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ABOUT THE COVER Drivetech 4x4: Australia’s fastest growing 4x4 brand. What started around 20 years ago as a small Brisbane business focused on hard parts has now become one of Australia’s fastest growing 4x4 brands


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Amidst a string of snap lockdowns, the year has begun with a fervour that is showing no signs of slowing down Spurred on by the continuation of international travel restrictions, the 4WD accessory economy has continued to grow – in fact, it is absolutely pumping – not bad for an industry which, according to the 2020 4WD Industry Survey, is already valued at six billion dollars! Since shortly after the COVID-19 pandemic first impacted Australia, the 4WD Industry began experiencing an unprecedented and sustained upswing – it is indeed a very busy time to be a player in this game. It has also been one of the busiest times for our committee, with a number of other long-term projects recently coming to a head.

Recovery Strap Guidelines With the release of new mandatory standard and labelling requirements for Recovery Straps, the committee saw a need for a consumer-friendly guideline to assist members in the retail space. What seemed initially like a relatively simple task became more and more involved as the committee and other members fine-tuned the information and images included to make sure the guideline had the best impact. The end result is a two-part guideline document – a DL sized brochure with images that clearly identify the do’s and don’ts of recovery strap attachment and a QR code that opens a digital document that outlines not only greater detail and extrapolation of the mandatory standard, but also provides guidance on setting up and carrying out a safe vehicle recovery and maintenance of recovery equipment. The digital versions of both documents are available for download now on the 4WD Industry Council website.

4WD Industry Survey The 4WD accessories industry had been steadily growing for many years, bolstered by the continued popularity of 4WD and dual cab utility vehicles, however the exact size of the industry itself was unknown as the most recent survey data dated back to 2008. We felt it was important for the industry to have a visible snapshot of not only the value of the sector in terms of its revenue, but also in terms of its

employment and impacts on manufacturing and export activity. As such, the AAAA, with support from the 4WD Industry Council, worked with ACA Research to capture these insights in the 2020 4WD Industry Study. I indicated earlier in this piece that the accessories market was valued at six billion dollars, and it is important to note that we employ more than 70,000 staff and are a major supporter of Australian manufacturing and design. The data collected from this study is useful from a commercial point of view and also from an advocacy point of view, as it will assist the AAAA in lobbying the Government for better support for our sector. The research report is available for members to download from the AAAA website.

Shows recommence

The Australian 4WD Industry Council is a non-competitive, specialist council of the AAAA. It has been formed to provide advice, understanding and a strategic approach to market issues from regulators, governments, 4WD enthusiasts and community groups.

2021 has shown us that sometimes the more things change, the more they stay the same and one thing our industry loves to do is get together.

4WD Accessories Technician Training Course

Much to the industry’s delight, we saw the recommencement of major 4WD shows for the first time since 2019, with Brisbane’s RNA Showgrounds hosting the National 4x4 Outdoors Show recently.

Finally, and perhaps most significantly, the committee was proud to recently launch the pilot program for the 4WD Accessories Technician Training Course, developed in partnership with Melbourne’s Kangan Institute.

Inclement weather could not dampen the spirits of the swarms of visitors, and exhibitors could not have been happier with the event. On the opening morning, the 4WD Industry Council hosted our regular networking breakfast with an at-capacity attendance.

This course provides a much-needed ‘stepping stone’ along the training pathway for the 4WD accessories industry – a pathway we have been seeking for many years.

Andrew Mahon of Queensland’s Department of Transport and Main Roads was a welcome guest speaker at this breakfast and acknowledged the enormous contribution of the 4WD industry from both a cultural and economic perspective while reconfirming the Department’s commitment to open and respectful dialogue with our industry. 4WD Industry Council Convenor, Nigel Bishop, and AAAA Director of Government Relations and Advocacy, Lesley Yates, then presented an exclusive preview of the 2020 4WD Industry Study report, which was released one week later to the broader membership. Despite the engaging content, I have to say, the highlight of the morning for me was simply the energy in the room. There was a palpable joy emanating from the group of 70 industry peers finally getting back to networking together – face to face – and I know our colleagues in other states will be looking forward to connecting once again at the 4WD IC networking functions as they roll out across the country throughout the year.


Ben Lavis, Chairman Australian 4WD Industry Council

Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine Annual 4WD Magazine 2021

The inaugural program is kicking off with a small group of Melbourne-based students in June 2020, with students attending one day per week for 28 weeks before attending two supplementary ‘industry sessions’ where they will receive additional training from industry leaders on key 4WD products. The program was officially launched at the AAAA head office with AAAA’s Stuart Charity, Kangan Institute’s Aaron Woods, and myself presenting to a full room of AAAA members who are as proud as we are to see this program get up and running.

A fantastic year ahead It is clear that 2021 is shaping up to be a year of growth for our fantastic industry. Not only in terms of sales (keep ‘em coming!), but in terms of future sustainability and growing opportunity for the next generation of 4WD enthusiasts to turn their passion into a rewarding career. I have never been more proud to be a part of this diverse and energetic industry and I look forward to what I am sure will be another ground-breaking year ahead.



Penalties of $1.223m have been issued against the business and its ex-directors Four-wheel-drive vehicle hire business Smart Corporation Pty Ltd (in liquidation), previously trading as ‘Australian 4WD Hire,’ has been ordered to pay penalties of $870,000 for breaches of the Australian Consumer Law following court action by the ACCC. The Federal Court has found that Smart Corporation Pty Ltd engaged in unconscionable conduct, made false or misleading representations in relation to insurance cover, and included unfair contract terms in its vehicle rental contracts. The Court also found that Australian 4WD Hire’s former director and then Fleet Manager, Vitali Roesch, and then Director, Maryna Kosukhina, were knowingly concerned in this conduct. The Court made orders disqualifying them from managing a company for three years, and ordered them to pay $179,000 and $174,000 in penalties respectively. Australian 4WD Hire’s standard form contracts included terms that allowed Australian 4WD Hire to charge customers up to $500 each time a customer drove in a way prohibited by the contract, such as driving at night outside of built-up areas, above the speed limit, or when visibility was poor such as in fog or heavy rain. The Court found that these terms were unfair and therefore void because, among other things, they authorised Australian 4WD Hire to deduct the entire amount of a consumer’s security bond for trivial breaches which could not have caused any loss or damage to the hired vehicle. The Court also found that Australian 4WD Hire acted unconscionably by sending intimidating

and threatening emails to certain consumers to withhold at least $500 of their security deposits for what they claimed to be excessive vehicle wear and tear irrespective of whether there had been any damage done to the vehicle. When some customers disputed these actions, the company sent further intimidatory correspondence to deter the consumer from disputing the claim or raising any other legitimate issues. Australian 4WD Hire’s conduct was also found to lack honesty and fairness. The conduct involved bad faith, deception, unfair pressure and sharp practice. It included harsh and unjustified threats of legal action and other adverse consequences for the customers which were out of all proportion to any prejudice which Australian 4WD Hire had suffered. “Australian 4WD Hire acted unconscionably in its dealing with customers who hired four-wheel-drive vehicles around Australia. The disqualification orders made by the Court mean its former directors, Vitali Roesch and Maryna Kosukhina, who were knowingly concerned in this conduct, will be prevented from managing a business in Australia for three years respectively,” ACCC Chair, Rod Sims, said. Australian 4WD Hire also represented to consumers on its website that its rental vehicles had the benefit of comprehensive off-road insurance, using statements such as “All Vehicles Off-Road Insured,” and “All Australian 4WD Hire Vehicles are insured for Off-Road use subject to our terms and conditions, allowing you to travel worry-free…”

The Court found that this representation was false and misleading because at times many of the vehicles did not have comprehensive insurance coverage and Australian 4WD Hire obscured that the hire contract gave the company the sole discretion to decide whether to submit an insurance claim or hold the customer liable for any damage. “We took this action because Australian 4WD Hire’s treatment of some of its customers was particularly egregious. The misrepresentations made about insurance cover gave customers a false sense of security that they would have the benefit of being covered by insurance, in particular for the off-road use of the vehicles, when this was not the case,” Rod said. The ACCC received more than 60 complaints about Australian 4WD Hire between 2016 to April 2019, when the ACCC commenced proceedings against Smart Corporation Pty Ltd. Australian 4WD Hire, Vitali and Maryna were ordered to pay approximately $9,500 in redress to five consumers whose experiences with Australian 4WD were presented to the Court as part of the ACCC’s enforcement proceedings. For more information, visit


Following global success, Tough Gear Trading (TGT) is now selling ‘at home’ in Australia Tough Gear Trading (TGT) trades in more than 26 countries around the globe, with its directors boasting more than 25 years of international management and business experience in the auto parts, fleet, 4x4, military, and security sectors. TGT provides quality 4x4 accessories applications as well as security auto applications to the international military, armoured, mining, fleet, and retails markets. TGT’s mission is to provide automotive solutions and offers to clients through high quality products and service. After much success in numerous countries, TGT

decided that 2021 was the year to expand into Australia and it says it that move has “gone off with a bang.” The company started off the year by launching its very own TGT Hard-Shell Rooftop Tents and it reports that the response rate was “massive.” TGT has also since launched its Winches, Recovery Gear, Annexes and more and plans to attend many 4x4 and camping shows around Queensland across the year. TGT says it prides itself on quality products with a love of all things camping, 4x4 and more, so when the right time came, it knew it was time to sell to the place that it calls home – Australia.

For more information, contact or visit

Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine Annual 4WD Magazine 2021



JAX TYRES AND AUTO RELEASES ROAD MSA4X4 REPORT ANNOUNCES LEGAL SAFETY The report found that while Aussie drivers ACTION remain keen on road trips, many key safety The company is pursuing action against Clearview Towing Mirrors Pty Ltd

MSA4x4 Accessories has commenced legal proceedings in the Federal Court against Clearview Towing Mirrors, alleging infringement of the granted Australian full patent which protects MSA4x4’s DropSlide.

checks are being neglected

The 2021 edition of the JAX Tyres and Auto Road Safety Report interviewed 1,032 Australian drivers in March 2021. The report was further complemented by the tyre retailer and mechanical service provider’s firsthand findings on how major and minor vehicle issues and repairs are addressed. The report findings demonstrate that the awareness of basic vehicle maintenance and safety checks has increased amongst Aussie drivers, alongside their passion for and investment in domestic road trips. However, while levels of safety increased compared to last year, the report showed there is still a big gap when it comes to willingness to check some basic safety items before hitting the road.

Prepping for the next major road trip JAX Tyres and Auto says it remains concerning that only just over half (54 percent) of Australians say they carry out specific vehicle checks before a long drive. MSA4x4 alleges that Clearview’s Easy Slide product copies essential features of the DropSlide patented technology. MSA4x4 is seeking an injunction preventing Clearview from manufacturing or selling the Easy Slide, as well as damages to compensate MSA4x4 for such infringement. MSA4X4 explains that its DropSlide is an industry first product that allows the user to safely lower and raise their fridge into or out of an elevated storage position. The company says this “best-selling product has been the benchmark in the industry since coming to the market in 2007 and continues to be to this day.” MSA4x4 has exclusive rights to an extensive patent portfolio, both in Australia and internationally, which protect the DropSlide and many other innovative products in MSA4x4’s range. “We take infringement of our valuable intellectual property rights very seriously, and we will not hesitate to enforce those rights,” MSA4x4 Director, Shane Miles, said. “We are always watching the market for copies. It is easier for our competitors to simply copy our successful product than to create something new. “We will not stand for this. We stand up for innovators in our industry and we will do everything we can to protect our investment in innovation.” For more information, visit 6

For example, although these vehicle checks are located on the same part of a car, the report found there is a marked discrepancy between the population segment that conducts tyre pressure checks (76 percent) and tyre tread depth checks (42 percent). JAX Tyre and Auto’s report suggests this divide may be due to a lack of awareness about the importance of different tyre checks, as only 28 percent of Australian drivers interviewed ranked checking their tyre tread before embarking on a trip within their top three considerations – only four percent more than those who feel it’s a top-three consideration to charge their phone. Concerningly, one third (33 percent) of Aussie drivers say an orange or red light on a car dashboard would not stop them from going on a long road trip. However, six in ten (61 percent) Aussies agree that even if their car drove fine, an unidentified noise would prevent them from going on a long road trip.

