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The White Room 908

By: Marissa Huang

Words Checked: 2126 Words in Oxford 3000: 91%


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About the Author My name is Marissa Huang. I’m 19 years old. Now I’m in the forth grade in five-year college in Wenzao. After graduating, I’m going to study the psychology as my major. This book is finished in 14th June 2007. Hope you enjoy it!



The White Room 908

To Dear Pete and Viema, I will never let you down


Chapter 1

I opened my eyes

I opened my eyes narrowly and discoverd my entire body was immobile. I was so thirsty, but there wasn’t a drop of water in the room. Unfortunately, remembering what had happened was in vain. My head was buzzing loudly attempting to recollect the accident. Yes, no doubt, I was sure I had had such kind of an accident. Unable to move, I glanced round the room carefully.


All white. The color white thoroughly covered the whole room: the ceiling, the walls, the door, the bed sheet, the bed frame, the floors, the curtain and the cupboard. How could a person live in an environment like this? Moreover, I discovered there was one sickbed which was opposite to mine. A bared-headed man lay limply and weakly on the white bed, seeming like he’d already died for 30 years. I wasn’t able to see his figure because he hid himself in the woolen


white blanket from head to toes making him more like a corp. The sun shone through the only window in the room. I could feel the warmth flowing in my blood. This all made me remember a film directed by Almodovar, Talk to Her. The film is about a woman who is unconscious and never wakes up after an accident. I was relieved that at least I could still see the world. Then I requested sight of the window. There was a little plant which had appeared! I didn’t notice there was a


plant on the window frame a moment ago. It wasn’t really like a plant. It was so bizarre that I couldn’t define. “A green mouse? No, not that ugly. Maybe a green decoration? No, it MOVES!!” I screamed. It was a tiny green ugly fairy. “Hi, Teresa, you can call me Viema,” it spoke in a horrible, high-pitched and intolerable voice.


Chapter 2


“Vie-ma… Who are you and what are you doing here?” I held my breath until Viema started to laugh. “Let’s say I’m a cute little fairy from hell.” The sharp tone from it kept circling in my head which caused dizziness.


“Okay, Viema. So why are you here?” It giggled and said, “I was sent by the devil in hell. I am here to observe and investigate you.” “Investigate? Why investigating me? I’m not guilty or did something bad.” “Are you sure?” it grinned foolishly at me. “Never mind. What had happened to me?” “You had been unconscious for two weeks because of a serious car accident.”


“For God sakes. Two weeks!” The footsteps broke the conversation. “Someone is coming. See you next time, my dear Teresa,” Viema quickly finished his words and vanished in the sky.

Chapter 3

Mom visited

“Visitors time!” a nurse announced while she was opening the door. Mom came in and sat in a chair by my


bed. I could see the tiredness in her eyes. She held my right hand and murmured, “I thought you would never wake up. Oh my poor bear. I couldn’t imagine life without you.” Her tears were pouring down like the rain. “Mom, I’m okay now. Don’t worry. I’m so sorry,” I said calmly, on the contrast, Mom was agitated. Dad didn’t come. He wouldn’t come. For a long time we hadn’t spoken to each other. I thought it was because he’d been


fed up with my childishness and chilliness. I still remember the last time we spoke. I shouted angrily at him, “It’s none of your business. You’re not my father. You are nobody to me. And you don’t belong to this family. You’d better remember this!” He slapped me in the face and walked away. I couldn’t describe the loneliness shown by his eyes. My mother remarried so I had a step-father. I didn’t understand all this. “Hey, Teresa, are you listening to


me?” Mom questioned. “Oh! What did you say?” “I said when you feel better, let’s go back to our home,” Mom seemed concerned. “Yes, of course.” The nurse entered the room and reminded us the time was up. Mom kissed my forehead and left. The only obvious thing was that no one had visited the other patient in this room. He didn’t move at all. I fell asleep right away. It must have been


due to the medicine.

Chapter 4


The next morning, I was woken up by the twitter outside. I stretched myself and yawned. I was stunned. I wasn’t immobile anymore. For the first time, I felt it was so nice to direct my body easily. “Hey, girl,” It was the other patient in


the same room. He had a low voice. “Hi, nice to meet you. What a beautiful morning. I’m Teresa.” “I’m Peter. You can simply call me Pete. Yeah, it’s beautiful. But it isn’t for a sick man who has stayed here for more than thirteen years,” Pete sighed with sad eyes. “I’m sorry,Pete. You’ve stayed here for such a long time. It must be very boring.” I immediately regretted saying those words.


“Well, it’s fine actually. People change and get used to things when time goes by, and so have I,” he said in a way like he had all the potential for everything in the world. At that moment, I admired how he looked while he was speaking. “But what lie ahead in life scared me,” I said sadly. “That’s right. Life’s a struggle. However, love makes life different. Those mysterious fates are not always bad. By the way, I heard


the conversation between you and your mom yesterday,” he seemed gazing vacantly at me. “That’s not very polite huh?...” “How could you be so emotionless,” he interrupted me, “Your mom seemed battered because of your injuries I think. How ungrateful you are! One day, you’ll understand how it feels like when nobody cares about you,” he said it as giving me a sermon.


