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Selah Sue

voice from a fairytale

Emerging in 2012 from the town of Leuven, this Belgian beauty is more than meets the eye. If you want to know the face behind






international superhits Raggamuffin, Summertime or Crazy Vibes, check her out live on the Budapest date of her European tour!


Jazz Festival


Italian Days


Close Your Eyes///Connie Bauer & Trevor Watts///Selvhenter///Adam X///Koenigleopold///Sebastian Spanache Trio /// morningdeer /// Raresh /// Budapest Bár /// Sexy Sushi /// Dror Feiler /// Clouds André Vida & Ernő Zoltán Rubik /// Noise Flowers /// Show Your Teeth ///Betoko /// Random Trip

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Budapest Bár

morningdeer MaNGoD, album release show Hollywoodoo






We are happy to announce that this year on the International Day of European Languages, we will host a special “language cocktail bar” with authentic information on learning and getting to know new cultures. In the afternoon, EUNIC is waiting for you with free quizzes and information and in the evening, Budapest Bár where Hungarian and Gipsy tradition go hand in hand will perform with selected singers.


The lo-fi pop project of Krisztina Dányi soon grew big and cried out for partners in music making. After experimenting with different line-ups, András Halmos and Bálint Bolcsó have become permanent members. Their intelligent and sensitive pop covered a wide spectrum of music from Nine Inch Nails to Lana del Rey and finally reached its final sound, releasing their first album. Come early to check more young Hungarian talent and don’t miss the special guests!

Mangod Inc. was a Hungarian metal band between 2005-2011, but after major changes in the line-up, they decided to continue as MaNGoD with new energy and as heavy as before. Hollywoodoo is back again after a longer break - their singer Gergő Trócsányi can be familiar from the movie Taxidermia, but he’s most known for his voice and rocking band. Come and see them if you are open for some Hungarian heaviness!

Polar Beat

Fallulah 11


Have you heard that the Danes are the happiest nation on earth? They have all the reasons with acts like Raveonettes, Sleep Party People and Reptile Youth - and now young and charming Fallulah, all guests of our Nordic “Polar Beat” series. Fallulah has every chance to become the new international alternative pop princess, but first, you can catch her singing at A38, right after Hungarian dreampop band Dorothy’s Legs. For our restaurant’s special dinner offer, see page 6.


Adam X, Clouds 07


Our Autumn/Winter season opener sets two generations at each other’s throats. In the blue corner: 19-years-old Scottish duo Clouds intent on breaking techno for the younger crowds; in the red corner: relentless New York juggernaut Adam X of Traversable Wormhole and Sonic Groove fame.

Close Your Eyes, Show Your Teeth 22


If you were waiting for a true hardcore night, this is your time to show up! Close Your Eyes are a band from Texas who has grown big on Youtube with their Song for the Broken video and became a determining act. After Raymond has left the band for personal reasons, Sam Ryder Robinson joined the band to make the new album, Line in the Sand. At that show, you can also see Show Your Teeth from Austria and Here Lies a Warning from England and Follow the Water from Hungary.



tuesdays 20h

Noises from the Neighborhood

Random Trip

Fuckhead 04




One of the most scandalous bands of our time, Fuckhead is back after their memorable 2010 performance. Their art is inspired by actionism where every show is unique and unrepeatable. Now the band celebrates their 25th birthday with fellow Austrians Koenigleopold.

Needles to say, one of Budapest’s most praised musical attraction, Random Trip is still on the decks! Keeping their original improvisational concept, they bring you the most popular and the least boring vocalist, musicians, and MCs from Hungary - and even from abroad, as this month, they will have Ray Brown as a guest on the drums and on the mic, too. For every September occasion and guest, look for them in the calendar!

Selah Sue 25


Selah Sue has only one studio album, but even the debut brought so much success to her that people were craving her comeback. The Belgian singer started writing songs when she was 15 years old and has since made it to the biggest theatres of the world, singing duets with Cee-Lo Green and J Cole. Another great voice, Ghana-born singer of Irie Maffia, Sena will also perform. For our special dinner offer, see page 6.

Tours de France

Sexy Sushi, Cloud 9+ 12


This quirky and funny duet from France was founded in the music department of a supermarket, and it basically defines their direction: audience-friendly electroclash with low budget music videos and energetic performances in fun costumes. On the counterpart, Cloud 9+ mixes every electronic genre they love and transform it into pop music with natural simplicity and talent.

Neck Sprain 13


Wanna hear some Hungarian trash metal? These guys are not joking when it comes to headbanging and heavy riffs. After a few years break, they released a new EP God’s Snake and are now working on the next album. Before the trash metal veterans, you can hear Wrong Side of the Wall who are from the same town, Dunaújváros.

Stayfly pres.

Betoko 20


Beto Cohen aka Betoko was born in Mexico into a family of artists. He soon got involved in music making and joined a band, then started producing his own music. After moving to London at the age of 26, he achieved a distinctive minimal style in house music. He has not only made it to the playlist of Sven Vath or the soundtrack of CSI series, but founded his own label OKO Recordings. Check him and some great Hungarian house acts out on this Friday night!

