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How To Remove A Tree There is this one unexpected question that many home-owners are asking: How to remove a tree? Yes, many home-owners are burdened by the fact that sometimes, large trees, its branches and roots are causing problems in their daily lives: ranging from cracking the walls, littering dried leaves in yards and even weakening the foundation of homes. However, removing a tree is not an easy task. Most of the time, large tree removals require professional skill – as only experienced tree cutters may have the right equipment and experience in cutting down trees safely and efficiently. Still, if you think you can handle the task yourself, here are very simple steps that you could follow: 1. Check the immediate surroundings for possible obstructions. Make sure that your predicted landing spot is clear of stuff that may get in the way, such as walls, overhead wires, plants, cars and even gardens. Make sure that nobody wanders off to this landing spot during the cutting process. 2. Take a moment to stand back and examine your tree. Determine its height, size, diameter, and most importantly, the way the tree is naturally leaning. Check also for dead and hanging branches, hidden bee hives and other dangers the tree might pose as it falls down. 3. Examine the trunk of your tree. Sometimes, bark wounds could imply that the inside of the tree is either rotten or hollow. If that is the case, you should be more careful since the actual landing spot could deviate from your expected landing spot. Better yet – call for professional help. Professional tree-cutters know best about how to remove a tree. 4. Plan at least two escape routes that can be used as the tree falls, ideally one on opposite sides of the tree leading forty-five degrees away from the line of the expected landing spot. 5. Prepare to cut your tree with either an axe or a chainsaw, depending on how big your tree is. 6. Using your cutting equipment, create a wedge cut one-third of the way into the tree’s trunk. It is recommended to make this cut at your knee-level. 7. After creating your wedge cut, here is the next important step in how to remove a tree: make your back cut. Create the cut just like how you did your wedge cut, only this time, do it from the opposite side of the wedge cut. As you are making this cut, your tree will start to fall. 8. Run away from the danger, of course. 9. Clean up.

Now that you now have basic knowledge on how to remove a tree, it is also important to note that removing a tree is indeed a large decision to make with many factors to consider. First of all, keep in mind that trees are not your private property. Even if the tree is inside your property, removing a tree without asking permission from local authorities may lead to legal fines and sanctions. Second, trees are hard to replace. Growing a tree takes years to accomplish. There is also this possibility that removing the tree might disturb local ecosystems.

How to remove a tree  
How to remove a tree  

There is this one unexpected question that many home-owners are asking: How to remove a tree? Yes, many home-owners are burdened by the fact...