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Serena Tsai

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Chapter1 Ditsy Daisy …………….…….…..4 Chapter 2 School Life …..…………….…... 6 Chapter 3 Daisy’s friend, Betsy……... 9 Chapter 4 Honest Daisy ……………….….12 Chapter 5 Finding the Thief …………..14 Chapter 6 A New Classmate ……….….22 Chapter 7 School President………….…26 Chapter 8 The house on fire…………..30 Chapter 9 Graduation……………….………33


Chapter 1

Ditsy Daisy

Mr. and Mrs. Cheever are both well-educated.





famous doctor. Mrs. Cheever teaches chemistry in the university. They have only one daughter, Daisy, who is thirteen years old. She is a junior high school student. People might think she must be smart like her parents, but actually she isn’t. Every student called her “Ditsy Daisy,” at school, but it didn't bother her so much. -4-

Mr. and Mrs. Cheever spent lots of time teaching Daisy. They treat her very strictly. They forced Daisy to learn many talents. For example, play the piano, violin, and swim. It didn’t make her better, she is still not smart like her parents. Her parents are very worried about her, but they don’t known how to teach her.


Chapter 2

School Life

When Daisy came to school for the first time, her teacher, Mrs. William, asked everyone some questions at the first time in order to get to know everyone. “What is your birth date?” the teacher asked Daisy. “September 15,” Daisy answered. “And






teacher. When Daisy replied, “Every year,” -6-

all the classmates and the teacher started laughing at her. The joke didn't happen only once. Another time, a classmate mentioned he was going to take a trip to Australia for summer vacation. “Oh, you are going to Australia!” Daisy exclaimed. “Be sure to come back!”





started laughing. Although her classmates laugh at her, Daisy still didn't get angry. She refused to get angry or criticize -7-

anyone. Daisy had a happy attitude, so most students liked to make friends with her. Some of the boys even had a crush on her. At school, Daisy had many friends. Betsy Jenkins is Daisy’s friend, and she also lives next to Daisy’ house. They






neighbors. They go to school and walk home together every day.


Chapter 3 Daisy’s friend, Betsy

Betsy is much smarter than Daisy. She has the ability to be a great student. She was smarter than most of her classmates. Unfortunately, she had a bad habit. She was lazy. She was terrible slacker. If there is a test tomorrow, her parents will ask her study hard to get a good grade. Instead of studying, she passed the time doing nothing at her desk. Her parents got very disappointed when -9-

they saw Betsy get bad grades. When the weather got warmer, Betsy spent time lying in the backyard. She closed her eyes, and sunbathing with daydreaming. During the cold winter, she always stayed at home and curled up in her room. In her free time, she spent time reading comic book and novels. At the end of semester, Mrs. Jenkins received Betsy’s report card, and she was very disappointed. “Betsy, you have great talents. Please don’t hide them. I know you can do - 10 -

better next time. Please don’t let me down,” Mrs. Jenkins said. “It’s difficult for me. It’s not easy to change my bad habits,” Betsy replied. “Please try your best. OK!” Mrs. Jenkins said. That’s all Mrs. Jenkins said. She didn't want to push Betsy to hard. She was afraid Betsy would stress out and then drop out of school. Betsy’s mother didn't need to have to worry about that. Betsy never - 11 -

stressed out about anything. Betsy and Daisy are very alike. No wonder they are good friends.

Chapter 4

Honest Daisy

Daisy didn’t do well studying, but she is very honest. She knew things what she did was good or bad very well. Although, Daisy could improve her low grades by cheating, she refused to do so. When other students let her copy - 12 -

their homework or test answers, she refused all their offers. “I would like to study by myself. Yes, my grades are not very good, but I’ll try my best. Thank you for your consideration,” said Daisy. Once, Daisy found a wallet on the street. It contained over 5000 NT dollars. Instead of keeping this wallet, she brought the wallet to the police station. The owner of this wallet was surprised that he could get his wallet back. He thanked Daisy very much for - 13 -

returning the wallet with the money, and he gave Daisy 500 NT dollars for a reward.

Chapter 5

Finding the Thief

Daisy and Betsy had one similar thing. They liked to find missing things such as pets and bicycles. One day, when Daisy and Betsy went home together, they saw some police officers in a famous jewelry store. - 14 -

Last night, someone pilfered them from the store, so the police officers investigated. Daisy and Betsy wanted to help the police officers to find the thief, but the police officers turned down






The were

police just

children. This is not suitable for children. But a week passed, and the police officers hadn’t caught the thief. The jewelry store’s owner, Mrs. Jones, was depressed had lost a lot of money. She heard Daisy and Betsy are good at - 15 -

finding missing things, so she asked them for help. “I spent lots of time running this store, but now it’s empty. I have nothing now. I was so disappointed that I did not eat anything and did not sleep very well,” said Mrs. Jones. “Don’t worry. We will try our best to find the thief,” Betsy said. Daisy and Betsy walked through the store. They examined the store very carefully. The store was a little dirty and had some dust. - 16 -

