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Upcoming Meeting Programs A big part of AAAA history is social and fun! The November program is a re-creation of the AAAA fashion shows that were held in the early days of the club, organized by Neida Naumburg. December-no general meeting In January we have Daniel Cave, one of our member experienced special shape pilots. A few of the shapes he’s flown are a grocery cart, a daiquiri glass, a cow and a dinosaur, as well as some less complicated shapes. Find out how they are the same and different from our tear-drop shapes.


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Monthly Board Meeting: Monday November 17th, 6pm AIBF Office Ways and Means Meeting: TBD Education Meeting: Monday November 3rd, 6pm AIBF Office Flying Events Meeting: Monday November 3rd, 5:30pm Applebee’s San Mateo & Academy Crew Development Meeting: Same as Flying Events date and time

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Al Lowenstein shared his views on his experiences of ballooning in Mexico for 13 days. He advises anyone who has the opportunity to go and enjoy as he did.

By Debbie Fowler

Debra Dean with the city of Socorro discussed the plans for the weekend after Thanksgiving in Socorro. They are looking for a number of balloons to participate in the Electric light parade and then do a glow on the town square.

Hi Everybody, it’s November already, and winter is on it’s way. That means cold weather flying events and rallies. Now might be a good time to check out your particular system for warming tanks, and trucks too, for some of us. If you use electric cords, how old are they? Do they have kinks that could become an issue? Do you use a powerstrip, and is it still functioning correctly? Do you have enough duct tape to cover cords to prevent potential accidents? Just before bedtime on Friday night in Gallup is not the time to discover a problem!! For those of you going to Mexico, never mind! Hehehehe.

Fay Godfrey is looking for replacement pins for her collection of 2006 that were inadvertently sold or given away during fiesta. Deb announced that this year, the Sid Cutter award was presented to Richard Abruzzo during the AIBF awards ceremony. The program was the second half of a balloon fiesta history tape. The first half was shown to approximately 60 club members before the start of the meeting.

Our AAAA Flying event this month is November 8th in Rio Rancho. The theme is Coats for Kids, and Crew “D” has some very interesting games scheduled. Don’t miss it!

There wasn’t a secretary’s report, and there wasn’t a Treasurer’s report.

A note on getting to the field; turn right (north) off Northern on 30th, (there is a 4 way stop there now) cross Idalia, pass the subdivision and make your way by turning west on the wide graded roads. There is also access off Unser on 20th. The key here is to use the wide graded roads, most of the others have piles of dirt blocking access. Fruita is one of those that has a pile of dirt.

Vice president Beth Wright-Smith reminded everyone that the program in November will be a fashion show highlighting the early years of ballooning. Beth also mentioned to everyone that there will be no club meeting in December. Bud Hebrlee shared a number of opportunities for balloonists to do tethers or flights for various organizations. He is providing incentives for those who do participate in these activities.

Jingle Bell Non Rally is next and will be held at Balloon Fiesta Park, and then it’s the New Year.

Lichele Peete reported that the next flying event will be at the Rio Rancho launch field and to be sure and enter from the South off of Broadmor and Northern. Entry fee for this event will be a coat to be donated to the Coats for Kids Project through Channel 7. Pilot registration will be @ 6am and Pilot briefing @ 6:30 am. The next flying event committee meeting will be Monday November 3rd @ 5:30pm @ Applebee’s on the corner of Academy and San Mateo. The committee will be deciding the schedule for the coming year. If anyone would like to join, please plan to attend.

Wherever you fly this season, take your time; refer to your checklist, and above all…….Have Fun! Deb Fowler

GENERAL MEETING MINUTES Deb Fowler called the meeting to order @ 7:02 pm. Congrats went out to Barbara Fricke and Peter Cuneo for their 3rd place finish in the Gordon Bennett Gas race held during fiesta. Barbara related that they landed at night during a storm.

Phred had examples of possible entry ideas for the next Crew Competition at the November Flying event. “The Glorious Galaxy of Guild’d Gourds” will be held after flying. Prizes will be awarded for the most creative, the most balloon realistic and the judge’s favorite or most Gourdalicious.

