Lisa Mulder and Al Lowenstein. Our next event will be Saturday April 9 at the Rio Rancho field. Pilot registration starts at 06:15. Pilot Briefing starts at 06:45.

Mark Trillanes Overflying 2nd target.

"Mark your calendars"! Top Gun State Competition May 28 - May 30, 2011. Registration will be, Friday, May 27, 2011

5pm - 8pm at Chama River Brewery 4931 Pan American West Freeway NE Albuquerque, NM 87109 (505) 342-1800. If you, as a pilot, are interested in joining our competition flying event, you can contact Top Gun Secretary, Shelly Cannaday, with any questions or please visit our web site to download a copy of the pilot application at topgunballooning.org.

Ham Radio Classes

CREW DEVELOPMENT Well it is almost time for our Advance Crew Seminar.... it is still not too late to register! Register online... APRIL 16th at the CNM Workforce Center! We have great speakers lined up and hope that you all will be able to attend. If you have questions please don't hesitate to email me or call me. We want you to be a success. Pilots can attend and even get an insurance discount. Tie off's mini seminar was a great success thanks to RAY BAIR! We had a very nice turn out and went over what should and shouldn't be used... and the different styles. We hope you all find our mini seminars an educational refresher...if you would like to see something done, please speak up!

The high desert amateur radio club gives classes and exams for ham radio. They will be having a class late June or July and would like to see if any members of AAAA would be interested in taking this class. The charge would be $25 dollars which includes the $15 dollars for the FCC test.

1st Annual Tailgate Contest is coming to you and for you... MAY's Event... at Balloon Fiesta Park....more details to come! But who doesn't love to eat and mingle with friends? We all know you have some great recipes that you are dying to show off! More info to come...so check your favorite resource such as Facebook, email, and club meetings and events.

If you are interested please call Fred Lete at 261-7464 or E-mail at letefred@aol.com.


April Program Cluster balloons have been in the news lately. The Balloon Museum has an exhibit on them. But can you really fly a house with a bunch of balloons as in the movie, “UP”? Be at the April meeting for Troy Bradley’s presentation to find out.

Photo By Mark Trillanes

????????????? Can you identify all three people in this photo from around 1979? The first one to email the correct answer to pbtsmith@lobo.net wins a balloon watercolor artist’s print.

“Making Your Dreams Come True”

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PILOT TRAINING from the most experienced instructor in the Southwest! Call Beth Wright-Smith at Airborne Heat. 505-604-2865 or email, pilotschool@lobo.net. FAA approved Part 141 school; flexible schedules. Now awarded the contract to instruct FAA personnel. Also see www.airborneheat.com.

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AAAA Corporate Sponsorship Benefits Platinum Corporate Membership $750 Two hot air balloon rides (1 ride=1 person, not available during AIBF) (Donated by a AAAA member pilot) Name listed on electronic Cloudbouncer cover Name listed on roster cover “banner” Corporate provided table banner displayed at Ways and Means table during AAAA meetings Full page color ad in roster (camera ready only) Framed set of annual AAAA pins Web mention Web link 10 passes to pilot tent at Fiesta Electronic Cloudbouncer 3 Rosters Full page ad in electronic Cloudbouncer (January, April, July, October) 25% discount on electronic Cloudbouncer ads. Gold Corporate Membership $325 Name listed on electronic Cloudbouncer cover Name listed on roster cover “banner” Full page Black and White ad in roster (camera ready only) Boxed set of annual AAAA pins Web mention Web link 6 passes to pilot tent at Fiesta Electronic Cloudbouncer 2 rosters ½ page ad in electronic Cloudbouncer (February, May, August, November) 20% discount on electronic Cloudbouncer ads or upgrade ad Silver Corporate Membership $175 Name listed on electronic Cloudbouncer cover Name listed on roster cover “banner” ½ page Black and White ad in roster (camera ready only) Set of annual AAAA pins Web mention 4 passes to pilot tent at Fiesta Electronic Cloudbouncer 1 Roster 15% discount on electronic Cloudbouncer ads


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2011 April Cloudbouncer  

Official publication of the Albuquerque Aerostat Ascension Association (AAAA) Hot Air Balloon Club.

2011 April Cloudbouncer  

Official publication of the Albuquerque Aerostat Ascension Association (AAAA) Hot Air Balloon Club.