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A Monthly publication of the Albuquerque Aerostat Ascension Association & Education


VOL 110 • ISSUE 3

March 2009






Board of Directors 2008-2009

President Debbie Fowler Phone: 505.239.1146 chasnpaint@aol.com

Vice President VP Beth Wright-Smith Phone: 505.604.2865 pbtsmith@lobo.net

Secretary/Membership Kay Sant Phone: 505.296.6601 justkay43@msn.com

Treasurer Lyn Kirkwood Phone: 505.897.1948 lynkirkwood@msn.com

Flying Events Lichele Peete Phone: 505.410.8525 lpballoon@hotmail.com


Education TBA

Crew Development: Phred McAllaster Phone: 505.710.9669 phredmac@hotmail.com

Community Relations Bud Hebrlee Phone: 505.401.9368 buddman327@msn.com

Special Events Lorie Guthrie Phone: 505.899.0534 lgl@superiaire.com Carol Bair Phone: 505.296.3505

Ways &Means Jim McKinney Phone: 505-350-7930 jimjhobo69@juno.com


www.hotairballooning.org Cloudbouncer Lori Pitman Phone: 505.890.8868 / 301.305.0141 cloudbouncer_editor@comcast.net

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Monthly Board Meeting: Monday March 16th, 6pm AIBF Office Ways and Means Meeting: TBD Education Meeting: TBD Flying Events Meeting: Sunday March 8th, 6:30pm Applebee’s San Mateo & Academy Crew Development Meeting: Same as Flying Events date and time

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position. There are two articles in this Cloudbouncer presenting the issue. Blaine Sant writes his opinion as to why he made his motion for “election by acclamation.” Beth Wright-Smith writes the opinion of the board, that after research of the club’s bylaws, (which even Roberts Rules of Order agree that written bylaws supersede Roberts Rules) we will continue with paper ballots for some very simple reasons which Beth outlines. The only thing I can add is the specific section in our AAAA Bylaws: Article 3 Section 5 F, that states; “Printed ballots with space for write in candidate’s names shall be used.” The key word here is shall. We, the board, believe it is very important for all members to have their opportunity to vote, but acknowledge perhaps it is time to revisit the bylaws for more efficient voting procedures. Nonetheless, the current bylaws are in force at this time and we must adhere to them. So in short, you will be receiving a paper ballot in the mail, which you can snail mail back or bring to the April meeting. Please remember to renew your membership so you can participate in the vote.


Hi Everybody, Happy St Patrick’s Month!!! We’ve got lots of stuff to talk about this month, so I’ll get right to it. First off, if you didn’t make our February meeting, you missed a good one! Debbie Reynolds told us about how the Friends and Lovers rally came to be and some wonderful stories from years past. She included the previous rally names and some of the games that were organized. This all tied in real well with the reports from this years’ F&L rally. The activities for this years’ rally were well received and HUGE KUDOS go out to those folks that worked so hard to make this rally one of the best! Be sure to read further in this issue about all the games and contests.

As always, fly safe, fly fun! Deb Fowler


Next, summer is fast approaching and with it comes balloon camps. We are blessed here in Albuquerque to have a wonderful couple weeks of day camps in June for kids to really get good “hands on” experience. This camp is at the Anderson Abruzzo Balloon Museum and our AAAA members have always provided much needed support. If this sounds like something you can help with, whether it be as a volunteer to help teach or as a donation to enable this terrific program to continue, please contact Elisa Trillanes 269-2503 for volunteer help and Maureen at Balloon Museum Foundation 880-0500 for monetary donations. Please see elsewhere in this issue for further details.

February 16, 2009 President Debbie Fowler called the meeting to order at 6:06 PM. Board Members present: Debbie Fowler, Beth Wright-Smith, Kay Sant, Lyn Kirkwood, Lichele Peete, Bud Hebrlee, Phred McAllaster, and Jim McKinney Board Members absent: Gary Jantz and Lorie Guthrie Guest: Tom Schroeder and Paul Kress

Also this summer, the BFA is presenting its annual balloon camp in Texas. This camp is always well attended. We encourage you to do what you can to help either or both of these balloon camps as they are very worthy vehicles for instruction and an excellent way to introduce young people to our sport. Please contact Clare Wade Callihan 343-9100 for ways you can help with this camp.

