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Pros And Cons Of IVF

Almost from its initiation, in vitro fertilization (IVF) has been a topic of controversy, with every step that this technology is advancing forward simultaneously accompanied by opponent people who are determined that this procedure should be terminated. There were some arguments made against the process, some of which have faded away and some more are still in debate. Helping Couples who are Infertile The arguments supporting IVF have almost always been consistent for a long time. The most important among all of them is the ability to allow couples who were previously infertile to finally have their own children! Many infertility experts say that they had a really tough time and felt bad when they had to so often inform their patients that they have reached to the end of their trials and cannot conceive anymore. But the introduction of IVF seemed to be a great relief and the fertility experts had to make many less uncomfortable conversations with their patients by giving them a new hope. Controlling Defects which come by birth Apart from just giving birth, another important aspect to be taken care of is giving birth to a healthy baby. So one important scientific argument for IVF was that by studying early embryonic development outside the womb and fertilization techniques, it is possible to prevent certain birth defects enabling parents to give birth to healthy babies. Apart from that the proponents of IVF also noticed the possibility that knowledge gained from IVF would help in making significant advances in medicine, which provides better insight into the prenatal care. Giving birth to Malformed or Sick Babies The IVF opponents mentioned many reasons to prove that it is not safe to proceed with this act. All of these reasons were under consideration only until the first baby was born through test tube. This is because people dint believe that scientific techniques like IVF would actually work. Its critics always feared that IVF would give birth to deformed babies and illnesses. There was one powerful statement made by DNA co-discoverer James Watson. Though he did not completely oppose the process, he told an IVF scientist that he can go ahead with his work only if he accepts and believes that it is going to lead to infanticide. Destroys the Regular Social Activities Along with a concern that the IVF procedure would be a failure, there were also concerns that if it works too well, it would end to and no value to human relationships. All of which will be replaced by test tube babies. Critics also feared that the creation of test tubes to perfection without any malformed babies would compel the couples to follow the same procedure as it assures a healthy and perfect baby.

Unnatural, so it's wrong

Besides all the above beliefs, arguments and misconception, some people were also against IVF due to the fact that this is an unnatural procedure. Because using a birth control pill itself was considered sinful by most people. So conceiving a child through artificial methods like IVF was even more condemned. Even though there are so many pros and cons of adopting the IVF, ultimately the decision to go for it or not lies in the hands of the parents. It is solely their belief of whether what they want to do feel right to them or not.

Pros and cons of ivf  

Almost from its initiation, in vitro fertilization (IVF) has been a topic of controversy click on:

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