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Mobile Applications to Simplify

Your Job Search

Looking for jobs is stressful and

challenging experience in one’s life.

If you are looking for anything that will

make the job hunt process a little easier consider a few mobile applications

Job Finder The application aggregates jobs from several websites. You have to specify your preferred location and any other preferences and the application will remember it whenever you open it in the future.

Job Compass An iPhone application that help you to search open position. The application searches more than 2 million listings and help you find the desired job.

Now Hiring It is great for anyone looking for new jobs or complete career change. With this application you can save job searches, email search results or other details. It is possible to filter the search results by date, miles, relevance, job types and nature of jobs.

Jo Mo It is a free application on iTune and Google Play. Users can search among millions of job listings from around the globe. Find local jobs using Google Maps. Find interview tips and connect with other job seekers to share job hunting techniques. If you are an Android tab or iPad user you can apply to jobs directly from the application.

Gigwalk The application is available on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. You have to purchase the temporary gigs. When you are performing well, businesses maintaining gigwalk profile can invite you to their private groups. This way your name will be broadcasted to others in the company.

Search Jobs on-the-go Download free Job Search application from Google Play and find the latest jobs and view latest jobs added since your last search. You can save or mail your favourite job postings also.

It is simple, fast and easy to search jobs using various mobile applications.

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Mobile applications to simplify your job search  
Mobile applications to simplify your job search  

Mobile applications to simplify your job search