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Lead Her to the Light


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About the Author Blanche Huang, a 19 year-old girl. She despises the people who use bad way to get profit. She has highly hope people could pay more attention to love and relationship between people, which can’t be gotten by cash. She wants to write books to promote her philosophy.

“Share Love Out !”


Synopsis To live in a good condition and positive way, people should believe in themselves to achieve their own goals. From Sue’s story, we could see that, if thee is love, hope, and warmness, nothing is impossible.

“Everything is possible.”


Chapter 1: In the Past Sue is a special girl who changed a lot.” I was black and white, but I am peaceful. She did a lot of things which didn’t make sense. Everything in the past was boring. My life was bad at all. But now, it was totally different. I have been a devil, but now I am an angel.” In London, a busy city, cars passed one by one. At the noisy street, Sue murmured to herself, “I hate how I looked before! I was disgusting. I was


as ugly as a devil. Until now, I haven’t seen a person who was as ugly as me in the past. I was scary. I couldn’t believe that I was like that before. Why did I become a person like that? Was I influent by society? Who knows? Maybe society is sick. There are more crimes. Society is now not like years before. For example, we are not often with our parents at home. We seldom with them talked about what had happened in school and in our lives.


The relationship between parents and children are less solid. People ignored the importance of the relationship. Also, the relationship between wife and husband has changed. Now, there are more and more extra-marital affairs.





sometimes people feel lonely when they get troubles. When they have problems, people often drop down in dark hole and evade the problems. They feel that is the best way for them.


~ Sue was one of the poor people. She started to get along with her friends to pubs every night. She did not sleep enough to think clearly and couldn’t be concentrating on classes. Every thing became to change. For example, she used to be elected to be a model student





student in the school admired her as their idol because of her good manner and intelligence. Her life was too


upside down. ~ The





became different was that she hated the





despised people who took bad and selfish way to get profit. In recent years, people want to live in a higher position, and most of them use a bad way to achieve their goals. For example, they lie to their boss that one of their colleagues did some


wrong thing, and that was harmful for the company. The person would get fired and the person and there would be fewer competitors in the career environment. But the people who lied would get a higher position. It was unfair in the career environment. ~ There was another reason that Sue was confused why the society was so unfair for Sue. In many cases, people have the same abilities, but the


opportunities always belong to the people who had good background, like his/her father was the president. Many things made her be negative. ~ However, Sue loved all things in her life now. “Although there had been a lot of things I hated, there is still warmness in the world. The world is so wonderful. Every thing is beautiful.� Sue is looking at the mirror, and talking to herself “ I am so beautiful. I look


peaceful. I am glad that I was led from dark to light. I thank Mark, my parents and the church members.�

Chapter 2: A Man One day, she met a man in the refresher course. His name was Mark, who was tall, gentle, and worked as a solider. At the first time Sue met Mark, she hated him very. Sue thought Mark’s thinking was strange. His


opinions were always different from her. Mark manner was too good for Sue to feel disgusted. In contrast, at the moment that Mark met Sue, he thought that the innate character of Sue is good. Maybe




unfortunate experience, so she now acted like this. Mark thought that Sue was certainly the suitable person in his life. He made a decision to pursue her. He interacted and discussed the


homework with Sue more often. Mark did many things for Sue and didn’t expect any recompense. For instance, he prepared dinner for Sue to show that there was still a person who paid much attention on her. Although Sue was unreasonable and snide, Mark didn’t change his attitude and mind. He believed himself that he made the right decision. ~ At first, Sue was bewaring to


protect herself, because she was afraid of getting hurt again. Mark understood Sue’s feeling and didn’t blame her. To change Sue’s thinking, Mark shared all his love with effort to impress Sue. He did his best to break down the wall between them. Mark also wanted to change Sue in a different way. He searched activities for Sue, like to be a volunteer of orphans and homeless people. He


hoped that Sue could learn she was lucky





experiences. ~ When Sue was upset he was always with her and listened to her patiently. He was not only a good listener but an adviser. He gave Sue advice, and analyzed the events. He led Sue to think in a positive way instead of negative way as usual. Mark encouraged Sue to learn


some skills, which she was interested in, like playing the piano and dancing. He






confidence from that. He never gave up Sue. Finally, Sue became more positive.

