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A Star Flows into a River

Yu-Shan Wang A NOVEL


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A Star Flows into a River A NOVEL


A Star Flows into a River “…human beings needn’t to have a rich family, but she strongly asked me …to have a rich mind…said that’s the treasure which no one could take it away. It will be existed in our whole lives.” Trista is a fourteen-year-old girl. The future as a human who open his hands welcomes Trista. However, Trista has many doubts about what love, friendships and the future are. She has to find the answers, but she definitely needs a counselor. Would she find the answer? This story by Yu-Shan Wang, that a person of many high coordination thoughts, tells people what teenagers might be and what teenagers would think about. This book is for teenagers and people who have been teenagers.


Yu-Shan Wang is the Arthur of A Star Flows into a River.

This novel is her first manuscript about

family, friends and love.

In the novel, she doesn’t

only talk about love but also family and friends.


teenagers may receive something from this book. The Arthur’s interests are reading and writing novels. Now she lives in Kaohsiung County, Taiwan, R.O.C.


This book is dedicated to Chris, my best friend.


A Star Flows into a River


Contents Ⅰ. Every rule was too new to follow.


Ⅱ. Good and bad news


Ⅲ. It just happened.


Ⅳ. Everything was so clear.


Ⅴ. The choice was hard to make.


Ⅵ. Stars never disappear




A Star Flows into a River

Chapter 1: Every rule was too new to follow.

After winter vacation, spring was coming. It’s 6 p.m. Trista’s sitting in the library and writing a letter to her friend, Harriet, who lives in England, and has a baby now.

They have been friends for thirteen years.

When Trista was thinking about inviting Harriet and her husband to attend her and Adolph’s wedding, she saw a man coming into the library smiling at her. “It’s about time for us to have dinner,” the man said. “I am going to finish this letter. Could you wait for me,


Adolph?” Trista kept writing her letter. “All right. I will meet you at the Durlov Café,” Adolph said. He has no choice, but he just likes the way Trista is. She is always conscientious with everything. “O.K.” Trista gave him a smile. Adolph is her fiancé. months later. church in June. June as well.

They are going to marry three

The wedding will be held in St. Ralph Her first novel will be published in Those events don’t only

come from luck but also the motivations from her teen age’s years. She recalls all her memories of aging fourteen……


 Junior high school was a hard time for Trista. It all started when she was 14-year-old girl.

Trista was an

innocent girl in Cashy Miller Junior High School. When the second semester brought, she was very excited because she has got used to every course in school, and she expected to learn more knowledge during this semester.

The night before the ceremony

was held to signal the beginning of a school semester, Trista habitually looked outside the window and saw many stars circling the moon, and she made a wish. She talked to the stars in whispers.

It was a secret

between she and the stars. After the ceremony, she was sitting in her new


classroom and listening to her teacher, Dr. Blake, talking about the courses and the rules in school. Blake taught mathematics.


He was a very serious

teacher and always gave students a lot of homework. Trista had learned that from last semester. “I’m very glad to be your teacher, class,” said Dr. Blake happily. “Well, now let’s talk about our new rules. First, no food and drink in class. Secondly, don’t chat in class. Third...” Dr. Blake couldn’t stop telling the rules, but Trista thought they were boring. She was waiting for art class.

She liked painting and writing.


received many awards in writing, so she prepared to become a female novelist in the future.

Trista was so


artistic and most classmates liked to read the novels she wrote; except for one classmate, Patricia, who grew up in a rich family.

Patricia was outgoing and

elegant but very proud.

That was why Trista hardly

even talked with her, but Trista didn’t know that Patricia thought Trista was better than her. She didn’t like to be defeated.

Both of them had many

friends, but Trista sometimes liked to be free and alone because she liked to write down everything she saw when she was alone. Writing took a lot of time. Of course, Patricia had more friends than Trista because she loved to excel everybody. When Trista tried to make friends with her every time, Patricia always looked at her very coldly.


“What do you want, Trista?” Patricia said impolitely. “Hmm… I’d like to ask you if you could play with us this Sunday.

Harriet and I would like to invite you to

join the dressing-gown party on Sunday,” Trista said hesitantly. “Are you kidding? Do you really think I have time to play with you? You two must be joking, right?” Patricia started to laugh at them loudly. Trista was so embarrassed and walked away. After that, they didn’t talk anymore.


