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By Debbie Fowler

On October 19, 2009, Ms. Christa Benavidez placed a request for a balloonist from AAAA to inflate their balloon for approximately twenty-four children who stay at their facility after school hours on Friday’s. I called Christa and she suggested we wait until Spring 2010 when our weather warms.

Hi Everybody, Is it winter yet? The weather prognosticators are saying there is a BIG winter storm heading our way in the next several days, or so…..but between you and me, unless it's a storm like we had over New Years a couple years ago, it can't be that big! But if it gets snowy and cold, those of you that attended Crew "D"s seminar on how not to freeze your "farkles" and other cold weather tips and hints, will be prepared for anything. The rest of us will be searching you out in Gallup.

I reviewed the dates with her and, the only date’s available are March 12th or the 26th, April 16th, May 14th. I suggested the Spring winds are not real favorable during this time of year but I would request a pilot to see if perchance we can accommodate her request. So, with those dates in mind I am requesting a pilot volunteer by calling me at 505-296-2440. Albuquerque Christian Children’s Home:

Special Announcement; you may have heard that AAAA dues are going up. That is true, for 2010 the single membership is $30.00, up from $25.00.

On November 11, 2009, Mr. David Jenkins from the above referenced advised their biggest fund raising event of the year would be held on Friday evening, November 20th and suggested a donated balloon ride for 2-4 people would be greatly appreciated.

The family membership stays the same. But wait…..we have our very own "Early Elf" event going on right now! If you pay for your single membership for 2010 between now and December 31st (postmarked) you pay only $25.00, the 2009 rate!

We sent out a “blast” and within six hours, three pilots had volunteered their certificates for auction. We accepted the offer in the order they were received. Our sincere thank you to AAAA member Sean Rice from Tarrytown, NY for his generous donation of time and equipment to fulfill the wish of this very wonderful organization. We also thank Jeff Hooten and Troy Bradley. Without these pilots offering their equipment and time, these organizations would find it difficult to meet their objectives.

Another Special Announcement; you may have heard we have an election coming in March 2010. Positions open this year are as follows: President, Treasurer, Flying Events, Crew "D" and Education. If you want to be part of the AAAA Board for the next term, or know someone you would like to nominate, please contact Bonnie Northcutt, nominating committee chair, or Keith Takach, committee member.

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation:

As you know, this club needs people to volunteer their time and expertise to keep moving forward. We've had a terrific last several years, and the future looks great, so come on and get involved.

November 7, 2009 was Walk to Cure Diabetes at the Balloon Fiesta Park. $550,000.00 for diabetes research was the primary goal for the participants.

Remember there is no monthly meeting in December, so fly safe, keep warm, and have a wonderful holiday season.

I sincerely thank the following balloonists who volunteered tethered rides for the success of this annual event. Beth Wright-Smith, Jessica Makin, Don Boyer and Clair Wade-Callihan. You are greatly appreciated by all.

Merry Christmas, and a Blessed Happy New Year, Deb Fowler AAAA President

Respectfully Submitted by, Bud Hebrlee, Director Community Relations.


FLYING EVENTS The November flying event did not happen due to inclement weather. Scores as of the September flying event are posted in this Cloudbouncer as well as on our website. The next flying event will be the Jingle Bell Non-Rally, a two day event December 12th & 13th at Balloon Fiesta Park. Competition will be held on the 1st flyable day. Please bring an entry fee of a wrapped present marked for a boy or girl with the appropriate age. Pilot registration is at 6:30am with the pilot brief at 7:00am. The next flying events committee meeting will be Sunday, December 6th at 6:30pm at Applebee’s on San Mateo and Academy.

