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A new king



The Fake goddess


The journey begins


Muranda & Sylvanas


The King, Arthas



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Author Stella Lin was born in Kaohsiung, Taiwan in 1990. This is her first novel which she wrote when she was the fourth year student in Wenzo Ursuline College of Language. Arthas was based on her childhood which she lived with her nanny. Her nanny used to create her own stories and share with Stella as her bed time stories. As she wrote this novel, she was constantly reminded of her happy childhood.



“We agree with this journey. If you can bring back the mask, there is no doubt that you should be our king!� said the elders The young prince, Arthas, decided to take the dangerous journey to prove his capability of being a king. However, was it really a journey to become a king? Or it was just a huge trap that will kill everybody? 5

1 A new king

The birds soared and wheeled in the cloudless sky. Beneath the sky laid the valleys of rich green and white-topped mountains. A crystal-blue sea shone in the distance. The great kingdom loomed in the middle of the sea. It was named Azero. The king of Azero, Terenas looked at the sky with gloomy eyes. “Birds were the messengers between the world of living


and the realm of dead, the king cried, ‘and I have been told my day is going to end.” “NO, father, you are still strong and healthy. There is no sense for you, such an honorable king to die in the …..” the prince, Arthas remarked softly. After one month, winter was fast approaching. The freezing wind blew through the country, and overhead snow clouds moved across the sky. One night, the wind blew so fiercely that it sounds like a terrible scream. Everybody


in the palace felt something was wrong when a servant shouted with a frightened voice.�Help, help! The king isn’t breathing!� Nobody knew how the king died. When the prince rushed into his room, he only saw his father lying on the bed with his eyes closed and peaceful smile on his face. The prince kept silent, but tears dropped from the corner of his eyes. The courtiers and the elders immediately held a meeting


after the king died. They were discussing who would be the new king. “According to the law, the prince should succeed to the throne” one courtier declared. “We know it, but the prince is still too young,” an elder spoke up, looking worried. “You are right; he needs to be as wise as his father, as majestic as a king should be.” “He needs more time.” Everybody nodded in agreement. When the prince was still feeling miserable about his father’s death, the discussion was told to him.


“Oh, my dear father! Did you hear what they have said? ….Probably they are right. I am not as wise and brave as you are, but how can I be an honorable king like you,” he cried gloomily. At this time, a mysterious sweet-smelling incense flew into his nose and all of a sudden he heard the word “follow me”. He walked out of his room but there was nobody outside. However, the incense grew stronger and stronger and it showed a clear direction where the prince should


follow. Arthas hesitated for a while. Then he looked up to the full-moon in the sky and said, “I hope it’s a sign from you.” He followed the alluring scent and disappeared in the darkness. Under the moonlight, the prince stood in front of the sacred temple of Azero. There is only one woman who was standing on the gold-decorated platform with seven black wildcats around her. “Who are you?”Arthas asked. “My prince, I am the priestess, Muranda.


What happened to you? Your face looks gray, your eyes looks spiritless,” she said. The prince told Muranda what had happened in the palace, “I am the rightful heir to the kingdom. But they don’t have confidence in me. I need to be stronger and more powerful. This is the only way I can convince them.” Muranda winked at him and said, “Prince Arthas, be honest to yourself, it’s you who look down on yourself even though you are the wisest man I have ever seen. You always have


plenty of ideas in your mind, but you never bring them up because you don’t want to get into any trouble. In other words, you would rather to be a prince than a king, right?” The prince was extremely shocked. He couldn’t believe that the woman who he just met could know so much about him. He felt as if he were naked when she looked into his eyes. “It seems that you know everything about me, so then tell me, how should I govern my country?”


The priestess looked at him and suddenly a brilliant idea came to her mind. “You should talk to the elders and courtiers face to face, and prove to them you are able to be the king! So the prince went back to the palace and asked his servant to inform all the elders and courtiers a mandatory meeting would be taking place tomorrow morning.


2 The Fake goddess

The air in the palace was frozen, nobody dared to speak. The elders and courtiers only used eye contact to communicate. “What a lovely morning, my loyal courtiers and honorable elders. Today we need to discuss about the inheritance of our nation. As we all know, I am the only son of my father. In this case, I am supposed to be the next king. However, I


have overheard your opinions about me. I can understand your concern but I want you to give me a chance to prove I am able to govern this country.” They peeked to each other and look confused because the prince’s reaction is far beyond their expectation. One of the elders finally spoke up, “We could ask advice from god. Let’s go to the temple and priestess Muranda might help us with this. “Everybody nodded in agreement while Arthas snickered secretly in his heart.”


When they arrived at the temple, Muranda was already standing in front of the temple and greeted her guests. “Muranda we need your help. As you know King Terenas has died and we need a new king.” continued the elder. Muranda listened carefully and facing the prince said, “It’s my honor to help, but please prepare a glass of olive oil and some laura for me. I will ask help from the god for you. This will lead you to the right decision,” said Muranda. After the preparation, Muranda asked


everyone to eat the laura which was soaked in oil. “It will help you to communicate with god,” said Muranda. However, it was also a trick. The people who ate the laura came under the spell that Muranda was a god. A bright sacred light shone on everyone’s face, Muranda smiled to the people and said, “I know what you’re concerned about. The prince must take a journey to prove his ability. In this journey, Arthas would need one hundred men to


