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A Monthly publication of the Albuquerque Aerostat Ascension Association & Education Foundation


Vol 108 • Issue 6

JUNE 2007

May Flying Results 1 John Hofer 2 Tom Schroeder 3 Randy Myklebust

Photo • Jonathan Abdalla



AAAA Board of Directors 2006-2007 President Debbie Fowler Phone: 505.239.1146 chasnpaint@aol.com

Vice President VP Beth Wright-Smith 604-2865 pbtsmith@lobo.net

Secretary/Membership Kay Sant Phone: 505.296.6601 justkay43@msn.com

Treasurer Lyn Kirkwood Phone: 505.897.1948 lyn.kirkwood@msn.com

Flying Events Randy Myklebust Phone: 505.896.3249 balloonpilot@cableone.net

Community Relations Lori Wichhart 830-2225 bunnycrew@aol.com

Education Barbara Fricke Phone: 505.265.2865 barbarafricke@msn.com

Special Events Lorie Guthrie Phone: 505.899.0534 lgl@superiaire.com Carol Bair Phone: 505.296.3505

Crew Development: Phred McAllaster Phone: 505.710.9669 Phredmac@hotmail.com

Ways &Means Jim McKinney 350-7930 jimjhobo69@juno.com

Website TBA

Cloudbouncer Jonathan Abdalla Phone: 505.345.2521 / 505.922.9858 cloudbouncer@comcast.net

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Monthly Board Meeting: Monday June 18th 6pm AIBF Offices Education Committee Meeting: Monday June 11th, 6pm AIBF Offices Ways and Means Meeting: Friday June 1st, 6pm AIBF Offices Flying Events Meeting: Sunday June 17th, 6pm The Barley Room corner of Spain and Eubank Crew Development Meeting: Same as Flying Events date and time

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Our AAAA website is going to be undergoing a long awaited update. During the next few months, it will not only have a new look, but will be able to take your seminar registrations via a secure site. So, please be patient, and if you would like to help, and have computer knowledge, please contact me.


I’d better sign off now, Jonathan needs the space for the rest of the Cloudbouncer…..So to all of you, have a wonderful June, and fly safely!!

Hi everybody and welcome to …..June. Happy Summer!! Wow, this is the first summer in a couple years I’ll be able to fly my balloon, yippee!

Deb Fowler 239-1146 chasnpaint@aol.com

Your club has Lots ‘O Stuff happening this summer; let’s see..there’s this month’s Flying Event in Rio Rancho: the “Libatious, Limboatious, Lizzard Luau” (my spell check is confused!) Also the Anderson Abruzzo Balloon Museum Foundation and AAAA Summer Day Camps to be held in July. Your AAAA club has donated $1000.00 for scholarships to help kids that wouldn’t otherwise be able to attend learn about balloons and our sport. Huge Thanks to the Museum Foundation; Dodie Montgomery and Gail Jacobs. Huge Thanks also to your fellow AAAA Members: Jennifer Greenwood, Elisa Trillanes, Cindy Patrick, Emily Greenwood, Ray Bair, and Clare Wade Callihan. Without all these folks working together, these wonderful experiences for our local kids would not happen. In addition to the local camps, AAAA has also given a scholarship of $275.00 to support the BFA Summer Camp in Tyler, Texas. Huge Thanks to Clare Wade Callihan and Shelly Caraway for their dedication to this camp. In addition to these summer camps, as always our July Flying Event will be at Fiesta Park, and word has it, extra special things will be happening, so stay tuned. I’m sure the “Air Bears” are still flying and Kathy Smith tells me the kids at Carrie Tingley sure do love their “Air Bears.” Update on the Cloudbouncer. As you might remember, my article last month was asking you to respond with your thoughts and ideas on helping to make this already great publication more efficient. I thought sharing with you the costs of the mailed version. Over a 12 month period, the Cloudbouncer costs between $4500.00 and $5000.00. That’s just printing and mailing costs, not mentioning the time donated by the folks that volunteer. Just think of all the good things we as a club could do with that money. I still am interested in finding out what you think. So please contact me with your ideas. So far, only 2 members have voiced their opinions.