CREW D We had a Farkifully (fark-if-lee) Fun afternoon this past Saturday with our Chasing N Crewing 4 Colder Conditions seminar. 16 participants joined our instructors, Sam Tzamaloukas, Ray Bair, Don Bragg to learn how to get ready for the colder crewing scenarios that may present themselves this coming winter. Lichele Peete is to be thanked as well for helping register attendees and assist in our door prize drawings. We would also like to Thank Balloon Fiesta for allowing us to use their facility, and thanks to all the crew and a few pilots too who took time out of their weekend to join us.

Top 20 Flying Event Scores as of November 23, 2009 PLACE



Enjoy your holidays, and be safe and warm this winter.


Smith, Paul




Takach, Keith



Garcia, Jerry



Wilson, Kurt



Candelaria, Joe



Portmore, Rick



Tennis, David



Garcia, Mike



Johnson, Colleen



Bair, Ray



Atchley, Cory



Pitman, Lori



Kaufman, Blair



Nakamura, Judy



Hahn, Allan



Schmidt, Rick



Hooten, Jeff



Gruette, Richard



Tzamaloukas, Rolinda



Owen, Brook


By Rose Marie Kern There is an art to determining how geography combined with surface weather conditions will affect flight conditions. Even jets at 45,000 feet can be affected by the terrain below under the right conditions. Strong surface winds striking a vertical mountain face drive all the atmospheric layers upwards creating a condition known as mountain wave. This wave will cause strong updrafts and downdrafts displacing aircraft by a thousand feet per minute or more. Surface based pressure systems and geographical features close to the ground can cause variations in the patterns forecast by the National Weather Service for a general region of the country. Some of the presentations at the last AAAA safety seminar during the Balloon Fiesta revolved around accidents that occurred when pilots expected no unusually strong winds based on information received during their preflight briefings, yet were surprised to experience the phenomenon during flight. How can you possibly predict this type of activity? Start by having a clear picture of the terrain you plan to fly through. Are any high pressure, low pressure, fronts or troughs in the area? Winds flow clockwise around a high pressure system and counterclockwise around a low pressure system. If you are flying within 10 miles of a mountain or mesa, what will happen when the winds strike the side of the mountain?


The mountain side deflects the winds, sometimes spinning them back into the face of the oncoming flow creating a micro eddy. Winds flowing over the mountain will sink down and spin at the base as well. Ever sit on the bank of a fast flowing river and notice areas just behind some large rocks where the water seems to pool in the opposite direction? Conversely, if you are flying near a large smooth body of cold water, or very flat plain with little to no vegetation, surface winds may be accelerated by the lack of friction. Watch the surface analysis and surface prognosis charts to anticipate these conditions. The lines around the Low (L) or High (H) nearest you give you a hint as to the anticipated strength of the surface winds. If the tight lines around a Low on the prog charts look like a dart board is traveling your direction, you’ll probably want to sleep in. Rapid Update Cycle (RUC) wind forecasts will provide some indication of anticipated wind directions as well.

Whenever you plan to fly in a new location, read the geographic charts as well as your street maps and weather maps will help you anticipate possible hazards in the air as well as at the surface.

If a very weak low pressure system on the current surface analysis is located over Gallup, New Mexico, and the prog charts show it near Albuquerque the next day it may be an indication that flight is possible on the west mesa, but you may encounter unexpected wind eddies in Sandia Heights. As the system moves east of Sandia Mountain, conditions on the I-40 corridor surface winds may make landings uncomfortable until the low is well east of the city, but west mesa conditions will improve as a more stable airmass settles in behind the low.

Rose Marie Kern has worked in ATC for over 26 years. If you’d like to ask Rose a question send her an email at author@rosemariekern.com.

BELEN BALLOON RALLY The Inaugural "Miracle on Main Street" Balloon Rally in Belen, NM got off to a great start over Thanksgiving weekend with five balloons flying Friday morning for media day. Saturday morning dawned with broken cloud cover and light and variable winds. All the balloons launched and several pilots worked the box to land back on the launch field to change passengers and make another hop. After the balloons left the field, the spectators who came out were treated to tether balloon rides with Kelly Baldwin in her Duckie special shape, Mike Shrum in the La Rista shape and Pam Steele in AirRageous.

