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Enrolling Into

A Broker Training Program

Do you dream of becoming a registered representative? Getting enrolled into a good broker training program can fulfill your career goal.

Competition is prevalent in every field. In the following slides, you will get to know about four steps to boost your chances of being accepted into a broker trainee program.

Step 1: “Right” Your Resume

Your resume will get noticed only when it is unique from the others.

 Insert relevant keywords and phrases.  Highlight important career accomplishments.  Mention the revenues you were able to generate for your previous employer.

Step 2: Gather Experience

Brokerage firms prefer to hire candidates who possess a good understanding of the securities business. So, where do you stand?

Before applying for a broker training program, you may land up with a job in the securities industry as  A cold caller  An assistant

Step 3: Build Contacts

“It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” – This is so true!


is vital to your career pursuit. You may

contact your college, ask your friends who are employed in securities firms and join professional associations.

Step 4: Develop A Sales Pitch

The way you develop your client base will set you apart from others. The sales pitch refers to a pre-determined set of lines that you will speak over the phone or in person to a prospective client. The way to reach to potential clients should be unique. Be confident to demonstrate your sales pitch during interviews.

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Enrolling into a broker training program  
Enrolling into a broker training program  

Enrolling Into A Broker Training Program