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Candace skipped into the room. “Hi, Mom” she said. “Hello, sweetie,” Mom replied back, “I am going to the mall with your father. We are leaving you in charge.” After Mom left Candace called Stacy and told her she was inviting Jeremy over to study for science. Candace was very excited for her day with Jeremy when she remembered she had to babysit her brothers. Candace invited Jeremy over anyway, hoping her brothers wouldn’t get into any trouble.

Phineas and Ferb were outside sitting next to the tree in their backyard. “Hey Ferb I know what we are going to do today!” Phineas said. Phineas and Ferb began making their plan of the rocket ship they will launch into space. Meanwhile Jeremy arrived. Candace was anxious to answer the door. She was excited to study with Jeremy. Jeremy walked in and sat on the couch and began to quiz Candace on her space facts. “Candace can you define orbit?” Jeremy asked. “Yes. An orbit is the path of an item as it spins around another object.” She replied.


“Good job. What about a revolution?” Jeremy said “Let’s see, a revolution is the motion of an object around another. Earth’s revolution around the sun causes day and night.” Candace answered. “You are doing great.” Jeremy said. “What causes day and night and is the spinning movement of a planet on its axis?” Candace replied, “A rotation.” Jeremy said, “You didn’t need me to study, but I’m glad you invited me.”


Candace heard hammering and sawing coming from the backyard. She stood up and said, “Phineas, Ferb!” while walking to the backyard. She saw the boys building a rocket ship. Phineas said, “Candace we heard you are trying to study for science so we are going to space to view our heliocentric solar system.” “I’m calling Mom!” Candace yelled while stomping into the house. “Hey Ferb, have you seen Perry? Phineas asked.


“Candace, what’s wrong?” Jeremy asked. “The boys are building a rocket ship and are planning to go to space to help me study. It’s terrible I know. I’m about to call my mom.” Candace explains. She took her cell phone out and began dialing her mom’s phone number. “Mom Phineas and Ferb are building a rocket ship and are going to space. “It’s okay dear. Let your brothers have some fun.” Mom said and then hung up the phone.


Meanwhile Perry goes to his secret lab and is told Dr. Doofenshmirtz is building a space machine called the space-machininator that can control any little or big thing in space with a press of the button. His goal is to speed up time, so he can skip all lunar eclipse and solar eclipses. Perry took off through a tunnel then used his jet pack to go to Dr. Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated to stop him from speeding up time.


Candace started reading her science textbook.

The reason for Earth’s seasons is that the earth stays on its tilted axis as it revolves around the sun. When it is hot in the northern hemisphere it is cold in the southern hemisphere. They are opposites because the northern and southern hemisphere can’t receive direct sunlight because of the angle of insolation. “That is interesting” Candace stated.


Isabella walked through the backyard’s gate then said, “Whatcha doing?” Phineas replied “We are building a rocket ship for Candace.” “Can I help?” Isabella asked. “Of course you can.” Phineas replied. Phineas, Ferb, and Isabella were working very hard. They were almost finished the rocket ship they were going to space in with Candace. Inside Candace was studying with Jeremy. She hoped her mom would show up in time to see them launching the rocket ship.


Meanwhile, Perry is at Doofenshmirtz’s Evil Inc. trying to solve his mission. “Hello Perry,” Doofenshmirtz said, “I have built my spacemachininator to control anything in space.” Perry gets trapped in forced to listen to Doofenshmirtz's story. “Perry the Platypus, I’m looking forward to controlling space and most of all skipping the lunar and solar eclipses. You see when I was a boy my father made me dress like a gnome and stand in the front yard. When the moon passed between Earth and the Sun a solar eclipse occurred. The day would get dark and the Sun’s


corona would shine. It made me very scared. I also got scared during lunar eclipses. You see I had to stand there no matter what. I hated lunar eclipses. They always had a scary essence about them. Lunar eclipses are the worst. The moon is full and the Earth blocks direct sunlight from the Moon. Instead Earth’s atmosphere filters out blue light and bends it causing the moon to look orange. So now, I have created a space machine allowing me to speed up time virtually skipping eclipses. Well bye Perry the platypus.� Doofenshmirtz left with his space machine.


“Candace, come here!” Phineas yelled. “What, I am trying to study” Candace said. “Your rocket ship is done. We are going to space,” Phineas stated. “No! I am not going to space.” Candace screamed. “But, we built you this rocket ship and you need to study. Phineas said. “You’re right. I do need to study so, fine I will go.” Baljeet walked in a said “Are you going to space? Can I go?” Phineas, Ferb, Candace, Isabella, and Baljeet got in and went to space.


Perry the Platypus got out of the trap and followed Doofenshmirtz. Perry began to fight Doofenshmirtz to get his space machine destroyed. Perry had Doofenshmirtz pinned against the speed up time button. Isabella said “Whoa! I never knew the moon moved so fast around the earth. Now that I mention it, the Earth is moving fast too.” “Candace look, you can see what causes moon phases. If you look at the moon you can see the Sun’s light on half the moon.


I bet you the people on Earth can only see a portion of what is lit” Phineas said. Baljeet replied, “Phineas you’re right. Earth can only see a certain part o the moon whether it’s lit or not. This causes a gibbous or crescent. Candace, do you understand?” “Yes I do Baljeet. Phineas, Ferb let’s go to Pluto the dwarf planet.” Candace said. The rocket ship took them out of Earth’s atmosphere to Pluto. That’s when Isabella noticed the orbit distance for planets grew as you went further out into space.


Baljeet explained to Isabella and Candace “This is what causes a year one revolution and as you move further from the sun the orbit gets longer causing longer years for planets.” Candace is learning a lot in space. “Hey Candace, look it’s a comet. It’s moving so fast you may be able to tell its orbit. Whoa! It seems to be elliptical or oval shaped.” Phineas said. The orbit of a comet is different from planets. The sun is closer to one end than the other.” Baljeet said.


“That is very interesting. Are we still going to Pluto?” Candace asked. “Why yes, yes we are. In fact we are landing right now.” Ferb said. Candace was very confused about Pluto being different from the other planets, so the explored it. They noticed Pluto was very cold, rocky, and small. Baljeet stated an important fact. “Pluto’s orbit is very elliptical. It can be closer to the sun than Neptune. Pluto’s orbit unlike the other planets its orbital inclination is tilted at a 17.15.


Perry the Platypus pinned Doofenshmirtz against another button. The launch button, and launched them into space. Perry took a parachute back down to earth safely. Doofenshmirtz began pressing buttons hoping to take his space machine back to earth. He pressed almost all of the buttons. There was one last button left. He pressed it thinking that was definitely the parachute button. The button he pressed turned on a magnetic field.


When they all got back from space, Mom and Dad came home. Candace rushed to the front door and said “Mom you have to see what the boys did.” Doofenshmirtz’s space machine’s magnetic field took the rocket ship into space. Candace said “Not again. It always seems to disappear.” Mom asked “Boys what did you do today?” Phineas answered, “We helped Candace study for her science test.” Then Perry got home. Phineas said, “Oh, there you are Perry.”


Angle of Insolation- way Sun’s light hits Earth or another planet. Atmosphere- gasses around a planet Axis- imaginary line that goes through earth that it spins around Corona- glowing atmosphere around sun Direct Sunlight- direct spotlight from sun Eclipse- light not seen by an object Elliptical- oval shaped Geocentric- earth centered solar system Heliocentric- sun centered solar system Orbit- path of an object Revolution- circular movement around another object Rotation- object spinning on its axis Season- period of the year (spring, summer, fall, and winter)




Phineas and ferb go to space  

they go to the moon and discover things

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