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A Monthly publication of the Albuquerque Aerostat Ascension Association & Education


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SILVER schantz insurance agency Red Rock balloon Rally association IMC INSURANCE AGENCY THE NEXT GENERAL MEETING WILL BE TUESDAY NOVEMBER 28, 2010 AT MCM ELEGANTE 6:30 PM


Board of Directors 2010-2011

President Elisa Trillanes Phone: 505.269.2503 Elisa@Trillanes.com

Vice President Elizabelth Wright-Smith Phone: 505.604.2865 pbtsmith@lobo.net

Secretary/Membership TBD

Treasurer Lyn Kirkwood Phone: 505.897.1948 lynkirkwood@comcast.net

Flying Events John Hofer Phone: 505.506.6594 jhhballoon@gmail.com

Education Garry Haruska Phone: 505.830.2225 ltaglh@aol.com

Crew Development: Mike Garcia Phone: 505.659.2473 mike1dwn@msn.com

Community Relations Bud Hebrlee Phone: 505.401.9368 buddman327@msn.com Special Events Paul Kress Phone: 505.818.8088 PMKbuild@yahoo.com Ways & Means Debbie Reynolds Phone: 505.884.3136 dar_reynolds@msn.com


www.hotairballooning.org Cloudbouncer Lori Pitman Phone: 505.890.8868 / 301.305.0141 cloudbouncer_editor@comcast.net

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Monthly Board Meeting: Monday November 15th, 6pm AIBF Office

Advertising Rates Full Page……$110.00 Half Page…...$55.00 Quarter Page.$28.00 Eighth Page…$14.00 Classified Advertisements $2 per 50character line; prepaid only. All prepaid advertisements – “All advertisements must be prepaid with a Credit Card. The deadline for advertisements is the third Friday of the month. Email advertisements to Lorie Guthrie @ Ltabugs@comcast.net. An invoice will then be emailed as well as payment instructions.” Cover photo submitted by Pat Chando.


New member applications were presented and accepted. Treasurer’s report was presented. The checking account is down to $5800.00. We need to look at doing some serious fundraising.

PRESIDENT’S CORNER During the last general meeting Garry Haruska mentioned the joy of being able to work with and be a part of all the volunteers that make up the amazing club that is Quad A. If you are interested in becoming more involved please think about joining a committee or volunteering for one of the following open positions.

Carol Bair will be our guest speaker at our October General Meeting. She will tell us what it takes to feed the pilots 9 mornings during balloon fiesta. Flying Events will hold their next event on November 14th. Check in at 6am, briefing at 6:30am. This will be an R2C2 flying event. This will also be their Coats for Kids collection. Anyone with new or lightly used coats is encouraged to donate them.

We have received a resignation from our current Secretary, Tonya Griego, and will need to fill this position immediately. The secretary is responsible for not only taking minutes of both the board and general meetings, but also is the chair of the membership committee. The secretary will keep the membership database up to date, send out new member packets and mail and receive new and renewal membership applications.

The Education committee put on the Safety Seminar during Fiesta. No final figures but approximately 240 people attended the seminar. They are currently planning the 2011 Ground Schools. The Crew Development committee is planning a Fire Extinguisher demonstration in December.

I am also looking for a nominations chair for the 2011 elections. This person is in charge of working with a committee to compile a slate of candidates, publish this slate and take nominations from the floor for open board positions. They will also be responsible for preparing and sending out ballots as well as counting ballots and announcing the results at the annual meeting.

The Ways and Means committee is working on corporate sponsorship renewals and they will be selling pins, t-shirts and headbands at the next general meeting. Any ideas for 40th anniversary specials; please get with a committee member. The Community Relations committee – Bud is looking for volunteers for the Carrie Tingley tether for October 24th. Now looking for pilots to tether at the November 6th Juvenile Diabetes; the event will be held at the AIBF field.

If you are interested in one of the above, please contact me at 505-269-2503 or president@hotairballooning.org. Not ready to jump into something right away but thinking about running for a board position in 2011. The open positions for the coming year’s election will be Vice-President, Secretary, Community Relations, Ways & Means, and Special Events. Detailed descriptions of all the board positions can be found in the operating rules on the clubs website www.hotairballooning.org. Thank you can never be said enough to all the past and present members who volunteer their time for our club.

