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Oman To Get A Tech Training Boost By SAP

The Partnership

SAP, the largest business software firm across the globe has taken this initiative to enhance the effectiveness of its Mawared graduate training programs in Oman.

The Lucky & The Soon-to-be Lucky Ones The partnership between Oman’s Information Technology Authority and SAP has proved beneficial for aspiring technical professionals in the country.

20 skilled graduates have been selected from a pool of 300

applicants in Oman. 20 more students are expected to join in the program in the fourth

The Training Program

The newly improved training program involves practical experience through project work. It will cover everything, starting from negotiation and communication to design and development and conflict management.

The selected students are on their way to develop IT, business and leadership skills.

As an essential part of the program, the students recently participated in a knowledgesharing and networking session with regional businesses and industry leads in Muscat.

And‌.. The Mawared training program will provide associatelevel candidates with SAP certifications in core business and industry solutions.

Oman to get a tech training boost by sap  

Oman to get a tech training boost by sap