Having an expert helping hand Trust, expertise and thoroughness in a mechanical service provider play a huge role in setting Aussie drivers’ minds at ease. Almost three in ten (28 percent) of report subjects choose their mechanical service provider based on whether they conduct a full, in-depth vehicle inspection with every service, while over one in five (22 percent) Aussie drivers say a recent service at a garage gives them the most peace of mind while driving. In a recent analysis of vehicles inspected by JAX Tyres and Auto teams across the country, almost seven in ten (68 percent) vehicles had some kind of issue that required expert attention. Of these, 93 percent of the identified issues were classified as needing to be urgently addressed and seven percent were non-urgent only. Out of the entire sample, almost two thirds (64 percent) required immediate repairs, while a smaller proportion (17 percent) could afford to hold off taking action. As a result of conducting a visual JAX Vehicle Inspection, over half (52 percent) of the vehicles with some issue have taken action, which was mainly driven by 51 percent of vehicles requiring immediate attention and 27 percent of cases where longer lead action items were found. “With so many people investing in their road trip experiences, it’s just as, if not more, important to have the safety of drivers and their loved ones be top of mind,” JAX Tyres and Auto Chief Sales Officer, April Harwood, said. “Giving Australians peace of mind is integral to what we do and we encourage all Australians to seek expert advice and address any potential issues or repairs well in advance of hitting the road.” To book a free Jax vehicle Inspection, contact your local store on 1300 367 897 or visit

Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine Annual 4WD Magazine 2021


NEW NATIONAL 4WD TRACK CLASSIFICATION POLICY INTRODUCED The ANFWDC has adopted this track classification system as a national policy with the aim of having all State and Territory Land Management authorities adopt this system and participate in the classification process The Australian National Four Wheel Drive Council Inc (ANFWDC) says it gratefully acknowledges the work done by Parks Victoria and Four Wheel Drive Victoria in the development of this classification system.

What is the 4WD Recreational Track Classification? It is a classification system for four wheel drive tracks on public land.

Why was the system developed? Four wheel driving is a popular recreational activity on roads and tracks across National Parks and Reserves and State Forests. The classifications will enable visitors to understand the nature of a track before beginning their journey. It will allow them to plan their trip for enjoyment, safety and comfort.

Who developed the system? Representatives from Parks Victoria, the Department of Sustainability and Environment (DSE) and Four Wheel Drive Victoria worked together to develop the system.

How does it work? A standard four level color coded system indicates the degree of difficulty of 4WD tracks and routes. Pre- visit and targeted information will be made available for four wheel drive visitors via brochures, websites and four wheel drive clubs and associations.

What criteria will be used to classify tracks? There will be six criteria used: 1. Standard symbols/signage 2. Terrain and track conditions 3. Vehicle suitability



Overview Description All Wheel Drive and Mainly High range 4WD High Range 4WD. but Low Range required. Novice Drivers. Some 4WD experience or training required.



Significant Low range 4WD with standard 4WD ground clearance. Should have 4WD driver training.

Low range 4WD with high ground clearance. Experienced Drivers.

Advisory Sign Green Circle Blue Square Black Diamond

Double Black Diamond



Expected terrain and Mostly unsealed roads track conditions with no obstacles and minor gradients. Vehicle suitability



Tracks with some steep Tracks with frequent steep and/or rocky/slippery/ and/or rocky/slippery/sandy sandy sections. track sections. May have shallow Possible water crossings. water crossings.

All Wheel Drive and Suitable for medium Suitable for medium High Range 4WD. clearance vehicles with to high clearance vehicles Can be low clearance dual range and all terrain with dual range and all with single range and or road tyres. terrain tyres. road tyres.

Tracks with frequent very steep and/or rocky/slippery/ sandy sections. May have difficult river crossings. Suitable for high clearance vehicles with dual range and tyres suitable for the terrain. (Mud Terrain tyres).

Recovery Equipment

Winch/ Recovery equipment required.

Driver Training / Suitable for novice Recommended that Recommended for Experience drivers. drivers have experience drivers with reasonable or 4WD training. experience or 4WD training. Recommended to be To be done in groups of done in groups of vehicles. vehicles.

Drivers with extensive experience and advanced training should only attempt as there are several technical challenges. Recommended to be done in groups of four or more vehicles.


May be more difficult in wet conditions.

Will be more difficult in wet conditions.

4. Recovery Equipment 5. Driver training and experience 6. Weather variations Explained further, these criteria are as follows: 1. Standard symbols and signage are used depicting easy to very difficult tracks. 2. The terrain and track conditions aim to provide a general description of the likely terrain and

Will be more difficult in wet conditions.

Will be more difficult in wet conditions.

have limited subjective comments such as ‘boggy’ or ‘rutted’ as these can be interpreted differently by individuals. 3. The suitability of a vehicle relates to high/low range capability, ground clearance and tyres. 4. The recovery equipment is advisory only and in line with Tourism Adventure Activity Standards and is not mandatory. 5. This is to guide the inexperienced driver that it may be in their best interest to have driver training or further experience before attempting more difficult terrain. 6. Drivers need to be aware of changing weather conditions and how this may affect tracks they are using or planning to use. The tracks are classified in dry conditions and most medium, difficult and very difficult tracks will become more difficult in wet weather.

How will tracks be classified? Trained assessors from 4WD clubs, together with National Parks rangers or other land managers, will undertake the assessment of tracks. Please refer to the table above to see the classification matrix. For more information on this policy, please visit Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine Annual 4WD Magazine 2021



DRIVETECH 4X4: AUSTRALIA’S FASTEST GROWING 4X4 BRAND What started around 20 years ago as a small Brisbane business focused on hard parts has now become one of Australia’s fastest growing 4x4 brands Drivetech 4x4 cut its teeth in the industry providing quality replacement hard parts for common fourwheel drives, including drivetrain, gearbox and diff components. After quickly gaining a reputation for quality and value, what was then a team of five was able to expand the product range further out towards axles and then eventually steering components, suspension, and 4x4 accessories. Drivetech 4x4 Business Manager, Ben Lavis, says the brand is now supported by a team of close to 150 people with no signs of slowing down. “We’ve built a solid network and demand for quality hard parts and innovative 4x4 products and with last year’s travel restrictions in place, we’ve seen that growth accelerate as more people want to explore our own backyard and have a vehicle capable of surviving the Australian landscape,” Ben said. “Drivetech 4x4 is proud to be a brand that can make sure your 4x4 looks and performs better through accessories but can also help you to repair and upgrade as your driving skills improve and you tackle more challenging terrain.” Drivetech 4x4 says this commitment is clear from its products such as its Rival bumpers, its full range of suspension upgrades, and its industry recognised dual speed winch. Rival protection accessories are a huge draw

card for Drivetech 4x4, with the Russian-made bumpers and underbody armour not only protecting vehicles but also adding a distinctive style to common 4x4s. Each bumper is vehicle specific for the front and rear, suiting the styling and size of leading models including HiLux, LandCruiser, Ranger, Navara, Amarok and Triton – to name just a few. “Rival bumpers are constructed from a lightweight yet rugged 6mm aluminium alloy body, with 5mm steel mounting brackets enabling them to protect without the weight of a traditional bull bar,” Ben said. “They come complete with integrated LED lighting as well as a winch mount and recovery points to provide style and performance.” Rival also produces underbody armour, skid plates, roof racks, tailgate assist kits and bonnet strut kits. The ever-growing range of suspension products is a staple for Drivetech 4x4 customers, with options available to cater to the needs of any driver. Drivetech 4x4 explains that whilst some just need a simple two-inch lift for touring, others look for the performance and comfort of the impressive Enduro Pro range. It explains that this premium range of nitro gas shocks has an external bump stop, multi-stage

valving, a remote reservoir and braided lines to ensure a smooth ride for any modified 4x4. The full range includes lift kits, shocks, springs and suspension parts, but importantly, the range is continuing to grow to suit more newer vehicles, driving styles and driver needs. When it comes to 4x4 accessories, Drivetech 4x4 says it is hard to go past its Dual Speed Winch, which was a finalist for the AAAA 2019 Most Innovative 4x4 Product award. The only winch in the market with a dual speed function, its unique design utilises a high and low speed gearbox, allowing off-roaders to safely recover a vehicle and then switch gears to quickly return the synthetic rope to the winch drum. Available in a 5.5 horsepower 9500lb and 6 horsepower 12000lb option, the Drivetech 4x4 Dual Speed Winches are a practical, safe and powerful recovery necessity for any serious offroader. “The dual speed is a simple concept, with many 4WDers hating having to wait so long for the rope to return to the winch. With the dual speed, you can almost halve the wait and then get back to the trails,” Ben said. “The low-speed gear ratio on both winches means a wide variety of vehicles can be recovered in a range of environments, even when a weeks’ worth of camping and touring gear is weighing them down.” Supplied with an aluminium hawse fairlead, isolation switch, 26 metres of synthetic rope, and three control box mounting options, the winch also has a two-in-one hand remote that can be operated through a hardwired connection, or wirelessly.


Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine Annual 4WD Magazine 2021

Importantly, the Dual Speed winch features a three-stage planetary gear train, which delivers its high-torque output. This feature is important because without the use of planetary gears, the winch can burn out quickly or underperform when you need it most. 2021 will see even more products join the Drivetech 4x4 range, including quality electrical components such as LED driving lights, LED headlights, LED globes, and solar panels. “Although Drivetech 4x4 has ranged LED lighting in the past, this new range is next level, with performance and style aligning perfectly and complementing Rival bumpers and traditional steel bars,” Ben said. “I’m really excited about the new solar range which

is expected to land very soon. It includes common sized panels to make sure your site is adequately powered but also offers lightweight and efficient solar blankets.” Not only will the range expand this year, it will also see the brand be more active in the 4x4 community by returning as the naming rights sponsor for the highly anticipated Drivetech 4x4 Wild Dog Winch Challenge. Held in the first week of June in Willow Grove, Victoria, the three-day event sees teams put to the test with steep hill climbs, fast drive sections, big winches, gullies and the biggest challenge of all – the stopwatch. “This is a fantastic and challenging weekend for enthusiasts around the country who bring custom built 4x4s to compete in the event,” Ben said.

“It is the support of events such as the Wild Dog Winch Challenge that has helped build Drivetech 4x4 into the brand it is today. “Events, social media and readily available support is why more enthusiasts, installers and repairers are trusting Drivetech 4x4 for their hard parts and accessories. “In fact, many people who have had drivetrain, suspension or steering repairs completed on their vehicle may have already experienced a quality Drivetech 4x4 replacement part.” Through community engagement and a range of quality parts to help improve the look and performance of four-wheel drives, Drivetech 4x4 says it has been able to expand to more primary locations around the country. At the same time, it has been able to grow the network through Dealers: independent 4x4 retailers who it says were looking to not only sell accessories, but also provide repair and upgrade options for everything from cruisers and tourers to competitive rigs and specialist vehicles. Drivetech 4x4 has long been available through a wide network of Dealers around the country but in 2020, distribution was also opened through the NAPA Auto Parts network. “This has enabled the full range to become available in over 70 locations within Australia, providing more value to Drivetech 4x4 Dealers and a leading Australian brand for the nation’s best automotive electrical and mechanical specialists,” Ben said. For more information about the wider Drivetech 4x4 range, visit or visit your nearest Drivetech 4x4 Dealer or your local NAPA Auto Parts branch.

Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine Annual 4WD Magazine 2021



AEROKLAS FITMENT CENTRES LAUNCHING ACROSS AUSTRALIA Three Centres are already in operation with more to come soon New Aeroklas Fitment Centres are being established across the country right now as the place where customers of Aeroklas, Flexiglass and Bocar customers can bring their vehicles and connect with bespoke services and upgrades on-site. Centres are already up and running in Kewdale and O’Connor in West Australia and in Brendale in Queensland, with more on the way. Aeroklas also has two satellite Flexiglass Branches located in Silverwater (New South Wales) and Tullamarine (Victoria) as part of its national support network. The new Fitment Centres are designed to provide support and increased capability for customers across many different categories. “These Centres and Branches are designed to make life as easy as possible for our customers. With this in mind, we plan to roll out Aeroklas Fitment Centres in all major cities across the country in the future,” Aeroklas Australia General Manager, Greg Kelly, said. “All three brands have long histories in the Australian automotive market and are keen to provide their customers with a more convenient and immediate service that supports 21st-Century road users. “Whether you are a tradie in search of reliable services and add-ons for your LCV (light commercial vehicle), or the manager of an LCV

fleet and you need enterprise-level support, our fitment centres are for you. “The centres are designed to provide a one-stopshop for customers in search of LCV, SUV and pickup services they can rely upon. They will find everything they need in one location, reducing downtime and increasing process efficiency. “We also offer services and support to car dealers, other business and industrial customers, or simply to individuals.” The Fitment Centres will offer a range of services, including: • End-to-end full vehicle fit-outs. • Bespoke and tailored product and service packages.