Ballooning in the community: Blair Kaufman provided a ride to the new APS Superintendent and his family during fiesta.


Beth also provided the education report and shared that the fiesta safety seminar was well received, with good feedback and wanted to thanks all of the folks who presented the various topics the seminar covered.

Deb appointed Phred to take notes in Kay’s absence.

The education schedule will include a yet undecided topic for January, and a Private Pilot seminar in February. The education committee will meet at AIBF offices for their monthly meeting Monday, November 3rd, @ 6pm.

Minutes from the last board meeting were discussed and Beth moved we approve the minutes as published in the Cloudbouncer, Gary seconded, motion passed.

With Kay’s absence, the president presented the Secretary’s report.

2 New members were presented, (1 new and 1 renewal), they were approved with announcement of them to be @ the next club meeting .

Ways and means reported that Christmas is coming and they have lots of things that would make great stocking stuffers for your crew.

Lyn presented the treasurer’s report and with a brief revision of revenues being placed in the correct line items under education, the report was motioned for approval by Gary, seconded by Bud, motion passed.

Lorie Guthrie expressed the club’s gratitude to Carol Bair for once again taking care of all the things that go into making the Pilot tent a huge success. The Friends and Lovers rally committee will be meeting very soon and Faye Godfrey will be the Balloon Meistren.

Beth reviewed the programs for the coming months, October- the second half of the fiesta history video, November- the Ballooning fashion show, and January- Daniel Cave talking about flying special shape balloons. She also reminded that there will be no club meeting in December.

Lorie also mentioned that the deadline for cloudbouncer information is Friday October 31st. When asking for reports from ballooning organizations, Paul Smith indicated that there are only 346 days until the 2009 balloon fiesta.

Lichele reported that the next flying event will be held Saturday, November 8th in Rio Rancho with registration @ 6am and briefing @6:30am. It will be a Coats for Kids event with entry fee being a coat for donation to charity. The jingle bell non-rally will be December 13th and 14th @ balloon fiesta park with registration @ 6:30am and pilot briefing @ 7am. The next committee meeting will be held November 3rd @ 5:30pm at Applebee’s, on the corner of San Mateo and Academy. The committee will be discussing themes for next year’s events as well as the schedule.

Cory Atchely related that top Gun is alive and well and invited folks to come out and fly with them, details of their next event will be on their web site. JD Huss shared that in 2009, paper pilot certificates will no longer be valid. He also shared that Double Eagle Airport has someone in the tower and the tower frequency is 118.3. It will be officially activated sometime soon.

Gary reported that the Education Committee’s Fiesta Seminar had over 200 attendees, and they sold over $1000 in books. The committee is working on a seminar for January, and will be presenting a Private Pilot Ground School in February. The committee is also discussing publishing the FAA balloon flying handbook and will be looking at possible ways to accomplish that. Their next committee meeting will be November 3rd @ 6pm @ AIBF office.

BOARD MEETING MINUTES AAAA Board meeting minutes October 2008 Balloon Fiesta Office Members in attendance: President, Deb Fowler; Vice President, Beth Wright-Smith; Treasurer ,Lyn Kirkwood; Lichele Peete, Jim McKinney, Gary Jantz, Bud Heberlee, Phred McAllaster.

Phred reported that Crew D will be looking for contestants for the Galaxy of Gracefully Guild’d Gourds for the November flying event. Assurances have been given to the flying events that this will not involve the gravitational effects of gourds over targets.

Secretary, Kay Sant and Guest Blaine Sant arrived @7:20pm Meeting called to order by President Deb Fowler @ 6:07pm


November 3rd at 5:30pm at Applebee’s on San Mateo and Academy - - - - date and time change only for this meeting. We will be discussing the calendar for next year so any and all ideas will be appreciated! Don’t forget to mark your calendar for the last flying event of the year . . . the Jingle Bell nonrally will be December 13th and 14th at Balloon Fiesta Park with registration at 6:30am and pilot briefing at 7:00am.

