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Amanda Finch October 21, 2008 Period 4 Susan B. Anthony Quick Write Claim: As persons in the United States and therefore citizens, women should have the right to vote. Although many remained decisive that women should not have the right to vote, Anthony questions the validity of the argument made against women’s suffrage. Anthony merely utilizes simplistic logic along with an appeal to readers’ emotions to establish a case that successfully contradicts the counter argument. Without bombastic language or complex reasoning, the speech projects Anthony’s point: women ought to have the right to vote simply because they are people of the United States. Syllogism enables Anthony to effectively illustrate her train of thought. “Being persons, then, women are citizens;” consequently, women have the right to vote. Comprehending Anthony’s deductive reasoning, readers follow her of thought without perplexity or uncertainty.

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timed writing for school regarding a Susan B. Anthony quote

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