“I’m sorry. I am also too busy to sweep the floor,” Mrs. Jones said. “That’s all right. It doesn't bother us,” said Daisy. There is a big mirror hanging on the wall in the store. Betsy moved it away. Behind the mirror was a hole in the wall. Mrs. Jones was very shocked. “Why does there have a hole?” asked Mrs. Jones. “This hole must have been cut by the thief,” Daisy said. Mrs. Jones finally realized that her - 17 -

expensive jewelry had disappeared through that hole. “What’s next door?” asked Betsy. “It has been empty for a while. No one lives there,” Mrs. Jones replied. “Someone might use that place to steal from you,” Daisy said. First, the thief decided to steal the jewelry from you. Second, they might think many ways to steal. Finally, they got a idea to make the hole from the other side. When you were out or slept at night, they used kind of a long pole - 18 -

through the hole and grabbed the jewelry,” Betsy said. “Now, you can call the police to catch the thief,” Daisy said. When the police officers came, they felt very embarrassed. They thought Daisy and Betsy were not be able to find the clue so quickly, but actually they did. “What made you think of looking behind the mirror?” the police asked. “There was unusual red dust on the floor


the - 19 -



answered. “Dust from bricks! Someone cut the hole carefully, even so, some of the dust dropped on this side.” Finally, the police caught the thief whom involved in many theft cases, and sent him to prison. All the jewelry was found in the thief’s house, and which now return to Mrs. Jones. Mrs. Jones thanked Daisy and Betsy’s help very much. “Excellent!” Mrs. Jones said. “You two are very smart. Now come over here and pick out some jewelry you - 20 -

would like for yourselves.” “Really! We can choose jewelry we would like?” asked Betsy. “Sure, you can,” Mrs. Jones replied. “That’s great. Thank you, Mrs. Jones,” Betsy and Daisy said happily together.

- 21 -

Chapter 6

A New Classmate

Every student in school heard about Daisy and Betsy finding out the thief. They were proud of Daisy and Betsy. Their parents were also happy with them. The president gave them a certificate of award in front of everyone. One day, there was a new student, Peter, in Daisy’s class. He also had a terrible habit. It wasn’t smoking, and it


drinking. - 22 -



procrastination. He never did things when he was

supposed to do them.

When he had homework to do, he always said, “I will do it later.” Then he wasted hours playing games on his computer or watching TV.

When his

mother asked him to do some little job around the house, he said, “OK! I will do it tomorrow.” But when tomorrow came, he would postpone things until the next day, and the next day, and the next. Mrs. Williams, their teacher, was - 23 -

very worried about the three students, Daisy, Betsy and Peter very much. Mrs. Williams knew all their bad habits. She wanted them to change. She employed different methods to help Peter get things done on time. For example, she told Peter there will be tests or assignments before she told every of student. But even though he had more time than other students to prepare, Peter was never prepared. On the day before the exam, would he begin to study for the exam on the bus to - 24 -

school. He often tried to complete assignments while eating breakfast before going to school. Mrs. William could tell which assignment was his without looking at the name on his paper. She recognized his paper by the food or drink spilled on it. Mrs. William almost wanted to give up.

- 25 -

Chapter 7

School President

One day, Daisy was worried about her future. She told Mrs. William her problem. “After




should I attend a good university?” Daisy asked. “Sure, if you can. You can try,” Mrs. William answered. “But I don’t think you could attend a good university. You also






interested in doing,” Mrs. Jones said. - 26 -

Daisy was passionate about her life. After talking with her teacher, she realized that she needed some dreams to realize. There is going to be a school president election next week. Because Daisy needed dreams to realize, she attended




election. With the help of Betsy, Peter and other classmates, she began her election competition. She spent many hours meeting and talking to students about voting for her. - 27 -

Three days before the election, there was a big meeting for all the students. Everyone who wanted to be school president had to make a five-minute speech. Daisy was very nervous. When she walked onto the stage, she fell down. Every student laughed at her. She didn't care about that, and she began to talk. Everyone wondered what she was going to say. They thought it might be silly. “Good morning, students,” Daisy said. “I am a candidate number three for - 28 -

school president, Daisy. I wanted to do something that nobody thought I could do. I thought nobody would think I could become school president. That’s why I’m standing here. If you’d like to see someone do something nobody thinks she can do, then please vote for me. I won’t let you down. I promise! Thank you.” Finally, Daisy was voted school president.





something for the students. “Don’t just be everything you can be. - 29 -

Be more!” Daisy said to everyone.

Chapter 8

The house on fire

Once afternoon in summer, Betsy was sunbathing in her backyard. Her mother has cooked some food on the stove, but she had to leave home to do something. She asked Betsy to check every five minutes. Betsy said “OK. “ Betsy was very comfortable reading the comic book and lying in the - 30 -

backyard. Suddenly, she fell asleep. When she woke up, she smelled something burning. It was the food on the stove. She has totally forgot about it. She ran toward the kitchen and she found that the kitchen was on fire. She quickly put out the fire. The house was saved. Her mother was very angry at her, and Betsy felt very sorry. Because of her laziness, her house would burn to the ground. She realized she had a terrible habit. She tried to give up her laziness. She began to - 31 -

study hard and help her parents. She became the best student in her class. Her parents were proud of her improvement, and Mrs. William was surprised.

- 32 -

Chapter 9 Graduation

Betsy also wanted Daisy’s grades to increase, so she taught Betsy after school





grades got better. Their teacher, Mrs. William wasn’t worried about them. She just worried about Peter. He didn't give up his procrastination; he still did the things until the last minute. Finally, he graduated. Daisy, Betsy and Peter started their new life after graduating. - 33 -

Ditsy Daisy And Her Friends  

And Serena Tsai Words Counted: 2101 - 2 - Chapter 5 Finding the Thief …………..14 Chapter 7 School President………….…26 Chapter 3 Daisy’s friend,...

Ditsy Daisy And Her Friends  

And Serena Tsai Words Counted: 2101 - 2 - Chapter 5 Finding the Thief …………..14 Chapter 7 School President………….…26 Chapter 3 Daisy’s friend,...