Jim shared that the Ways and Means committee brought in over $1000 for the raffle and $292 in merchandise sales. There was discussion about possible merchandise ideas for the Christmas season. Community relations report: Bud shared several requests for tethers and glows, and because of the timing of several of them, it was discussed to release a blast to see if anyone would be able to respond.

CREW D We are planning for a fun time for the crew games at the next flying event November 8th, at the Rio Rancho launch field.

There wasn’t a report for special events, but Deb did want to thank Carol Bair and all the folks for all of their hard work in the Fiesta Tent this year.

We will celebrate the Glorious Galaxy of Guild’d Gourds….The idea is that folks will go out and acquire a gourd of some sort, and then decorate it anyway they choose.

Unfinished business: Deb presented proposals for archiving club presentations and historical information, and Jim indicated that he would be willing to meet with Evelyn Byrd and scan archived issues of the Cloudbouncer after the holidays. There was also discussion about the State land and possible launch area, with no new information to present.

We will have 3 categories for the judges to award points… The most balloon like The most Gourdalicious And finally the judge’s favorite.

New business: after some discussion, Phred made a motion, Jim seconded, to have the President appoint a committee of 3 to purchase new computers for the Secretary and Treasurer. The motion passed, and the President appointed Sam Bradshaw, Lyn Kirkwood, and Lori Pitman to facilitate the purchasing. The president also informed that the club now owns the software for publishing the Cloudbouncer.

We will have a sign up area during the pilot briefing, and because of the prizes we’ll have, we’d like to have 12 entries. So get busy and gather your gourds and guild away… EDUCATION This year’s Fiesta Safety Seminar “Ground Ops” was a great success. The seminar, held on Tuesday, October 7, at the Santa Ana Star Casino, in Bernalillo, NM, had over 200 attendees. Topics presented were Weather – Clarke O’Byrne, Safety Equipment – Gordon Schwontkowski, Pilot Decision Making – George Hahn, and Comments from the FAA, which featured radio communication – JD Huss. A sincere thank-you to all presenters and attendees.

Jim Moved the meeting adjourn and Gary seconded. President Deb Fowler adjourned the meeting @ 7:27pm

COMMITTEE REPORTS FLYING EVENTS By Lichele Peete The next Flying Event will be Saturday, November 8th in Rio Rancho. You will need to enter the field from the East. From Northern & Broadmor (turns into 30th north of Northern): at the 4 way stop sign, go North past the subdivision at the top of the hill and then head west toward the field. If you try and enter from Northern & Fruita, there is a dirt pile on Fruita blocking the road half way in. Please bring an entry fee of a gently used / new coat to be donated to KOAT’s Koats for Kids program. Canned goods or $3.00 will also be accepted. Pilot registration is at 6:00am with the pilot brief at 6:30am. The next flying events committee meeting will be Monday,

While a decision regarding a January 2009 seminar has not been made, we will conduct a Private Pilot Ground School February 2009. Our next committee meeting will be November 3, at 6:00pm at AIBF – please come and share your vision for future educational opportunities. The Education Committee would like to remind all readers that seminars and classes are open to all interested individuals. Everyone is encouraged to attend any and all of the seminars to further and


share their knowledge of ballooning. Education Committee


caring for all those who serve ARC. AAAA thanks you for having this opportunity to be an active role in our community.

COMMUNITY RELATIONS October 31, 2008: Petroglyph Elementary School on the west side. Huge, 1st Baptist Church annual Halloween party entitled "Trunk or Treat could use two more balloons to join Ray Bair and Bud Hebrlee to inflate and glow for an anticipated 400 to 600 people attending. Petroglyph Elementary School is located near Paradise and Golf Course Road.

Should you have any questions, please call me. Sincerely yours, Bud Hebrlee, AAAA Community Relations Director 505-296-2440 or 505-401-9368


Ryan Garrett and his brother (employed by Rainbow Ryder's) will be more than willing to help with setting up the balloons and providing trucks to tie off to. A grass field will be provided for inflation and dinner will be provided. These folks wish to reimburse for propane used for all the balloons who participate. Community Relations from AAAA will also reward those who participate a $25.00 propane gift certificate. All the participants are requested to present their propane receipt to the organizers after they fill their tanks. This offer is generous so please call Ryan Garrett at 817-629-9427 or Trey Sullins at 505-247-3611 and volunteer. Thank you in advance. Hope to see you there.

