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What To Consider When Choosing A CCTV Digital Video Recorder As technology changes, so does the level of sophistication involved in crime. However, there are very different ways to ensure that your security as well as that of your property is well taken care of. This includes the use of surveillance systems, which in most cases encompasses the use of digital video recorders. Digital video recorders (DVR) are consumer electronic devices that are widely used to record video in a digital format to a storage medium (a disk drive, USB flash drive, or an SD memory card). The main purpose of such cameras is to enhance security and safety of a facility and its users. With this purpose in mind, they need to decide who, when, what, and where the CCTV digital video recorder system will be viewing and recording becomes very crucial. Next, it is of equal importance for you to consider creating a policy on how you are going to treat the information you receive or store. You need to determine the duration that you intend to keep such kind of information or data; whether you need real time search of the archived information; whether the installed CCTV digital video recorder system will require constant review or as need arises; and what level of detail will such review require among other factors. Do A Threat Assessment or Risk Analysis In order to determine your needs with respect to any surveillance system, not only considering a CCTV digital video recorder, you need to perform a risk analysis or threat assessment. There are three basic steps that are required to define your requirements: Determination of the type of threats that might occur. This includes any threats to people, privacy, property and information. You need to also determine the likelihood of such threats occurring. Lastly, determine or make an assessment of the impact that each threat will have should it occur. The Key Elements of a CCTV System When purchasing your CCTV system, make sure that it has come with a DVR (Digital Video Recorder), cameras, monitor, and a power supply. However, the hard drive size determines the amount of data that you can store therefore giving you an estimation of the number of days or months of information you can store. Hence, when making calculations on video storage, it is important to keep in mind a number of factors such as whether you will need a 24 hour continuous video recording, scheduled, motion based, or a combination? Other factors to be considered include the quality of the video in terms of resolution, frame rate, and the need for audio recording among other factors.

Furthermore, the system size and budget should be based on your analysis of threats and risks, which, by the way, play a very role in the design of a surveillance system.

When it comes to installing a CCTV digital video recorders system, spending a few thousand dollars on it may seem a little bit expensive. However, when compared to the amount of losses prevented, it is a worthwhile investment.

What to consider when choosing a cctv digital video recorder  

As technology changes, so does the level of sophistication involved in crime. However, there are very different ways to ensure that your sec...

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