Ways and Means: Jim reported that there would be an auction for breakfast for 10 to be served at the June 9th flying event.

Board Meeting Minutes May 14, 2007 By Kay Sant

Old Business: Report and Vote on the changes in the Operation Rules. This was tabled until the June 16th meeting.

The meeting was called to order at 6:15 P.M. Board Members present: Debbie Fowler, Beth Wright-Smith, Kay Sant, Lyn Kirkwood, Randy Myklebust, Barbara Fricke, Phred McAllaster, Lori Wichart and Jim McKinney

New Business: There were discussions about the new place that we cannot land on. (Old Fiesta field), and about the gate at Balloon Fiesta Park. Someone has been leaving it open and that is not suppose to happen. I am sure there will be articles on each of this subject in this issue.

Board Member absent: Lorie Guthrie Guest: Lichele Peete

There was a motion by Beth and 2nd by Lori to donate $1000.00 to the summer camp for kids, that AAAA and the Balloon Museum is putting on this summer, also $275.00 to the BFA’s Youth Summer Camp. These are to pay for kids to go who cannot afford to go on their own.

April Minutes were read and a motion to accept as corrected by Lyn, 2nd by Jim, passed. Two new members names were read, motion by Phred, 2nd by Lori, to accept. Passed

Meeting adjourned at 7:45 P.M. Next meeting will be June 18th at 6:00 P.M., with a meeting of the Education Foundation’s Board after. These will be held at the AIBF offices.

The Treasurer’s report was read, a motion by Beth, 2nd by Phred, to accept. Passed Then the 6/01/2007 to 5/30/08 budget was worked out, a motion by Beth, 2nd by Lori to accept as amended. Passed

General Meeting Minutes May 22, 2007 By Kay Sant

Committee reports: (Look under each committee for full reports.)

President Debbie Fowler called the meeting to order at 7:01 P.M.

Flying Events: Randy said 37 pilots signed in at the May event, with only 2 pilots seeing the target and missing it 300 and 400 ft. They raised $61.00 for the Virginia Tech Family’s. The next flying event will be held Saturday June 9th in Rio Rancho. Registration at 5:30 A.M. Briefing at 6:00 A.M.

Board Members absent: Lyn Kirkwood, Lorie Guthrie and Lori Wichhart Guest: Ashley West from Phoenix, AZ New Pilots: Joe Candelaria and Jessica Steyerman

Education: Barbara stated that 14 pilots had attended the Commercial Pilots Ground School. The committee was working on the Fiesta Safety Seminar, which will be called Balloon 911. Anyone interested in helping the committee, please call Barbara.

Ballooning in he Community: on May 1, Phil Nelson did a tether for West Mesa H.S. advanced math and science class and May 21, Tethered for Redstone Elementary School in Highlands Ranch, CO.

Crew Development: Phred reported that signups for the FAA Facilities Tour on June 9th were going well. He also reported that there would be a Crew Seminar on September 9th at the AIBF offices. The date for the Crew seminar is Friday, September 7th, with hands on training the next day at the flying event, September 8th at Balloon fiesta park. no activities are planned for Sept 9th

Program: Scott Appelman talked about the Albuquerque Balloon Industry Group and how they were trying to help all of ballooning speak in one voice. To help show the city and other businesses that ballooning is a very big part of their community. If anyone would like to meet with this group please call Scott.


Board Reports

self. The June Flying Event will be in Rio Rancho, June 10th, sign in at 5:20 A.M. He also thanked his committee for making things so easy for him that he only had to read what they had typed for him.

President: Debbie gave Al Lowenstein a Thank You Award for serving on the Board for the past 4 years. She reminded everyone about the changes in submissions of ads for the Cloudbouncer that they must be paid for by the General Meeting each month.

