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Installation Tips For Intercom Kits While intercom kits are meant to be easy to install compared with older units, it depends on the complexity of the unit you choose and whether this is a completely new unit or an upgrade. Upgrades The first thing you have to do when upgrading your intercom with a new intercom kit is to determine the number of wires in your old system. This is easily done. Disconnect one of the wires in the speaker of the old unit and count the number of wires within it when it is stripped. Usually it will be 3 or 4. You must replace your old unit with a unit that has the same number of wires. While it is possible to put in a unit that has a greater wire system than what you used to have, you will probably use some functions. New Installation in an Existing Structure It is possible to buy an intercom kit and install the system in an existing structure. The system does not have to be inserted during the building. It just makes it harder if it is done after-the-fact. It is suggested you use CAT5 wires and you will need to run the wiring through a crawl space or attic. Most systems require that each intercom be wired back to the base. If you are concerned about the difficulty in installing your intercom kit, you can get one that allows each speaker to be wired to the next and finally back to the master unit or base. This will mean less work. Speakers Your intercom kit may not come with speakers and you will have to then buy them separately. Buy your kit first because most manufacturers sell speakers that are compatible with all their kits. Kits to Avoid Wireless intercom kits are definitely convenient, but they are not good for sound quality and communication between several rooms. Use a wireless if it is impossible to wire an intercom kit. Do not buy a 49MHz intercom kit which is what is used in baby monitors. Your communications will not be secure and you will have interference from other devices. FM or power line carriers suffer from electrical interference, buzzing or humming and sometimes it will be impossible to send messages. It is important to do your homework before buying an intercom kit. You can spend a great deal of money and find that the system does not work or does not work to your satisfaction.

Intercom kits can be a great tool, and most people who have them in their homes love them, but not when there is a lot of interference or the intercoms only work sporadically. Research and read reviews and blogs to determine what is best for you and your family before buying an intercom kit.

Installation tips for intercom kits  

While intercom kits are meant to be easy to install compared with older units, it depends on the complexity of the unit you choose and wheth...

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