• • • •

Vehicle modifications. Compliance services and upgrades. GVM upgrades. Purchase and installation across the expanded product range. • Vehicle protection and security solutions. • Storage solutions.

Three big brands under the one roof By bringing together the recognisable automotive brands of Aeroklas, Flexiglass and Bocar, the new Aeroklas Fitment Centres bring together more than 150 years of aftermarket auto accessories innovation experience under one roof. Flexiglass was established in Western Australia and created the first fibreglass vehicle canopy way back in 1956 and since has grown to become a true powerhouse of the industry. Bocar was established on the Gold Coast in 1970 and boasts a long and proud history of working with OEMs, specialising in aluminium tray solutions and recently launching a brand-new Stockade series of Bull Bars, ready-made for getting your vehicle ready for tough working conditions. The Aeroklas team has been producing premium plastic automotive accessories for over 35 years and boasts a great history in developing innovative products to service a growing retail network in Australia and a global brand presence. “The Flexiglass brand is one of the oldest in the automotive industry and this transition is the next chapter in a long and storied history,” Aeroklas Australia Head of Customer Experience, Matt Logan, said. “The Aeroklas Fitment Centres will see products from Flexiglass, Aeroklas and Bocar come


Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine Annual 4WD Magazine 2021

MINI FEATURE together for viewing, purchase and fitment all in the one location. “By combining the products and years of experience of all three brands, our customers will benefit from an enhanced service experience moving forward.”

Local support with a global presence Aeroklas Australia says it has invested significantly in local, market-leading Australian brands to create a premium destination and service-based experience which can deliver a wide range of aftermarket auto accessories solutions to customers. With a core brand portfolio consisting of TJM, Flexiglass and Bocar, Aeroklas Australia aims to be the leading aftermarket accessories and fitting destination, for light commercial and fleet vehicles. Aeroklas and its portfolio of brands bring innovation, R&D expertise and a global OEM pedigree to the light commercial vehicle market. Aeroklas Australia has invested significantly in the Australian automotive market with new premises and the creation of jobs. “Our brands are strong and the investment in R&D, product innovation, IT and an efficient distribution centre demonstrates our long-term commitment to our industry,” Greg said. “Our premises have been specially designed to provide staff with the best working conditions and include a modern R&D laboratory, new manufacturing equipment, paint booths and modern staff amenities.” Globally Aeroklas began operations in 1996 and is now a leading manufacturer and exporter of highend automotive accessories. Aeroklas distributes products in over 100 countries

with international customers including some of the largest OEM manufacturers in the world including Ford, Honda, Isuzu, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Toyota, GM, and Volkswagen.

A new digital presence To support these exciting new Centres, Aeroklas has also launched a new website which you can view online now. The website has been designed to support the all-new Aeroklas Fitment Centres with all the digital support customers could need to get the very best out of these new service hubs. “After the Fitment Centre concept was born, we also realised quickly that a forward-thinking

service point like this one requires the right approach to digital support,” Matt said. “Therefore, we opted to create a whole new website for the Fitment Centre, so that customers have an online resource via which to book appointments, learn about our services, compare products, or simply learn more about what we offer.” The new website is the digital arm of the Aeroklas Fitment Centre rollout, allowing visitors to complete a number of different tasks, including: • Find up-to-the-minute pricing on products, excluding installation. • Submit a quote request to access complete and reliable pricing for their project. • Request to book an appointment with a Aeroklas Fitment Centre expert. • Connect directly with qualified Aeroklas personnel via the site’s contact channels. • Learn all about the latest products and services in the Aeroklas range. • Discover more about the Fitment Centres in their area. “From the beginning, we knew that we did not just want to offer a pretty set of pictures and some snappy advertising; we wanted to offer genuine support and functionality to our customers across Australia,” Matt said. “This is what we mean when we say that the website is the digital arm of the new fitment centres – customers can begin the service process remotely, via their computer or mobile device.” For more information on the new Aeroklas Fitment Centres, please visit or contact the team directly on 1300 656 599.

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A range of 4x4 accessories have been developed to take this vehicle to the next level The Mazda BT-50 received a sleek new look upon its new partnership with Isuzu, following suit from its popular SUV range with slimline headlights and eye-catching curves. To turn this daily driver into an off-road machine, ARB says it has developed a range of 4x4 accessories for those wanting to take it to the next level. To protect the front end of the vehicle, the Summit bull bar is now available featuring twin ARB Jack or Hi-Lift jack points and provisions for driving lights and UHF aerials as well as offering “the highest

level of protection for the engine bay” from animal strikes. To complement the bar, the Summit side rails and steps are also available. For tradies and adventurers, carrying heavy loads and towing is a part of everyday life so having a vehicle that can keep them on the road is important. Old Man Emu has released Nitrocharger Sport and BP-51 shock absorbers to suit the new BT-50 with a range of springs available to suit all set-up requirements and an optional GVM upgrade for pre-reg vehicles to 3,360kg. The Classic, Classic Plus and Ascent canopies have been redesigned to suit the new shape of the tub, providing secure and weatherproof storage for customers and featuring lift-up or sliding side windows as well as a range of available roof carrying accessories including ARB’s new Base Rack. The Base Rack is also available as a cab rack to increase the carrying options across the vehicle and if carrying loads in the tub of the vehicle, the Bed Liner and Sportguard are both available.

The ARB Recovery Points have been released in both a LH and RH position to ensure you can safely recover the vehicle in a sticky situation. ARB has also confirmed fitment for already available vehicle-specific products including Outback Solutions drawers and Tailgate Assist, as well as the ARB range of non-vehicle-specific products. Other products in the works for this vehicle includes the Sportlid, Ute Liner, a range of bull bars, rear step tow bars and UVP. You can find a full range of products on ARB’s website or contact your local store for more information. For more information, visit

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NEW NISSAN NAVARA FRONTAL PROTECTION ECB says it is first to market with frontal protection for the new Nissan Navara Available now from East Coast Bullbars (ECB) is the ‘first to market’ release of frontal protection to suit the new 2021 Nissan Navara.

As such, the notion of being first to market can often seem unlikely for many; especially with so many innovations continually popping up.

Available to order is an alloy 76mm Nudge Bar and alloy Bullbars available to accommodate up to a 10,500 Lb winch, or without.

Thanks to its focus on new product development; engineering and design; 3D CAD and simulation; rapid prototyping; CE mark and approval; and manufacture and assembly; ECB says it is able to get products to market devoid of hiccups.

All products are available for the SL, ST and ST-X. ECB says its line of Frontal Protection for one of the most technological and feature packed vehicles of 2021 works seamlessly with the tech pack options including the Intelligent Forward Collision Warning and Emergency Breaking, Lane Departure Warning and Intelligent Lane Intervention, High Beam Assist, and forwardfacing cameras. ECB says the addition of its Frontal Protection will not impede on any of these OEM features.

ECB ‘First-to-Market’ through specialist knowledge of Rapid Product Development Getting from the ideas phase to product launch can be a stressful, multi-layered process.


“Being ‘first to market’ can provide a highly competitive advantage, enabling a company to stay ahead of their competition and produce world beating products,” East Coast Bullbars Executive Sales and Marketing Manager, Gaven Paterson, said. “In the industry, the First-Mover Advantage refers to the process of establishing a strong brand recognition and product loyalty prior to competitors, beating similar businesses to the post.” ECB explains that it benefits from a long list of advantages thanks to its ability to be first to market, including setting industry standards,

Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine Annual 4WD Magazine 2021

encouraging brand loyalty, having a head start in building agreements with key stakeholders, and attracting top talent before competitors. ECB has manufactured alloy nudge bars and bullbars since 1971. Its products are manufactured in Australia to suit Australia’s harshest conditions and ECB says they provide premium strength over steel bullbars and are up to 50 percent lighter in weight. Every East Coast Bullbar product is ADR compliant, airbag compatible, and covered by ECB’s exclusive lifetime warranty. For more information, please visit



The REDARC technical team is often asked “where do I mount my REDARC BCDC in-vehicle battery charger?” While there is not one correct answer, REDARC says the below are some factors to take into consideration when choosing the right mounting location for the individual vehicle and requirements. For the best charging performance, the BCDC should be installed as close as possible to the auxiliary battery/batteries as possible. REDARC explains this is to minimise voltage drop between the BCDC and auxiliary battery and states that while less than one metre away is ideal, it may not be the most practical solution. If distance between the BCDC and the auxiliary battery cannot be avoided, REDARC says bigger size wiring/cable must be used so maximum charge voltage can reach the auxiliary battery. REDARC says if the auxiliary battery is mounted in the engine bay, then the BCDC should be mounted away from direct engine heat. BCDCs are designed to work to full capacity in up to 55°C ambient temperatures, then start to

reduce its charge rate up to a maximum of 80°C, with the current reducing to zero at around 85°C. By installing to these recommendations, REDARC says both the BCDC and the battery will be protected and optimum performance from the BCDC charger will be provided for. REDARC strongly advises you check the battery manufacturer’s specifications for charging voltage, max charge current and installation locations of the battery in question. REDARC says the BCDC range can certainly be used for charging under-bonnet auxiliary batteries, but a suitable location must be identified. For example, behind the headlights, on the inner guard, or in front of the radiator. But be sure not to mount near any heat source such as the turbo or exhaust and ensure that the unit has good airflow. The BCDC’s heatsink has been engineered to dissipate its own heat but added cooling of the unit can be achieved by mounting it to a metal surface.

So as long as the BDCD is mounted away from direct heat, is close to the auxiliary battery and has been wired with the correct cable size and fuses, REDARC says the BCDC will be able to perform at its absolute best. Vehicle specific mounting brackets are available from REDARC for many popular models, making finding that perfect location all the more easy. To learn more, visit

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INTRODUCING RHINOHIDE ARMOR The only available 4WD protection system that is rated for highway use

Nothing should get in the way of a good adventure, especially not the fear of damaging your 4×4 on the road less travelled. The idea for Rhinohide started more than 20 years ago when Marc Berryman completely scratched up his parent’s brand new 4x4. After getting a major dressing down, Marc figured there had to be a better way and asked: why shouldn’t you be able to take these cars off-road, when that is what they are made for? Marc set about making tough body armour that was also easy to put on and take off, and in early 2016 Australia saw the release of an innovative new idea for 4WD enthusiasts: Rhinohide. When Rhinohide was launched, it offered a robust 4WD paint protection system that allowed users to venture down the tightest of tracks and explore the most challenging conditions before emerging with their paintwork unscathed. The Rhinohide product got national coverage with its debut on Australia’s Shark Tank and piqued the interest of not one, but three of the ‘sharks,’ resulting in Marc taking investment from Dr Glen Richards and Andrew Banks. Options were offered for many popular 4x4 models and the product even won SEMA’s Global Media Award in 2019.

And now, a new phase is launched The small Australian company’s initial concept used magnets to hold the custom moulded high impact ABS panels to the vehicle. The magnetic system, whilst capable, did have some limitations – in particular, it could not be used on the highway and also required routine maintenance and cleaning. Because of this, in 2020 under the restraint of the COVID-19 lockdown, the Rhinohide product development team went back to the drawing board to overcome these issues. The team spent almost 12 months undertaking extensive research and development to redesign the system from the ground up. The final version was given an extended torture test by famous 4WD/


Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine Annual 4WD Magazine 2021

Overlanding influencer Ronny Dahl, with Rhinohide kitting up his rigs with the new Rhinohide Armor while telling him to “give it hell!” “We are pleased to report that the new product stood up to all the painful testing and is a huge step forward, making Rhinohide the clear leader in removable 4WD protection systems and the only available system that is rated for Highway (speeds of up to 130km/hr) as well as off-road use,” Rhinohide Founder, Marc Berryman, said. “It is also the only system which allows paintwork to breathe and avoid chaffing from the system itself thanks to a unique air gap between the panel and the paint surface. “The panels are the clear class leader in attachment technology, with their new Armor-Lock Attachment providing impact absorption through a patent pending ‘shock absorber’ built into the mechanism. “The system is also the only detachable panel protection system to have a security fastener with tamper-proof key to give peace of mind against it being stolen when parked in carparks, something no other magnet system can compete with. “It really is the world’s toughest panel protection system.”