Secretary: Minutes for January meeting were passed out and read, motion to accept with some changes, passed. I had spelled Bud Hebrlee’s name wrong and I had left the Flying Events report out. Sorry Lichele, I’m sure you will all read her report in the last Cloudbouncer, as she did have it there. Kay also read the names of 15 new members (see names under new members).

Also, in this issue please find the candidate slate for the elections in April. As you may have heard, there was considerable discussion at the meeting as to whether the paper ballot should be “done away with” for this election as there is only one name in each

Treasurer: Lyn pass out printed copies of “current revenues and expenses statements;” this was read and Lyn answered all questions. A motion to accept the report as printed. Passed.


Programs: Beth reported the program for the February 24th meeting would be Debbie Reynolds talking about past “Friends and Lovers Events” and how it all got started. The March 24th meeting will be Ways and Means big raffle and auction. The April 28th meeting would be someone from VFRS telling us about their 25 years of The St. Paddy’s Day Rally. The May 26th meeting will be Bill Glen, telling us about “The Old Timers Rally” in Roswell.

Elections: No one from the committee was in attendance but Debbie reported that they are still working on getting people to run for office. We also discussed what should be done if everyone runs unopposed on the ballot. No motion was made but the consensus was that the membership needed a paper ballot. Old Business: It has finally been made clear that the deal we had going with the State Land Offices on the land on the Black Ranch will not happen.

Flying Events: Lichele reported there were 73 pilots signed in with 26 finding the target, at the February Event. Coming in 3rd was Colleen Valls, 2nd Troy Bradley and 1st Ray Bair. She also reminded everyone the March flying event has been moved to March 22nd with Top Gun at Balloon Fiesta Park, check Windtalker for times. Phone: 505-891-1733.

New Business: There were no motions made at this time. We just discussed things that should be brought up at the April budget meeting. Meeting adjourned at 8:00 PM. Next meeting will be March 16th, Balloon Fiesta Offices, 6:00 PM.

Education: Tom was there to make the education report, he reported they were having a Private Pilots Ground School on February 21-22 with 23 students pre-registered. In April there will be a Commercial Pilots Ground School and the committee is starting to get things together for the Big Safety Seminar in October. If anyone would like to help please let him know or join them at their meeting on March 9th, 6:00 PM, at Fiesta Offices.

GENERAL MEETING MINUTES President Debbie Fowler called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM. Guest: Terry Wright-Statesville NC, Jimmy McCarthy-Albuquerque, F. Martinez-Torreon, AlperTurkey

Crew Development: Phred reported everyone had a great time at the Friends and Lovers Rally. It was Krazy, there were games going on for everyone; karaoke, scavenger hunt, chocolate carving, baggie making, to name a few. He reported there were at least 56 different crews that joined in the games. I am sure all the fun facts will be in his article in this Cloudbouncer.

Ballooning in the Community: Debbie Sproul reported she would be in New Zealand during the month of March and she would really be grateful if some of the members would contact Keith while she is gone. (Read contact information later in this Cloudbouncer). Elections: Garry Haruska, nominating chair revealed election slate and opened the floor for nominations;

Ways and Means: Jim reported that they will have a raffle and auction at the March meeting and are looking for donations for this. So if anyone has something they would like to donate, please let him or someone on the committee know or just bring it to the March meeting. He reported that Debbie Tennis is taking new ads for this year’s Roster, so if you have one please give Debbie a call 505-281-9772 and let her know.

Slate Position Special Events Paul Kruss Way & Means Debbie Reynolds Community Relations Bud Hebrlee Secretary Tonya Griego Vic President Beth Wright-Smith

Community Relations: Bud reported everything is going well. Thanked all the pilots who are stepping up every time someone needs a balloon ride, tether or stand-up donated.

As there were no nominations from the floor, nominations were closed. There was a motion from the floor by Blaine Sant, as that all candidates were unopposed that they be elected by acclamation to save the club money from mailing out the ballots, seconded by Debbie Reynolds. There was much discussion on this motion, after a time the vote was called for. The vote

Special Events: Lorie was not there to make a report. Paul Kress reported everything had gone well and everyone had a lot of fun.


from the members present was 37 for and 25 against.

scoring! 26 pilots attempted to score with the top three places going to Colleen Valls in 3rd place with 6’, Troy Bradley in 2nd place with 5’ and Ray Bair in 1st with a throw of 4’ 4”. Don’t forget a change to the next Flying Event – the March flying event will be on the 22nd of March not the 15th, that way you can fly both VFRS St. Pat’s Rally and the flying event. The March event will be in conjunction with Top Gun! The next flying event will have pilot registration at 6:45 AM with the pilot brief at 7:15 AM. Remember, Daylight Savings Time begins March 8th. The next Flying Events committee meeting will be Sunday, March 8th at 6:30 PM at Applebee’s on San Mateo and Academy.

