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INTRODUCTION Lifeguarding isn’t just another job– it’s one that saves lives. One must go through various training, from CPR to First Aid, to be able to guard. At the YMCA, to be a guard isn’t just being there in case of an emergency, but also to be part of the community and to become friendly with other members and staff. Our job is to be there for others, in an emergency situation or if someone just wants to talk. Being friendly and responsible are a few of the important requirements of being a lifeguard. Lifeguarding gives back to the community but is also very rewarding, knowing that people trust you enough to put their lives in your hands.

KEEPING THE WATER SAFE One of the responsibilities of a lifeguard is to keep the water’s chemicals balanced and safe. Periodically throughout the day, lifeguards check the ph and chlorine levels to make sure it is safe to swim.


Another responsibility a guard must do is keep track throughout the day of where everyone is by counting whoever is in the pool.

CLEAN AND ORGANIZED Lifeguards must also keep the deck safe by making sure all equipment is put away and organized. This is to make sure no one will trip but also so members know where the equipment is kept.

ALWAYS SCANNING One of the most important responsibilities of a lifeguard is scanning. A lifeguard must always have his/her eyes on the pool at all times. There are even certain techniques to scanning to make sure the lifeguard doesn’t get tired and to make sure the members are safe.

THE ENFORCER Lifeguards must enforce the pool rules to ensure member safety. Pool rules include no diving or running on the pool deck. “Be preventive rather than reactive.�


Guards must always be prepared for any situation. This includes a suit, guard shirt, whistle, guard tube, and a mask in case of an emergency.

LIVING LIFE IN THE FAST LANE In the main pool at the YMCA, there is often lap swimming. Guards must always follow the schedule and its changes so fixing and changing the lanes occur often.

WATCHFUL EYE Guards must always be attentive to the members in the pool. These members lives are put in the guards hands and so the guards must always be watching the pool and deck.

THUNDERSTORMS? Guards must also look out for thunderstorms in order to keep the members safe. It is the YMCA’s policy that no members are allowed in the deck area during a storm for their own safety, as well as the guards.

GREETED WITH A SMILE Lifeguards main goal is to ensure the safety of swimmers but also to be friendly with members and staff. Members want to come to the Y to have a fun while exercising. Lifeguards can add to the atmosphere by greeting others and being personable.

Life Guarding  

Life guarding is one way teens can give back to the community.

Life Guarding  

Life guarding is one way teens can give back to the community.