Key features and benefits:

The Rhinohide Armor Kit includes:

• The only detachable vehicle panel protection system designed for use both on and off-road. • The Australian designed and patented precision-moulded system offers 10x times greater panel hold force versus magnet systems. • Hassle-free self-installation. • Suitable for all steel, aluminium and composite body panels with no installation tools or drilling required. • 2mm ABS moulded plastic for greater protection on and off-road, from carparks to the country tracks. • Tried and tested in Australia’s harshest environments. • Rated for 130 km/hr on-road. • Rhinohide Armor-Lock Suspension Technology prevents damage from heavy brush, branches, stone chips as well as doors and trolleys in car parks. • New proprietary Armor-Lock fastening system, with tamper proof security locking key.

• • • • • •

Precision Moulded Rhinohide Armor Panels. Proprietary Armor-Lock fastening system. Security Locking Key. Bespoke Storage Bag. Step-by-step installation instructions. Warranty Registration Card.

Seeking stockists Rhinohide says if you would like to become a stockist of the new Rhinohide Armor system and help your customers explore with freedom while adding good margin to your monthly revenues, you should get in touch with its sales team via

Free shipping The Rhinohide Armor kit retails for $1650.00 including GST, including free shipping to Australian metro areas. To find out more, visit

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HSP LAUNCHES FULL NAVARA LINE-UP An array of accessories is available for the new Nissan Navara NP300 HSP says it has wasted no time in getting some quality Australian made products to market for the New Nissan Navara NP300 (Face lift) With the car being released, HSP instantly purchased a vehicle for its own testing purposes and got to work on the Premium Lid, Silverback and popular Roll R Cover. When developing these products, HSP said it really wanted to keep in mind the end user and ensure that each product was able to assist with a broad range of purposes. “We are very fortunate that our company does everything in house including designing, engineering, prototyping and of course manufacturing, as this gave us the ability to spend the man hours required to get the products out and get them tested by external companies before we released them to the market,” HSP Director of Development, Masood Aimaq, said. “There was plenty of late nights, Saturdays and Sundays spent on these products and we are so fortunate for our team that really went that extra mile.”

HSP explains that the products it has on offer are as follows: • HSP Roll R Cover: “the only Australian manufactured roll top.” With the ability to retain sports bars and add ladder racks, cross bars and even platforms, the unit is also a world first in that you can completely control the roll top via a smart phone application or voice command. • HSP Premium Lid: “Australia’s favourite hard tonneau,” with advanced features such as marine carpet interior, central locking, LED light, “second to none” water drainage and quick release hinges. • HSP Silverback Lid: A fantastic entry level hard cover option. The Silverback is a multipurpose cover offering outstanding security, visual aesthetics, and load carrying capability at a cost-effective price. • HSP Load slide: A purpose-built retractable bed slide offering a 75 percent extension and 250kg weight rating. It offers an entirely custom cut platform, contouring to the vehicle

and designed to give better access and management of your cargo. • HSP Tail Lock: The plug and play, no drilling unit locks and unlocks your tailgate via your factory remote and is trusted by multiple vehicle manufacturers as their supplier branded accessory. • HSP Tail Assist: The advanced HSP Tail Assist works via a twin strut system which effortlessly dampens the drop of the tailgate reduces weight while inclining. Currently HSP is building its third Australian production facility. For more information or to become a distributor, or even work with HSP, please visit or contact

HULK 4X4 RAMPS UP With new loading range

The Hulk 4X4 range continues to grow at CoolDrive Auto Parts, with the latest additions being aluminium loading ramps for ATVs, motorcycles and agricultural equipment. The different heavy-duty reinforced designs are scratchresistant, include safety straps to prevent kickback when loaded, and fold flat for easy storage. Available in pairs, the ATV ramps combine to offer loading support of 680kg for ATVs, quad bikes, dirt bikes, and ride-on lawnmowers, with the design featuring a carry handle and latch for easy transportation, as well as rubber-coated tips, to reduce tailgate scratches. Unfolded, the ramps measure 2.26m long, and 305mm wide. Suitable for both road and dirt bike loading, the motorcycle ramps are available in either a 2.15m x 164mm pair with a 182kg weight capacity, or a 1.82m x 295mm pair with a total weight capacity of 400kg. Ramps are also available for agricultural equipment in 2.3m and 3.8m lengths, offering a combined weight capacity of 4,000kg as a pair. Hulk 4x4 says the ramps are just one fresh offering in an ever-growing product line-up that caters for the complete outdoors lifestyle. Featuring aftermarket parts, accessories and lifestyle products, the Hulk 4x4 range covers wheels and tyres, caravans and trailers, cargo management, electrical, lighting, recovery equipment, touring and camping, underbody parts, vehicle protection and more. For more information, visit or your local CoolDrive Auto Parts branch. Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine Annual 4WD Magazine 2021



CTEK INTRODUCES CS FREE Power to go, wherever you are

CTEK has launched what it says is the world’s first battery charger and maintainer with revolutionary Adaptive Boost technology in Australia. It says it is this Adaptive Boost technology that allows the innovative new charger to get a flat battery going quickly and safely – without the need for plugging into mains power, as it is a portable charger you can use wherever you go. The CS FREE features an internal lithium battery that charges the battery through the unit’s fast USB-C input, and when fully charged, the unit will reportedly hold its charge for up to a year, allowing it to be stored in a vehicle for whenever it is needed. Unlike traditional boosters or jump starters, CTEK says the CS FREE analyses the battery using Adaptive Boost technology, which works out the quickest and safest way to power up and protect the battery to get motorists back on the road within 15 minutes, without damaging the battery or the vehicle’s electronics.

“The CS FREE is the first in a new generation of battery chargers that you can simply charge up, and take with you – it’s a complete charging solution you can take anywhere, just throw it in the boot of your car and forget about it,” CTEK Director of Sales and Marketing, Robert Briggs, said. “There’s no need to be tied to a power outlet, so when you’re out on the road, or simply don’t have access to mains power at your home, it’s a really convenient tool to have.” In addition to its portable capabilities, when plugged into mains power the new CS FREE acts as a maintenance charger, allowing it to be a complete three in one product that is capable of maintaining the long-term health of your battery. For the modern workshop, CTEK says this useful tool is perfect for use for day-to-day maintenance charging, while also having the benefit of portability for battery related issues when testing out on the road.

The CS FREE can be used on its own, with mains power or even as a complete system with CTEK Solar Panels, which pair perfectly with the CS FREE. CTEK says the CS FREE unit features both USB-C and USB-A outputs, making it the “ultimate 12V powerbank,” and is even suitable for use on both boats and motorcycles as well as cars. The CS FREE is now available in Australia and comes with a two-year warranty. It is available now from Edisons for $499. To learn more and purchase a CS FREE, visit

PYLONTECH RV12100 BATTERY Designed to excel in the 4x4 and recreational market Master Instruments says its Pylontech RV12100 battery brings a level of control not seen by a stand-alone deep cycle battery before. In the world of battery storage in recreational markets, many people have already moved from the once traditional lead acid format to rechargeable lithium solutions. Lithium Iron Phosphate, otherwise known as LiFePO4 or LFP, provides many benefits over lead acid variants which ultimately provides for a better total cost of ownership. Weight savings mean better fuel economy and an influence on towing ability, while greater usable capacity allows for longer run-times and deeper discharges without sacrificing service life. At the same time, no gassing means the batteries can be housed in living areas.

The Pylontech RV12100 is a battery designed to excel in the 4x4 and recreational market thanks to some key attributes, explains Master Instruments. This 12.8V battery has a 100Ah capacity rating in the popular NS70 footprint, allowing housing in existing battery boxes and other storage locations while being able to be mounted in any orientation. Master Instruments says it is the very clear interface present on the top of the battery that sets it apart from the rest. A simple On/Off button allows you to isolate the battery when not in use, and the clear LED State of Charge indicator provides a quick and easy visual capacity check to keep you in the know. Being able to isolate the batteries when not in use means your battery is ready to go the next time you venture out – eliminating self-discharge concerns. Pylontech has also built in an auto-balancing function between each battery that allows you to expand your system size. The RV12100 can be used in up to 2S (two in series – 24V 100Ah), or 8P (eight in parallel – 12V 800Ah) configurations.


Instruments says that will likely be because Pylontech have been more active in the low voltage HESS and SME Energy Storage Solution markets, with a huge following around the world. Master Instruments says Pylontech are LiFePO4 specialists with a focus on performance and safety. It says by being a vertically integrated company, Pylontech makes its products from the ground up so that every part of the build integrates seamlessly. Further, Pylontech is reportedly constantly developing new solutions, with two exciting new products for the 4x4 and recreational market due to drop in the very near future.

This flexibility allows you to easily expand your battery system size as your power requirements grow.

If you are considering a lithium storage solution for your 4x4, caravan or boat, Master Instruments recommends that you check out the Pylontech RV12100 at your nearest battery retailer.

If you have not heard of Pylontech before, Master

For more information, visit

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It is all about protection, personalisation, form and function for Opposite Lock Tough and Smart is the philosophy highlighted by Opposite Lock’s new Premium Steel Bull Bars which have been specifically developed for the Y62 Nissan Patrol, ISUZU D-MAX MY20 and QF Pajero Sport. From the initial sketches, the Opposite Lock R&D team focused on ensuring that any addition to the vehicle’s was built to a standard that feels like it is part of the vehicle and shaped to fit smoothly. The premium steel bars are Opposite Lock’s spin on traditional frontal protection, uniquely designed and engineered in Australia to complement and enhance each vehicle’s original aesthetics. Opposite Lock explains that its engineers have designed these bars to offer maximum frontal impact protection with features that allow customers to personalise their vehicle with accessories that suit their lifestyle. The premium steel bull bars have been designed to handle Australia’s toughest terrain, whilst keeping safety and the vehicle’s inbuilt intelligent systems at the forefront – representing the most reliable way to escape the everyday, in the true essence of being “Adventure Driven.”

Design matters A bull bar’s primary purpose is obviously to protect the vehicle’s crucial components in the event of an impact, whether that be an animal or object strike, while supporting the accessories. Fitting the correct one can, obviously, assist in


avoiding such incidents from occurring in the first place, as well as maintaining the aesthetic appeal of the original design while improving ground clearance and underbody protection. Opposite Lock is one of Australia’s longest established off-road accessory suppliers with its beginning reaching back to the 1970s. It says it has always serviced the varying needs of four-wheel drive adventurers, tradies, fleet and emergency services with a wide range of bull bars, suspension, roof racks, towing and other accessories. At the same time, Opposite Lock understands the important benefits of ensuring the integrity of safety systems such as airbags, parking sensors,

Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine Annual 4WD Magazine 2021

active cruise control and automated emergency braking remains intact. Thanks to the incorporating of the high number of safety and tech features of the vehicle, Opposite Lock says with its bar you can be confident your vehicle will perform to ADR standards while being provided with the maximum protection for your vehicle and your family. With high approach angles and rigid strength, this bar allows you to challenge the tough terrain and fit out all the accessories you need to conquer your journey. All Opposite Lock bull bars are designed, built, and independently tested in accordance with ADR requirements.

MINI FEATURE Opposite Lock says the Premium Bull Bar has been engineered for airbag compliance to ensure that in the event of an accident, airbags are deployed and perform as required.

A new generation of tough: Isuzu D-Max MY20 Opposite Lock’s new premium steel bull bar for the Isuzu D-Max MY20 has been designed to handle Australia’s toughest terrain, whilst keeping safety and the vehicle’s inbuilt intelligent systems at the forefront. Tasked with providing a slim fitting bar that works with the curves and shape of the D-Max, Opposite Lock’s design team have developed a contemporary bar that has been formed, folded, and engineered that performs when needed – but also looks the part. Incorporating the high number of safety and tech features of the D-Max, Opposite Lock says you can be confident that your vehicle will perform to ADR standards while providing the maximum protection to your vehicle and your family.

