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Top Recruitment Sectors in Next 5- 10 years

What does statistics say?

Unemployment currently runs at 8-11% across the developed economies of the world

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What are the sectors you want to be in?

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Information Technology • The (EU) commission’s own figures reported that there will be 900,000 vacancies for IT-related roles by 2015. • The number of “digital jobs” (jobs based around IT) is growing by about 100,000 every year

Engineering • The Royal Academy of Engineering found that British industry needs 100,000 new graduates in Science, technology, engineering and mathematics until 2020 totalling to 830,000 professionals and 450,000 technicians. • Nuclear new build and automotive manufacture - the key areas are predicting a 15% premium compared to UK averages salaries

Energy, Oil & Gas • The Lloyds Banking group recently found that oil and gas firms could create up to 34,000 jobs over the next two years • Aker Solutions announced a new contract from BP which will create 500 additional jobs on top of the company’s 1,500 already announced here in the UK.

Emerging Technology Applications

• Computerworld survey indicated that 60% of IT executives plan to hire app developers in 2013. •  Europe will be facing a skill shortage of 23 million by 2020 and China and incredible 140m by 2030

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Top recruitment sectors in next 5 10 years  

Top recruitment sectors in next 5 10 years