Lori Pitman is stepping down as the Cloudbouncer editor. If there is anyone interested in taking on this endeavor please contact Bud or any other board member. Paul and his Special Events committee is already working on the Friends and Lovers rally. The balloon museum is already booked for the Friday night registration event. They are also working on contracting with a caterer Old Business: Replacement of the education computer and projector has been taken care of. Beth’s home insurance has covered most of the cost. She will work on trying to get the rest, if not the club will pay the small difference….that is why we self-insure. The board voted in September to reimburse her for any difference.

BOARD MEETING MINUTES October 18, 2010 In attendance: John Hofer, Bud Hebrlee, Mike Garcia, Lyn Kirkwood, Garry Haruska, Paul Kress, Debbie Reynolds, Beth Wright-Smith Absent: Tonya Griego, Elisa Trillanes Guest: Phred McAllaster

New Business: There had been a suggestion about doing a special coin for the 40th anniversary, but

The meeting was called to order by Beth at 6:09pm.


there was no one present who could give details. It will be looked into for the next board meeting.

Flying Events – see John’s report in the Cloudbouncer.

Phred was there to present the possibility of offering a one time only Lifetime membership in AAAA. A motion was made by Paul and seconded by Garry to offer a one time only lifetime membership to AAAA for $500.00 for an individual and $250.00 for a family member to be offered through March 1, 2011. Motion passed. There was a motion to get the notification out in the Cloudbouncer, passed.

Crew D – no report

Motion was made by by Debbie, seconded by Paul to make by-laws/Operating rules change notification sent out by next week. To be put out on a blast, website and Facebook. Passed.

Special Events – Friends & Lovers 2/11/2011-2/13/ 2011. The registration dinner will again be held at the Museum with JR’s catering.

Education - The Fiesta Safety Seminar had 245 attendees. Working on upcoming Private and Commercial Pilot ground school. Ways and Means – Approximately $900 was made at the Raffle. Working on corporate sponsorships.

Top Gun – Has T-shirts and License Plates for sale. Next meeting is Nov 4th at Chama River Brewing Company and the next Flying Event is Nov 21st.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:40pm. Submitted by, Debbie Reynolds

VFRS – No official Rally at Miracle on Main Street – fun fly only, more details to follow. Working on St. Patrick’s Day Rallye


Balloon Fiesta – Don Edwards thanked all volunteers.

Meeting was called to order by President Elisa Trillanes at 6:35pm.


Guests: Sherri & Dennis Kaufman from Carthage, IL and David & Anita Eichhorn from Albuquerque.

COMMUNITY RELATIONS Saturday, November 6, 2010 is Walk to Cure Diabetes at Balloon Fiesta Park.

New Pilots/Ratings: Dale Pattyn

Contact persons are Mark and Susan Parra. If you would like to volunteer your time and equipment it will be very much appreciated. Please call Mark and Susan at (505) 892-4495 Residence or (505) 4803968. They will be pleased to share any information with you as to time or other information.

Al Lowenstein donated a ride for 2 to the Wounded Warrior Raffle. Carol Bair made a great presentation on what is involved in setting up and running the Pilot’s Tent at Fiesta. I’m sure we all now have a better understanding of what a huge undertaking this is.

We thank the following in advance:

The club will be offering a onetime Lifetime Membership – Regular membership - $500 and a Family membership - $250. Money must be sent by March 1st.

1. 2. 3. 4.

Secretary report – none

Don Boyer (Wells Fargo Balloon) Grant Crawford Paul Kress David Albin

As your Community Relations Director, I will be pleased to issue certificates for fifteen gallons of propane to each participant to help defray your expenses.

Treasurer’s report – will be in the Cloudbouncer. Vice President’s report – November’s presentation will be the Fiesta wrap-up, no General meeting in December.

Respectfully submitted, Bud Hebrlee, Director Community Relations

Community Relations – see Bud’s report in the Cloudbouncer.


CREW DEVELOPMENT Just a reminder to everyone and their crews.... December's mini-seminar on the field is FIRE EXTINGUISHER use and how it relates to ballooning. We all carry them in our baskets and trailers but do we know how to use them to not damage our systems?

dent is before it happens. The pain of discipline – paying attention and directing events, not simply reacting – is minimal compared to the pain of regret. Everyone around or in your basket is someone’s spouse, sibling, best friend, or colleague. Imagine how you’d feel if someone close to you was injured and you later learned someone else – beyond the pilot – could have prevented that. Even if your pilot does everything possible and legally, handling a crown line more effectively or being there on landing to add weight often means the difference between safety and anything less. You would expect nothing less in return for those close to you.

