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Finding Cold Storage Solutions Cold storage solutions in Hong Kong can be a challenge to find. Yet finding cold storage in Hong Kong can be as easy as Googling cold storage in Hong Kong. There are many reasons why cold storage is important to restaurants, event planners, grocery and food stores, florists and other businesses that require keeping their items at a consistent temperature. Cold storage solutions can come in a number of ways which this article will describe for businesses in Hong Kong.

Need for controlled environment

The need for controlled environment stems mainly from businesses that require keeping food at a consistent temperature and from the environmental conditions in Hong Kong. The weather in Hong Kong especially in the summer months can get extremely hot and humid causing spoilage of your products in quicker than normal times. If you are a business that has had problems with spoilage because of improper cold storage in place consider these options to prevent future spoilage.

On-site Storage

The most common cold storage solutions include built in freezers and refrigeration units within businesses when they were built or developed for their projected needs. Unfortunately as businesses grow expansion in a limited space is not always an option. These cold storage solutions become too small and business owners end up dealing with increased spoilage.

Increased product delivery

A solution most business owners attempt is to have more regular deliveries of their perishable goods in order to meet their demands. Unfortunately suppliers cannot always meet delivery schedules because of traffic patterns were previously scheduled deliveries to other clients. This can result in lost business due to an ineffective solution.

Third Party Off-site storage

Another cold storage solution is for businesses to rent off-site cold storage rooms in order to meet increased demands in the hotter seasons or increased business seasons. This solution can be effective if the off-site cold storage facility can meet your exact requirements in size of the cold storage solution and operating hours in which to access the needed items. Where this solution can fail, is if the off-site location does not offer flexibility in cold storage size or and operating hours.

Business owned Off-site storage

The last solution includes the purchasing of a reefer container in the required size, usually 10, 20, or 40 foot dimensions and placing this container in a warehouse, building or lot as close to the business location as possible. This expansion possibility can be one of the most cost effective solutions for cold storage in Hong Kong that provides a modular expansion capability and consistent access in time of need. Without relying on a delivery service your own employees can access and retrieve needed items. This expansion also allows for extension of services or menu items to meet increased demands or provide extra revenue generating streams.

Finding cold storage solutions  

Cold storage solutions in Hong Kong can be a challenge to find. Yet finding cold storage in Hong Kong can be as easy as Googling cold storag...