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Once upon a time.... ‘Buildings, prior to the Renaissance, were constructed, not planned’

Most of buildings were constructed without plans and design ideas by craftsmen. Only th well-trained and outstanding craftsmen were available to build the architecture.

However, the rules among them were strict and the hierarchy existed due to pride provoked from their training and specialization, they were slow in adapting new technologie and styles.



‘architects ceased to be technicians....became designers’ Renaissance architects started to do design by drawing scaled drawings which became the primary medium to communicate with builders. Then, scaled drawings, basically plans, elevations and sections, were broadly produced and used by architects and designers to interpret their ideas and design approaches to the clients and also builders. Physical scaled models were also manufactured as they could ‘show buildings in three-dimensional, volumatic manner’.

‘Computers, by their nature, are superb analytical engines’ Invention of computer-aided architectural design (CAAD) software programs has become the innovation in present architectural design. CAAD softwares allow architects and drafters to produce scaled drawings with less time-consume but much details and accuracy.


3D modelling is also well-developed that it can show the full threedimensional view of the architecture, moreover, experiments with materials and styles by applying them to the 3D model, therefore, it allows architects and clients to understand the design ideas and approaches much easier than physical works.

‘ architects introduce the elements absenting in traditional architecture - for examples, time, forces, biological growth pattern’

Parametric Design Well-programmed CAAD softwares such as Rhinoceros and Grasshopper, are capable of produce complex parametric design architectures in both 2D and 3D which is impossible with hand drawings. Moreover, by using CAAD softwares, architects can fully reflect and apply their purposes and ideas on 3D modelling, therfore, complex but extraordinary design outcome might be produced....however, they may cannot exist in reality for unsolvable reasons.

ADS AIR Journal 2  
ADS AIR Journal 2  

Written by Joonil Kim