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Residential Digital Intercom Use In the home, communication can be frustrating especially if the home is large or multi-level, or there are family members who work at home, but there are digital intercom systems for use in the home that can help alleviate these problems.


By far the easiest systems available are the wireless digital intercom systems. They can have multiple units so every area of the home can be covered. The obvious advantage to the wireless systems is their ease of use. Essentially, the units are plugged in or powered up and they are ready to go.

There are multiple difficulties in wireless systems. First, the frequency at which they operate can make them less secure so that conversations can be picked up by residential customers nearby who are operating similar systems such as baby monitors which may pick up your conversations. Additionally, these units can be subject to interference by things such as wireless phones, wireless speakers and any other electronic device that sends a signal. The voice sound quality is not as good with a wired system but is adequate.

Newer digital systems that are set on a frequency not widely used have that advantage but can face interference from and with a Wi-Fi frequency.

Wired Systems

Many wired digital intercom systems require linking with the doorbell. Additionally, installation is more difficult; although some systems are easier than others with a minimum of wires.

The digital intercom system that includes an outdoor panel for communication with visitors provides more security and is a desirable means by which an elderly or disabled resident can communicate with people at the door.

Entrance Panels

Entrance panels offer security as well as digital intercom interaction with visitors. There are several different types of entrance panels with a variety of safety features and multi-use features. Some entrance panels are made from tough materials to be tamper-proof while others are made to be water-proof so that they can be used in waterfront homes. Entrance panels are also made with multiple call buttons for residences that have multiple occupants.

Entrance panels come with an array of options including colour cameras and an outgoing message for visitors and the ability of visitors to leave an audio message.

While some of the digital intercom entrance panels have an industrial-grade appearance, others are manufactured both for their exceptional quality, but also their aesthetics, making their appearance both obvious and pleasing without detracting from the beauty of the building in which they are installed. For all residential communication needs, there are digital intercom systems available to fit every lifestyle.

Residential digital intercom use  

In the home, communication can be frustrating especially if the home is large or multi-level, or there are family members who work at home.....

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