Debbie said she would take the motion but if after the Board had reviewed the by-laws they would do what the by-laws required. Debbie Reynolds gave a great report on past “Friends and Lovers Events,” she had some great information. Kay read the names of 16 new members (check under New Members this issue). Lyn read the bank balances printed in this issue.

CREW D Well, you guys are to be congratulated…Cupid is ready to go and hide for another year…

Committee reports: All of the reports were about the same as in the board meeting minutes or look under each committee report in this issue.

He says he’s just plain ole tuckered out!

Do not forget about the raffle and auction at the March Annual Meeting. Please call someone on the Ways and Means Committee to donate; Jim McKinney, Debbie Tennis, Pam McCarty, Margo Ahern or “Sam” Tzamaloukas.

He does want to thank his cousins who helped for the friends and lovers rally. Lyn Kirkwood, Richard Gruette, Matt Guthrie, and Paul Kress. He also knows that without the help of the entire F & L Committee, he’d be just another out of work kid.

Richard Hicks was at the meeting to talk about some open space land at Vista Del Norte subdivision. He will write an article for this Cloudbouncer.

Thanks also go to Jennifer Greenwood, Lichele Peete, Lyn Kirkwood, Mark and Elisa Trillanes, Bob Carstensen, & Janet Peterson for keeping things moving @ the crew “heart target” the morning of the competition.

VFRS: Don said things are going great for the St. Paddy’s Day Rally, if you have any question call him or Kathy McCord. Top Gun: Keith Takach reported they had 9 pilots at their last event and reminded everyone to come out and join them March 22nd.

Also thanks go to the 56 crews who participated in the crew games in 1 way or another. We had prizes all the way down to 32nd place. If you really liked the tequila, go to Chihuahua and thank them in person…

Eduardo Martinez was there to talk about the upcoming rallies in Mexico in April and October. Please call Al Lowenstein for more information.

We want to congratulate the top 3 crews 3rd place: 2nd Wind Balloon crew 2nd Place: Kaleidoscope balloon crew 1st place: The Bounce Balloon Crew.

Meeting adjourned at 8:45 PM. The next meeting will be our Annual Meeting, March 24th, 7:00 PM, at the MCM Elegante.

Finally, we couldn’t do it without you guy’s participation and also to the sponsors who helped make F&L so Grand!!!



FLYING EVENTS By Lichele Peete

Earlier, I mentioned Placitas, New Mexico Volunteer Fire Brigade held their annual banquet on the afternoon of February 22, 2009. They respectfully requested a balloon certificate for a balloon ride for two. I am pleased to advise our request was not only

The February flying event was great with 73 pilots registered for the event – the Friends & Lovers committee did an outstanding job with registration &


ing their climb-in balloon gondola with simulated burner sounds; flight simulators; and the bubble box along with ballooning crafts and learning fun in the classroom.

answered, but superseded our request, as two of our members responded. A special thank you to Hank Humiston and Al Lowenstein for volunteering their time and balloons to fulfill the wishes of these dedicated volunteers who serve the Placitas residents.


The National Museum of Nuclear Science and History is moving to 601 Eubank, S.E. the weekend of April 4th and 5th. Molly Brunell, works in the Education Department and has invited balloonists in AAAA to come and join in the festivities. Molly suggested three or four balloons tether as they are located on thirteen acres and there is plenty of space for these activities around the museum. The museum’s request for volunteers to tether has been answered by the generous contribution of time and equipment for this worthy event. Our special thank you to the following balloonists. Lori Pitman, Steve Coffing, Al Lowenstein, and possibly Patrick Lamb (If his schedule allows). I thank all of you and am pleased to serve as your Community Relations Director.