Toughness, refined: QF Mitsubishi Pajero Sport The new guard: Y62 Nissan Patrol At the heart of its design, the Opposite Lock Bull Bar has taken on the Y62 Nissan Patrol’s styling cues, combining its grand on-road stance with tough terrain capabilities. Tasked with providing a slim fitting bar that works with the curves and shape of the Patrol, Opposite Lock’s design team have developed a contemporary bar that has been formed, folded, and engineered that performs when needed – but also looks the part. Constructed with 63mm diameter tube and 3mm high grade powder coated steel, the Opposite Lock Premium Bull Bar provides the strength required for maximum defence.

Heavy duty over riders protect the bar against nudging, while the bar has been designed with clearance and protection in case of vehicle impact. A central split air dam has been incorporated to help maintain airflow to the Patrol’s V8 engine and improve strength in frontal impacts. The bar is also available with a central or threepiece protection plate to reduce the chance of engine damage in the event of a collision. The Patrol’s technology platform has been integrated into the design of the bar, allowing for the forward camera and parking sensors along with the vehicle’s Intelligent Cruise Control, Intelligent Lane Intervention, and Intelligent Forward Collision Warning systems.

The new Opposite Lock Premuim Post bull bar to suit the QF Pajero Sport has landed. Styled to enhance the solid factory lines of the Pajero Sport, Opposite Lock says this bar is feature packed to protect you offroad with winch compatibility, three antenna tabs, jacking points, fog light options and the ability to house nine-inch driving lights whilst retaining full factory safety feature integration. This bar is avaliable in Opposite Lock’s durable satin textured powdercoat or can be colour matched to suit your vehicle.

Opposite Lock The Opposite Lock business is part of the specialist wholesale group of Bapcor Group, based in Dandenong South, Victoria. It is an Australia-wide chain of specialist 4WD accessory retail stores (franchisees, stockists, and company stores) with a strong wholesale business focus. Opposite Lock says it offers a comprehensive quality range to suit all 4x4s, combining bulk buying power with nationwide support. It offers ‘own branded’ product – Opposite Lock – and a range of exclusive brands in PIAK, KingOne, Sammitr and leading 4x4 brands including Tough Dog, GME, Ultra Vision, Clearview, Rhino Rack, LightForce and Darche through the 4WD wholesale/retail channel. Opposite Lock says this range is supported by a team of trusted 4x4 Specialists with expert product knowledge and best in class service to provide customers with the best off-road experience possible. For more information, visit or call 1800 624 444. .

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HARROP ENHANCED FORD PX RANGER Two differential upgrades for enthusiasts are now offered by Harrop Harrop Engineering has taken its mission to deliver industry leading powertrain and driveline products to the Automotive Aftermarket and applied it to the popular Ford PX Ranger platform; creating a suite of performance products for enthusiasts to relish. Harrop’s engineering and design prowess were recognised by 4x4 Australia when its PX Ranger development vehicle was crowned the inaugural 2016 Custom 4x4 of the Year, as voted by readers. This achievement and the continued sales performance of the PX Ranger nationally was a key driver for further product development by the Harrop Engineering team. Fast forwarding to today, Harrop now offers two differential upgrades for enthusiasts with a helical gear design Truetrac LSD and industry leading ELocker. The Harrop Eaton Truetrac differential operates as a standard or open differential under normal driving conditions, allowing one wheel to spin faster or slower as necessary. When a wheel encounters a loss of traction or the terrain changes, the gear separation forces take effect and transfer torque to the high-traction wheel.

The helical-shaped gears mesh with increasing force until wheel spin is slowed or completely stopped. When the vehicle exits the low traction situation, the differential resumes normal operation.

with performance upgrades in particular with higher boost applications.

Harrop also offers an electromagnetic actuated ELocker, its market leading selectable locking differential for off-road use.

The Harrop Charge Air Intercooler features cast aluminium tanks welded to the core for a robust solution designed to handle the higher boost loads without the fear of cracking the plastic tanks or leaking through the seal area of the plastic tank and aluminium core.

Similar to the Truetrac the ELocker operates as a standard or open differential under normal driving conditions but is switched activated to a fully locked differential, capturing 100 percent of the available torque and sending it equally to both ends of the axle as required.

Harrop’s inhouse testing on its Ford PX Ranger development vehicle saw Intercooler temperatures remain constant over extended test cycles, compared to the OEM intercooler which had over a 65 percent increase in temperature (from 33 degrees Celsius to 55 degrees) over a 100 second drive cycle.

To complement the differential range, Harrop also supplies Diff Rebuild Kits for customers requiring an overhaul at the time of upgrade.

Harrop’s Charge Air Intercooler will also be available to suit the range of 2.0L powered Ford Ranger and Raptor models late in 2021.

Further to this, Harrop has recently developed a Charge Air Intercooler Kit for the PX Ranger with a 28 percent larger frontal surface area and 75 percent thicker core than the OEM unit.

Harrop Performance and 4WD products are available for order from stockists and dealers across the country.

This upgrade addresses a known deficiency in the factory plastic tanks which can fail on vehicles

For more information, please visit or contact the Harrop customer service team on 1300 HARROP.


Terrain Tamer explains that it is not uncommon for the inner spindle / CV driveshaft bearing / bush to fail prematurely, due to being starved of lubricant, as it cannot be greased without the spindle being removed. The new Terrain Tamer Spindle Inner Bearing / Bush Greasing Tool, or ‘Spindle Greasing Tool’ for short, has been created as a solution to this problem.

and bearing adjustment lock nut, the tool fits on the threaded end of the spindle.

The tool allows greasing of Toyota spindle bushes, without needing to remove the spindle or wheel hub.

Compatible with all Toyota threaded spindles, Terrain Tamer says the bearings’ longevity is greatly extended when using the Terrain Tamer Spindle Greasing Tool.

After removing the drive flange, free wheel hub 24

Grease is then pumped between the spindle and the drive shaft. A rod inserted in the steering knuckle filler plug hole will show the grease level. Terrain Tamer says molybdenum grease is recommended for this application.

Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine Annual 4WD Magazine 2021

For more information and videos, please visit or call 1300 888 444.


ACS TALKS CLUTCH BLEEDING PROCEDURES New clutch bleeding video released for Holden Rodeo, Colorado and Isuzu D-Max

Australian Clutch Services has recently launched a video on the clutch bleeding procedure for 2007-2012 4JJ powered Isuzu D-Max and Holden Rodeo/ Colorado Models. The bleeding procedure was investigated by the technical support team at Australian Clutch Services after feedback from customers due to some difficulty in bleeding the system. It was discovered that it can be difficult to encourage the fluid behind the slave cylinder piston in these applications due to the location of the bleeder port in relation to the inlet from the master cylinder. “We are always looking for ways to provide the technical support necessary for our customers to efficiently install the product,” Australian Clutch Services Mechanical Engineer, Stewart Furze, said. “We had several instances where customers called our technical support team with difficulty in bleeding the clutch hydraulic system in 4JJ powered Holden and Isuzu applications, so we were able to test this on a vehicle in our research and development facilities here in Adelaide to help diagnose the problem and produce a video to help guide customers through alternative processes.” The slave cylinder in these models has an electronic actuator behind the piston that allows the line to be restricted for reduced fluid flow. This, combined with the location of the bleeder port and inlet port, can cause air to be trapped behind the piston in the slave cylinder. The best way to resolve the issue that we found was to clamp the line off, force the piston back and then carefully reverse bleed the slave cylinder until enough fluid has been added to allow for conventional bleeding techniques to be used,” Stewart said. “Our video goes through this process and we believe this will help customers save time and effort with the installation.” Australian Clutch Services offers replacement slave cylinders for this application under its ClutchPro brand as well as reverse bleeders to complete the job if required. “We offer a comprehensive range of complete clutch kits, hydraulics and components for these vehicles and can also offer a range of reverse bleeder tools if the customer requires these,” Stewart said. The ClutchTech technical video series by Australian Clutch Services is one of the most popular clutch specific video series available and can be found on the Australian Clutch Services YouTube channel. With over 50 videos covering a range of technical guides and procedures, this video series is ideal for those looking for detailed but simple explanations on clutch installation procedures. The videos are also linked via QR code with applicable technical service bulletins provided in each kit. For more information, please visit the Australian Clutch Services YouTube channel or Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine Annual 4WD Magazine 2021




Disc Brake Australia’s range of 4WD performance brake products can help Every outdoor enthusiast and 4WD owner knows how quickly additional weight can add up with bullbars, rear bars, tyre swing outs, rock sliders, roof racks and other accessories all contributing to an increased Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM). Add to that the luggage in the boot and on the roof and a bunch of people, and before you know it you have almost put an extra tonne of weight on your vehicle (always make sure not to extend the legal GVM). If you then decide to tow along an unbraked trailer, you are looking at the next three quarters of a tonne. So, your vehicle’s brakes are now dealing with an extra 50 percent plus of weight that need to be stopped. Disc Brakes Australia (DBA) says that whilst most OE-fitted brakes will do a reasonable job with the extra load, there are two aspects that determine the need for a brake upgrade: (a) are your brakes technically capable of handling the extra load, and

(b) considering every metre counts, would shortening your stopping distance be of value? In theory, a GVM increase should have no impact on your stopping distance, assuming all other conditions remain unchanged, and the brakes can handle the extra weight. However, in reality the load sensitivity of most tyres in their typical operating range is such that the friction coefficient decreases as the load increases, which means less friction between the tyres and the road leads to a longer stopping distance. A brake upgrade can help compensate for this. Larger brake diameters, surface design (slotted, drilled, etc.) as well as the pad friction composition all increase braking performance, which will not only help you make up for the additional metres, but can even reduce your stopping distance compared with the original equipment. This brings us back to point (a) above – are your current brakes capable of handling the extra weight?

rotors offer superior braking performance under the heaviest conditions thanks to the patented Kangaroo Paw ventilation vane design, high carbon cast-iron material, Thermal Stability Profiling (TSP) treatment, and unique thermographic paint markings. 4000 Series rotors are available in various surface configurations, with the popular T3 tridirectional slots facilitating additional dust and gas dissipation.

DBA says that with higher weights, higher thermal energy is created during the braking process, which your standard brakes might not be able to dissipate adequately, especially when brakes are applied over a prolonged period. The result will be brake fade and eventual brake failure.

The 4000 Series rotors are perfectly complemented by DBA’s range of Xtreme Performance brake pads. Scorched for optimal performance, this low-metallic, low copper friction material offers superior performance across the full temperature spectrum. Application-specific NVH shims and slots facilitate low noise and maximum drive comfort.

DBA says this is where it has the upgrade ‘combo’ for your vehicle, stating that its 4000 Series

For more information, visit or contact DBA via or 1800 730 039.

TYK-9070SMFST EXEDY SAFARI TUFF CLUTCH KIT For the Toyota Hilux and Fortuner GUN Series

With the popularity of 4x4 dual-cab utes at an alltime high, Exedy says it has recognised that the market for upgraded clutch solutions is also on the rise. It says that with the GUN series Toyota Hilux being undisputedly the king of sales in this segment, Exedy understood it was essential to offer a dependable performance solution to meet this market demand. The result is the Exedy Safari Tuff TYK9070SMFST. Tried and tested, the Exedy Safari Tuff TYK9070SMFST is designed as a direct replacement for the original clutch and flywheel system found in 1GDFTV powered Hilux and Fortuner models with six-speed transmissions. The clutch kit includes the following items and for ease of replacement, has been designed to be compatible with original factory fixtures: 26

• Conversion Single Mass Flywheel • Safari Tuff Clutch Cover • Safari Tuff Clutch Disc • Clutch Release Bearing • Spigot/Pilot Bearing • Alignment tool The TYK-9070SMFST is only the latest addition to the Exedy Safari Tuff range which in recent times has seen other popular dual-cab ute applications such as the PX Ford Ranger / UP Mazda BT-50, MQ/MR Mitsubishi Triton and RG Holden Colorado models introduced to the range.

