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Maïa Vidal

your kid sister’s all grown up! Started as a riot punk girl, Maïa Vidal soon created her own universe of playful folk-pop, first by making peculiar Rancid covers, then writing her first album entitled “God Is My Bike”, using a set of toy instruments.

The Ravonettes


Wax Tailor


Maïa provides us a dreamy and intimate atmosphere and a chance to get an insight into the mind of sweet and delicate young woman, who can call Paris, Montreal, New York and Barcelona all her home.

Random Trip


Light Painting


Valentine’s Day Dinner


Mono(JP)///Studnitzky(DE)///DyedSoundorom(FR)///PolarDear///DirkSerries’Microphonics(BE) Cari Lekebusch (SE) /// Clannad (IE) /// Henrik Freischlader Band (DE) /// Palotai /// S.P.Y. (BR) Random Trip /// Âme (DE) /// Franz Liszt Chamber Orchestra /// Gary Beck (UK) /// AdHd (IS)

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Technokunst pres.

on Tuesdays

Cari Lekebusch

Random Trip



Improvisative funk and soul with the best of Hungarian musicians and singers? It doesn’t matter whether it’s pop, rock or hiphop, Jávor Delov, founder of Random Trip chooses the finest of the Budapest music scene, mixes them up with the beats of DJ Q-Cee and serves it hot! Random Trip returns every week with a different line-up and a unique experience. Don’t miss the essence of Budapest club life, go and see a Random Trip show on board!

Major sound builder of Stockholm, Sweden, H-Productions head Cari Lekebusch is the guest of the Technokunst team in February. He’s been making techno music since the early 90s and has friends like Adam Beyer, Joel Mull, Alexi Delano, Par Grindvik and Jesper Dahlbäck. His name alongside with Isu, Dork and the Glowing Bulbs VJ team is a guarantee for quality entertainment.

Check out our interview with series founder Jávor Delov on page 4!

The Raveonettes 13


Sune Rose Wagner and Sharin Foo from Denmark founded one of our day’s best dreampop groups in 2001. Now based in the United States, their sixth album was to be wholly inspired by Los Angeles, but after Sune having health problems, and being diagnosed with clinical depression, a trip to Venice Beach did not sound a good idea anymore, and Sune ended up in the Hollywood party life, contacting, observing, and drinking with new people, and started writing songs about these acquaintances. As he says in his highly personal note on the album: „After I got back to New York City, a swathe of bleak and sad songs about lost romances and unrequited love came freely. It makes Observator sumptuous and beautiful in its sound, but bleak and sad at its heart.”

Stayfly pres.

Dyed Soundorom 09


Originating from Paris, Dyed Soundorom is now a worldwide-known dj superstar who has the energy and the ideas to grow up amongst the biggest names. As a producer, his minimal dance sounds are the subject of admiration in the hippest circles. The other international act, Jaxxon Under is a fresh project of the German djs: Jimmy Jaxxon and Robert Göbelt, who share the passion of music making in a variety of house styles.

Polar Dear 07


The electropop duo of Oleg Borsos and Mark Lechner was founded and gained serious popularity last year, at the time when their first single, Even If I’m Late came out. Belle Belle is the alterego of a young Hungarian soundmaker, Bence Nagy, who already played before Zola Jesus and M83. After these two shows, Yvein Monq, a glitch hop newcomer and Designer Drums djs will make the audience dance till dawn.

Clannad 16


Founded in the early 1970s, Clannad are an Irish family band, that also had the famous Enya among their members between 1979-1982. After Enya went solo, the band continued to gain success in new age Celtic folk-rock and in 1999, after a BAFTA and a Billboard award, they finally received the Grammy Award for Best New Age Album after several nominations. In 2012, their energy still runs the Brennan family business of Irish traditions and new age rock.


Concorde pres.


Gary Beck 02



Palotai, Ludmilla 15


Scottish techno is not so widely known, but Gary Beck may just bring a change to the scene. As a protegee of Josh Wink and Richie Hawtin, he is one of the most exciting new beat makers these days, Supporting acts will be Concorde’s selection: Nils, Nilux, Dorian Knox & Wildcrush AKA D.W. Sync and Koczian, visuals by VJ Flux & X-Laser Team.



A rare gem from Japan: a band of four that is built on sheer instrumentality, layers of guitars, ambient noises, subtle glockenspiels and pure energy. Ther live performaces are like rituals for postrocklovers, and we can be sure that they will fill A38’s concert hall for a third time. The supporting act is Microphonics, the drone ambient project of Belgian experimental musician Dirk Serries.

Experience the best dance club in Hungary, for the music of the DJ-god Palotai! He is the master of all genres, old school and modern, pop and drumandbass, house and dubstep - the only aim is to make the audience dance at whatever cost! The other turntable rocker of the night will be Ludmilla, a young but already legendary lady, and a notable breakbeat phenomenon of Budapest club life.