CANDIDATE BIOS Running for Special Events Paul Kress I have been a AAAA member for the last 3 years. I am running for the Special Events board position. I will continue to help this great club in any way I can. I would like to get more people involved throughout the ballooning community. I’m hoping to grow on the traditions that the Special Events committee have done in the past. Thank you for your consideration. Running for Ways and Means Debbie Reynolds

Sincerely, Bud Hebrlee

I have been a member since approximately 1979 (might have been 1980 but can’t remember). I hold a private pilot’s certificate but I am not current. I have worked on the Social Events committee, which was later split into Flying Events and Special Events. I served as Secretary back in the late 80’s. I served one year as the Crew Development Board Liaison. I’m looking forward to trying a new committee but am also looking for members to help me with new and maybe some old ideas on how to raise money for the club.

WHAT’S UP AT THE BALLOON MUSEUM HELP WITH STUDENT FIELD TRIPS: The Balloon Museum has had almost 3,000 students visit between July and December 2008. And the numbers are growing every day. We need additional volunteers who would be willing to be trained to lead student tours through the Museum and/or lead classroom activities related to ballooning. Call Deb Bains at 768-6027 if you enjoy working with children and would like to share your love of ballooning.

Running for Community Relations Bud Hebrlee Hello: My name is Bud Hebrlee and I’m a candidate for Director of Community Relations for AAAA. I have been serving as your appointed Director since November 2008. I am now requesting your vote to serve a full term as your elected Director. The position is very important and, if elected, I will continue to the best of my ability to coordinate community organizations requested balloon glows, balloon tethers, balloon inflations for school children, and most of all to maintain responsible and friendly relations between balloonists and citizens in our community. Thank you in advance for you vote of confidence. Sincerely yours, Bud Hebrlee

CHILDREN OF WAR, VOICES FOR PEACE: JAPANESE AND AMERICAN PERSPECTIVES EXHIBITION OPENS MARCH 1: If you didn’t make it to the March 1 Open House the new exhibition is now open for your enjoyment! Be sure to stop by. You know where we are! Learn more about how the Japanese Fugo balloon bombs transcended war and became central to global messages of peace. SPRING BREAK FAMILY DAY – MARCH 25 from 10 AM TO 3 PM: Bring your family and explore the Museum during Spring Break. Balloon Explorium will provide hands-on ballooning fun includ-


Running for Secretary Tonya Griego

2. Every member has been given three (3) months to declare their desire to run for office. (It totally befuddles me that out of over 500 members we can only get the minimum amount to give of their time and talent's for the club.)

Hello my name is Tonya Griego, I’ve been involved in the ballooning community for the last 3 years. My husband Jeff is currently receiving flight training. We are part owners of a balloon here in Albuquerque. I would like to make a contribution to the local ballooning community and with my business background I think I can help the AAAA as secretary. If anyone has any suggestions or would like to help out please let me know.

3. The only reason for the paper ballots is for someone to WRITE- IN their favorite cartoon caricature (real or Imagined). 4. THE COST OF DOING A FULL PAPER BALLOT IS OVER $700 to the Club.

Running for Vice President Elizabeth (Beth) Wright-Smith

5. The amount of time required for volunteers TO PUT OUT THE BALLOTS is considerable.

I have been enamored with ballooning since I was 10 years old when my father became involved and then became a pilot. I have made my living as a balloonist for over 25 years, currently operating Airborne Heat Ballooning as an instructor, commercial ride and contract pilot and Cameron Balloon dealer. I am certified in both hot air and gas balloons and am a certified repairman. I fly special shapes as well as regular shape balloons. In addition to my duties as the current AAAA VP, I serve on the AAAA Education Committee.

6. The results will not change!!!!!!!!!

I have served multiple terms on the AAAA board, as well as 2 terms on the BFA board. I’ve lost track but believe I am running for my 4th term as VP. As you probably know, besides filling in for the President, the VP’s main responsibility is arranging for the programs at the monthly meetings. I believe it is important to not only know where we are going as a club, but to know where we’ve been. AAAA has many new members who weren’t involved when many of the early club members were still attending and were not involved in the early club events. I have been gearing programs toward re-introducing members to the origins of ballooning in NM, as well as providing programs on timely subjects of importance or interest to club members. I would like to continue to do so for another 2 years. I thank you all for your support.