The I-40 phenomenon is a classic example of microclimatology. Any time there is a trough, a front or a low pressure system on the east side of Tijeras canyon separating Manzano mountain from Sandia Mountain, Bernouli’s principal guarantees that air squirted through the canyon will stream for several miles westwards, slowly diffusing but still noticeable even near nine mile hill.

Unfortunately, the weather came in later and forced the cancellation of the balloon glow Saturday night and the Sunday morning flights. Five pilots did a Candle Glow in light rain on the side of Main Street while the Christmas Light Parade, including the Cutie Dink crew, passed by.

On the attached graphic, notice how I-40 runs from the northeast to the southwest, pointing straight at Albuquerque International and beyond. This explains why the terminal forecast, or TAF, written for the area within 5 miles of the Sunport may not be at all indicative of wind conditions at the Balloon field to the northwest.

This turned out to be a really nice rally and the Valencia Flying and Retrieval Society would like to thank the City of Belen, the sponsors and all the volunteers who made this first annual rally a success. We are planning to make it bigger and better next year.

If there is a wind flow aloft that comes in at an angle to the longitudinal axis of a valley and you are planning to try a splash and dash in the river, you might find directional changes during the last fifty of descent as the wind streams above the water.

On a sad note, during the Saturday morning flights, there was a house fire in Belen which destroyed a


family home. The family was at the rally when the fire started and had taken a tether balloon ride with Mike Shrum in his La Rista special shape. The home is a total loss and the family lost everything in the fire. To assist in their recovery, the VFRS Balloon Club voted to donate all the proceeds from the registation party fund-raising raffles to the family. Don Boyer Balloonmeister Belen Balloon Rally Photos submitted by Don Boyer


Special Events: F&L’s registration dinner will be held at the Balloon Museum.


Balloon Museum – The museum will be open Friday, November 27th. Sunday, December 6th – free entry to the museum, “Holiday takes Flight.” There will be a kiosk in Cottonwood mall from the Balloon Museum Gift shop. If you present your AAAA membership card you will receive 20% off.

President Debbie Fowler called the meeting to order at 7:00pm. Guests: Tim Baribeau Ballooning in the Community: November 15th – Clark O’Byrne, Gayle Blackaby, Bill Armstrong, JD Huss, and Kurt Adelsberger flew 27 award winners for the Air Force Flight Test Center.

VFRS – The 1st Annual Miracle on Main Street will be held Thanksgiving weekend. There are approximately 30 pilots registered including 8 Special Shapes. The City of Belen has been fantastic with helping this event get off the ground.

October 31st – David Tennis gave two rides for the Alzheimer’s Association.

Top Gun – Saturday, November 21st there were 8 pilots flying Top Gun. Next scheduled flight is the 3rd weekend in December.

Program – Tim Baribeau, the Double Eagle tower manager, gave a great presentation on what is expected of pilots. The presentation is to be included in the CB.

The next regular meeting will be held January 26th at the MCM Elegante, 7:00pm.

Board Reports:


Secretary: The dues for a regular membership will increase to $30 effective January 1, 2010. If you renew by December 31st you will get the old rate of $25. Any questions please email Tonya Griego @ AAAASecretary@gmail.com

November 16, 2009 President Debbie Fowler called the meeting to order at 6:00pm.

Treasurer: If anyone has questions regarding the budget please contact Lyn Kirkwood.

Board Members present: Debbie Fowler, Paul Kress, Tom Fisher, Lichele Peete, Phred McAllaster, Bud Hebrlee, Debbie Reynolds and Beth WrightSmith.

Community Relations: A special committee has been created to look into who should be able to advertise on the AAAA website. This committee will include Deb Tennis and Matt Guthrie. The first meeting is to be held after the New Year.