Ways and Means: Jim reported that there was still a few numbered sets of 2006 pins left and that the set of 5 2007 pins were $25.00 or $6.00 a pin. He then called Dave Tennis up to auction off the breakfast for 10 to be served at the June flying event. “Sam” Tzamaloukas won it with a bid of $110.00.

Debbie asked that if anyone had an input on the eversion or paper version of the Cloudbouncer please let her know, as the board would be making a discussion soon. Debbie reminded anyone needing entry to Balloon Fiesta Park please get their own key card as the gate cannot be held open any more. (How to do this is in this Cloudbouncer)

Safety Tip of the Month: Ken Paulk said to be aware of how using new things with your system may make it operate different than what you are use to.

She also told everyone about the Scholarship money that had been donated to the BFA and Balloon Museum Summer Balloon Camps.

FAA: J.D. said a lady in Los Lunas had filed a complaint about balloons flying too low over her house during the St. Paddy’s Day Rally, this is the same woman that caused all the trouble a few years ago.

Vice President: Beth told everyone until further notice there would be “NO” landing of balloons at the old Fiesta field. If for some reason you do, “shut off “you burners and you must call for an escort out. (All information in this issue of the Cloudbouncer)

The meeting closed at 8:20 P.M.

Getting Weather Info!

Secretary: Kay read the names of two new members and welcomed them to the Club. (See new members this issue)

By Barbara Fricke Are you frustrated with not getting through to a FSS briefer? Have you been put on hold for ever and then the call drops? Have you gotten to the briefer and he/she has no idea what a balloon is, or what info you need to determine if it is safe for you to fly? YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Treasurer: Lyn was not present, the 2007/2008 budget will be in this issue. Education: Barbara said the committee was working on the Fiesta Safety Seminar, to be held October 9th; it will be called Ballooning 911. She said it would be fun and exciting.

Since the closing of the Albuquerque FSS office May 21st, we are being instructed to call 1800-WX BRIEF only to get to an endless runaround of menus. Or you can call the national Telephone Information Service for TIBS reports at 1-877-4TIBS-WX. TIBS are available for 4 sections of our state: NE, SE, SW, and NW. I listen to all four areas and did not get an Albuquerque report on any of them. I also talked with a briefer who could not tell me how to get a TIBS for Albuquerque. Frustrating? It is for me and if it is for you, I urge you to log onto the FSS web site (www.AFSS.com) and register you thoughts through the tab on the left for feedback. You will need to sign on before you can give feedback.

Crew Development: Phred asked if anyone would be able to do some inflations for the Summer Camps, if so please let him know. He also announced the crew thing for the next flying event, it had something to do with Limbo and Lei’s, guess you will have to read his article, as I can’t remember all the “L” words, as I am trying to get Krazy Kites out of my head. (It did sound like it would be a lot of fun and something not to be missed.)

Flying Events: Randy reported that no one had scored on the target last flying events so Jim Ahern, would have to be Balloon Mister in June and try again. He said that the theme for the June Flying Event would be luau so decorate your truck, crew or


To get weather without FSS and to register your N number, I suggest getting weather through DUATS (www1.duats.com). You as a balloon pilot, or balloon student pilot, can set up an account and get weather, free. Your N number will be registered when you get the briefing, and it is in real words, not abbreviations or code words. However, you will have to go through lots of information to get the things you want. Notams will also be there, although TRFs that can pop up very fast may NOT be there.

Top Five overall scores: 5 Cory Atchley 4 Jim Ahern 3 Randy Myklebust 2 Tom Schroeder 1 John Hofer Next Flying event will be out in Rio Rancho, Sunday June 10th, pilot registration beginning at 5:20 – Pilot brief at 5:50. The theme will be Luau so don’t forget to bring your Hawaiian shirt and hula hoop! Feel free to decorate crew, pilot and or truck – we’ll see if we can scrounge up a prize or two.