Chapter 2:

Good and bad news

Mom was sick during winter vacation because the temperature decreased rapidly. It never occurred that Trista that Mom would be sick. work and so did her Dad.

Her Mom liked to

Both of them were

workaholics, but they did give Trista and her sister a good education and appropriate attitudes to act parents. When Trista was not happy or stuck on something, Mom usually gave her a useful suggestion. Trista would know how to do then.


Mom was in the

hospital, and Dad was taking care of Mom with her sister. “May I go with you?� she asked her Dad and sister.


She wanted to take care of Mom as well. “No, Trista. You have to stay home to arrange your scholastic routines and do the housework,” Dad said. “Don’t worry, Trista. Mom will be O.K.” her sister said. Trista was still worried about Mom, but she couldn’t do anything. She decided to stay home and did what her father told her. Trista was sad, so she made a phone call to her best friend, Harriet.

Harriet was a single child who

was in a single-parent family.

She was a precocious

and studious girl. Both of them lived near school. When Harriet picked up the phone, she heard Trista’s sounds.


“This is Trista.

Harriet, what am I going to do?

My Mom is sick now, and I can’t do anything for her,” Trista sobbed. “Oh! Please don’t be sad.

I am so sorry to hear

that, but you must calm down and take care of yourself during this hard time. you can do.

That is the best thing

Don’t make your Mom worry about you.

Okay?” Harriet replied. Trista thought what Harriet said was right and that was the only thing she could do for her Mom. “Yes.

I know what to do now. I won’t let my mom

worry about me.

Thank you, Harriet.” Trista’s

sounds become calmer and then they began talking about some news at school.


“Trista, do you know there will be a new student in our class? “Really?

His name is Adolph,” said Harriet. Do you see him?” Trista asked.

“ No, but I think he is a rich guy because Dr. Blake told me I have to take care of him when he becomes our classmates. I am sure what Dr. Blake told me is not only because I’m the class leader but also this guy’s background,” Harriet told her in a bizarre voice.” Trista was curious about Adolph and when he would become their classmate. “Tomorrow he will attend Dr. Blake’s class,” Harriet replied. It sounded as if Harriet as disliked Adolph.


“It’s all right,” Trista thought. “Maybe he is a creep.” After some appropriate conversation, they hung up. Trista went to the bed and read a book ‘Tomorrow will be better’, and slept after she wrote in the diary which her grandmother had given her as a birthday present. * “It’s 7:30 now! I’m going to be late for Dr. Blake’s class.

God help me!” Trista was very nervous

because she was afraid of 8:10 class—Dr. Blake’s math class. When she entered the classroom, she saw everyone’s eyes fixed on her. Trista did never ever felt like being a fool at that moment.



I’m late, Dr. Blake,” Trista said. “It’s O.K. Go and take your seat,” he replied peacefully. That surprised Trista very much. Dr. Blake usually punished students who were late for his class.


was always ‘little’ punishment like cleaning the classroom, memorizing equations or taking a test right away. “Now, class.

Turn to page 70.

We’ll look at

proportions.” Dr. Blake was so delighted. “What happened to him?” Trista was trying to figure out what was wrong with Dr. Blake while she walked toward her seat. at her.


Suddenly, she felt someone gazing Trista was confused, but she was

sure there must be someone looking at her. Trista


wanted to find out who he or she was, the sight disappeared. “Today everything is strange,” Trista thought. After class, Harriet came to Trista and asked, “Hey, Trista.

Why are you late for school?

Did you

oversleep?” “No, I’m just……” Trista tried to answer Harriet’s question. “Is that true? I’ve heard that Trista is late for Dr. Black’s class. Trista is never late for class, right?” Trista didn’t know when Patricia approached her and said those sharp words. “How could you say that?” Harriet replied quickly.


She stared at Patricia with anger. “Never mind. I’m just kidding.” Patricia shrugged her shoulders and walked away with her followers. “Harriet, I don’t mind what she has said.

Patricia is

just kidding.” Trista said. “You are always kind to everyone!

By the way, do

you know the new student, Adolph, now is in our class?” “Really?

Where is he?

Maybe we can hold a party

for him.

Let’s welcome him to join our class.”