accompany him, and he should bring the magic mask from Sylvanas. She is a cruel witch who possessed the mask. Arthas, you can prove your bravery and intelligence by taking away the mask from Sylvanas. Just sail to the east and you will find her.� Suddenly it began to rain, and the spell of the god disappeared at the same time. The elders and the courtiers gathered around and whispered to each other. The prince stood beside Muranda and


whispered anxiously, “Are you going to help me with the journey? What cruel witch? You didn’t tell me about that…..” One of the elders then spoke up, “We agree with this journey. If you can bring back the mask, there is no doubt that you should be our king!” The next morning, the courtiers selected one hundred men who were only 20 to 30 years-old to form a team for the journey. At the same time, the prince went to Muranda to ask about the next step of


their plan. “First, you have to know who Sylvanas is. She is a cruel witch who lives among monsters on the Unmanned Island. You must be careful with the monsters. I don’t know what they look like. However, I know their sense of smell is more sensitive than any other creature in the world, but at the same time they are blind. The second thing is don’t trust Sylvanas. No matter what she says, just don’t listen. And the most important thing is you should never give up. If you succeed then


after this journey you will become the new king of Azero! ” said Muranda. “I will take this challenge. I hope god will bless my people and me,” said the prince.


3 The journey begins

Everything was ready. The group of people started their journey at sunrise. The sun shone and the wind blew gently. The people on the boat were happily singing and dancing but they didn’t know what they were going to face. Only the prince stood on the bow and observed carefully looking out at the sea. Three days later, there was no more singing and dancing,


not even talking. Everyone felt anxious and homesick because there had been no sign of their destination. Still, they kept sailing to the east. On the fourth day, the prince woke up earlier than usual. When he again stood at the bow, it started to rain. Their boat was engulfed in mist. It was difficult to see anything, but the prince noticed the waves had become smaller and smaller. He woke up his people, and everyone was excited to see their destination. The appearance of


the island was getting clearer. All they could see was a desolate plain. The trees were left naked with leaves and the huge rocks seem strangely arranged. “My countrymen, we are here to kill the witch. When we get to the shore, we must be careful,” said the prince. “Should I tell them about the monsters? What if they are too scared to fight and run away? ” The prince thought so he decided to kept quite. As they stepped ashore, terrible things began to happen. The rocks started to


move. In fact, they were not rocks. They were the creatures with four feet, two tiny ears, a huge nose and no eyes. “They were monsters!” cried the people. All the people were shouting, screaming and running. The monsters were chasing after them. Some of the countrymen were eaten alive or badly hurt. As for the prince, he was so scared that he kept running until there someone shouted “Here!” The prince didn’t hesitate and followed the voice. When he calmed down, he


realized he was in a grotto.


4 Muranda & Sylvanas

“Who are you?” a voice asked from the inside of the grotto. “I am prince, Arthas. Are you Sylvanas?”cried Arthas. “Sylvanas? Were you sent here to kill me? ” A woman with a veil on her face and dressed in black walked out from inside replied. She stared at the prince in anger. “Isn’t it?” “You are not Sylvanas?” asked the prince. “Of course I am not the


evil witch. I am Muranda, a priestess of Azero.” “It’s impossible. Muranda is in the palace right now. You are the evil witch. I am here to take the mask.” “You silly young man, you were tricked. The woman who was in the palace was the real witch Sylvanas. She took away my mask fifteen years ago. When my father died, he left me the mask. And she used her magic powers to take it away from me. Also, she imprisoned me on this island. I believe you have already seen the terrible


monsters outside. They are under her control to kill me.” The prince was totally shocked. He didn’t know whether what he was being told was true or not. “If it was true, that means I am in a trap. But what if she was lying?” Thousands of question rose in his head. “How can you prove you are Muranda?” asked the prince. “I am the one who knows how to control the power of the mask.” “What was the function of the mask?” asked the prince. “You can


transform in anything you want if you wear the mask. In this case, you should know Sylvanas was pretending to be me with the mask. Help me to leave this terrible place and I will help you reveal the truth.” So, they carefully left the grotto. The land was covered in blood. The prince felt guilty and miserable about his people’s death. However, the monsters were still moving around. “How should we get to the boat without being eaten?” whispered


Muranda.” “The blood! Muranda do what I do and follow me,” said Arthas. The prince smeared the blood on his clothes and body, and so did the priestess. In this way, the monsters could not identify them with their nose. They quickly went back on the boat and started to sail back to Azero. “I undertook this journey to seek the way of being a king. But what have I done? I killed my people! I didn’t protect them….”cried the prince. “No, they died


for you. Through their sacrifice, you should learn how to be a king. Don’t give up. Your people still need you to lead them to a good life,� said the priestess.


5 The King Arthas

Six days later, they finally arrived home. The prince explained what had happened to his people and the courtiers. After that they immediately went to the temple to find the fake Muranda. However, she had escaped. Someone had said that she transformed herself into a black wildcat and now only appeared at night. As for the prince, he finally realized the way to take


charge of his country. For the last hundred years, Arthas has ruled his kingdom well and his people honor him with their highest respect.



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“We agree with this journey. If you can bring back the mask, there is no doubt that you should be our king!� said the elders The young prince, Arthas, decided to take the dangerous journey to prove his capability of being a king. However, was it really a journey to become a king? Or it was just a huge trap that will kill everybody? 38


Stella Lin 1 Words in Oxford 3000: 93% 2 1 A new king 6 5 The King, Arthas 34 2 The Fake goddess 15 About the Author 4 3 The journey begins...

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