I really hated that. It reminded me my dad. “Oh, yeah? Don’t be too pretentious. It’s none of your business!!” I scolded rudely and sank back into my bed. I thought it was the end of our conversation, but he continued speaking. “Teresa. I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. You have to consider others’ emotions, especially your


parents. Be mature.” I didn’t know why, yet I cried hardly in the bed sheet.

Chapter 5

Viema again

When I woke up, it was afternoon. Lunch was placed on the desk beside my bed. I had no appetite at all. I wanted to say sorry to Pete, but he wasn’t there. Maybe he was sent for some examinations. I couldn’t help thinking what Pete had


said. I always thought the problem in our family was just a mistake or someone’s fault. After hearing Pete’s words, I could almost see the problem clearly. My family relationship was just like atoms’ dissolution. It seemed I was being accused of all over this. “Ki ki ki… So you understand now?” Viema immediately stuck his head out from under my sheet. “OH!! You scared me! Next time when you want to show up, could you


please give me a warning?” I screamed loudly. “Shhhh… We will be heard. How do you feel these days, my dear Teresa?” it sneered. “I’m fine. Sometimes I feel very tired,” I replied unwillingly. “You should think over Pete’s advice, and you became this unthankful girl. Ki ki ki…” it giggled again. “I’m trying. Maybe my self-esteem is too strong. Overall, I’m just a selfish girl.”


“I’m quite pleased to hear that, Teresa. The devil will be happy anyway. You have to accept the dark side and bright side of this world. You are not the only person in the world, so you have to concern for others. It’s faster than I originally expected,” Viema lowered it’s voice. “What is faster?” “Teresa, nice to see you. Bye. See you next time.” This ugly green fairy disappeared again from my sight. The entire event nearly drove me


crazy. For this reason, I decided to go back to sleep.

Chapter 6

I’m sorry, Pete.

Pete was sent back on a wheel chair and then was lifted in to his sickbed.


“Pete, are you okay?” I asked sorrily. “Doctors said that I have little time to live,” he stated dispassionately making me feel sadder for him. I didn’t know what to say in such a situation. Comforting someone was always hard for me. “Teresa, don’t show your sympathy for me. I’ve been given every kind of treatments for a long time. And for me, I’ve always been aware of the day which will finally come to me. But the most


pathetic thing is you can’t even receive your parents’ last love before dying. That’s really annoying,” he forced a smile. I could read that. “May I ask where your parents are now?” “Yes, of course, my friend. They died when I was four. That’s why I was angry about your reaction to your mom. People should always treasure what they have had.” “I’m really sorry for my rudeness


yesterday, Pete. You are right. I’m an ungrateful girl. I’m changing my attitude. Thank you for the lesson,” I said. “Pete, you’ll conquer this sickness, just don’t give up hope, okay? You promise?” “I never give up. But when things happen, I will accept them,” he said firmly, “Teresa, I feel a bit tired now. I think I just need some sleep.” “Sure. Have a sweet dream, Pete.” “Thanks,” it was the last word he said.


From that moment on, Pete never woke up again. Many bitter tears welled up in my eyes after he was covered up with a horrible white cloth. The taste of my tears was unexplainable.


Chapter 7

Dad visited

“Visitors time!” a different nurse exclaimed. I couldn’t wait any longer to tell Mom how I felt. When I saw the reflection on the window, I knew it wasn’t Mom. “Teresa, how do you feel?” Dad whispered. “Hello, Dad. I’m good. How are you?” “I’m really fine, thanks,” he smiled at


me. We didn’t talk for five minutes. Dad just sat on my bed and looked out the window. “Teresa, you need to be more careful on the road next time. Mom and I really worry about you. At first, she couldn’t even sleep well at night. I’ve just talked to the doctor, and he said an observation is needed. I know it’s kind of tolerable for you, but you still have to be brave and be stronger for your mom and me,” he told


me without looking at me. I thought he didn’t want to make me angry like the last time. “Dad, thank you. I feel fortunate to have such excellent parents. After experiencing these painful treatments, I felt shame at not listening to your words. I shouldn’t have shouted at you, Dad. I’m really sorry.” I thought my life had just reached a climax. Dad didn’t say anything but was smiling this whole hour. I knew he’d


already forgiven me. Not at this moment, but after that slap. “Good bye, my Teresa. Take care of yourself,” Dad said beamingly and left.

Chapter 8


One of my favorite movies was “The Hours.” It mainly talks about life. I still remember a quote by Virginia Woolf which said “you can’t receive calm by avoiding life.” I thought I avoided my life


up till yesterday. The problem had been a secret since I decided not to solve it. As a matter of fact, I had become a childish girl and showed ingratitude towards Mom and Dad. Now, the problem have come to an end. I was relieved. Viema’s appearance was just like a dream or an illusion. I didn’t see it anymore. However, when I looked out the only window in Room 908, I could magically see the clouds spotted greenly. Maybe Viema was still overlooking me. I grinned. In the last


scene of Monster, the heroine who is accused of murder said, “Every cloud has a silver lining.� I thought no matter how bad life is, people still can somehow exist. Room 908 seemed like transportation in my life. I know life would be much easier in the future. Having this great expectation, I led a mature relationship with my family.


The White Room 908  

The White Room 908 By: Marissa Huang Words in Oxford 3000: 91% 2 Chapter 1 I opened my eyes ----06 Chapter 4 Pete ----16 Chapter 8 Relieving...

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