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Amanda Finch People are ignorant; unknowledgeable about the world and the way it works, they make decisions that will impair their happiness later down the road. Pop culture takes advantage of the ignorance of mankind in the form of reality TV shows and other forms of media. Thwarting and degrading shows, such as “For Love or Money” and “The Real World,” prey on the downfall of all humans. They are incapable of deciphering the essentials in life that will make them happy; therefore, they have no control over happiness. In Gone with the Wind , Scarlett O’Hara struggles with herself and society as she attempts to attain happiness. Scarlett endeavors to find content through men and money; however, after each experience she finds herself left only with more despair and emptiness in her life than before. To find happiness, Scarlett aimless flits from different possible sources of bliss. Because of her ignorance as to what would make her content, Scarlett was led on a wild goose hunt through life. Scarlett lacked power over her own happiness and also ruined the happiness of others. Society itself provides a perfect example for the uncontrollable nature of happiness. The young and the old alike wrongly believe fame and luxuries will bring them bliss; however, the truth is often realized in a harsh reality. Some enjoy happiness in this world while others are left empty. Not because they did not attempt to achieve happiness just as the others, but because no one contains the power to control their happiness. People attempt to extricate happiness from the wrong places in life. Looking to the bright, misguiding lights of the glitz and glam with unrealistic views has never brought someone peace. Because of their ignorance, humans are unable to decipher the essence of happiness in their lives; therefore, they find themselves without the ability to control it. However, this downfall is not their fault. As young children, imaginary fairy tales give adolescents unrealistic views of the world. Society must learn about the secret to happiness so that less time is spent on the “pursuit of happiness” and more is spent enjoying the bliss.

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