“Trista, I think what you said is nonsense.


over there.” Harriet said. She pointed her finger to the corner of the classroom.

Trista followed her sight

and saw Patricia talking to a good-looking guy.


“Is that Adolph?” Trista asked. “Definitely. Now you see that. There are many girls who want to ‘take care’ of our new classmate. He doesn’t need us at all,” Harriet said. “Well, I think you’re right,” Trista said desperately. She hung down her hand continuing to focus on her math assignments.

Trista didn’t notice there have

been eyes fixed on her from the corner of the classroom.

Chapter 3: It just happened. “Mom got a fever?” Trista couldn’t’ believe that her Mom still hasn’t recovered and was almost getting worse.

Trista kept asking her sister, “When will


Mom be better?” “I don’t know but I’ve heard Dr. Schuh say Mom would be better in two days because of his cure. Take care of yourself, Trista.

I’ll call you in two

days,” her sister replied. Trista hung up. She was very worried about her Mom.

She decided to write

down her feelings in her diary.

The front cover of

her diary had a photograph of her grandma a sixteen years old standing in the middle of the farm.


beautiful grandma wore a straw hat decorated with a big yellow sunflower. Trista thought her grandma was so happy because her smile was like the sunshine. However, she got very curious the first time her grandma gave this diary to her as there was a


handsome guy standing next to her in the photo. “Grandma, who is he?

It is not grandpa, right?”

“Grandma, who is he? Trista asked.

It is not grandpa, right?”


Trista asked. “Little Candy, he is Mr. White, and he is one of my best friends.” Trista remembered every word which her grandmother had told her.

Afterwards, her grandma

passed away because of cancers. It became a secret so Trista wrote down all her secrets in the diary. This book took her into a mysterious world that she always wanted to go and perhaps she would find out what Mr. White was one day in her life. * Trista wrote a novel called “Little Josephine’s Cake” and she sent it to a publishing firm today.

This novel


talked about a girl, Josephine, who hated to eat cake everyday but one day she accidentally went into a handmade-cakes factory, and the cakes could move, talk and play with her. At the end of the story, she liked to eat cake and suddenly she woke up.


all these events true or untrue? She couldn’t answer the question.

After Mr. Pica’s art class, Trista talked

to Harriet in school about what she has done about her novel. “Harriet, don’t you think it’s perfect that I will become a writer?” “Well, I don’t think so.

Although it’s so interesting,

your novel is not vivid enough,” Harriet replied. “No! How dare you! I don’t agree with what you


have said that my novel isn’t good enough. I work on it every day, you know that, right?” Trista lost her temper and began to shout, “don’t you think you’re always the best one, Harriet?” There was a silence between them.

Harriet didn’t

say anything. She walked away. Trista was very angry then.

They didn’t talk anymore, didn’t go to

class nor play together.

They were strangers at that


They didn’t know when they would be friends


Trista knew that she was wrong when she got

her manuscript work returned.

The editor enclosed a

small note which told her to improve her writing skill just like Harriet said.

However, it was too late,

Trista thought. Harriet couldn’t forgive her. Trista


cried and cried not only because the novel was returned but also because she lost such a good friend, Harriet. Maybe Trista was too sad to find her math homework for Dr. Blake’s class. “Trista, you forget to bring math assignments?


think you remember our twelfth rule, so you should write three more copies of your homework, O.K.?” “Yes…” Trista said. Trista felt sad and wanted to cry, but she didn’t. She gazed at Harriet and Adolph, and she wanted to know what they would think about her, “Trista deserved it!” or “Trista is a bad girl!” or “She is a lazy girl?” Trista couldn’t imagine that.

Wait a minute! Why


did I care them so much with? never even talked to him before.

Did I like him?


He was Patricia’s

best friend and everybody knew that Patricia liked Adolph very much.

These voices went around

Trista’s mind and couldn’t stop them. Trista gazed at Adolph again and then looked at the blackboard. Blake was talking about ‘Parallel lines’.


They are

two lines which won’t ever touch each other. “Are they just like Adolph and me?” Trista decided not to think about that anymore. Nevertheless, Trista recalled everything which had happened to her these days: Mom, Harriet and Adolph? God!

Trista thought she couldn’t endure anymore

unlucky things.


“Why didn’t anyone care about me?

