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The detailing gives us a range of idea of what is going on for a particular part of the building. It is impossible for workers to build the building without these detailing information. My part is the top part of the big glass window for MSLE building, as shown below.

This is the very small part of the building, from the 1:1 drawing we can see how small it is. I think the most expensive part is colorbond cover, it should spend more embodied energy. The insulation should lease more carbon energy. I don’t think they can recycle, because they cut into small pieces, so it is really hard for us to reshape it and use it again, maybe the insulation could be recycle in the future. It is hard to work out everything from only one side of the structure. For example if one thing is located behind another thing, but it is higher, when we look the drawing, it feels like they one thing. Moreover, we can really see what is going on afterward. So the column drawing might more help us to know what this part looks like.

Week 8 cons  
Week 8 cons