Going bush or towing? Exedy Safari Tuff clutch kits reportedly have you covered with parts engineered to provide the increased torque capacity, smooth engagement and optimum durability to help get you there. As an Original Equipment Manufacturer, Exedy

Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine Annual 4WD Magazine 2021

says you can be assured its Safari Tuff clutch kits are made from high-quality premium materials developed through Exedy’s 70-year history of manufacturing and motorsport experience. Exedy Australia says it is globally known for providing the broadest range of clutches. It says the Exedy Safari Tuff range is the first port of call for those drivers looking to upgrade their clutch, “offering a range that stands up best to the toughest challenges while delivering the best driving experience.” For more information, visit


HPD TRANSMITS KNOWLEDGE On transmission cooling

With the ‘new normal’ impeding many overseas holiday plans, Aussies have responded by spending a sizeable chunk of money on offroad vehicles, caravans and camper trailers and discovering our own enormous and beautiful backyard. “Transmission coolers are a growing requirement with today’s demands,” High Performance Diesel (HPD) Operations Manager, Jason Griffith, said. ”People are gearing up with increasingly larger caravans and larger camper trailers to tour and see this great country, unwittingly putting increased strain on their standard transmissions.” OE manufacturers do a reasonable job keeping gearboxes cool under normal driving conditions, however, HPD says it knows when you are straining your transmission trudging through remote tracks, rock steps, towing your fully-loaded home-awayfrom-home or fiberglass floating fortress on or off the tarmac, things can get very hot under the collar – and in the transmission case. Increased loads can have an impact on the engine’s cooling system and disastrous consequences if fluids mix when transmission or engine cooling systems fail. HPD says that is why, as passionate 4x4 enthusiasts, it has been inspired to manufacture air cooled transmission cooling (Transcooler) kits that provide stable transmission temperatures under the toughest conditions.

It says HPD Transcooler Kits are superior for 4x4 applications for the following reasons: • Hard core: its solid foundation is the Bar and Plate core. For tackling hours of rough tracks and corrugated roads, HPD says Tube and Fin cores simply don’t compare when it comes to handling violent movement, constant vibration or impact from road debris. Its durability is a result of its construction from solid sections of aluminium bar, sandwiching rows of fin and braised in a furnace to form a highly robust, solidly bonded unit. Bar and Plate cores also have the advantage of easily being made significantly thicker than tube and fin cores. Thicker cores mean increased surface area and more fin for extra cooling performance. • Precision machining: HPD says its kits’ tanks and fittings are a thing of beauty and are a testament to its relentless attention to detail, all precision-manufactured in-house and CNC machined from solid billet alloy. The thinnest section of the tanks is 4mm thick to withstand high fluid pressures and impact from rocks and other debris. The mounting brackets are lasercut from 3mm thick, 304 grade stainless steel to resist rust and corrosion. • Testing: once HPD’s team of highly skilled precision welders bond the tanks to the cores, it says all Transcoolers are tested to cope with pressures beyond normal operating conditions. As a result of HPD’s research

and development, it says hoses with superior heat resistance are supplied to cope with higher temperatures produced by the latest generation of automatic transmissions. • After sales support: Not only does HPD say it uses only the best materials, manufacturing and design technologies, it states it also stands by its products with “after sales support that is second to none.” “We don’t make parts you just throw away when they fail and buy the next one. We make parts that you can keep using for decades,” HPD Director, David Mitchell, said. For more information, visit


Offering a wide array of services Beaudesert Exhaust was established 39 years ago in 1982 and initially provided its local shire with basic exhaust and radiator repairs. Over the years the company has developed to a much larger portfolio and says its knowledge of exhaust systems and fabrication has expanded extensively. Beaudesert Exhaust Managing Director, Brian Parker, was reportedly one of the first to bring a CNC Automatic mandrel tube bending machine to Australia, and thus revolutionised the 4WD aftermarket exhaust industry. Beaudesert Exhaust is now home to eight of these machines and says it is proud to employ a highly qualified team to operate them. The company manufactures exhaust systems for most 4WD vehicles, not only fitting them

in its workshop in Beaudesert (QLD) but also dispatching them world-wide. It explains the mandrel tube benders allow it to bend pipe without any form of restriction, consequently increasing airflow and in turn improving power, torque and fuel efficiency.

for customers who require something more specific, with this custom bending able to include, but not limited to, headboards, handrails, snorkels and sliders.

Further, it says it has continued to develop a broad range of exhaust systems and now has over 200 DIY kits available.

Beaudesert Exhaust says the state of the art technology allows for these custom jobs to be possible while its 3D scanning tool works alongside its expert CAD and Solidworks designers to enable it to develop digital prototypes and recreate desired products.

Its team also offers customised bending solutions

For more information, visit

Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine Annual 4WD Magazine 2021



NEW MANN-FILTER FORD RANGER HITS THE STREETS The impressive vehicle has been dubbed the “#AUSSIEMAMBAMANIA MANN-FILTER Ford Ranger’ The new show vehicle will be used at trade shows and training events while also getting dirty by taking part in 4WD events. The Ranger has been wrapped in MANN-FILTER’s race-winning Mercedes AMG #MAMBA livery and fitted with the latest MANN+HUMMEL ProVent 200 and PreLine-Plus Diesel Pre-Filter Kits.

ProVent 200 ProVent is MANN+HUMMEL’s innovation for crankcase ventilation and has a starring role on the company’s new #AUSSIEMAMBAMANIA MANNFILTER Ford Ranger. The ProVent has been specifically designed to accommodate the latest generation of turbocharged engines and has the following advantages over existing solutions: • Highly efficient oil separation as a closed as well as an open system, providing ideal protection for the turbocharger and other components installed downstream. • Low pressure loss.

• Less motor oil consumption in comparison to less efficient separators or conventional open systems. • Maintenance friendly: fittings are not removed during element maintenance. • Universal usage: exceptional for variable flow rates. • Flexible installation locations on the engine or in the engine compartment. • Compact design. • Light and robust design. • Integrated safety feature against irregularly high crankcase pressure. • No electrical energy required. • Low running costs.

PreLine-Plus Diesel Pre-Filter Kits MANN-FILTER explains its new Ford Ranger will also benefit from excellent water separation thanks to its PreLine-Plus Diesel Pre-Filter Kit. The MANN+HUMMEL PreLine series separates more than 93 percent (according to ISO 4020) of water present in the fuel and so fulfils the requirements of leading injection system producers. It says the perfectly matched interaction between the PreLine pre-filter and the MANN+HUMMEL main filter offers maximum protection for the sensitive injection system and contributes to the economic running of the engine.

And that’s not all Already a showstopper, MANN+HUMMEL explains it was “super keen to get our MANN-FILTER

Ranger to hit the streets, so while stage one is now complete, stage two is just around the corner.” On behalf of MANN-FILTER Australia, MANN+HUMMEL would like to thank the following companies for their help and support in taking the new #AUSSIEMAMBAMANIA Ford Ranger from a dream to reality. • City Ford – Ford Ranger – Wes Dawson, Steve Taulanga • Exclusive Wraps – MANN-FILTER vehicle wrap – Jeff Lin • Diesel Distributors – ProVent 200, PreLine 150, Rock Lights, Transchill Automatic Transmission Cooler Kit – Jeremy Bettison • Opposite Lock - PIAK bar and tow bar, hard lid, recovery gear – Eddie Ziada • Tough Dog – suspension – Blake Jones • Road Safe - Upper control arms and recovery points – Troy Schipper • ROH – 17+8 invader wheels – Ben Hosking • Oricom – CB and antenna – Marlene Silva • Roadvision – driving lights and light bar – Gary Parker and Jason Forkosh For more from MANN-FILTER, please visit

HARROP RELEASES NISSAN Y62 PATROL MID PIPE EXHAUST UPGRADE Providing a reliable and cost-effective acoustics enhancement

Harrop Engineering has introduced what it describes as a clever exhaust upgrade for the popular V8 powered Nissan Y62 Patrol platform. Building on Harrop’s successful TVS Supercharger system, the Mid Pipe upgrade increases the exhaust diameter to 2.5 inch into three inch including an X-Pipe. Harrop explains that the upgrade provides a much needed deeper and throatier V8 growl, while retaining good manners under cruise conditions and towing. This upgrade is a direct, bolt-on replacement to the factory mid-section which retains the factory catalytic converters and rear section. 30

Mid Pipe upgrade features: • Suits naturally aspirated and forced induction vehicles • Bolt in replacement of factory mid-section • Made from 409 grade Stainless Steel • Size: 2.5” into 3” including X-Pipe and dual inlet muffler • ‘HARROP’ etched primary muffler • Integrated transfer case heat shielding Harrop says this upgrade is perfect for enthusiasts who are looking for a reliable and cost-effective acoustics enhancement for their V8 Y62 Patrol.

Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine Annual 4WD Magazine 2021

It says the upgrade will provide a significantly deeper exhaust note at idle and under throttle, without drone. For more information, please contact Harrop Engineering on 1300 HARROP or or visit



With Ryco Vehicle Specific Fuel Water Separator Filters and Crankcase Filter Kits Ryco explains there are many ways water can get into a diesel fuel system, whether that being condensation, water crossings or just a contaminated tank of fuel; and says the only way to protect your engine is a fuel water separator filter system. Similarly, all modern-day Internal combustion engines utilise a crankcase breather which over time becomes contaminated with components such as oil, water and soot that build-up and can get into the engine’s air intake system, leading to power loss and increased fuel consumption. This kind of build-up forms an insulating barrier on

the inside of the intercooler, preventing the intake air from shedding its heat. Ryco explains this hotter intake air will reduce your engine’s power and increase fuel consumption and states a crankcase filtration system eliminates this build up. By fitting the combination of a fuel water separator and crankcase filter kit, Ryco says engines are given the very best chance to be protected from early wear and tear and perform at their maximum. When it comes to why one would choose a Ryco Vehicle Specific Fuel Water Separator Filter and Crankcase Filter Kit (RVSK) over other alternatives in the market, it says the answers are “simple and very real,” as follows: • Ryco’s RVSK kits are not a universal type application. Each kit is meticulously designed for each vehicle using existing mounting points in the engine bay for both the fuel water separator and crankcase filter, significantly reducing fitting time. • All RVSK kits come with specifically moulded hoses so there’s no time-consuming joining or rerouting of hoses.


Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine Annual 4WD Magazine 2021

• Because many 4WD vehicles endure road conditions tougher that an average car, all RVSK’s mounting brackets are designed to mount to three separate points. Ryco says all competitor products mount with only two points making them suspectable to dislodging, vibrating or rattling. • For flexibility, all kits are sold without filters. • RVSK’s are proudly engineered and designed in Australia by the talented team at Ryco Head office Melbourne. The RVSKs are available from good Ryco stockists nationally. For more information and recommendations on the right filter choice for your vehicle, visit


STREETFIGHTER FLASH TUNING PRODUCTS Allowing StreetFighter Specialist Workshop tuners to flash tune a wide range of new model 4WD and SUVs Factory ECUs are becoming more complex with a growing level of technology and electronic features. Because of this, StreetFighter says the use of piggyback style ECU chip tuning has become obsolete, and there is now more than ever a need for a more reliable and suitable process. It says this is where ECU flash tuning comes in, allowing tuners to ‘flash’ tunes directly to the factory ECU. ‘Flash’ tuning re-writes the generic factory tune and creates a new, more optimised tune for the specific vehicle to maximise its performance and driveability. With the old-style chip tune tricking the ECU to perform in a certain way, it can often become unreliable. Imported chips from overseas markets and generic adjustments made to them are often not suitable for Australian vehicles and conditions. In response to this issue, StreetFighter says it has developed kits which allow workshops to easily access, tune and flash the factory ECU on a large range of 4WDs and SUVs.

StreetFighter says the SF Power Flash and SF Power Active kits allow the StreetFighter Specialist Workshop tuners to flash tune a wide range of new model 4WD and SUVs. This is achieved by either directly plugging in to the factory ECU in the vehicle, or removing and directly flashing on to the ECU itself outside of the vehicle depending on the manufacturer. These two kits allow the registered workshops to access and tune the vehicles quickly, safely and confidently with the technical support of StreetFighter’s own specialist tuners, with the company stating its tuners have many years’ experience tuning a range of not only 4WDs and SUVs but also performance vehicles. The ultimate benefit of StreetFighter’s SF Flash and SF Active kits is to allow workshops nationwide to be able to flash tune, dyno and road test each individual factory delivered vehicle to its maximum potential and improve the drivability of the vehicle without the risk of damage to the original ECU, with the remote support of StreetFighter specialist tuners.

