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Dub/Dancehall Foundations - Dub & Dancehall Loops(Apple Loops/AIFF) Producer Charles Hart aka 'Fixa Flat' presents this collection of 16 construction kits that explore the roots of Dub and Dancehall music. Each construction kit is provided with the BPM and presen ...

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Instrumental Hip Hop (ACID/WAV/Apple Loops/AIFF) Radio Killa RnB - Apple Loops/Aiff Ambient Chill(ACID/WAV/Apple Loops/AIFF/REX2) Deep Electro Lounge 2 (ACID/WAV/Apple Loops/AIFF) Darkside Drum 'N' Bass(WAV/Apple Loops/AIFF/REX2) Dirty South Rockstar Guitar Loops - Apple/Aiff Hard Dance Vocals(ACID/WAV/Apple Loops/AIFF) Dubstep Constructions(ACID/WAV/Apple Loops/AIFF/REX2) Ambient Axe - Atmospheric Guitar Riffs(WAV/AIFF/Apple Loops/REX2) Ambient Axe 2 - Atmospheric Guitar Riffs(WAV/AIFF/Apple Loops/REX2) Evolving Elements: House(WAV/Apple Loops/AIFF/REX2/Midi) Abstract Electro House(ACID/WAV/Apple Loops/AIFF/REX2) Melodic, Deep and Ambient Trance Synth Lines (Apple Loops/AIFF) Smash Up The Studio - Club Grooves Complete (WAV/AIFF/Apple Loops/REX2/Midi) RnB Vibes: Piano - RnB Piano Progressions(WAV/AIFF/Apple Loops/Midi) Smash Up The Studio: Club Grooves Volume 2: Faster Grooves (WAV/AIFF/Apple Loops/REX2/Midi) Smash Up The Studio: Club Grooves Volume 1: Slower Grooves (WAV/AIFF/Apple Loops/REX2/Midi) Producer Loops - Gridlock - Hip Hop Construction Kits(ACID/WAV/Apple Loops/REX2/RMX) 80's Electro: Analog Synth Loops (WAV/Apple Loops/MIDI) Trance Elevation Vol 1 (ACID/ WAV/Apple Loops/MIDI Loops) Electro Funk: Key Loops (WAV/Apple Loops/MIDI) Trance Synth Loops (WAV/Apple Loops/REX2) Hip Hop Foundations - Hip Hop Loops & Construction Kits(ACID/WAV) Inspiration Sounds - DOBRO - Country Guitar Loops/Dobro Licks & Slides Sample Pack(ACID/Apple Loops/WAV) Inspiration Sounds - Electro Grime - Electro House Loops & Samples(ACID/WAV/Apple Loops/REX2) Hip Hop Loops l Acid Loops l Signature Loop Elements-Vol.2 Song Construction Acid Loops l Royalty Free Loops Hip Hop Loops and Drum Loops:SIGNATURE LOOP ELEMENTS-Volume 2-Hip Hop Song Construction Loops Sounds Of Bollywood Rex/aiff Loops Hip Hop Loops-Ultimate Producer Series-24bit Hip Hop Loops Wav. Edition/Acid Loops Hip Hop Loops l Acid Loops l Royalty Free Loops :SIGNATURE LOOP ELEMENTS 3 Hip Hop Essentials Drum Library-MPC, Fruity Loops, Wav, Aiff