Why?” Trista

shouted up to the white walls of this empty house. Trista knew what she could do was to write. was her habit to help clear bad thoughts.



hoped to find the answer of everything in this way. * Trista became afraid to go to school. She got up early at 6:00 and sat on her bed.

She started to

consider what her next step was.

When she

discovered that she couldn’t come up with anything, she has just cried until 7:00. got dressed.

Then, she washed and

At 8:00, she came to class on time.

She didn’t let anyone know her behaviors of every morning in school, so most classmates didn’t find out


what was wrong with her. Trista was very suspicious of eyes.

No matter what had appeared

around her, even if there had been a dog or a cat playing next to her. She hated them because she thought that even dogs or cats were doing something bad behind her!

Trista knew she was becoming

oversensitive, and she would get sick if she didn’t stop thinking about those bad things.

Two weeks later,

she made a decision: She needed to take a rest.

Chapter 4:

Everything was so clear.

When Trista called her father and told him that she would like to take an approved temporary suspension


for schooling, she got a voice-message from her Dad. His voice sounded very excited, “Trista, Mom is fine now! Dr. Schuh told me Mom can come home in two days!” Suddenly, Trista forgot what she wanted to say. She was very happy and excited.

Her Mom could come

home! She could eat hot and delicious dishes which Mom cooked. anymore.

There was no micro- waved food

What a wonderful world! Her Mom has

recovered, and that reminded her of one thing: There were still hopes in the universe. Trista began to reflect on herself, “Maybe I should not give up my dream.”


Trista decided to create a new story about Mom and her. She wrote down the interesting conversations between her Mom and her. “Trista, you do a great job!” her Mom always said when Trista finished some works. “Thank you, M.I.MA.”

Trista always replied like

that. “M.I.M.A.?

What is that?”

“M.I.M.A…, M.I.M.A. is that…, Mom Is My All!” Trista suddenly shouted. “You’re a imp, Trista!” her Mom said happily. Trista finished this book in two days and sent it to Mom as a present celebrating her Mom leaving the hospital.


After her Mom came home, Trista knew she couldn’t let her Mom worry about her and Harriet’s friendship. As a result, she picked up the phone and called Harriet.

“Harriet, I need to apologize to you.

I’m stupid and too proud of my writing skill to know how poor my novel I wrote. I didn’t even know there has been a good friend standing in front of me and has given me some advice.” “Trista, I don’t mind what you’ve said.

What I mind

is your attitude towards me about what I said.

I am

very glad that you called me and has talked to me. Thank you, Trista,” Harriet replied happily. “Thank you, Harriet.” Trista felt she would never ever be as happy as these words at this moment.


She also sent her book to a publishing firm which Mom encouraged her to do, and soon she received a message that her book has been accepted!


dream would become true!  They were talking about the annual-class-trip. liked to go to travel with her friends.


Most of her

classmates chose North Country as the main scenic spot.

Trista was excited because that was the place

where her grandma was born.

Trista hasn’t been

there before. It was too far away for her, but somehow she always wanted to travel in North Country. She saw pictures in magazines. The sunshine, stones, and blockhouses impressed her.


Trista looked forward to traveling there.


decided to set out after final examinations.


The sunshine, stones, and blockhouses impressed her. When they got on the bus, some of her classmates started to chat and some sang popular songs. were so excited.


Trista sat next to Harriet, and they

talked to each other happily. “Well, Trista, look over there.

I don’t mean to hurt

you, but I have to say they must be not only ‘friends,’” Harriet said directly. “Please.

Oh, please, Harriet.

What I told you is

just a secret between you and me.

Don’t talk about

them. I know you didn’t mean it, but I… but I just…”

Trista couldn’t say any other words.


“Sorry. I’m sorry. I won’t talk about them anymore, I promise!” “Thank you, Harriet,” Trista said happily. All the time, Trista didn’t have any thought about her and Adolph although she knew she liked him very much.

Adolph had been well-known in

Cashy-Miller school because he was very talkative and handsome.

He had never even talked to Trista.

That was a strange thing which Trista has never thought about.

They were in the same class and met

everyday but there was no talk between them. In Trista’s opinion, Adolph was a boy who liked to be successful. The topics he talked about were always the assignments and current affairs.



recognized that maybe he wanted to hide what he really thought about by his talkative appearance. However, Trista’s opinions about him were a secret in her mind.