With expected gains of around 15 to 30 percent in power and torque and approximately 10 percent improved fuel economy, StreetFighter says the figures speak for themselves. It says the biggest advantage however is in the improved drivability with the power and torque right where you need it, whether it be for city driving, off-roading or towing. For more information, visit or contact StreetFighter on or 08 8299 9998.

Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine Annual 4WD Magazine 2021



FRAM EXPANDS ITS FILTER KIT RANGE To provide maximum performance and durability on and off-road

Filpro Automotive explains that its range of Fram 4WD Filter Kits has expanded with the addition of multiple new applications to the listing now covering an even wider range of common 4WD models than before. Conveniently packaged in the one box, with one reference number, Filpro explains that the Fram 4WD Filter Kits are the solution for complete servicing requirements. Filpro says that whether it is for off road driving, or the everyday drive, Fram 4WD Filter Kits are optimised for both on and off-road performance. It says every Fram Filter is designed, developed, tested and manufactured to meet or exceed OEM filtration specifications, with a warranty to meet OE specified vehicle service intervals, and will not void New Car Warranties. Each Fram 4WD Filter Kit contains Oil Filter, Air Filter, Fuel Filter, and Cabin Air Filter where required: • Air Filter: Fram Air Filters reportedly provide superior protection for strenuous driving conditions, from idling in heavy traffic, to driving on dusty roads and towing heavy loads. The advanced filter media has been stringently tested and has an increased dirt holding capacity- surpassing ISO 5011 testing standards. • Fuel Filter: Fram Fuel Filters serve a vital function in today’s modern tighttolerance engine fuel systems. By removing rust and dirt particles from petrol or diesel, fuel filters protect fuel pumps and injectors from rapid wear and failure.


Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine Annual 4WD Magazine 2021

• Oil Filter: Fram Oil Filters are said to be ideal for drivers who push their vehicles, whether in stop and go traffic, by towing, or driving in extreme weather conditions. A blend of cellulose and synthetic microscopic fibres provide an ideal balance of dirt-trapping and dirt-holding capacity, whilst providing optimum oil flow to the engine for lubrication of moving engine parts. • Cabin Air Filter (where required): Fram Cabin Air Filters allow travelers inside the vehicle to breathe cleaner air by filtering out pollen, allergens, exhaust fumes, dirt and dust that enter the vehicle through the cooling/ heating system. Filpro explains that Fram Cabin Air Filters can eliminate up to 98 percent* of these impurities, providing a more enjoyable ride. To find the right filter fitment, visit to use the online catalogue tool. For more information, contact Filpro Automotive on 0400 878 837 or *Road dust and pollen particles ranging in size from 5-100 microns.


HOW GENUINE REMANUFACTURED INJECTORS COMPARE TO NEW Cornell Diesel Systems is an OEM-authorised remanufacturer of Common Rail diesel injectors The company explains this means a remanufactured injector from Cornell Diesel Systems is identical to a new injector. Cornell Diesel Systems has been appointed to remanufacture Denso, Bosch, Delphi and VDO diesel fuel injectors in Australia. Cornell Diesel Systems has invested in ISO-standard facilities, equipment and training to meet the stringent compliance levels required to service and repair injectors. Disassembly and reassembly work is carried out in pressurised clean rooms with highly refined filtering systems that act as air purifiers. Cornell Diesel Systems explains the air in these areas is filtered to meet strict ISO standards for particle count and cleanliness, which is a requirement for assembling modern diesel system components. Cornell Diesel Systems says remanufactured injectors can sometimes have a poor perception due to refurbished injectors being marketed as remanufactured injectors. It says refurbished injectors that are repaired using any non-genuine parts can result in incorrect tolerances, poor vehicle performance, and premature wear.

There are critical differences between remanufactured injectors and refurbished injectors. Cornell Diesel Systems explains remanufactured injectors can only be considered as truly remanufactured if 100 percent of replacement parts are genuine OEM and built to new OEM injector specifications. As an OEM-approved and authorised remanufacturer, Cornell Diesel Systems only uses genuine OEM replacement parts. It remanufactures injectors back to original OEM condition, and all injectors are coded individually. As such, Cornell Diesel Systems says its remanufactured injectors are exactly the same as new injectors, whereas refurbished injectors are often not. Additionally, Cornell Diesel Systems tests and verifies remanufactured injectors on the latest test equipment that has been calibrated by the OEM, in ISO-accredited, climate-controlled clean room facilities. With a history in diesel fuel injection spanning over 47 years, Cornell Diesel Systems says it is proud to

supply remanufactured injectors out of one of the world’s highest level remanufacturing facilities. It says the advantage of buying parts from a diesel specialist like Cornell Diesel Systems is the longstanding relationships that have been built up with the OEMs to ensure customers receive only the highest level of service and repair. Cornell Diesel Systems is a member of Capricorn and also offers other payment methods. To enquire about diesel fuel injection services and parts you can contact Cornell Diesel Systems’ Melbourne branch on 03 9267 8800 or or its Sydney branch on 02 9757 7373 or

Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine Annual 4WD Magazine 2021



4X4 BUSHING AND GREASEABLE SHACKLE/PIN KITS Recently released by Nolathane

The Shackles and Fixed Pins are often overlooked when upgrading the suspension of a 4x4. Nolathane explains that it is common for original shackles and fixed pins to corrode and destroy the bushings, and says it is the leaf spring bushings that stabilise the movement of the rear axle. Worn or inferior bushes in this area will cause the solid rear axle to move and impart rear end passive steer to the vehicle, leading to the vehicle ‘wandering’ all over the road and being unstable under heavy braking. This can be especially noticeable when carrying a load or towing a boat or caravan. Whether it is a

Hilux, Ranger, Colorado or D-Max, the leaf springs work hard particularly when taking the vehicle off road. Nolathane says it has created a range of solutions to suit Australia’s most popular 4x4s. It says that by fitting the complete package of Nolathane Greaseable Shackles, Fixed Pins and Bushing kit, the rear end of any 4x4 will handle just about anything that is thrown at it. All of its greaseable shackle kits feature: • The latest in material formulation technology boasting resistance to oil, grease, ozone, and weathering. • Hand-picked bushings and/or alignment, geometry products best suiting your vehicle. • Protective plating on all metal components which acts as a hard skin that is much tougher than conventional paint, allowing this product to withstand the toughest conditions and resist corrosion for years to come. • A three-year / 60,000kms warranty including parts and labour. • Install guide included providing detailed

instructions on how to install your new purchase. To view a video of Nolathane Ambassador, Mark Larkham, chatting about the kits, visit the NolathaneSuspension YouTube channel. Nolathane says its Bushing and Greaseable Shackle Kits are an example of yet another new release for Nolathane in the 4x4 sector, that comes with the same great quality and design mechanics have known and trusted for decades. Also coming soon will be Nolathane’s new release of 4x4 Direct Replacement Control Arms. For more information on Nolathane’s 4x4 products, visit

RUGGEDLINE HAS ARRIVED Yakima has launched its new platform mounting system Designed from the outset to carry heavy loads and look good while doing it, Yakima says RuggedLine is the new standard in 4WD cargo management. The RuggedLine system is available now for a wide range of vehicles, with more fits coming soon. The premium platform-to-vehicle mounting system has been designed and rigorously tested in the tough Australian outback. Constructed from corrosion-resistant stainless steel for ultimate reliability, Yakima explains that RuggedLine is ready to be paired with its existing and proven range of LockNLoad Platforms.

Key features include: • Pivot mount ready: the powder coated stainless steel pivot mount means no special platform kits are needed.

• Easy to install: tool access slots and the supplied ball and hex keys make install a breeze. • Easy to ID: each spine has the last four digits of the kit’s part number lasered in. • Easy to align: a left-right marker and frontindicating arrow make alignment a cinch. • Quality coated: powder coated using premium industrial coatings. • Premium badging: black chrome raised badging sets off the look of RuggedLine, announcing its presence without overwhelming. • Easy access: the hexagonal cut-outs provide space for a more comfortable usage experience. • Built to last, bent to fit: RuggedLine is laser cut, built from tough, corrosion-resistant 3mm 304-grand stainless steel. Each is then precision bent to ensure a perfect fit. • Cut-outs that stand out: the long hexagonal cut-outs visually tie RuggedLine to state-ofthe-art vehicle design with angles, facets and creaselines. Designed and extensively tested for off-road performance and wind noise in the tough Australian outback, Yakima says RuggedLine is “the new standard in premium platform mounting”


Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine Annual 4WD Magazine 2021

and when paired with its proven LockNLoad platform, sees you ready to go anywhere. Like RuggedLine, the LockNLoad Platform has also been designed and tested in Australia. It features side-to-side slats which act like crossbars for the easy mounting of most bikes, kayaks, ski mounts and more. Also featured as part of the design are integrated T-slots in every slat and outer frame to allow the simple and secure attachment of T-slot and LockNLoad accessories, while an integrated wind deflector and push-down infill ensure wind noise is reduced. For over four decades, Yakima says its trusted solutions have transformed the way people travel with a history of making bold moves in the name of new horizons. For more information, visit



The TrakRyder HiLiux EziFit Spring and Foam Cell Shock Kits have been designed, developed and manufactured to provide precise control, without compromising ride comfort. Supplied as a complete assembly of matched suspension components, the TrakRyder EziFit Spring and Foam Cell Shock Absorber kits are suited for all types of driving conditions – whether it is for severe off-road driving or simply driving to work. Pedders says that one of the added benefits

of these kits is that you can choose your ride experience by selecting your preferred coil spring type to match your driving needs. There is a choice of standard or raised ride heights available to order with various kits.

Key features and benefits include: • Reduced installation time as the components are supplied pre-assembled and ready for direct fitment.

• Included in each EziFit kit is Pedders’ TrakRyder Foam Cell heavy duty shock absorber which features a “huge” 40mm bore and cellular foam membrane, providing larger cooling areas to improve shock performance and durability. • Construction technology and heavy-duty reinforced double-welded mountings for longterm durability. • Rugged multi-purpose design improves stability and ride comfort for touring, load carrying, towing and 4WD applications. • High-quality upgrade replacement for original factory product. • Two-Year/40,000km Nationwide warranty. For further information, please contact your local Pedders Suspension specialist or visit

Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine Annual 4WD Magazine 2021



STRUGGLING TO PLAN YOUR 4X4 BUILD? SACHS MAX 4X4 Automotive can help you pull together your RANGE CONTINUES BAW big ideas TO GROW From ZF Services Australia

The Sachs MAX range of heavy-duty shock absorbers for off-road, four-wheel-drive and utility vehicles has expanded with ZF Services Australia adding new part numbers to the product line.

Quickly becoming one of the leading custom 4x4 shops in Brisbane, BAW Automotive says it can assist with your next build, pulling together your ideas and then making sure you are involved as it designs, fabricates and installs the latest aftermarket upgrades to create a custom vehicle deigned just for you.

Recently added to the range are fitments suitable for the Volkswagen Amarok, Ford Ranger and Everest, Mazda BT-50, Isuzu MU-X, Holden Colorado and Trailblazer, the Toyota Rav 4, plus the Hyundai Santa Fe.

“We’re able to build and bring your dream to life, from the ground up, straight from the dealership floor. The entire process of modifying and customising your vehicle is something we aim to make an enjoyable and unique experience for you,” BAW Automotive Business Development Manager, Luke Harvey, said.

These new product lines have grown the already extensive line-up which included the Toyota HiLux and LandCruiser, the Isuzu D-Max, plus the Nissan Navara and Patrol.

“As 4x4 builders, we pride ourselves on making sure your vehicle exceeds expectation by solidifying its capabilities, comfort and convenience. “We find that our clients drive their builds as their daily vehicle, and want to be able to take it touring for extended periods of time or enjoy getting a little wilder on those off-grid tracks. “We have done the leg work and put in the hard yards to make sure our builds complement you and your lifestyle while it suits exactly what you want to get out of it.

