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Ballet A6 Styles, frames, limits - this is not about the dance ... the one who creates them will not understand “A6�

А6 is • The Ballet A6 permanent members grandiose events and concerts taking place not only here in the country but also far beyond

• The troupe is in constant development and professional growth, expanding style and directorial aspects of implementation, improving skills, pleasing its energy as the basis of creativity

• A6 Dance Studio, which was established on the basis of staff in 2000, includes children, amateur and professional studio

Ballet A6 offers • Full selection of the teachers and directors for the project • Development and director of dances for participants of the show

• Choreography dances in the correct style and direction • Development and Productions of theatrical costumes and dance in the light of a television project specificity • Consultations on the trends and directions in dance movement • Master-classes by leading professors in choreography of Ukraine

• Making a special dance clothing for the project

A6 is 4 unique in its kind art performances specifically set professional dancers and choreographers, who are also the members of ballet

“Perfect body� Can it be perfect without a soul? Have you seen the dance of hands, back, genitals ... dance of the whole body! These dances are perfect, but what about the soul?

A6 on Broadway This show marked the history of the life of Bob Fosse - one of the greatest choreographers of the movie musicals on Broadway. You'll see fragments of his best performances

“Stronger than passion, more than love ...”

Show in red and black colors with elements of tango in the style «besame mucho». Of course, there is love, wind, air, angels ... and maybe even blood?

“Do not pop!” Show consists of dances, which always considered to be “pop” Kan-Kan, Sirtaki, Country ... And nobody thought that it is not only the world of entertainment, but a culture of individual nations

as well as show programs –

"Empress" Ball – the most significant part of any royal reception. We invite you to visit our royal ball, and also to become its participant

«Dandies» The program, compiled in the style of the popular film “Dandies”. Numbers placed on the soundtrack to the film, as well as the greatest and most popular films in retro style

“Casino Royale� Can be considered as a show-program of European quality and standards not inferior to the complexity and exciting program of world famous circus arenas

“Voom� Directed by Oleg Izossimov. Synthesis of choreography, circus and comedy with the best world-class circus artists

“Balloon� Directed by Oleg Izossimov. The play, based on the magic, the exclusive circus and street dance


Yuriy Semenov A6 Art Company +38 067 769 01 21

Andrey Eryomin Director of the Ballet A6 +38 050 310 38 66

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