Trista always told herself, “They were

like parallel lines.” games of love.

It would remind her not to play

Besides, there was a more important

goal waiting for her to arrive: a female writer. That was the target she has wanted to reach because she had been chasing it for seven years. She couldn’t give up and never stopped going after it.


there was one thing that Trista couldn’t understand about why Dr. Teresa knew she was sick and cured her. Who was the person that told Dr. Teresa as no one knew she was uncomfortable then?


Trista asked Harriet, but she didn’t know Trista was sick at that time, and so she felt sorry that she hadn’t paid attention to her.

Harriet would also like to

thank the person who had helped Trista.

Trista kept

looking for her savior. Three hours later, they were at North Country. “Wow!

Mountains and rivers are so beautiful!”

Trista cried out. She thought her grandma was so lucky to grow up in this wonderful place.

Trista and

her classmates had been going around the countryside. The view made them feel they were probably in paradise.

It was totally different from urban areas.

The first night, Trista lived in Blockhouse 9. felt everything was plain sailing.


This was her


grandma’s hometown and she could visit it now. After dinner, she decided to take a walk.


alone the path, she felt someone was staring at her. She stopped and shouted, “Who are you?

What do

you want?” “I am Adolph.”

Adolph appeared from the purple

moonlight. Trista was surprised that Adolph would talk to her. “Hello, Adolph.” “Hello, Trista.”

Trista didn’t know what to say. Adolph seemed to say something,

but he couldn’t. “Take it easy, Adolph.”

Trista was curious what was

so mysterious that Adolph wanted to talk to her about. “Trista, I like you!” Adolph cried out.



What did you say, Adolph?”

Trista was

too shocked to hear what Adolph has said. “I said I like you! I’ve had a crush on you since the first time I saw you in Dr. Blake’s class!”

Chapter 5:

The choice was hard to make.

“I…I… I’m a little bit surprised about what’ve you said.

Do you really mean it?”

Trista was flushed,

and she felt there was something stuck in her throat and had to drink water to make it slide to her stomach. “I meant it.

Don’t doubt. I immediately liked you

when you first came in the class. I saw you were nervous being late for class; but on the


other hand, you looked very calm because you walked to your seat slowly.

That is why I admired

you. You do one thing with full of your energy. When you talk, you talk.

When you write, you write.

You do things completely.

That is the second reason

why I like you.

Would you give me a chance to be

with you?” Trista was almost getting crazy because what Adolph has said she never thinks about before.

Did Adolph

truly like me or is it a trick which he and Patricia had planned?

“What is this? Is this God’s joke?

possible that Adolph likes her?”

Is it

Trista thought.

She would never believe that Adolph could like her if he hadn’t told her.


“It is so hard for me to express my feelings, but I am sure that I like you,” Adolph stated again. “But we are only fourteen years old. be so sure that you like me?”

How could you

Trista asked.

“Maybe its God’s decision,” Adolph replied. “Adolph, I have to think about this.

When I give you

the answer, I will write you a letter,” Trista said to him. “No problem. Adolph replied.

I hope I can receive a ‘Yes’ letter,” He went away and disappeared in

the silver moonlight. “What should I do?”

Trista knew she liked Adolph

but she couldn’t have a boyfriend because she had her dream.

She wanted to become a female writer!


She needed to advance to a higher school. She knew she wouldn’t have been good at her studies if she had a boyfriend. She had to choose which way she went. The next day, Dr. Blake took the class to visit the owner of the famous White House.

Dr. Blake

introduced that owner and Trista discovered he was an old man who was in his late seventies. are in the White House.

“Class, we

There are many sculptures.

The owner is a wise gentleman, Mr. White. He grew up in this old town, but once he went away because of World War П.

He came back in 1960 and made this

town very well-known in the world to his photographs. We can see the paintings, sculptures and photographs


everywhere. You could take a walk to see these works.

We go to lunch at twelve o’clock.”

Blake said and turned to talk to Mr. White.

Dr. Trista

kept thinking about Adolph’s words. She cleared everything now including those eyes.

She expected

to see Adolph but she also wanted to avoid him. That was the unknown feeling as Adolph said. However, she had to make a decision.