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Fox Samples EURO DANCE FIESTA Loops - WAV MIDI AIFF REX2 Modern RnB: Ultra Cool Keyboard Loops(WAV/REX2/AIFF/Midi) Inspiration Sounds - Deep Tech House - 705MB Deep Tech House Loops & Samples (Apple Loops/ACID/REX2/RMX/WAV) MP3 99 Smokin Hot Drum Loops - Rock Drum Loops, Guitar Loops and Bass Psy Trance Explorations (WAV/Apple Loops) Glitch Gumbo Vol 1 Apple Loops for Mac Ambience (WAV/Apple Loops/MIDI) RnB & Pop Vocal Hooks (WAV/Apple Loops) Ambient Dub (ACID/WAV/Apple Loops) Psy Trance Explorations 2 (WAV/Apple Loops) Cool Keys RnB 2 (WAV/Apple Loops/MIDI) Trance Overload (WAV/Apple Loops/REX2) Ambient Glitch Vol 2 (ACID/WAV/Apple Loops) Ambient Glitch Vol 1 (ACID/WAV/Apple Loops) Downtempo Chill (ACID/WAV/Apple Loops) Soul Machine 2 (WAV/Apple Loops/MIDI) Sunset Progressive (WAV/Apple Loops/MIDI) Cool Keys: RnB 3 (WAV/Apple Loops/MIDI) Soulful Piano Melodies (WAV/Apple Loops) Ambient Glitch Vol 3 (ACID/WAV/Apple Loops) RadioActive Beats (ACID/WAV/Apple Loops) Orchestra Loops & Classical String Loops, Classical Samples with over 100 Loops Dance Arpeggios (ACID/WAV/Apple Loops/REX2) Supalife House (ACID/WAV/Apple Loops/MIDI) Club Grooves: Urban Guitars (WAV/Apple Loops) Deep Tech Funk Vol 1 (WAV/Apple Loops/REX2) Big Chill Bundle (ACID/WAV/Apple Loops/REX2) Caribbean Club Sounds (ACID/WAV/Apple Loops) Trap Life Vocal Hooks (WAV/Apple Loops) House Master Grooves Vol 1 (WAV/Apple Loops/REX2) Modern Acoustic Guitar (ACID/WAV/Apple Loops) Ambient Metal Constructions(ACID/WAV/Apple Loops) Dirty South Rockstar Guitar Loops - Acid/Apple/REX Ambient Metal Constructions 2 (ACID/WAV/Apple Loops/MIDI) Trance & Progressive Bundle (ACID/WAV/Apple Loops/REX2) Club Grooves: Urban Strings (WAV/Apple Loops/MIDI)

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Vintage Keys Rhodes And Piano Loops -Acid/Apple/REX Abstract Electro House 2 (ACID/WAV/Apple Loops/REX2) Perimeter Sound - Garageband Apple Loops Sample Collection Filthy Electro House (ACID/WAV/Apple Loops/REX2) Swag Times: Smooth RnB Constructions (ACID/WAV/Apple Loops) Chilled Out Grooves: Up-Tempo (WAV/Apple Loops/REX2/MIDI) Acoustic Drum Grooves (ACID/WAV/Apple Loops/REX2) Club Grooves: Urban Piano (WAV/Apple Loops/MIDI) Ambient Metal Constructions 3 (ACID/WAV/Apple Loops/MIDI) Altered Minds: Trance (WAV/Apple Loops/REX2/MIDI) Drum & Bass Tip Trixxx V1 (ACID/WAV/Apple Loops/REX2/MIDI) Deep Progressive Vibes (ACID/WAV/Apple Loops/REX2/Refill) Liquid Drum & Bass Vol 2 (ACID/WAV/Apple Loops/REX2/Refill) Electro Tip Trixxx (ACID/WAV/Apple Loops/REX2/MIDI/EXS24) Liquid Drum and Bass (ACID/WAV/Apple Loops/REX2/Refill) Hot Crunk & Dirty South (ACID/WAV/Apple Loops/REX2/Refill) Live Pro Guitar Session Samples Hip Hop RnB Loops Riffs Fruity Loops Akai MPC ELECTRO HOUSE BASS LINES, SYNTH LOOPS & DRUM LOOPS Ultimate Producer Series-Hip Hop Loops-REX2 Loops for Reason SmartKeys MIDI Loops Chords and Fruity Loops Scores V1 Orchestra Loops, Samples, Fruity loops, Acid, Reasons!! R n B Piano Loops, R&B Samples, Music Loops - Platinum R&B Grooves Inspiration Sounds - Pure Live Breaks Vol 1(ACID/Apple Loops/REX2/WAV) Tech House Tip Trixxx ACID/WAV/Apple Loops/REX2/MIDI/EXS24 Smooth House Tip Trixxx (ACID/Apple Loops/REX2/MIDI/Refill) Froggy Loops(MP3, AIF Loops) Music Royalty FREE with PLR! Tiger Loops MP3 AIF Background Loops in a Variety of Tempos TIGER LOOPS(20 MP3,AIF Loops) with Resell Rights! Hip Hop Turntables Scratches Loops - 150 Scratch Loops Hip Hop Loops- Loops for Hip Hop - Pure Chronic Hip Hop Grooves MOTION VIDEO BACKGROUND LOOPS (WMV,MOV) 47+ LOOPS 700+ MB wi Dancehall Reggae 54 Dancehall Reggae 63 Dancehall Reggae 51 Dancehall Reggae Vol.28 Dancehall Reggae Vol.61

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Dub Dancehall Foundations-Dub Dancehall Loops Apple Loops AIFF  

Producer Charles Hart aka 'Fixa Flat' presents this collection of 16 construction kits that explore the roots of Dub and Dancehall music. Si...

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