Wax Tailor live 27


Jean-Christophe Le Saoût, alias Wax Tailor is France’s number one hiphop producer, who creates groovy, seductive and danceable tracks and fills the largest concert halls all over Europe. Having worked with Charlotte Savary, Jennifer Charles, he lately dropped the hit single Time to Go featuring Aloe Blacc. This time he brings his own live band to the ship for another full house show that is a sin to miss.

AdHd, Studnitzky 01


Reykjavík has always had a vital and interesting jazz music scene, and the Guðjónsson brothers, who had been playing music for a long time, founded AdHd with ease with three other friends. Their music debuted at Höfn Blues festival and is a mixture of jazz and blues with saxophone, Moog and Hammond organ. The other performers of this night are the trio of Sebastian Studnitzky who has toured with Mezzoforte and Jazzanova, and now plays the trumpet and violin in Studnitzky.

Kiosk pres.

Âme 22


New shores on the horizon! Hypnosis Events, Ikz and A38 proudly present Kiosk, the club series that brings you only the best of house music, offering the finest selection like a good vendor. Âme are a German duo consisting of Frank Wiedemann (responsible for live shows) and Kristian Beyer. Their music is a mixture of deephouse and soul, and they have just released their Live mix album that will be presented to the Kioskers by Wiedemann. The Hungarian dj team behind the event will be Grasshop, Crimson and Chrom.

4 interview

Maïa Vidal

A month before her show on February 21, singer-songwriter Maïa Vidal was kind to answer our questions via email. Your early music was based on your punk influences. Are your influences mainly different now? I think I never stop being influenced by everything around me! Maybe when I was doing punk music I didn’t allow myself to be influenced by life as much and that’s why I stayed so much in one genre, but now, I feel moved by all kinds of music from classical to jazz to tribal chanting to whatever’s on the radio. No, that’s a lie, I don’t have a radio… Despite your young age, you have lived in many cities worldwide. Which one has been your favourite to live in and why? That’s such a hard question. At points in time, each city I’ve lived in has been my favorite and for very different reasons. I’ve just come back from 2 months in New York City and every time I’m there I feel so perfectly alive that I sometimes wish I lived there full-time… but my favorite for every-day, real life living is Barcelona. It’s a gorgeous city with wonderful weather, and I live in a quiet village-like neighborhood - the rent is cheap, the people are open and the bars close very late at night! You studied art at university. What was the most important thing you learned? I loved studying in art school because “studying” meant taking the metro to school in downtown Montreal, drawing for 4 hours and then going home. But my university was special because it wasn’t about learning how to draw correctly, it was more about finding your artistic voice, knowing WHY you were creating what you were creating, and learning how to defend your work conceptually as well as technically. It helped me become a real Artist (if not a particularly talented drawer or sculptor).


21 What eras of art history are your favourite? I was always more passionate about modern and contemporary art history than the Classics; some of my favorites were Robert Rauschenberg, Joseph Cornell, Kiki Smith, Annette Messager, and so many more that now I can’t even remember. Which one is easier: performing solo or being part of a group? Both have their perks, I guess. I used to only want to perform solo because I didn’t like to be a leader, but the fact is I only have 1 set of hands (and feet) so I needed to start working with other people to get all the arrangements that I wanted on stage! Now, I’m more used to playing as part of a group than by myself on stage but it’s still sometimes complicated to be a confident leader. How did you meet Marc Ribot and how did the idea of him contributing to your album come? I’ve known Marc since I was very young, in fact I think my first concert ever at 7 months in my dad’s arms was a Marc Ribot show. My dad (who’s French) became friends with him during the 80’s when Marc was touring with the Lounge Lizards in Europe and when Marc invited my dad to come visit him in New York, my dad came and never left the US! I grew up listening to his work and when I was recording God is My Bike, realized that I should ask him if he’d like to collaborate. As far as I know, you haven’t been to Hungary yet. What comes to your mind when you try to imagine Budapest? I’ve never been. I have always been curious to visit, ever since I learned Csárdás on violin. (I was a 15 year old punk with a mohawk and that was my favorite piece to play and I played it all day every day for like a week). It seems very mysterious and exciting and I will be there the day after my birthday so it’s part of my birthday present, I guess!

Jávor Delov the drummer & founder behind Random Trip

Now that Budapest’s favourite impro series found their new place at A38, Jávor provided us with some Random Trip backstory. How did it all begin? It had an instrumental predecessor with the same concept: inventing music right on the spot. Random Trip is more of my taste: the presence of a singer and an MC is a guarantee for colorful music, and I also thought that we could use a dj more than a traditional band, make the collaboration more serious and integrated. I found this partner in Q-Cee who scratches, beatboxes and adds a capella rap samples to the show. Since we started in 2009, we have played in many clubs, and eventually we settled at A38. As the drummer, to what extent are you in control of the live shows? Absolutely. If we have a lucky day, we can read each other’s mind on stage, and there is no need for my guidance, but if I have any ideas, like if I think it is time for a synth solo, or just changing the pace, I conduct it.

photo: Márk Somay

interview Why have you decided at A38 Ship? I hate dry land. (laughs) We needed a change, as the show has become more and more popular and has grown bigger than the actual stage. Communication on stage is essential and so is careful organisation. It is a huge quality shift for us to play in one of the clubs with the best sound in Hungary. It is a huge thing that cannot be compensated with some ham sandwiches or some flowers in the backstage, though anywhere we performed, we were treated with love and respect.