The full Sachs MAX range now covers the whole motoring spectrum, from 4WDs, utilities and vans, with parts also available for vehicles produced by diverse manufacturers such as Foton, Great Wall, Holden, Jeep and Mitsubishi. Designed specifically with Australia’s harsh conditions in mind, the Sachs MAX offering features larger pistons and cylinders, with the increased bore size resulting in shock absorbers that are more durable, while continuing to offer the ultimate in safety. This big bore design results in a reduction of heat and subsequently an improvement of consistency with heavy loads in rough terrain, especially when towing.

“With custom 4x4 fabrications extending from the ground up, we will get heads turning in your direction far and wide. “Working with you to create your dream build, we will take the time to sit with you and plan what we are going to do, keep you updated regularly and manage the entire process while we bring that dream to life in our Brisbane workshop. “Our passion starts with an exceptional trade qualified team of professionals who will have you stepping out of your completed build, looking back at it and wearing a grin. “We have sorted out which products work well together in the 4x4 customs industry, got to know the people who engineered them and stand behind them all as the 4x4 builders we are.

For those looking to enhance their off-road capabilities, the Sachs MAX design allows for vehicle lifts of up to two inches depending on the make and model of the vehicle. The advantages of Sachs MAX extend outside of off-road usage, with the shock absorbers also offering superior comfort in the day-to-day city driving environment. For more information, visit or call 1800 ZF SALES (1800 93 72537). 38

Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine Annual 4WD Magazine 2021

“So here’s to you not having to visit multiple 4WD stores throughout Brisbane or call around for multiple quotes on custom 4x4 fabrications and scroll online for the best 4x4 builders in Australia – you’ve found them! So let’s get those aftermarket upgrades started.” BAW Automotive services include: • GVM Upgrades • Lifts and Coil Conversions • Suspension upgrades including air • Chassis extensions • Towing and brake upgrades • 12 Volt Systems and accessories • Audio visual and entertainment upgrades • Interior and exterior lighting • Power upgrades • Bar work and body protection • Recovery points and bash plates • Long range fuel tanks • UHF and Celfi • Winches • Trays and Canopies • Towing mirrors • Reversing cameras • Rear child seat anchor points • Wheels and tyres • Roof racks • Drawers and storage • Roof, interior and side consoles • Custom seats • Ceramic coating and window tinting • Electronic rust protection For more information, visit


KAYMAR REAR PROTECTION BARS Backed by more than 30 years of experience

Kaymar explains that it manufactures high quality rear protection bars which have been carefully designed and crafted for maximum compatibility with most leading 4x4 vehicles. The bars are fitted with heavy duty carriers designed to carry spare wheels, jerry cans and a wide range of accessories. With more than 30 years’ experience, Kaymar products are also exported from its Victorian plant in Lilydale to more than 15 countries around the world. Each bar in the product range is designed for specific vehicle models to ensure the most effective fit to the body style and importantly, to gain the maximum mounting strength by matching the bar fixing brackets to all available chassis mounting points. Working prototypes are thoroughly road tested and load approved ahead of going into production. The finishing of every bar includes a comprehensive process of grinding and sanding to smooth all joints and edges followed by a quality inspection before heading into the protective zinc electroplating. External finishing is completed by powder coating. Key features (depending on model) include: • Over centre carrier locks for positive, secure locking in all conditions. • Rubber coated for comfort and safety. • Stainless steel gas struts to assist opening.

• • • •

Heavy duty pivot points and carrier bearings. ADR approved LED signal lights fitted to all bars. Accessory mounting for aerials, jacks and worklights. Integrated Hi-Lift jack points.

For more information, visit

Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine Annual 4WD Magazine 2021



REVOLUTIONISING THE SUSPENSION GAME Fulcrum says it has the Formula when it comes to 4x4 Years after launch, Fulcrum Australia says Formula 4x4 continues to kick goals in the 4WD industry and is thriving as a leading contender within the suspension game. It states that the Formula range has been rigorously tested and matched to ease through extreme Australian conditions. Fulcrum explains that about four years ago it noticed a gap in the market where suspension kits and upgrades were unaffordable, sold without warranties or with bad warranties and most of all, were only designed to make your car look good. It says it decided to take matters into its own hands and create something unique. It says the result is the Formula 4x4 suspension system which has “revolutionised the 4x4 industry” and is backed by years and years of knowledge and experience. Fulcrum says Formula 4x4 has been its greatest creation yet, bringing comfortable, affordable and performance 4x4 shock absorbers to your feet. The range is built from high grade carbon steel, incorporates a special valve system to suit

different spring rates, and is filled with high quality oil, seals and low gas pressure nitrogen for fade free performance. Fulcrum has also partnered with other aftermarket specialist products such as SuperPro in order to make Formula 4x4 shocks “the best of the best.” The Formula 4x4 shock absorbers are also backed by a three-year or 60,000km warranty because Fulcrum says it is so confident that the Formula range will provide longevity and comfortability. “Alongside our Formula #strong 4x4 range, we’ve made the upgrade, buying and fitting process a lot easier with our Formula 4x4 Lift Kits,” says Fulcrum. The Lift Kits have been specifically tailored to ensure the ride qualities of vehicles are not compromised.

will allow you to increase your flex, driving capability and your on/off road vehicle traction.

They are designed and assembled in Australia to give your 4WD suspension improved stability under any load when towing and to provide greater control over your drive.

Overall, Fulcrum says if you are looking for improved suspension performance you should consider Formula 4x4 to experience outstanding ride quality, comfort with control and exceptional value for money with an outstanding warranty.

Fulcrum says having the Formula 4x4 advantage

For more information, visit

BRIDGESTONE’S DUELER 697 Respected reviewer says the tyre lives up to its reputation Stuart Martin recently tested out Bridgestone Dueler A/T 697s on a LandCruiser 100-Series with a 17-inch fitment. This model variant is one of the longer-serving tyres in the range and was brought into the market in mid-2012 after two years and nearly half-amillion km of torture testing in Australia’s toughest conditions. “It has since then fallen very much into the ‘ain’t broke, don’t fix’ category, undergoing refinements but retaining the qualities that Bridgestone says makes it the ‘ultimate 4WD all terrain tyre’ with an aggressive tread block and decent shoulders for unsealed surfaces,” Stuart said. “The all-terrain rubber sits within a family of Dueler tyres, ranging from mud-pluggers through to sealed-surface SUV performance tyres, and are available in a broad variety of sizes between 15 and 18 inches. “Within the light truck construction casing are a pair of heavy-duty steel belts and additional nylon ply, covered by a dual-compound tread. “There are larger-mass tread blocks, designed to improve the useful life of the tyre and improve its cut chip resistance, with even wear and little in the way of damage. 40

“The shoulder block was also redesigned over the former Dueler 694 tyre and has proven to be quiet on the road while still having ability on unsealed surfaces, not to mention giving the tyres an aggressive look within the wheel arches. “The 697s even coped well in the first rain after a long dry spell, that leaves dust and other residues to mix with the water for a “slick-ening” effect on the road. “More than a third of that distance covered since fitment has involved pulling the three-horse angle-load Titan horse transport – with the 697s shouldering the load impressively, validated by regular pressure checks that confirm the Bridgestones have held their nerve. “There’s enough shoulder either side of the somewhat-aggressive tread pattern to supply grip and confidence on unsealed surfaces, without howling at the moon when put back on the bitumen.

model could well save as much as $50 a tyre but the speed and load ratings might not match the Dueler 697, which in this instance are 275/65 R17 with a 118 load rating and an S speed rating which equates to 1320 kg maximum load per tyre and 180 km/h respectively.

“The tyres feel assured on the motorway and composed on the unsealed section, and with a comfortable and quiet road on broken metropolitan bitumen. Driving without the trailer reaffirms my liking for the tyres.

“Despite numerous offerings for the size with load and speed ratings that are close to the Dueler, few provide the load rating that gives peace of mind when approaching the full Gross Combined Mass, and anecdotal evidence suggests the Japanese brand has more experience and testing miles on the Australian continent.”

“Replacing the OE tyres with the same make and

For more information, visit

Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine Annual 4WD Magazine 2021


THE STRONG SILENT TYPE Milford’s Ult1Mate Next Gen Towbar

Milford says its award-winning product – the Ult1Mate Next Gen Towbar – is a revolutionary solution setting the towing world alight. After reviewing the product, Milford says it is easy to see why it was awarded the ‘Most Innovative New Aftermarket Product’ at the 2019 ‘Australian Auto Aftermarket Innovation Awards.’ It explains that every aspect of the product has been thoroughly researched, designed and tested; making Ult1Mate Next Gen Towbars “the new gold standard in towing.” One of the most noticeable features is the patented interlocking three-piece design. Certified to the highest international standards and supported by in-house FEA and dynamic testing, Milford says its Ul1Mate Next Gen Towbars represent a breakthrough in delivering maximum strength and failsafe durability.

The interlocking plates are designed to independently sustain the maximum rating of the towbar while the aircraft grade locking fasteners provide extra peace of mind. The unique interface between the side mounting plates and cross bar ensures easy, correct and secure fitment “first time, every time.” Significantly, Milford explains this modular design allows the product to be warehoused and transported in custom designed cartons; maximising freight density, minimising the risk of damage as well as removing the need for specialised storage solutions throughout the supply chain. All round, Milford says its Ult1mate Next Gen Towbar is a real hit, delivering value to end users, retailers, wholesalers and product installers alike. Importantly, it says end users will also appreciate the smooth, silent towing experience achieved through Milford’s patented HitchHush end cap. When paired with the Ult1mate Next Gen Towbars’ precision fabricated receiver and the superbly engineered towing lug, Milford says the HitchHush end cap’s revolutionary anti-rattle design will provide years of silent operation; free of those annoying noise and vibration issues. The entire assembly is stylishly finished in

ArmorTex – Milford’s five stage Anti-Mar protective coating. The multi-layered treatment consists of a hightech surface pre-treatment, conversion coating and an ecofriendly anti-corrosion seal. Milford says this finish is not only stylish, but also out-performs standard powder coat finishes in abrasion and mar resistance testing. Every Milford Ult1mate Next Gen Towbar application is accompanied with detailed, part specific fitment videos that you can stream directly to any smart device by scanning a QR code contained within the carton. Milford says its Ult1Mate Next Gen Towbar is not only “the strongest, most innovative and silent towbar on the market, but also the easiest to fit.” To find out more, visit or call Milford on 1800 MILFORD.

TOUGH DOG SUSPENSION GVM UPGRADES Complete suspension solutions

Tough Dog has been “making tracks across the world” since 1985 and says it has grown rapidly as a result of the excellent reputation its quality gear reportedly commands.

your allowable payload without risking your roadworthiness. Tough Dog says each complete GVM kit has been extensively tested to ensure ADR compliance is maintained.

Today, Tough Dog says its products are sought after all over the world, and the distribution network spans 42 countries around the world.

Safety and performance by design

With some of the harshest conditions right here in Australia to test out products, Tough Dog says the gear that makes it to the market is “a cut above the rest.”

Carry more, safely and legally The allowable payload on most modern 4WDs seems great on paper, but gets quickly eaten up when accessories, gear and passengers get loaded in. As such, remaining under the vehicle’s Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) can seem like an impossible feat. Tough Dog Suspension is a recognised Second Stage Manufacturer (SSM) which allows it to develop and federally certify components to increase your vehicle’s GVM, maximising 42

Federal approval for GVM upgrades require rigorous testing to ensure the vehicle performs as well or better than when it left the original manufacturer. Tough Dog says you can be sure your Tough Dog GVM upgraded 4WD will stop and handle well, even with the increased load on board. Depending on the vehicle, the following testing is required: • Finite Element Analysis (FEA) testing: a check of the maximum load carrying capacity of the vehicle’s axles. • Brake Testing: laden and unladen brake testing as well as testing under partial system failure to comply with ADR35/00. • ESC Testing: if required, this test ensures that the ESC system’s response is the same or better than the original vehicle.

Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine Annual 4WD Magazine 2021

Tough Dog products are specifically designed and engineered to deliver a complete suspension solution, not only for load carrying capabilities, but for ride quality and handling. Tough Dog says its suspension kits have been designed to suit a large range of vehicles such as Toyota Hilux, Toyota Landcruiser, Ford Ranger, Isuzu D-Max and many other vehicles. Further, it explains that its Tough Dog Suspension products are backed by a “market leading” warranty of three years/unlimited km (commercial) or four years/unlimited km (recreational). For more information, visit