VOTE BY ACCLAMATION- more feedback

It has been pointed out to me that it is currently against our present By-Laws that a paper ballot is required, I think that we should address this portion of our By-Laws to allow for a vote by acclimation to be held when no position is contested. Great Landings to all Blaine Sant

While we appreciate Blaine trying to save money for AAAA, the board does not believe this was the time or place to try to do it. The question came up at the February board meeting as Blaine was aware. The board decided it was not appropriate even without researching Bylaws, etc. Following is our reasoning and research so everyone will know why the vote at the meeting to have the slate elected by acclamation was invalid, even though it passed by a small margin: 1. We want all of our club members to have the opportunity to vote. We did have a board member elected by write-in last year, and we have a high number of members turn in ballots (about 50%). These club members would have no input otherwise.


2. Of our usual 600 members, right now about 400 since many have not yet renewed, only about 75 were at the meeting. That is only 12-18% of members making decisions for the rest. In addition, a number of members abstained from the vote.

For all of you members that were not present at the last meeting (and there are a lot of you) I would like to explain the reason I asked for a vote to accept all candidates by acclimation rather than proceeding to a full paper ballot.

3. There was no way to determine who was a voting member and who wasn’t of those attending the meeting. There was also confusion among members

1. None of the candidates were contested.


as to who COULD vote. For example, Family Members can vote, but Corporate Members cannot.

to a AAAA member who has contributed significantly to hot air ballooning through such activities as crewmember, observer, scorer, event volunteer, committee member, and general good will ambassador to the community. The award is to go to the “unsung hero” who has gone the extra mile to promote, expand, and support the sport of ballooning.

4. Most members are unable to attend meetings. We don’t believe anything should be voted on at meetings, since it doesn’t allow input from the majority of members. 5. While paper ballots may not be the most efficient way to vote, they do get to members and it is required by our Bylaws. Any other way requires a Bylaws change, which is much more time-consuming than the time it takes for volunteers to prepare ballots. The board will begin looking at a Bylaws change for other ways to vote, but it will not at meetings; not by acclamation.

FRIENDS & LOVERS RALLY ROCKS! As we say good-bye to February, we say farewell to another Friends and Lovers Balloon Rally. Thanks to all the participants of the event. Everyone had fun with lots of games, Karaoke and chocolate carving. Congratulations to Ray Bair for taking first place in the Pilot Competition. Congratulations to the Bounce crew for taking first place in the Crew Competition. Thanks to our sponsors for helping to make this event happen. Thanks to Fay Godfrey for being our Balloon Meistern. And, last but not least, thanks to the committee for all their hard work! They are the best!

6. Robert’s Rules were touted as the reason the vote was appropriate. Robert’s Rules are not mentioned in the Bylaws at all and are mentioned in the Ops Rules only as applying to Board Meetings, not General Meetings. They are mentioned again as to the format for WRITTEN ballots. Even so, Robert’s Rules would never supersede Bylaws.

Below is a list crews that did not pick up their prizes.

7. The Bylaws require the election to be determined at the Annual Meeting in March, not at General Meetings.

Skyleidoscope Enchanted Diamonds Aerotonda Bubba Snaggle Tooth

Respectfully submitted, Beth Wright-Smith, AAAA VP

You may pick them up @ SuperiAire Technologies located @ 121 Mountain Park Place, Albq; Monday –Thursday, 8:30-4:30.

AWARDS Bob Ruppenthal Education Award


This award is given in honor of Bob Ruppenthal, a charter member of AAAA, an avid balloonist who chaired the first AAAA Education Committee. First awarded in 1981, the award is made to a AAAA member who has contributed significantly to the education of others in the areas of balloon safety. This person must have contributed significantly in time and effort to balloon education. Examples include active participation in the Education Committee, instruction at ground schools, instruction at safety seminars, and safety seminar development and organization. Education actives can be for AAAA and/or the ballooning community at large.

Keith Sproul is at the Ladera Nursing Facility on Ouray Rd. which is off Coors Blvd. close to I-40. He is room 146. If you can call or visit or email him between March 2 and March 30th I would appreciate it. I will be in Australia and New Zealand with His birthday Cake Balloon. His cell is 732-672-8206 and his email is ksproul@skychariot.com , Visiting hours are 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM. Thank You, Debbie Sproul

D. P. R. “Slim” Rowley Crew Award

Looking for the owners of the following items left in the tent at the Valentine's Rally.