Chapter 3: Her Family After Sue changed her attitude, the family started change, too. The relationship between family members was more like the one of common


family. There were no people home. The members are individuals. There were no connections between them. The house looked like an empty box, which didn’t have warmness and love. ~ Eventually, Sue’s parents faced this issue. They realized that it was a big problem, and then they thought seriously about the solution. After a period of time, they found that the most effective solution was to change


their own attitude. There needed to be more parental involvement. The family needed more activities together.

~ Sue’s mother was home frequently. She prepared meals everyday and did all the housework. She took more care 20

of all the members in the family. She actively asked for Sue’s feeling and paid more attention to them. ~ Sue’s father also took his responsibilities for the family. He gave up his extra-marital affair, which had affected the family. That was one of the major reasons why Sue feel disappointed with


her family. Sue was really confused why her father had another family of his dad. She couldn’t understand why she should share her love from her day with others. She was discontented that her father cared of others more than her. She felt she had been abandoned. 22

Because of the truth she refused to stay at home. She thought“why should I stay at home to be lonely. Why not go out to have fun?� ~ Due to all that changes of her parents, Sue started to change. She wanted to do a little effort for her family. She envied a peaceful family.


Chapter 4: Christianity

While Sue was traveling in the U.S, she contacted the Christianity by chance. One day, she passed by a church, there was an attraction shone from the 24

church. She was curious, and decided to go inside. When she looked at the statue of Jesus, there was a strange feeling appeared in her mind. She felt guilty and stared to cry. She thought that she didn’t have the right to be in front of Jesus. She told out whatever kept in her mind. After that, she felt released. Because





decided to join the organization in church and became a Christian.


~ As usual, she was bewaring with strangers. She was used to keep secret between people. She didn’t share her feelings at beginning. After some months, when she really got along to the organization, she started to share her feelings about her boy friends and family. ~ When she had problems with Mark, she would ask the members of the








members never told her to break up with him. They encouraged her to think more about Mark’s excellence. They told her that they should tolerate each other. After all, they came from different backgrounds. They also encouraged Sue to improve herself. They thought that Sue and Mark could read books together. They





different opinions, and progressed


together. Sue was getting influential. This was an excellent experience which she hadn’t expected. That was an important turning point in her life. It was valuable for Sue. She thanked to God which gave her the chance. Since she could now depend on the religion, she felt peaceful and started to enjoy her life.


Chapter 5: Peaceful After this experience and the influential




completely different. She reassures whatever she had. For example, love from Mark and her family and her talent of playing the piano and dancing. She also arduously aspired whatever she lacked. She didn’t complain about her life anymore. ~ She considered thoroughly before


she made any decision. She never made the same error. She begins to run her life carefully.

Chapter 6: Nothing is Impossible Sue’s





example for the people who conducted their life in a depressing way. That’s possible for them to change and live in a good condition. People around the depressed classmates,

people, friends,


including and



would be glad to help them. The most important part was that they should believe in themselves to achieve their goals. If there is hope, there will be nothing impossible. ~ A peaceful environment is the sovereign goal many people desired. If we are all enthusiastic in helping the negative people, there will be fewer crimes.





surroundings, we should avoid its


happening instead of think about its solution.


To live in a good condition and positive way, people should believe in themselves to achieve their own goals. From Sue’s story, we could see that, if thee is love, hope, and warmness, nothing is impossible.

“Everything is possible.”


Lead Her to the Light  

the Light 1 Words in Oxford 3000: 96% 2 Chapter 5: Peaceful………………...29 Chapter 2: A Man…………….……..13 Chapter 1: In the Past……………….6 Chapter 4...

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