4 highlights

NEW BUDA Jazz Festival For the detailed programme, see the calendar or visit and


André Vida & Ernő Zoltán Rubik 03


Berlin-based André Vida and Hungarian Ernő Zoltán Rubik share the same view of ruining boundaries of music. Their concert is like a theatrical performance, building in everything from physicality to multimedia installations into musical compositions. Rubik has worked in cooperation with many contemporary theatre performances, and debuted with his album Plasms in 2012.

Not only it is a band that has two drums, a trombone, a saxophone and a violin on stage, but also a band that has only women behind these instruments. This Danish free jazz quintet was founded six years ago, merging African and South-American folk music’s pulse with dynamic solos and many surprise influences from samba to punk.

Connie Bauer & Trevor Watts duet 05 Two of the today’s main acts of free improvisational music. Konrad, aka Connie Bauer is the key figure of German jazz with an astonishing oeuvre, while saxophonist Trevor Watts, founder of Spontaneous Music Ensemble and Amalgam is a British experimental jazz artist since the 1960s. Their duet will be the most significant event of this year’s festival that we are legitimately proud of.

Noise Flowers 12 Noise Flowers are the Hungarian supergroup of András Wahorn (Bizottság), Zsolt Sőrés noise artist and British vibraphone player Oli Mayne who has been also working with Eddie Prévost. Their music flows easily with sudden changes and instable acoustic structures and sound economy, entwined with their very own sarcastic humour.

Dror Feiler

Sebastian Spanache Trio



Swedish polyhistor Dror Feiler is one of the strangest and most original artists of Scandinavia. He’s a musician, a multimedia artist, and an activist who has written music about the Spanish civil war and the conflict of Gaza. Apart from writing movie, theatre and ballet scores, making installations, playing the saxophone, he was also a candidate at the Swedish parliamentary elections - all in all, he is a true (hyper)activist.

This trio was founded in Timișoara, Romania last year, and gained fast success all over the country. Rich in rhythm and sudden surprises, the complex music of the band has come out just a few months ago on their first album, Humanized. Its soft tone and true humanness guarantees these gentlemen a future place among the greatest.






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6 restaurant

Italian Days

In adddition to our regular menu, you can now choose from Italian specialities!



Insalata di ruccola con pomodorini e truciali di parmigiani Rocket with cherry tomatoes and parmesan flakes 850 HUF

Crema di pomodoro Italian tomato soup 650 HUF

Crema di melanzane con panetostato della e verdure fresche Aubergine cream with homemade toast and fresh vegetables 650 HUF

SECONDI PIATTI / FŐÉTELEK Tagliatelle all’arrabbiata Hot tagliatelle with garlic, fresh cherry tomatoes and olives 1150 HUF

Bruschetta di pomodoro fresco Tomato bruschetta 650 HUF

Spaghetti Carbonara Spaghetti with roasted bacon, eggs, cream and parmesan 1150 HUF Risotto ai frutti di mare Seafood risotto 1850 HUF Gnocchi al petto di pollo in sugo di gorgonzola Homemade gnocchi with chicken breast in walnut and gorgonzola dressing 1850 HUF DOLCI / DESSZERTEK Panna Cotta Panna cotta 850 HUF Gelato con frutti freschi di stagione Ice cream 850 HUF

Hungry for Music? Fallulah concert with dinner 3500 HUF until September 9 Danish meat loaf with persil dressing and spicy potatoes



Selah Sue concert with dinner 7400 HUF until September 22 Wild boar stew with forest mushrooms and homemade potato dumpling “Somlói” sponge cake with chocolate and rum dressing

Tickets are only available in advance.




A38-MVM Light Painting Our Light Painting series have always been a favourite, and this time we are taking it to the next level. Opposed to our regular ways and instead of Glowing Bulbs now our chief light technician, Toto is in charge of the concept and the production together with the A38 team. The location will be our Motor Bar with a telling name - this is the VIP area where you can find the old, out-of-use motor of the Ukranian ship. On September 9 and 10, you will have the opportunity

Tamás Szigeti: Trans

sept 09-10

to enter, discover and experience this area with a special atmosphere, as all the machines come alive and gives you an insight of their glory days. The installation is supported by MVM Hungarian Electricity Works.

sept 18-29

In Tamás Szigeti’s art the aesthetic of the surface plays a major role, meanwhile exploring the world beneath the surface, the human body. This duality, the patterns without any meaning and the corpus as the meaning itself are the permanent objects of his paintings.

artist is searching for common points between personal experiences and public life. On his structured paintings, human presence becomes visible through transitions and transparency. All works of the exhibition are made with acrylic on huge canvases.

On his next exhibition, he has found a new duality: on the canvases the sensual experiences of the private life transfers into events appearing to be impersonal but influencing everyone’s life and fate. The title refers to the transitional state between remembrance and presence, where the

The exhibition will be opened at 8 PM on September 17 by György Csepeli sociologist. Opening music performance by Beáta Móri cymbal artist and Zsolt Bartek clarinet artist.

A38 Magazine / September 2013  
A38 Magazine / September 2013  

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