Trista and

Harriet were walking through the gallery. Suddenly, she saw a painting of a woman who wore a straw hat decorated with a big sunflower. “It is the same as the photo of my diary!” whispered. “What did you say?”

Harriet asked.



“Oh, nothing. I mean this picture is nice,� Trista replied. Trista stared at the man whom Dr. Blake was talking


She saw a painting of a woman who wore a straw hat decorated with a big sunflower. with. There was a voice that telling her, “Little candy, the man is Mr. White.” By the skin of Mr. Blake’s teeth, he finished his long talk and walked away. She came to Mr. White directly and said, “Hello, Mr. White. Nice to meet you.” “Nice to meet you, too, little girl,” Mr. White said kindly. “May I ask you a question?”

Trista asked.


“Yes, sure you may,” Mr. White replied quickly. “Are you really Mr. White?” “Of course.

I am the only Mr. White in this town.”

Mr. White laughed and said, “Why did you ask this?” Trista looked at him and walked near the painting and said, “I got the same picture from my grandma. She said that a man named Mr. White gave this picture to her as a birthday present.” Mr. White was astonished about Trista’s words, “Are you Susan’s granddaughter?” “My grandma’s name is Susan.

I am Trista.


are really Mr. White.”

Trista was surprised that she

has found Mr. White.

He seemed to have a lot to talk

about with Trista.

However, she looked at the clock.


It was about 12:00. She had to leave with her classmates for lunch. “Could you come over here tonight?” “Yes, I think so.” That night, Trista walked to the White House by herself.

She knocked at the door.

“Trista, is that you?” Trista heard the sound of steps coming from far to near. “Yes, it’s me.” Trista went into the White House and saw there were some desserts on the wooden-table. “Trista, take some yourself. They are not bad.” “You made these all?”

Trista asked.


“Yes. Try some.” Trista was shocked but she sat down along on the wooden chair and started to pick up a teddy bear cookie. “Wow! It tastes good. Mr. White, you are a cook as well.” “I cooked for my family when they were children.” “You have children?” “Yes, I have two children and four grandchildren. They are all perfect.” “Why don’t you live with them?” “My son had asked me about that, but I was not accustomed to the living styles in the city. So, I decided to live here by myself.

That is the way


which I will live for the rest of my life.” “It doesn’t sound bad.

Maybe I will do the same as

you when I am your age.” “HaHaHah, Trista.

May I call you Trista?”


White asked. “Yes. Mr. White.” “Trista, how is your grandma?

Does she live with

you now?” “She did live with us but she passed away three years ago.” “I am sorry, Trista,” Mr. White said sadly. “Was Susan happy when she was alive?” “She has told me she was so happy to see her child and grandchildren healthy. She also told me that she


thought human beings needn’t to have a rich family, but she strongly asked me and other cousins to have a rich mind.

My grandma said that’s the treasure

which no one could take it away. It will be existed in our whole lives.

By the way, were you and grandma

friends when you were young?” Trista asked. “Yes, we’ve been good friends,” Mr. White replied. “How long have you been friends?” “Since we were born.

We were neighbors.


grandma was a pretty girl, and every boy in North Country was crazy about her.” “Including you?” Trista asked. “Yes, I would like to but Susan said she didn’t want to have a boyfriend then.

She said that she wanted to


have her career.

She was unusual for that


She had her own opinions about


You are probably like her, Trista,” Mr.

White said. “Me?” “Yes.

Trista showed surprised. Is there something distracting you?

I could

see it because you were not unhappy when you entered even that you would like to cover it.” Trista was shocked. “Yes. Mr. White.

There is something distracting

me.” “Would you like to tell me?” “Sure,” Trista told Mr. White she was stuck between Adolph and her future.


“Trista, I’m glad you shared this with me, but I won’t tell you what to do. I will tell you a story. As I told you, I grew up in North Country. It was a poor aspect which no young man had wanted to stay including me.

And then I decided to travel around a

big city to find my opportunity to become a successful businessman.

I didn’t know I was not ready for a

business yet.” “What happened next?

Did you be rich?”

“No, of course not. In fact, I lost all my money, and I was in debt. I’ve paid back over twenty thousand dollars to the bank.” “What did you do next?” curiousness.

Trista asked with


“I came back to this country.

