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I am originally from Slovakia which is where I started playing soccer when I was four and a half years old. My family and I moved to the States a year later, I continued to play soccer until I was twelve years old. I remember trying to mimic Pele and Diego Maradona on the soccer field, attempting to do the famous bicycle kick. I remember my dad running along the sidelines instructing me where to stand on the soccer field. I ended up playing hockey for all four years in high school but I still tried out for the soccer team but never made it. When I saw the posting of this job online I began thinking about the important role soccer played in my life. My mind had fireworks of ideas and concepts for soccer products. I spend a couple days creating several concepts for shoes and shin guards. In Lacrosse, Brine is recognized for amazing customer loyalty and excellent quality at an incredible price. I would like to instill my passion for the sport of soccer into the products I hope to design. Prepared for BRINE by Anton Sutovsky