The award is named for P. R. “Slim” Rawley, a AAAA member since 1976 and an avid, dedicated crewmember, who died in 1999. The award is presented

1. One pair of black leather gloves loaned to Fay Godfrey.


2. One children's size XXL blue and grey jacket, possible name of Rodney Allen.

Rally in MX: There is a new rally in Mexico the end of April, beginning of May in Saltillo and Durango. Good show up money, and a lot of fun. If you are interested, please go to http://www.balloonfestivalmexico.com/registry.html for dates and general information. The web site is not fully operational but will be shortly. If you need additional information, please contact Al Lowenstein, 821 8558 or capal1@msn.com.

Please contact Debbie Reynolds at 505-884-3136 to get them back. Anderson Abruzzo Balloon Museum and AAAA Summer Balloon Day Camps will be held the last 3 weeks in June: Week 8th-12th for Beginners, Week 15th-19th for Beginners, and Week 22nd-26th for Advanced. The camp is 9AM-4PM Monday through Friday and costs $150.00 per camper.

NEW AND RETURNING MEMBERS Dale & Katrina Pattyn 4777 Tramway Blvd. NE Apt. 119 Albuquerque NM, 87111 Phone: 505-401-3024

These are 2 of the poems which were given bonus points @ the Friends and Lovers Rally. From the 1st place Crew: Bounce piloted by Judy Nakamura.

Amy Wasko & Marley Salazar 7808 Callow St. NE Albuquerque, NM 87109 Phone: 505-821-4597

“Ode to Friends and Lovers Rally” A day for lovers and friends too, Flying high in the sky blue. A day for eating lots of candy, Flying high because it’s dandy. A day for loving and for caring, Flying high and being daring. Happy, Happy, Happy, day… That’s what we want to say.

Mark Aubol & Linda Bonney 5387 Raglin Ave. SW Albuquerque, NM 87121 Phone: 505-400-0764 Adele Woodruff 10805 Menaul NE Albuquerque, NM 87112 505-271-9655

From the 2nd place Crew: Kaleidoscope piloted by Ray Bair. “Making Valentines” In February, what shall I do, I’ll make a valentine for you; The first will have Cupid’s face. The second will be trimmed with lace. The third will have some roses pink. The fourth will have a verse with ink. The fifth will have a ribbon bow. The sixth will glisten like snow. The seventh will have some lines I drew. The eighth, some flowers…just a few. The ninth will have three little birds. The tenth will have three little words… I LOVE YOU!!!

Scott Esposito & Keralyn Granone 7701 Brendan Ave. NW Albuquerque, NM 87120 Phone: 505-999-1034 Bill & Sharon Sandin 1125 South 78th Kansas City, KS 66111 Phone913-788-5874 Joey Kramer 202 Placitas Rd. NE Albuquerque, NM 87107 Brian & Kristin Clay 1504 La Charles Dr. NE Albuquerque, NM 87112 Phone: 505-715-2693

Double Eagle tower has changed frequencies from the fall, and so the radio you got at Fiesta is not programmed correctly. I will be bringing my computer to the AAAA meeting in March, and will reprogram the correct frequency if you bring your radio. Al Lowenstein

Carrie Black 454 Gene Ave NW Albuquerque, NM 87107 Phone: 505-344-2727




The developer of the remaining 4.5 acres of the land located at Osuna Road and Vista Del Norte Drive are now requesting a subdivision plat to divide the land into 4 separate parcels for commercial development having two drive-thru areas and 26' high structures. There plan includes a proposed 40' road (Vista Del Norte Place) that will enter off of Osuna Road and proceed to Vista Del Norte Drive. The proposed road will be approximately 200 feet from Osuna Road which means the 16.67 acres purchased by the city for balloon landings and soccer fields will be diminished by several hundred feet of 40' roadway.

Top Gun and AAAA will be doing the March flying event together on March 21, 2009 from Balloon Fiesta Field. Pilots that are interested in what Top Gun is about, this is your chance to see us in action. Fun and competition go hand in hand with Top Gun. Pilots strengthen you skills on flying to targets and reading maps. For those pilots that need or desire a refresher course on navigation and reading the Top Gun map, Ray Bair has agreed to help teach this class that will come about in April before the next Top Gun flying event. This class will be an evening class during the week. More information will be emailed to all pilots and be in the April Cloudbouncer.