For real local weather info, you could get out your aircraft radio and turn to the AWOS at Double Eagle II Airport, 119.025 mHz, or call 842-2009. The ATIS report for Albuquerque International Airport will give you weather for the airport, plus other NOTAM information for the airport. It is at 118.0 mHz or 8564928. The number is frequently busy. Don’t forget the AAAA wind talker and the Fiesta wind talker (821-7300). Please note that the Fiesta wind talker number is only good outside of Fiesta. During Fiesta you can not reach the wind talker on this number..

Crew D Report for June Cloudbouncer

There are many good web sites for weather today, so use your favorite and tell the rest of us about them. My favorites for planning are usairnet.com and www.weatherunderground.com . Weather bugs from around the city can give you current weather. Double Eagle II airport site (http://weather.noaa.gov/weather/current/KAEG.html ) can give you the last 24 hours at the airport.

Jennifer Greenwood is busy with the weekly Balloon camps at the Museum, and is still looking for some pilots to help by tethering on Friday mornings so the kids get a chance to see first hand what an inflation is all about. Please contact her if you are available to stand your balloon for one of the 4 Fridays she is looking for assistance. We will be providing “Ataboys” and propane for those who do help.

Good luck on getting weather and please register you thought on the new services provided by FSS at their web site.

Dust off the grass skirts, and come join us for the Libacious Limbo-acious Lizard Luau during the flying event, Sunday, June 10th at the Rio Rancho launch field. Decorate your pilot, decorate your truck, and decorate your balloon. We’ll have special prizes for all the participants.

Next flying event meeting will be Sunday, June 17th at the Barley Room at Eubank & Spain at 6:00 for dinner 6:30 for the meeting.

We’ve got 20 balloonists signed up for the FAA Facility tour June 9th, and we have had 2 pilots take advantage of the 3 crew/pilot attends for free.

Flying Events Report By Lichele Peete

As for the crew competition, we will be having several contests: One for Limbo-acious-ness...not sure what the etiquette is for limbo, but we’ll come up with something…

May 12th Flying Event went well, 39 pilots signed two attempted to make the target – kudos go to Brooke Owen & Eric Greenwood’s attempt – but they were not within scoring distance. Thanks to our scorers Blaine & Kay Sant & John & Lyn Kirkwood. Thanks also to the rest of the flying events committee for their help. Over $60.00 will be donated to the Virginia Tech Memorial Fund. Thanks to everyone for their donations.

We’ll have a group doing hula-hoop limbo, And finally, we will also have grass skirts, or bring your own…maybe even decorate your pilot. Fun and prizes will be had, so plan on joining us!!!!


“Ballooning 911”. It will contain info on accidents, factors that affect these incidents, pilot decision making, how accidents and incidents affect your insurance, and what crew should do after an incident. Cost will remain at $35 and it will be held Tuesday, October 9th. Registration forms will be out soon.

July’s flying event will be themed around an Ice Cream social, so plan accordingly. Our next Crew D meeting will be held June 17th at the Barley Room, Spain and Eubank, 6pm.

The Committee will meet Monday, June 11th , at 6:00pm at AIBF Office. Everyone is welcome to join us.


How to get an access key to Balloon Fiesta Park:

June Meeting Program Fan Maintenance with Garry Haruska

1) Make out a check for $20.00 to the City of Albuquerque. 2) Include the following information: Name Address Cell Phone Number & Land Line Number Last 4 digits of your Social Security Number (for ID purposes) Purpose for access key: BALLOONING 3) Mail payment and information to: Patricia Sena City of Albuquerque Parks & Recreation Department 1801 Fourth Street NW Albuquerque, NM 87103 You could also: • Drop an e-mail to PSena@cabq.gov or szuschlag@cabq.gov • Drop by in person – at address above • Call for more information – Pat at 768-5344 or Sandy at 768-5366 After the card is requested to be programmed it will be mailed out to the address you provided. Please allow 48 – 72 hours for this process – then mailing. The Golf Center at the park should be called if there is a problem with the gate – 857-8437 7 am – 10:30am. Also, please note what the problem is (e.g. key pad flashes green then red, no flashes, gate half open, etc.), this will help the city address the problem quicker.