CH – CH – CH – CHANGES! Fortunately, I don’t remember the rest of that song and that’s probably a good thing! There have been some questions about the status of the Air Traffic Control Tower (ATCT) at Double Eagle II Airport (AEG) – and what should we, as Aeronauts, be doing now. I’ve had several conversations with people “in the know” about this, so here are some answers (good or bad). Recently, you may have heard people broadcasting on 118.3 MHz from the AEG ATCT. Currently, the tower IS NOT open – these people are providing “Advisory Service” only.

November 1, 2008: Juvenile Diabetes Research is expecting 5,000 walkers to attend their annual walk. The organizers have requested several balloons inflate and tether on D3 at the Balloon Fiesta Park. As in the past, they are offering complimentary food and drink. Your crews and family are welcome to stay at the event and enjoy the entertainment and inflatable interactive games. Again, to spur interest and incentive, Community Relations from AAAA will reward those who volunteer their time and balloons a $25.00 propane gift certificate.

Bob White is the Air Traffic Manager for the Albuquerque, New Mexico area. He told me the AEG ATCT will probably not officially open until late November or December. For the present time, only Advisory Service will be provided to aircraft in the vicinity of AEG. When the AEG ATCT opens and the CLASS D Airspace is activated, a NOTAM will be published and available. Be sure to ask for NOTAMS when you get your weather briefing from the ABQ Flight Service Station.

Please call Mark at 892-4495 with any questions and to make arrangements to participate. Thank you in advance for your help.

If you have a “current” copy of the Albuquerque Sectional Aeronautical Chart – 82nd Edition, Effective 0901Z, 23 OCT 2008 you have seen AEG is surrounded by a dashed blue line complete with an approach key. That depicts the new CLASS D Airspace that will surround AEG – WHEN the Air Traffic Control Tower is opened. If you compare the airspace at SAF to the AEG airspace you will notice some differences – some of the information is not there because the airspace has not been activated.

Good news Tanya and Peter: I just got off the phone after visiting with Mr. Jeff Hooten. Jeff has graciously volunteered his balloon to stand up for the above referenced on Thursday evening November 6th on Third Street in front of the Convention Center. Jeff is truly a blessing and I am grateful. Jeff can be reached at 505-922-6178 on most week days from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Jeff's cell phone number is 505-681-1155 if you need to get in touch to work out the details.

Although the current chart shows 122.8 MHz as the Common Traffic Advisory Frequency (CTAF), make your initial calls on 118.3 MHz. Once the tower is "officially" opened, 118.3 MHz will become the CTAF

A special thank you to the two of you for your patience, but most of all for your kindness and your


when the tower is closed between 10:00 PM and 6:00 AM local time.


The most IMPORTANT thing for us is – the approach key that moves off to the northeast of the circle. The “key” is 2 NM in width, or 1 NM (approximately 6,000 feet) on either side of the ILS approach course. The center of the northeastern end of that “key” is co-located at the large tan water storage tank on the hill about ¾ NM southwest of the 19th Avenue launch site.

“A BIG THANK YOU!” Once again we owe Carol Bair and her crew a huge THANK YOU for their hard work at the AAAA AIBF Pilot tent this year. I don’t even want to think of how we would do this with out them! It’s time to start planning for the 2009 Friends and Lovers Rally. As with all flying events, it takes a large group of dedicated people to have a successful event. This is the second largest rally of the year and so I would like to invite any one interested in helping with it to attend our first Committee meeting on Thursday, November 13th from 5:30 – 6:30 @ SuperiAire Technologies. Please call Lorie @ 4001857 if you are interested. As always, the more people we have, the more fun we can have!!!“

Bob mentioned Dave Moore will be the Manager of the AEG ATCT. Bob has suggested officials from Quad A contact Dave (831-7857) and make an appointment to discuss balloon operations in the AEG airspace. The rumors you have heard about the Flight Service Station closing are, unfortunately, true. As of the monthly Airport Operations Meeting (10/30/08) Lockheed-Martin will close the ABQ AFSS not-laterthan February 1, 2009. After that time, we’ll be using 1-800-WX-BRIEF and taking our chances with the briefer. Remember to mention you are a balloonist in the ABQ area and ask for NOTAMS.