Councilor O'Malley had requested a 180 deferral of the case so a safety study could be performed and the applicant agreed to a 30 day deferral to March 19th. At that time the Environmental Planning Commission will hear the case and most likely will approve the plan. We will be at the hearing to voice our concerns, however any support from the Ballooning community would be helpful as we will be requesting another deferral giving time for the safety study. I can be reached at 821-6185 or my email address is rhix5@comcast.net. Thank You, Richard Hix Vista Del Norte Homeowners Association, President Vista Del Norte Alliance, Vice President City Councel E-mail Addresses: kensanchez@cabq.gov, eromero@cabq.gov, domalley@cabq.gov, ksanchez-pare@cabq.gov, ibenton@cabq.gov, karasr@cabq.gov, bwinter@cabq.gov, dtrujeque@cabq.gov, mcadigan@cabq.gov, maledo@cabq.gov, reygarduno@cabq.gov, julianmoya@cabq.gov, smayer@cabq.gov, gamontano@cabq.gov, trudyjones@cabq.gov, eshields@cabq.gov, dharris@cabq.gov, iepadilla@cabq.gov




Friends and Lovers Photos Submitted by Phred McAllaster

Bounce Crew Champions

Chocolate Champion and Runner-up


2009 Cupid's Crazy Crew Competition Scores 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56

Balloon name

Pilot name

Total Score

Bounce Kaleidoscope 2nd Wind The Aftermath Buzzin Round Mad adventure Big Byrd Kaleidescape Mary Allice in wonderland It's about time a loan at last Fired Up Sweet P Volcanic Motion A litle on the side Spirit of Fiesta Sun dagger Sinapu Skyleidoscope Cavu Tabu tu Community Property Enchanted Diamonds Camelot Takach a Breez Lucy Twist of Fate Aerotonda Athena American Dream Bubba SnaggleTooth Sun Flyer Sir Robert of Orange Sunset Rise High Yeild Pink The other balloon Tentai Pita's Kiss Smokey Bear 1 down 8 2 go Re Max Jam Giggles and Grins Enchancted Princess Ajuua Dreamer Sucker Hole Sandia Sunrise Cuie Dink Thistle Dew New Beginnings Ms Paint Dances with Winds Seeking Nirvana Cool Beans

Judy Nakamura Ray Bair Frank Dickey Richard Gruette Michael Korfe Don Bragg Tom Schroeder Bill Sandin Coleen Valls David Steidley Glenn See Debi ellis -Ostgullen Mark Aubol Roger Hoppe Michael Schober Paul Smith Blair Kaufman Diana Covington Nick Meleski Dave Tennis Rick Portmore Garry Huruska Kurt Wilson Gerald Candelaria Keith Takach Gerry Graf Steve Coffing Carol Laraonda Lori Pitman Brian Clay Gerald Candelaria Rick Schmidt Frank Bacon John Hofer Al Lowenstein Beth Wright Smith Jessica Makin Danny Suskin Jerry Garcia Bob Mass Bill Chapel Mike garcia Troy Bradley Sue Oldenburg Nancy Aubol-Hanks Alan Wynhn Tom Gardner Murray Conrad Barbara Fricke Trudy DeGraff Wayne Steele Matt Guthrie Deb Fowler Don Rose Sharon Hartshorn Jeanne Garner

321 290 263 259 249 228 220 208 205 204 183 169 155 153 139 134 132 120 117 111 105 102 98 83 80 74 74 73 72 71 71 71 64 63 62 60 58 57 54 52 51 50 49 48 47 45 43 40 30 30 30 25 20 20 20 18


Friends & Lovers Photos Submitted by Lorie Guthrie



AAAA Education Foundation Checking Account Balance as of 5 Jan 09 Withdrawals Deposits Checking Account Balance as of 5 Feb 09

25,646.13 -3,902.42 1,930.95 23,674.66

Trust Account Savings Account AAAA Education Foundation Total as of 5 Feb 09

11,901.28 25.92 35,601.86

AAAA Checking Account Balance as of 5 Jan 09 Withdrawals Deposits Checking Account Balance as of 5 Feb 09

11,637.06 -1,823.15 3,670.76 13,484.67

Trust Account Savings Account AAAA Total as of 5 Feb 09

9,898.61 26.07 23,409.35

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at lynkirkwood@msn.com, or my home phone 897-1948. Thanks!