Garry will be presenting information on how to keep your inflator fan in good running order.

Separate Logs Required for Basket/ Envelope Interchange For anyone who swaps out bottom ends and envelopes, you are now required to keep a log for the bottom end or any components of the bottom end, such as burners and tanks. You are also required to inspect the whole system as mated when one component is due. Here is one example: You buy a new envelope. The airworthiness certificate is dated 0520-07. You mate it with a basket/burner combo that was last annualled on 06-28-06. Guess when that combination of components becomes unairworthy and in need of a new inspection? …end of 06-07. There are going to be many combinations that can and will occur here. If the original combination of the components are ever moved, the inspection status and total time in service must be accounted for each of the components: Basket, Burner, Tanks & Envelope. Following is the pertinent wording: 4/18/2007 8130.2F CHG 3 Page 21

Education Committee Report

d. A new airworthiness certificate is not required when the aircraft is disassembled and a differentburner and basket combination is installed, as allowed by the Type Certificate. Reassembly of the

The Fiesta Safety Seminar is coming together and will be outstanding. We are calling it


envelope and bottom-end components into a complete aircraft may be performed as preventive maintenance under appendix A to part 43, paragraph (c)(27). The aircraft records must properly reflect the installation of the bottom-end components and record the new empty weight. The bottom-end components must be in a current “annual or 100-hour” inspection status. The individual records of the bottom-end components must be maintained. The due date of the next required inspection is determined based on the time the component parts are due for inspection.

in. Like Richard or “O.C.” in Georgia lets hear from some of you. Please let me know if I can help you in any way or if you have any subjection. Soft Landings Kay Sant Phone: 505-296-6601 or E-mail: justkay43@msn.com

WX QUIZ * What is a millibar? a. a kind of bug with the appearance of 1000 legs b. a section of Bourbon Street in New Orleans c. a measure of atmospheric pressure d. a device used to measure rain rate * What is another name for a thunderstorm cloud? a. Cumulonimbus b. Nimbostratus c Cumulobimbus d. Bimbonimbulus

The reference is below: Please be advised that Change 3 to Order 8130.2F became effective April 18, 2007, and is available online in the Regulatory and Guidance Library. The following url should take you directly to the document: http://rgl.faa.gov/Regulatory_and_Guidance_Library/ rgOrders.nsf/0/1BA6EE60E8779BD7862572C90063 C0AC?OpenDocument

June Birthdays

Thank you to Keith Gantt who originally sent out this information.

Paul Clinton Dean Donley Warren Book Buzz Biernacki Keith Takach Jeff Renegar Eugene Foxworthy Don Boyer Richard Butterfield Jonathon Wynn Melanie L’Abbe Bill Walker Mary Bragg Patricia Mezzancello Robin Austin Patricia Eker Larry Cravens Alan Zielinski Masa Kakehi Mike Collins Donald Damstra Karen Fleetwood “J” Gonzales Ralph Keyser William Barry Lori Pitman Linda Bonney Susan Armstrong David Caffey Pat Raub

Membership Report I will try from time to time to keep you updated on the membership as of today be have; Regular members: 393 Family members: 195 Junior members: 56 Honorary 34 Total Membership = 678 I now have member patches and pins in, so if you need to buy extras let me know and if you do not get your new membership package by June 15th please let me know so I can send you a new one. For all of the local members who do not attend meetings there is a lot of the club you are missing out on. One of them is no one gets to see or talk to you. Come on out, bring a friend you may like it. We are all trying to do our jobs now it is time for your help. Phred is trying to get a current list of all the levels of the AAAA chase crew, so if you have been awarded them please let him or myself know. I am not seeing any articles in the Cloudbouncer form any of our many members who live in other states. I am sure something must be going on in FL,CA,TX,KA, NY and any other state you may live


6/02 6/03 6/03 6/06 6/06 6/07 6/07 6/07 6/08 6/08 6/11 6/12 6/12 6/12 6/13 6/14 6/14 6/16 6/18 6/21 6/22 6/23 6/23 6/23 6/23 6/23 6/23 6/25 6/25 6/28

Stephen Peck Ken Tuley

6/28 6/29

The membership roster will be available@ the monthly AAAA June meeting. Thank You for your support.