Also Crew D is always looking for suggestions for the January mini-seminar idea! Have an idea....e-mail or speak up at December’s event! See you there and remember these are free! Thanks your Crew Development Team! FLYING EVENTS Our next flying event will be November 14th at the Rio Rancho Field. This will include an R2C2 event. Pilot registration starts at 6:00am. Briefing starts at 6:30am.

The other reason is strictly bottom line. Safety is cheap compared to the alternative. Incidents, accidents, and injuries are truly expensive. Doing things right the first time is truly cheaper in the long run. Consider the price tags on some common mishaps. Burned throat fabric from a mishandled crown line can cost a scrubbed flight ($300-1000 passenger revenue), a $2-400 repair, and lost time and travel costs. A hard landing with passenger injury may cost only a few hundred in medical expenses but also that nagging feeling your pilot gets for weeks hoping that ankle heals nicely and no lawsuits follow. A power line strike or fatality can easily cost 6-7 figures in injuries, compensation, claims, damages, and legal defenses not to mention how it’ll change your pilot’s view on flying. While these aren’t highly common, none are that uncommon, and it only has to happen once to you or someone you know to become very real and painful. And whether you see it or not, there’s a ripple effect throughout ballooning after every accident. Even if you only sport fly, there’s never a cheap mishap or a good time for one.

The next Flying Events Committee meeting will be Thursday, November 4, 6:00 PM, at Applebee’s, located on north San Mateo.

WELCOME TO CREW CHIEF’S CORNER! (Copyright 2010 by Gordon Schwontkowski) Crew Chief’s Corner is for all balloonists. Pilots will find information on flying and skill instruction their instructors never provided. Crew chiefs will find indepth analysis of their role never discussed before. And crew will find what to expect and what is expected of them as their ballooning experience grows. Regardless of your ballooning rank, you’ll find a wealth of safety techniques and tips found nowhere else in our sport. SAFETY VERSUS COMMAND Cont. From October

None of this is theoretical. Nothing is deadlier to pilots and passengers or more devastating to crew than a power line strike. A simple crew precaution of radioing your pilot anytime your balloon is below 100’ with line locations can prevent hitting wires. Forget the cell phone; any pilot would prefer hearing a short message versus fumbling to answer a phone while flying low. Just make the call – short and sweet (“power east of the road”) - but don’t expect a reply. It’s not required by the FAA (the call isn’t, but redundancy in every balloon component is). It’s not required to get a pilot’s certificate. Most pilots won’t ever expect it, but you’d be surprised how many get surprised by hidden lines. It doesn’t challenge or relinquish command. It’s just plain safe, and it’s really that simple.

Besides outnumbering pilots 2 or 4:1, crew clearly become players and factors in the safety equation for a simpler reason: no one vested with ballooning’s safety is on hand for each of your flights. They only get involved before or after things go wrong, often much sooner or later, and offer no immediate remedy when trouble’s at hand. Who else knows your pilot’s routines, equipment, local conditions, and flying area better than you do and is on hand to catch things and interrupt events before they become accident chains and NTSB reports? While command must reside with the pilot, safety is much bigger and must truly become everyone’s business. Here’s why. Stuff happens in ballooning, even when you’re not flying. The best time to prevent an acci-

Safety is all about risk management, tolerance, and mitigation. Safety is truly in the details, and crew of-


ten end up with those details and tasks in their hands or catch those subtle cues that precede mishaps. Before your next flight or flying season, sit down with your pilot and other crew to review some safety procedures and who does exactly what under what conditions. Some training might be required as well. If you see mist or rain on your windshield, radio your pilot. Learn when or how to pull a red line of your pilot’s at the parachute and the inflation gets out of hand (and when to let go if things get truly out of hand). Practice weight-on landings and drop line handling during a calm-wind tether. Get that first-aid training you’ve been putting off; spectators have saved balloonists’ lives when crew didn’t know CPR. Imagine how you’d feel if that was your pilot and you didn’t have the skills, then imagine yourself the person who knew how and acted. Which person do you want to be?