LOST CHASE FLAG We think it came off the truck in Rio Rancho near the sports arena on Friday of Fiesta. It matches "The Aftermath." The flag is red, white, and black with zig-zag stripes across it. I have not given up hope yet that someone might bring it to the next AAAA event. Thanks for any help you can provide. Fran Gruette

The rumors you may have heard, and statement I made at the OCT AAAA meeting, about converting your airman’s certificate to the new plastic format in 2009 are just that – rumors. When I spoke to the folks at AFS-760 (Airman Certification Branch) I was told “Well, that’s been changed….” Apparently, that requirement is being looked at and they have promised to publish something as soon as a decision has been made about converting your airman’s certificate.

Halloween Flocking at Page Arizona

The easiest way I can make a bureaucratic exit from this is – “When I’m officially told something – I’ll tell the AAAA President and it’ll go out from there.” Fly Safely and have a Happy Thanksgiving!




FAN FOR SALE 36" Triple Blade Inflator Fan. 9 H.P. Robins Subaru Engine. Less than 5 hours run time. True 1 pull start. This fan starts 1st time every time. Stout 1" diameter CAMERON BALLOON SALES steel tubing frame that does not vibrate. Triple blade Need consultation, information or quotes on a new Tatorini variable pitch prop. Fan would sell for $1500 balloon? Call Beth Wright-Smith at 505-604-2865 or new. Because we have two we are selling the backup Troy Bradley at 505-293-6800. for $900. Call Carol or David LaRotonda at 505-8211413 if interested. PILOT TRAINING from the most experienced instructor in the Southwest! Call Beth Wright-Smith, 505-6042865 or email, pilotschool@lobo.net. FAA approved Part 141 school; flexible schedules. Also see www.airborneheat.com BALLOON FOR SALE 1994 Aerostar RX-8, 90,000 ft3, 413 total hours, 3-15 gal SS tanks, Zone 5 burners, Ball instruments w/ Aegis IR temp gauge, many extras, e.g., inflation harness, helium tank. 2005 6x10 Load Runner Cargo trailer, top & side vents, back and side doors. 30" fan w/Honda 8hp engine. Asking $8,000, for all, will sell balloon, fan and trailer separately. Call Debbie or Gary at 505-286-1704.

LOOKING FOR Wanted to buy: 2002, 2003 & 2005 AIBF poster tiles, white border. Also 2002 AIBF Pilot jacket, new or good used cond., sz L. E-mail texmbk@yahoo.com. FOR SALE 1998 Cameron O-105, 434:45TT, envelope is yellow pink and blue, turning vents, Kevlar cables, Hyperlast top, 3 – 15 Gal S.S. tanks, all tanks are masters, 1 – 2 tank manifold, warmers on all tanks, tank recerts. Good thru 05-2010, Super Double burners, new hoses 2008, 46 x 62 Aristocrat basket, padded floor, helmets and bag, bag for upright poles and covers, drop line and bag. Sale will include a fresh annual inspection. $5,500. SuperiAire Technologies 505-858-1685.


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      

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WINDTALKER 505-891-1733





AAAA on the internet www.hotairballooning.org

AAAA P.O. Box 90160 Albuquerque, NM 87199-160

Profile for AAAACloudbouncer

2008 November Cloudbouncer  

Official publication of the Albuquerque Aerostat Ascension Association (AAAA) Hot Air Balloon Club.

2008 November Cloudbouncer  

Official publication of the Albuquerque Aerostat Ascension Association (AAAA) Hot Air Balloon Club.