Board Members absent: Tonya Griego, Lynn Kirkwood Guest: John Hofer

Thank you to the pilots that tethered at the Diabetes walk.

Vice President: The November speaker will be Tim Baribeau, the Double Eagle Airport tower manager.

Flying Events: John Hofer, Safety Officer, reported that the November flying event was canceled due to weather, although six pilots did show up. The Jingle Bell Non-Rally is December 12th & 13th, registration fee is a wrapped present. Please mark if the gift is intended for either a boy or girl and the appropriate age group.

Flying Events: The November 15th event was canceled due to inclement weather (snow). Next event is the Jingle Bell Non-Rally to be held December 12th-13th at the Balloon Fiesta Park. The waiver information for 2010 is ready to be turned over to the FAA for approval. Education: The Fiesta Safety Seminar had 198 paid attendees. Next seminar is the Private Pilot Ground School to be held February 19th-21st at AIBF.

Crew “D”: Phred’s crew seminar went well with approximately 15 attendees. Education: Private Pilot ground school will be February 19-21, 2010.

Crew Development: The Cold Weather Crew Seminar is this weekend November 21 from 1-4pm. Need to get Tonya to check the PO Box for any new registrations.

Ways and Means: The next meeting will be held December 2nd, 6:30pm at Lynn’s house.


Ways & Means: The second Panda Express event made $24. Corporate sponsorships are ending December 31st, the committee will be sending out renewals by December 1st. They are also working on the new roster and merchandise and advertising renewals.

Tower Operating Hours: 6am—10pm 505-3525595 Manager's Hours 6-2 Monday and Tuesday and 7-3 Wednesday - Friday Class "D" Airspace when open; Class " E" Airspace when closed

Community Relations: The demonstration for Horizon Academy West has been postponed until the March to April time period. Bud and Paul Kress are going to empty the shed and move everything to the new Guardian Storage unit this week.

DE Airspace: That airspace extending upward from the surface to 7,500 MSL within a 4.3 mile radius of Double Eagle airport and within 1 mile each side of the Double Eagle Runway 22ILS localizer course, extending northeast from the 4.3 mile radius to the DUDLE NDB (LOM). This excludes that airspace within the Albuquerque International Airport Class C airspace area.

Special Events: F&L’s committee met on November 4th. The pin design has been done. They have 2 people in mind for Balloonmeisterin but do not have it narrowed down yet. Paul is still looking into the Ortega Propane invoice from February. Debbie is going to supply him with the pilot list from last years Valentines Rally.

Frequencies: Tower 120.15 Ground 121.625 ATIS 119.025 AWOS 119.025 phone number 505-842-2009

Old Business: The by-laws committee is formed and will be meeting soon. Bonnie is working on getting members to run for office. We will be electing members for the following positions: President, Treasurer, Education, Flying Events and Crew Development

ATIS is updated each hour. AWOS updates every minute. Note: The AWOS is turned off when tower is open.

New Business: The question was raised as to who is responsible for updating the web site. It appears that it is not one particular person’s responsibility. This will need to be looked into to make sure the site is up-to-date. We are going to check with our web master to see if there is a way we can submit reports so that it will make it quicker and easier for him to make the updates.

Communication: Contact Tower before entering "D" Airspace, if not possible, then as soon as possible.

Meeting adjourned at 7:10pm, next board meeting, will be Monday, November 24th at 6:00pm, everybody is welcome to attend.

Landing on the Airport: The only access is by gate at BODE, and you need escort with communications with the tower to go on to airfield.

If you don't have a radio: Try to land before the airport, or overfly above 7,000' being careful to avoid ABQ Class "C" Airspace.

Submitted by Debbie Reynolds

Sensitive Area: North-Northeast of the Airport the final to Runway's 22 and 17

DOUBLE EAGLE FACTS AND FREQUENCIES Tim Baribeau, Air Traffic Mgr Double Eagle ll ATCT 505-352-5595 Here is very welcome information regarding our newest airport neighbor Double Eagle ll on the west mesa. Tim Baribeau spoke at our November meeting to give us the facts and help make life easier and safer for all users of the airspace.



