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Portfolio | 2013 |03

Designing outcomes Creativity+Skills+Strategy From the very beginning, using creativity to improve people’s life was the reason why I fell in love for design. It didn’t take much time to understand that choose just one field would restrict how far I could go on innovating. After all, creating a new product is not all the time the right answer. Nor a new space. Sometimes improving the interaction, or design a service are the best solutions. So I ended up working using design thinking, creating strategy and always thinking about designing outcomes. During my journey studying and working as a designer I acquired knowledge and skills designing products, interior, service and graphic.

04| Arthur Carlucci

Service |05

PSS involving nutritionists and restaurant aiming the improvement of the eating habits in Brazil

Map of offering

Service Project by Arthur Carlucci| Politecnico di Milano, Nutra | Brazil | 2013

06| Arthur Carlucci

System map

Business model canvas |07


08| Arthur Carlucci


Website |09

is a retail experience like no other where young fashionista can buy simple basic clothing and sewing accessories and then customize anything using advanced Do-It-Yourself equipment all under one roof!

Sevice Co-Designed by Arthur Carlucci | Politecnico di Milano |GDO week | Italy | 2011

10| Arthur Carlucci |11

12| Arthur Carlucci

Positioning Matrix

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Primary Competitors |13

Crisis in the luxury market brings crisis in the silk market. Solution: To bring the silk to the common market! laB. MORI is a complete Lab for creatives to develop their own project with silk.

Map of offering

Working Space


Silk Production

Collective Collection


Network Machines and Materials

Library Events



Service by Arthur Carlucci and Carla Pestana | Politecnico di Milano | Italy | 2012

14| Arthur Carlucci


Working space




Working space


Silk production

Machines and materials |15

System map



16| Arthur Carlucci



Designed by: Arthur Carlucci Federico Biserni Lien Van Holm Quynh Nhu Nguyen Sara Hatef

Online personalized and interactive fitting room to compare the clothes you have, the ones on your wishlist and the ones you available to purchase.

Interaction Project by Arthur Carlucci and co-designers | Politecnico di Milano | Italy | 2012

18| Arthur Carlucci

The online experience continues inside of the fitting room, where the walls become the customer’s wardrobe and wishlist after he logs in using the interactive mirror, so he can combine the items he is trying with the ones he already has. With Diesel clothes, the client can take a picture for himself, share with friends or to participate on the Diesel campain. The customer

will choose on the interactive mirror, and in the fitting room and one message will be displayed for him to pose according to the theme of the campain. The face will be hidden with masks from the same theme, avoiding legal problems. After a selection, the pictures will be displayed online and on the stores facade. |19

20| Arthur Carlucci

Interaction project developed to aware people about different birds species in the city, bringing more information and envolving people to preserve this diversity.


Different boards around the streets triggering people’s curiosity.


Through the QR code the user access image of himself in a bird point of view, finding out more about that specific specie. |21

designed by: Alberto Casati, Arthur Carlucci, Carla Pestana, Elisa Legramandi, Federico Casiraghi e Ricardo Refolo.

Different boards | different species | different point of views. Cameras are positioned according to species behavior. Project by Arthur Carlucci and co-designers| Politecnico di Milano | Italy | 2012

22| Arthur Carlucci


Printing Materials Packaging for Rough Spices.

Funny papercups for its producer.

Visual I.D. by Arthur Carlucci | Politecnico di Milano | MEU MENU | Brazil | 2013 |23

Design of the catalogue for the Chinese company Yuexing Hardware 2012

Logo and visual I.D. for the company MEU MENU. The set include material for circulate inside of the company and for clients.

24| Arthur Carlucci

Website Logo website layout for blog about food experiences in different countries containing texts but highlighting pictures. Homepage:

Website. by Arthur Carlucci | A Life Worth Living | Italy | 2013 |25

Post exemple:

26| Arthur Carlucci

Interior |27

International Furniture Fair 2012 in Bucharest


Booth Stand Booth stand for the Italian Companies: Safretti Venturini Marmi 3D Lenticolare

Interior by Arthur Carlucci | G.A. & Partners | SIM | Bucharest - Romenia | 2012

28| Arthur Carlucci

Interior project of a restaurant chain inspired on the aquatic world. Natural materials such as moss, water and wood, are displayed on the walls with a geometric shape, creating an scenographic environment combined with light and glass. The restaurant will be built in China and is easily replicable in different spaces. |29

Interior by Arthur Carlucci | G.A. & Partners | China | 2012

30| Arthur Carlucci

Showroom in Bucharest Showroom project for an interior finishing materials and furniture store located in Bucharest. The space designed is the design objects sector, and the images

already include some of the objects produced by brands that will be sold in the store. The furniture of the space was produced by Tecno. |31

Interior by Arthur Carlucci | G.A. & Partners | Bucharest - Romenia | 2012

32| Arthur Carlucci

Product |33



Showebox with finishing covers for the structure. Unlike the other new products which try to make structure as discreet as possible, this concept propose to use the structure as an decorative ele-

ment. There are several options of finishings in different materials. The product is available with sliding or swing doors, with self and soft closing system.

Product by Arthur Carlucci and Francis Tabios| G.A. & Partners | Milan - Italy | 2012

34| Arthur Carlucci

Project exhibited in Politecnico di Milano’s space on Salone del Mobile 2011

Product by Arthur Carlucci and co-designers| Politecnico di Milano | Milan - Italy | 2011 |35

Desk organizing set that includes three objects with different functions that could be used either together or separated, depending on the user´s need and space. Pencils, clips, pen drives and much more are ne<< Co-designers: Mariko Flora Quynh Nhu Nguyen Valentina Raffaelli

atly organized when placed inbetween two intricate rubber band webs.

36| Arthur Carlucci

Product by Arthur Carlucci | UNESP | Tok&Stok Contest | Brazil | 2009 |37

CafunĂŠ is a TV stand for small apartments. It keeps a funton inside that allowes a confortable movie time for 2 people seated or laying down. It is also a good place for kids to play video-game. During the day it can be all folded inside of the furniture, optimizing the space.

Finalist of the contest


Arthur Carlucci | Portfolio Service Design | 2013  
Arthur Carlucci | Portfolio Service Design | 2013  

Hello! This is my portfolio 2013/2, a selection of my works in service design, interaction / graphic, interior and product. I'm a Brazilian...