Everyone looked

down on me even my girlfriend. I thought that she was the one who would never distain me. did.

But she

When I went to the big city, I broke up with her.

She didn’t want to go there and maybe she had already known I wasn’t a good businessman.

But I

told her, ‘I am going to be rich. It seems that you don’t want to support me.

Let’s break up. You can

find your dream and so can I.” “Did she marry another man?” “She married a man right away when I went to the city.” “Do you still love her?” “She is my life.

When I found out she was married,


I was brokenhearted.

And soon I was called to be

a soldier in World War П.

She moved to another

country when I came back.

We’ve never seen each

other since then.” “Would you tell her that you still love her if she were here now?” asked Trista. “I remembered she and I always went to the forest and there was a river called ‘wish.’ But she didn’t like the name. She liked ‘hope’. She believed that every star had magic to make your hope come true. So she said, ‘I changed the name of this river. Now it is called ‘hope.’” “What’s your reaction?”

Trista enjoyed the story.

“I told her, ‘Every star must flow down in a river


named hope.’” “Every star must flow down in a river named hope. I like this!” “It is also the advice I would like to give you. Never give up, Trista.” “I won’t, Mr. White.

Oh, no, it is almost 8 p.m. now.

I must go back or Dr. Blake will punish me if he checks the room and discovers I am not there.” “Okay, Trista. “Me, too.

I hope I can talk to you in the future.”

Mr. White, you are like my friend and

have given me good advice. Thank you!” Trista said happily. Mr. White walked with Trista to the gate of the White House.

Meanwhile, Trista recalled something, “Mr.


White, you and grandma were the best friends, I suppose.

She kept the hat you sent her until she

passed away.

She asked us to put this hat in her

coffin.� Mr. White looked at Trista leaving and said nothing. He looked up at the stars, and he had no chance to see the stars flow down into a river again.

Chapter 6: Stars never disappear

Trista made a decision and wrote Adolph a letter after the class went back to school. On the next day, the summer vacation began.


Dear Adolph, Thank you for everything you’ve done for me. I knew you told Dr. Teresa that I was sick. (Don’t blame Michael.) I was very happy when you told me you liked me because we like each other. However, we need to have higher education. Maybe we could be just normal friends now. What do you think? Do you agree with me? Best wishes,

gÜ|áàt `tá{É

One week later, she received a letter from Adolph.


Dear Trista, Thank you for your letter. I was glad to see your response. (I won’t blame anyone.) I totally agree with what you have said. You are right. We have to chase our target now, but I will wait for you. I want to be along with you. I really hope so. Time will give us the answer, I believe. Yours sincerely,

TwÉÄÑ{ jâàtÇ

* Time flied so fast. engaged.

Now Trista and Adolph are

They have been together for seven years

since they graduated from universities. going to get married in three months.

They are Trista believes

she has already received all the answers.

Adolph is a


doctor, and she is a writer now. reached their goals.

Both of them

Trista had invited Mr. White to

her wedding, but he passed away three years ago. She received a painting from Mr. White, and he enclosed a letter.

He told her that she was capable of

writing, and he was the reader of her books during these years, and he was happy for her. She missed him very much and would never forget Mr. White. She also decided to move that painting to Adolph and her new apartment. had said. now.

She remembered the advice he

She looked at her watch.

Trista is going to be late.

in Durlov CafĂŠ.

It is 7:50 p.m.

Adolph is waiting

She put her letter in her handbag

and stepped out of the library.


A Star Flows into a River “…human beings needn’t to have a rich family, but she strongly asked me …to have a rich mind…said that’s the treasure which no one could take it away. It will be existed in our whole lives.” Trista is a fourteen-year-old girl. The future as a human who open his hands welcomes Trista. However, Trista has many doubts about what love, friendships and the future are. She has to find the answers, but she definitely needs a counselor. Would she find the answer? This story by Yu-Shan Wang, that a person of many high coordination thoughts, tells people what teenagers might be and what teenagers would think about. This book is for teenagers and people who have been teenagers.

A Star Flows into a River  
A Star Flows into a River  

Yu-Shan Wang A NOVEL 0 Words in Oxford 3000: 95% 1 A Star Flows into a River A NOVEL 2 Flows into a River A Star 3 teenagers may receive som...