Do you consider Random Trip a tourist attraction? Our main goal is to make music with as many international acts as possible and to gain popularity both among Hungarian and foreign residents of Budapest. Our mission is to present the famous and up and coming musicians of Hungary, so that foreign visitors can have a comprehensive picture of both the mainstream and the underground scene. Do you have any dream musicians to play with? I would like to play with Candy Dulfer. I used to play her songs in my first band that I founded with friends, right after high school. We played the music we liked, in front of not many people though... And maybe this spring, we can play together at A38!



A38-MVM Light Painting In 2013, our series of high success, A38-MVM Light Painting and Light Workshop continue. Light Paintings always take place in our exhibition space and are available for a few days, as internationally acclaimed VJ team Glowing Bulbs realize their wildest imaginations of colour, light and sound. Last year we already had a giant robot, a caleidoscope, a boat floating in nowhere and male and female dolls made out of paper, used as projection screens... it is a sure thing that the team won’t stop at this point and we will see crazier and more exciting ideas this season.

Next installation:

Meanwhile, at times of Light Workshops, the whole body of A38 is in the game: the concert hall, the passages, bridges and the outside of the boat are vibrating in different colours on the occasion of the shows of Hungary’s favourite bands that deserve extraordinary visuals for their gigs.

For our interview with Tamás Zádor of Glowing Bulbs, see the January issue!

February 12-16 everyday between 20.00-24.00 in A38 Exhibition Space This time you can experience expanded reality as light makes its way through codes and turns even a cardboard box into a prism!


Valentine’s Day Dinner Offer For Her Smoked and dried ham with hard cheese, freshly ground pepper and homemade bread Catfish steak fried in egg coat with oyster mushrooms steamed in parsley butter For Him Homemade pastry filled with chicken stew in paprika sauce Pork steak confit with onions, demi-glace and homemade rösti

Dessert Cottage cheese mousse with lime, white chocolate, blackcurrant dressing and black and white sponge cake Price: 4690 HUF which contains three courses for one person. Our Valentine’s Day dinner comes with a special 50% discount for the March 2 Natacha Atlas show.

A38 Restaurant offers a two-course daily menu of traditional Hungarian cuisine every weekday from 12 to 3 PM, for only 1150 HUF. Make a reservation at +36-1-464-3946. Vegetarians, children and walk-ins are welcome.

Hungry for music? Dinners before concerts March.20. 18:30 Pop Noir - Schmidt (DE) 6000 HUF until March 17 Pan-fried roast duck liver with cognac in rosemary cream sauce with rice Traditional Hungarian ”floating islands” dessert with Unicum served ice cold

Reserve your table at +36 1 464 3946.

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A38 Ship is located in Budapest, at the Buda side of Petőfi bridge, easily accessible by a few minutes walk from tram 4 and 6 “Petőfi híd budai hídfő” stop or by BKV public transport ships.

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The concert hall is a place for live shows and parties, and several bars ship-wide are open for the audience to chat and have a drink. The restaurant offers a daily menu every weekday from 12h to 15h for 1150 HUF.



Our roof terrace is closed in the autumn/winter season and reopens in April 2013. For our smoking visitors, we have a heated smoking terrace area with its own bar.

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A38 – a place for parties, concerts, dinners and drinks on the river Danube. You can find us on



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Opening hours Ticket desk, info: MON-SUN 6:30 to 23:00 or until the end of the events. Restaurant: MON-SAT 11:00 to 00:00

HISTORY A38 is the reincarnation of ‘Tripolie’, a Ukranian stone-carrier ship, built in 1968. The name comes from Artemovsk, which is the ship prototype, and this one was the 38th unit of the ‘Artemovsk’ class. The re-building project lasted for one and a half years. Architects, ship engineers, acoustic designers, electricians, musicians and promoters contributed their skills and experience to make it a both artist and audience friendly place. After years of constant development, A38 has become a cultural entertainment centre with international programme, a restaurant, five bars, one main concert hall, open-air terraces and lounges - all in one aboard as one of the most fascinating venues in Budapest. Since its opening it became the flagship of Budapest nightlife, a must-see spectacle on the Danube with scenic view and one of Europe’s coolest clubs, which has been voted ‘The World’s Greatest Bar’ – according to the poll of Lonely Planet in 2012.

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