Tower Communications – Example Please remember the radios are line-of-sight and the tower can’t hear you until after you take off.

Double Eagle Tower, Hot Air Balloon November Niner Four Zero Whiskey Foxtrot. Over. Wait. Tower responds: Balloon Pilot Response: Balloon Niner FourZero Whiskey Foxtrot, just launched five miles Northeast, Five Thousand Niner Hundred, Southwest bound. Over Usually they respond that they have you in sight and give you the altimeter setting. If the tower is having a longer conversation with you, they may use only the last 3 characters of your N#, you can do so, too. If they use the full N#, you do, also. Frequencies: AEG (Double Eagle) Tower frequency 121.625 AEG AWOS (weather info) 119.025 Double Eagle Class D airspace extends surface to 7500’


Blue Ribbon Chocolates & Confections Sotol Hacienda De Chihuahua


CLASSIFIED ADS CAMERON BALLOON SALES: Need consultation, information or quotes on a new balloon. Call Beth WrightSmith at 604-2865 or Troy Bradley at 350-2705. PILOT TRAINING from the most experienced instructor in the Southwest! Call Beth Wright-Smith at Airborne Heat, 505-604-2865 or email, pilotschool@lobo.net. FAA approved Part 141 school; flexible schedules. Now awarded the contract to instruct FAA personnel. Also see www.airborneheat.com. FOR SALE: 2002 Ford E350 Van, V10 6.8L engine, 12 passenger Seating, 9100# CVWR with trailer towing pkg., aluminum Tommy Lift, AM/FM/Single CD/Tape, electric mirrors/windows/door locks, electric driver’s seat (manual pass. seat), center roof console (with digital temp. & compass), keyless entry w/2 remotes, will deliver to Alb., $8,100, contact Scott McClinton at SkyCab Balloon Promotions (502) 228-8955, Email skycabalon@AOL.com. FOR SALE: 1996 Aerostar RX8 190tt CW basket w/lay down 20s stainless uprights wireless Aegis instruments 8hp Honda fan 12x6 enclosed trailer, call for details, may separate, Rick 505-440-4459.



Elizabeth Wright-Smith Pilot School: FAR pt 141 training from the most experienced instructor in the Southwest. Flexible schedules. One-on-one flight or ground school: private, ! commercial or add-on. Biennial flight reviews. Airborne Heat has now been awarded the ! contract to instruct nationwide FAA personnel. Cameron Balloon Sales: Buy from a dealer with over 20 years of experience flying and selling Camerons, without added overhead costs. In Albuquerque. pilotschool@lobo.net or 505-604-2865 www.airborneheat.com ! ________________________________________________________________________



Albuquerque Aerostat Ascension Association Membership Roster 2009-2010 Advertising Agreement Business Name: Address: Phone Number: Fax Number: E-mail: Contact: Inside Front Cover Full Page Color w/color charge Inside Back Cover Full Page Color w/color charge Outside Back Cover Full Page Color w/color charge Full Page Color (includes color charge) ! Page Color (includes color charge) Full Page Black and White ! Page Black and White " Page Black and White Business Card Black and White

SOLD $475.00 475.00 375.00 235.00 140.00 95.00 60.00 35.00

Buyer: Printed Name: Ad copy* with full payment due no later than April 28, 2009. *4 Color Ads must be exact size of ad, allow extra for bleeds, High Resolution, at least 300dpi tiff or 2400dpi cmyk PDF (no web graphics). No word docs. Burn ad copy to CD and submit with 2 color copies. *Black and white ads must be correct size, add for bleed. High resolution at least 600 dpi PDF file and submit with 2 copies. THERE WILL BE ADDITIONAL CHARGES IF NOT IN THESE FORMATS. Contact:

Debbie Tennis 65 Vallecitos Dr. Tijeras, NM 87059

505-258-8159 cell 505-281-97085 fax AAAAroster@aol.com



WINDTALKER 505-891-1733





AAAA on the internet www.hotairballooning.org

AAAA P.O. Box 90160 Albuquerque, NM 87199-160

Profile for AAAACloudbouncer

2009 March Cloudbouncer  

Official publication of the Albuquerque Aerostat Ascension Association (AAAA) Hot Air Balloon Club.

2009 March Cloudbouncer  

Official publication of the Albuquerque Aerostat Ascension Association (AAAA) Hot Air Balloon Club.