New Members Lori Pitman 4310 Hillcrest Ave. NW Albuquerque NM 87120 Phone: 505-890-8868

Old Fiesta Park: Sensitive Area, Don’t Land!

James Phillips 10700 Academy Rd. # 1512 Albuquerque, NM 87111 Phone: 505-991-0241

The following was gleaned from correspondence between the Balloon Fiesta and the City: The city is having electrical and methane problems at the old Fiesta Park, most recently Balloon Fiesta’s RV lot, south of Alameda. This area was originally a landfill. These problems are potentially hazardous to anyone landing in there. So until further notice the landfill be designated a “Sensitive Area.”

Janet Peterson

World Balloon Flight School

FAA Part 141 Certified Flight School Al Lowenstein 1220 Rockrose Rd NE Albuquerque NM 87122-1115 Phone: 505 821 8558 Fax: 505 856 7186 wbflightschool@comcast.net www.worldballoonflightschool.com

Awarded the FAA contract to train their inspectors.

We fly to YOUR schedule!

To protect the safety of balloonists and the general public, the landfill can be used for emergency landings. In the event of an emergency landing within the fenced area of the landfill, the crew and/or pilot should: 1) Immediately shut down burners and extinguish any flames to prevent fire hazard; 2) Contact me at 768-2633 (office) or 238-0393(cell). The crew will be told where to meet EHD or contractor staff. Once EHD or contractor staff has joined the balloon party, we will assist in coordinating the safe removal of the balloonists and the balloon from the landfill.

5813 Villa Dr. NE Albuquerque, NM 87111 Phone: 207-415-4640

Rhonda Methvin City Environmental Health Department

Classified Advertisements

Ways and Means Report

PILOT TRAINING from the most experienced instructor in the Southwest! FAA part 141 school. Flexible schedules. Call Beth Wright-Smith, 505604-2865 or email, pilotschool@lobo.net

June Flying Event.had a fund raiser breadfast auction at the May monthly meeting. We still have a few 2006 Pins left, also a fewnumbered Sets. Pins are $6.00 each Sets are $25.00 each

CAMERON BALLOON SALES: Contact World Balloon for consultation, information or quotes on a new balloon. Call Beth Wright-Smith at 505-604-2865 or Troy Bradley at 505-293-6800.

Our next monthly Board Meeting will be June 1st @ 6:00 pm at the Fiesta Office.

1993 Aerostar RX-8 312 TT RWS basket, Zone V double burner, 2-15 gal. tanks with warmers and


covers, Ball M55A instruments, included accessories to long to list. Give us a call or come in to take a look. $10,750.00 SuperiAire Technologies 505858-1685.

He is often credited with making the first free flight of a "modern" hot-air balloon -- with a plastic envelope and kerosene fuel -- in Bruning, Nebraska on 22 October 1960. Under contract to the US government, Yost revised his design to produce an aircraft that used a propane burner to heat the lifting gas and lightweight, but tough, nylon envelope.

SOUTH PLAINS BALLOON ROUNDUP September 8th and 9th, 2007

In 1963, he and Don Piccard made the first flight across the English Channel in a hot-air balloon. In 1976, he made the first attempt at a balloon crossing of the Atlantic Ocean in the "Silver Fox", starting from Milbridge, Maine and ending over 2700 miles and 107 hours later, in the sea 700 miles west of Portugal. Yost's trip set new records for distance and flight time. When the feat was finally achieved two years later, it was using one of Yost's system.

ATTN: Tony and Mary Ann Slagle Poteet 8820 Woodrow Road Wolfforth, TX 79382

Ballooning Pioneer Ed Yost Passes Paul Edward Yost (1919 - May 27, 2007) was the American inventor of the modern hot air balloon and was sometimes referred to as the "Father of the Modern Day Hot-Air Balloon."