dinner, awards ceremony and dance. Mark your calendars. The tentative date is Saturday evening January 15, 2011. More details will follow. We are still in the planning stage and are looking for ideas, comments and help. Please email all comments, suggestions and volunteering to help to jhhballoon@gmail.com

VFRS The Miracle on Main Street Balloon Rally in Belen, NM has been cancelled. However, the Valencia Flying and Retrieval Society would like to invite all of you to come down to Belen on Saturday, November 27, 2010 for a fun fly. We will fly from Eagle Park (the same location as last year). If you did not get an invitation via email, or did not attend last year, please send me a message at BalloonMeister@vfrsballoonclub.org and I will add you to the list. There is no registration fee but we invite you to make a cash donation to the Valencia Shelter for Victims of Domestic Violence. Also, you must give us a copy of your insurance certificate.

Nickel-and-diming yourself when it comes to safety usually means you’ll be quartered later – both literally and figuratively. Safety takes many more forms than command does and results from what crew do, don’t do, know, and don’t know. Plan for safety on every flight rather than take a let’s-see-whathappens attitude. Invest some of your time before you get wrapped up in another flying season to master the specific techniques you’ll need to prevent, avoid, and manage all flight-related risks of any nature for the kind of flying you do.

We have also set the dates for the 2011 St. Patrick's Day Balloon Rallye for March 19-20, 2011. The location and other details are still being worked out and we will let everyone know as we get closer to the date. Thanks, Don Boyer - VFRS Vice President



Hello group... I wanted to let everyone know that we still have polo shirts from the 2010 Top Gun State Championship for sale. Sizes available: Large, X-Large and 2XL. They are $15 each and will help support the club.

Disclaimer: The information presented in these articles is for educational purposes, may not reflect the opinion of the newsletter publisher, and should be placed in context with personal experience and other authoritative sources. The author and publisher specifically disclaim any responsibility for any liability, loss, damage, or risk, personal or otherwise, which is incurred or alleged to have occurred as a consequence, directly or indirectly, of the use and application of any of the contents in this series. Based on the book “Hot Air Balloon Crewing Essentials” available through the author

We also have new Top Gun License plates available. They are $15.00 each. Please contact Shelly or Alan Cannaday or any board member to purchase any of these items. Our November Top Gun Board meeting will be Thursday, November 4, 2010, 6pm at Chama River Brewery. Our November Top Gun Flying event will be Sunday, November 21, 2010. More information on the meeting time will come in an email the second week of November.


Thank you to all who support Top Gun! You are all so appreciated!

2011 will be AAAA’s 40th year. To kick off this monumental event, the Flying Event’s Committee is throwing an awards Dinner and Dance. This celebration will combine the January club meeting with a

Shelly Cannaday, Top Gun Secretary


FINANCIAL BALANCE SHEET October 5, 2010 AAAA Education Foundation Checking Account Balance as of September 5, 2010 Withdrawals Deposits Checking Account Balance as of October 5, 2010

26,959.90 (1,906.32) 3,621.05 28,674.63

Trust Account Balance Savings Account Balance

12,019.44 26.05

Education Foundation Balance as of October 5, 2010


AAAA Checking Account Balance as of September 5, 2010 Withdrawals Deposits Checking Account Balance as of October 5, 2010 Trust Account Balance Savings Account Balance

7,293.23 (1,820.84) 108.36 5,580.75 7,075.31 26.21

AAAA Balance as of October 5, 2010


If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at lynkirkwood@comcast.net, or call me at home (505) 897-1948. Thanks!

NOVEMBER GENERAL MEETING PROGRAM Fiesta Wrap-Up We have heard about the pilot tent, but what about Fiesta overall? November’s program features the Balloon Fiesta. Whether you participate in Fiesta or not, you’ll want to be at the general meeting to find out the details that we don’t normally know. No general meeting in December. Happy holidays from AAAA! .


AIBF PHOTOS Submitted by Lori Pitman


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AAAA on the internet www.hotairballooning.org

AAAA P.O. Box 90160 Albuquerque, NM 87199-160

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2010 November Cloudbouncer  

Official publication of the Albuquerque Aerostat Ascension Association (AAAA) Hot Air Balloon Club.

2010 November Cloudbouncer  

Official publication of the Albuquerque Aerostat Ascension Association (AAAA) Hot Air Balloon Club.