Fiesta Del Globo, Chihuahua Mexico




Sunday December 6, 2009 • 11 AM – 4 PM • FREE admission

Be part of the Holiday cheer:

• Experience the new exhibition...

Art of the Airship • Arts, crafts, face painting and balloon hats • Decorate holiday balloon cookies

ho idays f ight take

• Explore the “decked out” halls and galleries of the museum

• Enjoy live music of the season, featuring the sounds of Los Primos • Storytelling

• Toys for Tots - bring a toy to donate • Shop for holiday gifts at the Museum Shoppe

Get your photo taken with Balloon Pilot Santa

For more information: 768-6020 or 311 • www.cabq.gov/balloon 9201 Balloon Museum Dr. NE, Albuquerque, NM 87113

The Balloon Museum is supported by the Anderson-Abruzzo International Balloon Museum Foundation. To contribute to the Foundation or learn more about its efforts visit www.balloonmuseum.com City of Albuquerque The AAAIBM is a part of Albuquerque’s Cultural Services Department.


Private Pilot Ground Schools Registration Form

February 19-21, 2010 – Register by January 30th - $175 Ground schools run Friday evening through Sunday afternoon at Fiesta office.

NAME_______________________________ Home Phone___________________ Address:_____________________________________________________________ Email address______________________________ Cell Phone________________ Complete form and mail with check or credit card info to: AAAA – Education Committee Barbara Fricke 1209 Florida St NE Albuquerque NM 87110 Check to AAAA Education Foundation Credit Card Type____________ Credit Card #______________________________ Name on Credit Card_________________________ Exp. Date________________ 3 digit Code from back of card_______ Address (with zip code) for credit card____________________________________ ____________________________________


CLASSIFIED ADS CAMERON BALLOON SALES: Need consultation, information or quotes on a new balloon. Call Beth WrightSmith at 604-2865 or Troy Bradley at 350-2705. PILOT TRAINING from the most experienced instructor in the Southwest! Call Beth Wright-Smith at Airborne Heat, 505-604-2865 or email, pilotschool@lobo.net. FAA approved Part 141 school; flexible schedules. Now awarded the contract to instruct FAA personnel. Also see www.airborneheat.com. FOR SALE: 8hp Honda inflator fan 30� prop $1800.00, Ball 655 instrument pack $450.00, Cameron V77 scoop (used) Yellow nomex $485.00, Cameron V-77 Parachute 27:20 TT $950.00, Raven CW bottom end, 2 20 gal lay down tanks, HP2D vapor pilot burners, 2 OR 4 pt. superstructure, Make offer., Aerostar Aegis instrument system $800.00 For more information please contact SuperiAire Technologies 505-858-1685. FOR SALE: 1986 Aerostar RX-7 77,000 400 TT - Yellow with different colors around the equator. All Yellow fabric is good with low porosity and newer spring top. Very Well maintained by Aerco. 2 colors of the diamonds are on 50 hour annual. 2 15 gal SS tanks - with heat tapes and covers- new hoses and tanks recertified 12/08. 15 hours since last annual in 7/09. Single newer Zone 5 burner. Wicker etc in very good shape. Rain covers for both gondola and envelope. $4,000 firm. Contact Gerry Graff gerry@graff.com 505 884-0158 days 839-4562 nights.





WINDTALKER 505-891-1733





AAAA on the internet www.hotairballooning.org

AAAA P.O. Box 90160 Albuquerque, NM 87199-160

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2009 December Cloudbouncer  

Official publication of the Albuquerque Aerostat Ascension Association (AAAA) Hot Air Balloon Club.

2009 December Cloudbouncer  

Official publication of the Albuquerque Aerostat Ascension Association (AAAA) Hot Air Balloon Club.