In addition to his groundbreaking designs, Ed Yost started the Balloon Federation of America (BFA), and helped organize the first US national ballooning championship at Indianola, Iowa. He was the first person inducted into the U.S. Ballooning Hall of Fame.

Born on a farm 7 miles south of Bristow, Iowa, he first became involved in ballooning when he leased his single-engine plane to General Mills to track their gas balloons. He was a senior engineer in the development of highaltitude research balloons.

Taken from wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ed_Yost


Date: ____________ MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION Albuquerque Aerostat Ascension Association P.O. Box 90160 Albuquerque, NM 87199-0160 (Please fill out completely and return)

Amount: _________ Check #: __________ Rev: 4/2006

Name: _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Address: _______________________________________________________________________________________________ City: _______________________________________________State: _____________________Zip Code__________________ Phone: (Home)____________________________(Bus)___________________________(Cell)___________________________ E-Mail: ___________________________________________________Fax ________DOB: Month ____ Day: ______ Would you like to receive the CLOUDBOUNCER by: Electronic _______ Paper _______ Both _______ Please check all that apply: Private Pilot _______ Commercial Pilot ________ Gas Pilot ________ Student Pilot ________ Balloon Owner _____ Observer (Class) _______ Crew _______ Crew Level (AAAA) ________ Crew Level (BFA) ________ Gas Crew _____ Balloon Name _________________________________ Mfg, __________________________ N # __________


$25.00 Annual Dues. The dues year is January 1st through December 31st

FAMILY MEMBERSHIP: The spouse, significant other, or child (16 or over) of a member residing at the same address who wishes to become a member, no initiation fee. Dues are $5.00 per family member per year. JUNIOR MEMBERSHIP: Children under age 16 of a member residing at the same address, no initiation fees or dues “NEW “ MIMBERSHIP: (after June 30th) $10.00 Initiation Fee. $12.50 Regular Membership $2.50 per family member. Note: If applicant is under 18 years of age, written permission from a parent or guardian is required. All Regular and Family members have voting privileges. Junior member does not have voting privileges. Please indicate names for all Family and Junior members. Also, please include ages for children. Spouse / Significant other: _________________________________________________________________________________ Date of Birth: Month: _____ Day: _______ E – Mail: ____________________________________________________________ Children: (16 Years & Older)_____________________________________________________ DOB: Month _____ Day _____ Children: (Under age 16)___________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________ I would be interested in helping on the following committees: Cloudbouncer:


Flying Events:


Special Events:




Community Relations:


Ways & Means:


Crew Development:






Recommended by Current Member:______________________________________________________________________ Release: For and in consideration of the privilege of being permitted to avail myself of the activities of the Albuquerque Aerostat Ascension Association (AAAA), the undersigned does hereby waive, release, and discharge AAAA, its officers, agents, and employees from all liability, claim, or cause of action for damage, injury, or loss to person or property which the undersigned might receive or sustain from any cause or for any reason during the activities of the AAAA irrespective of when, where, how, or from whatever cause such injury might be sustained. The release is intended to be absolute and entire and binding upon the undersigned, their executors, administrators, heirs, and assigns. AFFIRMATION: Furthermore, harmony being the basis for all organizations, I will not recommend any other for membership but who can best work and agree in a sprit of friendship and good sportsmanship. I will adhere to the by-laws and rules as set down by the membership and the Board of Directors. SIGNATURE:________________________________________________ DATE:________________________







AAAA on the internet www.hotairballooning.org

NON-PROFIT ORG U.S. Postage Paid Permit No. 359 Albuquerque, NM

Profile for AAAACloudbouncer

2007 June Cloudbouncer  

Official publication of the Albuquerque Aerostat Ascension Association (AAAA) Hot Air Balloon Club.

2007 June Cloudbouncer  

Official publication of the Albuquerque Aerostat Ascension Association (AAAA) Hot Air Balloon Club.