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You are coming from a good family and have received the best education, however, you came out as a rebel eventually. Why did you choose punk music? In my family, music was never present, and it has become the central element of my rebellious attitude. I didn’t like school, I listened to Iron Maiden, and then came punk music. For a while, I only listened to the music, but I soon started to sing myself. That’s when my first punk and hardcore bands were formed. What was it like to play at the opening ceremony of the Olympics and fill stadiums with your music? It’s funny that we didn’t get to play at the opening ceremony because we were such a huge band, but Danny Boyle, the man in charge of the ceremony was a fan of us. So thanks to him for that opportunity. However, I prefer smaller shows where I can play in front of only 400600 people. You have another, hardcore band called Möngöl Hördes. Are you missing hard rock playing with The Sleeping Souls? I grew up listening to punk and hardcore, so I miss them, of course. My main project is The Sleeping Souls, and Möngöl Hördes is only an experiment for me to cross my boundaries. This years we are going to release a studio album and go for a European tour.

unhealthy. That’s why I like Iron Maiden so much,as they can renew time and time again and sound very current. As an Englishman, what is you opinion about Scotland’s Referendum? It is entirely up to Scottish people, it is their right to choose. You have been a straight edge, vegan and abstinent musician for a long time. Why did you end it? As time went by, I realised that I am not consequent and controlled enough to follow the rules and it became meaningless to me. It is better this way for me now. Is it true that you went to the same school as Prince William? Yes, we learned French together. We didn’t really speak to each other, he seemed boring to me, which is not surprising given the fact that anything he does gets in the center of attention. You won the first place at BBC’s Iron Maiden contest. What other quizzes do you think you would succeed in? I am pretty familiar with the 90s’ hardcore music, and I am also good at the history of Central Eastern Europe.

What is your opinion about old school punk bands like Sex Pistols, who are still playing shows?

Wow, that sounds interesting! And what is the first thing that comes to your mind about Hungary? Maybe the 6-3 defeat of the English team at Wembley?

It’s not my role to judge, but I cannot take them seriously in this context anymore. I just can’t get myself through this. I love Cream’s music, but what they are doing now makes no sense for me. I think musical nostalgy is

Of course, it does, but also the Revolution of 56. I’ve never been to Hingary, so I would like to visit a museum of the Revolution, if you recommend me one...


Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls Andrew Jackson Jihad 20.00 Ducking Punches

A38 Magazine / March 2014  

monthly programme / in this issue: Anna Calviu, Legowelt, Turisas, and an interview with Frank Turner

A38 Magazine / March 2014  

monthly programme / in this issue: Anna Calviu, Legowelt, Turisas, and an interview with Frank Turner